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Sami walks around with Grace at home, talking. She is simply
elated that Baker will not tell anyone she gave birth to her. She wonders where Johnny is and makes a phone call.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ enjoys the company of Master Johnny,
who is about to go to bed. Nicole will read him a story upstairs.
The butler asks what happened to the portrait. Nothing important, answers the heir apparent. The butler thinks Mr. DiMera might be furious when he sees it but Elvis assures him it will be fine. His cell rings. Tis Samantha. He was just about to call her. She asks if he is running late. EJ announces he will have Johnny this evening. Sami points out tonight is her night with Johnny. That is the plan. He informs her that plans change and Johnny is not going over to her place this evening. Sami retorts he does not get to make the rules. Elvis says that something has come up and he is not at liberty to discuss it. He will need Johnny to stay with him for the next few days. "It's for the best." "Like hell it is!" says she. He promises to explain later. He is waiting for an important phone call and needs
to put Johnny to bed so .... Grace starts to cry and Sami mentions
she has slight a fever. EJ says that is just more reason for Johnny to stay with him and ends the call.
- Replay of Steph wandering outside in her negligee and robe. She
is surprised to see Owen and does not think he can garden in the dark. He tells her she would be surprised what he can do if he has
to. She replies she does not understand. Phil walks out and demands to know what he is doing. He laughs and wonders why Owen is still there. He works too hard and should go and have a life. Philip and Steph now excuse themselves and go back inside. Owen cannot believe that Phil is still awake, given that the drug should have kicked in hours ago. Inside, drugged Phil pours himself another cup of coffee. Steph does not think he needs more coffee as he can't sleep. Phil starts to growl at her that he cannot sleep because of her! He does not believe she is happy about marrying him. Steph is baffled
by his behavior and tries to reason with him. He tells her to shut up
as his psycho behavior continues. He put a ring on her finger and thought she was happy. He accuses her of saying behind his back
that she is not sure their marriage will work. Exasperated Steph
denies it. Melanie was saying that. Phil yells that Steph did not call her out on it. Steph suggests he get some rest. Phil demands she tell him she can live like this. She cannot.
Outside, Owen's cell rings and Master Elvis demands to know why
it is taking so long. When will it happen? Owen lowers his voice and replies the plan is already in motion ...
Inside, psycho Phil pours himself even more coffee with a very unsteady hand. Steph wants him to get some rest. He thinks she is trying to put everything on him and he wants an answer. He yells he wants an answer. Owen is listening at the door. Steph begs him to go upstairs and get some rest. He stops her from going up outside and demands an answer. She cries she loves him and wants to marry
him, so why is it not enough? Why would she pretend to be happy about things that are happening right now when he knows it is not true? Phil rubs his face and wonders if she should marry him. She agrees maybe she shouldn't and walks off. Phil tries to stagger after her but falls on the sofa, losing consciousness. Steph walks back outside and assures herself he will be okay. She thinks everything
will look better in the morning. She sits down and takes a deep breath. Without any warning, Owen sneaks up behind her and puts chloroform over her face. She tries unsuccessfully to resist.
- Mel arrives home at Horton house as cheerful Maggie informs her they are having the 12 step meeting there tonight. It is an open meeting so she is welcome to join. Mel says she has to go to the library to do some studying and turns around to leave. Enter Brady. She invites him to the Java Cafe. Actually he is there for the meeting. He explains to Mel he used to be addict. These meetings keep him centered. They now talk Philip. Mel says she thinks he will be okay. Brady becomes silent and she remarks he thinks differently. She
now exclaims Phil and Steph getting engaged would be enough to
turn her into an addict. Brady looks surprised. Mel continues. Phil would need the kind of woman who was willing to walk on the wild side and love every second of it. She now realizes Brady was not aware of the engagement. She thinks it is the worst idea in the world. Smart Mel backtracks. But if Brady was not aware of the fact that they were engaged, why did he think Philip would not be okay? Is
he worried about him because of the war with the DiMeras? Brady tells her to let it go. Mel wonders what she should let go. Philip. Mel says she is just worried because he almost got himself killed twice. Brady thinks she is jealous of his relationship with Stephanie. Mel admits she is a little bit, but this is not about her and how she feels. Even if she did have some small thing left for Philip, that is not the reason she thinks him and Steph are the worst idea in the world. Brady points out they are in love. Mel does not think it will work as Steph does not accept who Philip is. And she never will. She insists she means well. All of a sudden she realizes her bracelet has fallen off. It must have been at the pub. Maggie then walks into the room and smiles. Is she interrupting? Mel cheerfully excuses herself. Brady grins after they share a joke.
- Once at the pub, Mel is unable to find her bracelet. Then it dawns on her that she must have lost it at Phillip's house.
- At Java Cafe, Will enters and approaches Mia, who is sitting at a table. Did she receive his messages? Yes. Why did she not call him back? Are they not friends anymore? Mia insists they are still friends. Will has a seat. He blurts out that he wishes to lay things right out there. When he returned to Salem, he was not sure he would stay. Then he met her and they could talk, so that is why he remained. "Because of you." He wonders why she didn't call him back. Mia smiles. She assumed he was mad at her. He is not, as the rehab stuff was from last year. She thinks he would not want her to be around Grace, but Will says he would. Mia looks relieved. They decide they're "cool." Mia is grateful that he did not judge her. He wonders what she was hooked on. Drugs and booze, she fibs. Will points out his dad was an alcoholic and has been sober for years. He had a
lapse recently and almost died. Lucas still fights it almost every day, but Mia doesn't seem to be battling. She claims she attends meetings every night. Will asks if he can attend with her tonight. Backed into
a corner, she reluctantly agrees. He has to drop some things off and then they can go. Mia agrees and then sighs.
Will and Mia head to his place for him to drop off his stuff. There they run into Sami, who is putting Grace in a stroller. She gasps she has an errand and asks Will to watch Grace. Mia thinks they can
stay, but Will says it is important that they attend the meeting. Sami says that is okay, Grace can go with her. Will goes into his room for
a minute as Sami fiddles with her purse. Mia tells Grace hello and smiles. She is the sweetest baby in the world. Sami agrees she has
her moments. Mia thinks Grace is special. Sami thanks her and
leaves with the baby. Mia sits down at the open computer and goes on the internet to find out where the next 12 step meeting will be.
She scribbles down the address and Will comes back out. They are ready to go.
- At Horton house, as Maggie gets the food ready for the gathering, she tells Brady how proud she is of him. He admits when he was in rehab, he used to think of her for his inspiration. She could do it, so could he. Maggie is moved.  Ding dong. Here comes the guests!
Time for the meeting to start. Meanwhile someone knocks at the back door. Maggie is surprised to find it is Mia. Mia says she had
no idea this was her house as she got the address from the internet. Maggie realizes Mia is there for the meeting. Mia says her friend is coming and he is parking the car, but the guy is not recovering or anything like that. Mia asks her not to tell him about their chat at the Java Cafe. Maggie agrees so Mia gives her a hug. Now Brady walks back in, surprised to see her there. He realizes Maggie and Mia are sharing a private moment and closes the door. Now enter Will. Maggie is stunned. She asks how he is doing. He says he is fine.
So is she. Mia realizes they know each other and is shocked to hear from Will that she is his aunt Maggie. Maggie assures her everything will be alright. These meetings are about support and working out their problems. They are all there anonymously. Anything that is
said stays in those walls. Now the doorbell rings and Maggie must go to the front to welcome the guests. Mia asks for a moment alone so Will helps Maggie carry plates into the living room. Mia is now alone in the kitchen with her thoughts. She sits down and wonders if it could get any worse. Enter solemn Brady and he wants to know
what she is doing there! Last time he saw her she was pregnant. He joins her at the table. Normally he does not ask people why they are at those meetings or offer judgment, but this is different. Nicole thinks she has a perfectly healthy baby. She deserves to know what Mia was using and abusing during her pregnancy. Mia cannot believe what she is hearing. She would never do anything like that. Brady points out she is at a 12 step meeting. Either she was abusing drugs
or alcohol or both. Mia wants to leave. Brady insists she tell him
what is going on. What kind of addiction is she fighting? Mia stares
at him. Brady thinks she is a good kid but Nicole deserves to know what she was using while pregnant Mia claims she has never done drugs in her life and she does not drink. Brady considers. Mia says the only reason she is there is because she told a friend she was in rehab. Brady asks why she would do such a thing. "Because I didn't want him to find out the truth." "You didn't want him to know the truth about what?" asks Brady just as Will walks through the door!
- At DiMera mansion, Elvis elegantly paces and awaits his important phone call. There is a knock at the door. Someone sounds impatient and the knocking continues. Elvis walks to the door and opens it. Tis Sami with Grace. She notes there are many bodyguards around the house. She is there to pick Johnny up. He retorts he already told her that is not going to happen. "I want my son or do I have to call the sheriff!" says she. Elvis shakes his head. The situation will be solved in a few days. Sami  states it is important for her to be with all her children and she wants Johnny now. No, says Elvis. Sami calls him the spitting image of his father. She reminds him the courts gave
them joint custody and it is her night. He thinks his way is for the best as Grace is unwell, and he wonders what is wrong with her. Sami advises him not to go near Grace. She angrily adds that he is already ruining Johnny's life. Elvis claims that is nonsense. He is a good father to Johnny, which she has also told him. He explains he merely wants to keep Johnny there for the next few days, to ensure his safety. Sami does not understand. Elvis elaborates. "I just don't want his life to be in danger," he says quietly and gives her a look. Sami is shocked. Real danger? She demands to know what he is talking about and walks into the living room. She knows there are bodyguards and now the sight of Stefano's removed portrait makes her realize something very big is going on. She wonders what is happening. He states it is nothing. He pretends he had an argument with father. She suspects he is just covering up with his usual British understatement. He refuses to explain more. She asks where Stefano is. Elvis pours himself a drink. Sami realizes Stefano is gone. Just what is going on? Elvis stares at her intensely.
- Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Owen drags the still struggling Stephanie out of her chair. Finally she loses consciousness.
Inside, Henderson wakes up Phil and wonders if he should call a doctor. No, he is fine. Henderson will be in his room if he needs
him. All of a sudden, Phil's cell rings. It is Mel and she wonders if maybe her expensive bracelet fell off at his house. He says that it is outside on the terrace. She asks if he can go check for her. "Why
the hell would I go get your damn bracelet," he slurs. Mel asks if
she can pick it up. Phil acts very strangely and says he put it in an ashtray, where she belongs! The next time Stephanie comes to talk
to her ... He then calls her a lying b*tch. Mel thinks he sounds very strange. He slurs Steph loves him. Mel says that is great, Steph loves him, he loves her, all is well, but can she please just come and get
her bracelet? "Go to hell," says he and promptly falls out of his chair. Mel cannot believe what a jerk he is. Meanwhile, Phil is trying unsuccessfully to stand up.
Out in the garden, Owen has placed Steph in a container. Actually
it is his nice big cart. He proceeds to cover her with lots of green leaves. Just when he has put the last remaining leaves on her face, Melanie and Carlo come around the corner. He forces a smile and covers. "Hello, Miss. As you can see, a gardener's work is never done, especially in springtime!" He adds Mr. Kiriakis is in the house and now he must go and empty the clippings from his cart. Melanie smiles and reminds Carlo she said her bracelet was on the terrace. They walk off together. Owen nervously pulls the cart containing Steph away.
Inside, Phil again tries unsuccessfully to stand up, calling out for Stephanie. On the terrace, Carlo helps Melanie put her bracelet back on. He now ushers her away. Mel sees one of Steph's earrings,
picks it up, and looks perplexed.
- Later, poor unconscious Steph is at the morgue. Owen has placed her on a drawer, which he slowly slides and closes, leaving her literally in the dark ...!

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"I lied, Will, to Brady and to you," confesses Mia. "About what?"
he asks
"She's just gonna break your heart, Rafe," Arianna warns her bro.
EJ addresses Stefano's portrait. "I'm going to get you free of those Kiriakises, father. Just hold on a little longer."
Dan crouches next to unconscious Phil and speaks into his cell.
"I need an ambulance at 13201 Glen Oaks Drive. A man has passed out ... Philip!"

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Victor enters the room of the sleeping phoenix and stands over him. Stefano make a noise and turns a bit. Victor taunts his son has not called yet. The Phoenix tries to move his hand. The Greek tycoon says he is weaker. Stefano opens his eyes and Victor smirks.
- Elvis is wondering if Owen is up to his mission. Meanwhile, replay of Owen watching in shock as Phil drinks tampered lemonade that was meant for Steph. Owen tries to intervene and knocks the table and vase over. He says he will clean it up. However, Philip is still holding that lemonade. Owen's cell rings and Phil suggests he answer it. Tis Master EJ, seeking an update. Owen says roses will not do
well without the right amount of watering. EJ wonders if he cannot talk. No. EJ is perplexed. Owen the mole tells him he might have to consider changing his order as he nervously watches Phil drink up!
EJ is irate. What is he talking about? Owen nervously ends the call, looks at Phil, and mentions that things can go very very wrong sometimes. He stands off to the side, listening as Phil becomes light headed and continues to drink the tainted lemonade. He staggers
and Steph catches him. Owen wrings his hands in despair. The constant gardener then continues to garden.
- Annoyed Elvis sits down and Nicole says she has great news.
Dr. Baker left town for good. He asks why that is great news.
Nicole now notices the removed portrait and wonders who did it.
He did and found something that was hidden behind it. "Resources. Valuable resources." Nicole is impressed. He happily states there
has been a dramatic shift in power. Nicole assumes he means he
will sign the empire over to the Kiriakis clan and then get it back
later. She admires his sense of family. He is in agreement and kisses her. Elvis returns to his desk and she notes he is still worried. She brings up signing things over to Victor again. EJ clarifies it will be a cold day in hell before Stefano gets any of his father's estate! He has a plan. Moments later, Owen returns his call. Master DiMera would like to know if the plan was on schedule. Owen says there was a slight problem. Elvis does not want to know the details, but he must finish the job. Elvis impatiently ends the call.
- Owen understands. The bumbling gardener laments he should have said no in the first place! What now? Nearby, Steph helps Philip sit down. He is groggy and wants a coffee. All of a sudden he loses consciousness. Steph yells for help, which seems to wake Phil up
and he insists he isn't so bad. He pours himself a coffee. Steph admires her engagement ring some more. Perhaps she should call Daniel to have him check Phil out, just to be on the safe side. He once more insists he is fine.
- Max is outside the Brady pub, cleaning the menu sign. Mel walks up, on a break. She makes cheerful small talk with big bro Max. The pub is not very crowded inside. Max states it is to be expected sometimes and points out it is his business, left to him by pop. Mel remembers pop Brady, who took him in and gave him a wonderful life, unlike creepy Trent. She admits she is jealous sometimes. They sit together on a bench. Max wishes she had been here with him
back then. He regrets he did not know her sooner. Mel jokes she
was a holy terror. He teases and she giggles. They now talk about Ciara, who is so cute. Max solemnly says Bo and Hope have their hands full with the mob war. Good thing she is not mixed up with
any of those families anymore. Mel pauses. Max asks if she is mixed up with any of those families. Mel admits that she gave Phil the breath of life when he stopped breathing. She saved his life. Max thinks that is okay as it is a hospital thing. He was referring to the fuels project and hopes she is not planning another scheme. She exclaims both families know she has nothing to sell them. Max wants her to stay away from both of those families. Mel agrees and tells
him he should also tell that to his ex-girlfriend. Max knows Steph is with Phil now and thinks it is her business. Mel blames herself for ruining their relationship. She perceives Max is worried about her.
Of course he is. Philip is not in a good place at the moment ...
- Inside the pub, Bo is preoccupied. Hope senses he is thinking of Stefano and Victor. Precisely. "Victor is going to ramp things up. I know it." He fears there will be a casualty soon. Vic arrives, as Hope has summoned him. He sits down with Bo. Bo sips coffee and asks how Phillip is. He is at home. Bo now drinks his beer and wishes
him good health. He reminds Victor he is working within the limits
of the law, while the Greek tycoon is still in the dark ages. Vic calls him a renegade. Hope thinks they all need to take a breath. Bo states his job is to stop him from putting people at risk. Victor quips he will save lives and it will all come out in due time. "Hell with that," says Bo. "Tell me what you're planning." Vic refuses. Bo threatens to
take him to the station. Hope pulls him aside and warns Bo he has much to lose. Ciara should not have to see her grandpa in handcuffs. She asks him to give her a chance. His cell rings and he agrees, so Hope approaches Victor. She explains Bo is under pressure because Vic is making his life a living hell. Vic says he can take care of his own affairs. Hope begs him to let Bo do his job and drop the whole war thing. The Greek tycoon praises Hope. He loves her like a daughter and asks her to trust him. He promises everything will work out. She thanks him. Max then brings out little Ciara, who sits on Hope's lap. She is sad as her teddy bear is missing. Victor hopes she will find the bear and stands up. "Bye, grandpa Victor," says the child. Victor smiles and takes his leave, also walking past Bo the renegade. Bo rejoins his family. Hope tells him about the missing teddy bear. Bo remembers his vision of the bear being in the woods and him finding it. He thinks he might know where he is and grins. Little Ciara smiles back. Max goes to check upstairs after Bo asks if she left her teddy bear outside. Ciara has not been outside that day. Hope realizes Bo has had a vision. He still does not understand what they mean. He thanks her for trying to mend fences with Victor.
Now it is time for Ciara to have her ice cream.
Max soon returns with the bear, who was in the crib. Probably Ally was playing with him. Hope raises her eyebrows. Bo thinks it is a good thing he did not take the gang to the park to look for the bear that was not even there!
- Mel returns to the hospital for work. She gets some flowers to deliver and decides to take them to Philip. She soon shows up at Kiriakis mansion, surprised that Steph is there. Phil announces they are engaged. Steph flashes her big ring. Mel forces a smile. Steph goes to the kitchen to put on some coffee. Mel sighs and follows
her. Phil shakes his head, staggers around outside, and then lies on a chair, where he falls asleep. The girls are inside and Mel pretends
she is hungry. Steph mentions the staff. Mel gets sarcastic. She says the negligee Phil got her is not really her even though it is hot. Steph gives her a look. Mel says she is not jealous, she is over Phil. If
Steph is happy with a giant ring on her finger, that is great. She alludes to the fact that Steph does not know what she has gotten herself into. "Philip is a Kiriakis and you're a good girl and that's never going to change." Steph implies she will change him. Mel gets serious and sincere and tells her that will never happen. She saw the discarded plane tickets and points out there are guards everywhere at the mansion. Is she not afraid for her life?  Steph believes things will be great. Mel wonders how she will feel with time. How could she have a great marriage under such circumstances? Steph thinks she should go now.
- Outside, the gardener says he just came back to pick up his tools and offers to give Phil a hand when he stands up, clearly disoriented. Carlo the thug comes to take Master Kiriakis inside. Phil has now arrived inside and asks Carlo to escort Mel to the door because he thinks it is time for her to go. Mel snaps she can show herself out
and leaves. Carlo is gone too. Phil is acting strangely and refers to Mel as a twit. Steph notes his eyes are crazy looking. Owen lurks nearby and watches. Phil insists they go back outside and they sit down. He gets snarky. Steph looks confused. Henderson is back
from a "dreadful" movie and gives Steph a bracelet he assumes is hers. Nope. Turns out to be Mel's. Phil takes it and puts it in an ashtray, slurring that is where it belongs. Exit Henderson. Phil now thinks he should go upstairs and get some sleep. Steph looks even more confused
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole would like to know how EJ knew to look behind the portrait. He remembered something Stefano once told him. To think like a DiMera.
Meantime Stefano wakes up but he cannot stand up!
Nicole realizes EJ is waiting for a phone call. She thinks it will be good news. He thanks her for having faith in him. And for making him realize Victor Kiriakis is not quite as invincible as he thought. If not for those words, he would not have remembered what father
told him and looked inside the painting for what he needed to find.  Nicole calls him a winner. She now sees him wearing the phoenix ring. Why is he wearing it? "Because I am his heir," Elvis murmurs. He will do everything he can to protect him. And his family. Nicole thinks he is on fire now and she finds it sexy. She is behind him and always will be. They kiss on it. Nicole now notices Stefano's portrait looking at them and covers him with a blanket.
- At that very moment, Victor starts to pull a sheet over Stefano's face. The Phoenix stops him. "I'm not dead yet!" Vic thinks that is good as he is not through with him. His illustrious son is running out of time and perhaps should be reminded of how much he has to
lose. Stefano shuts his eyes. At the same time, EJ and Nicole are making use of  the sofa together. EJ's cell rings so he answers it. "Elvis," says Stefano. Shirtless EJ sits up with a start. "Fatha, is that you? Are you alright?" "Victor tells me that you have not responded to his ultimatum." EJ advises him not to worry and vows he will get him home safely. Stefano proudly and weakly replies he knows he will. "You're a DiMera, after all. I trust you with my life ..." EJ promises him he will survive this. Victor now comes on the phone and warns that his insulin supply is running low. EJ points out they have not reached the deadline yet. Victor says it is getting close. Is
he ready? Elvis says he will need every minute of that time. Victor says he will be in touch and ends the call. EJ mutters so will he and snaps his cell shut. Nicole later finishes reading to Sydney. EJ is
with her. She believes in happy endings. He brings up doing things one would not want one's children to know about. Nicole thinks one must do what one has to. "Then we have an understanding," says Elvis and kisses her on the head.
- Victor wishes Stefano goodnight and taunts it might be his last
night. "I believe in my son," mutters the phoenix, "and in miracles."
- Stephanie is now alone outside, and Owen the gardener notes it is getting chilly. He is holding a screwdriver and explains he has a few loose ends he has not tied up yet ...!

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"You two know each other?" mumbles Mia. "Yeah, she's my Aunt Maggie," explains Will as Maggie smiles.
"Stephanie doesn't accept what Philip does," Mel tells a concerned Brady, "and she never will."
Groggy Phil says maybe Steph shouldn't marry him. "Maybe I shouldn't," she petulantly agrees.
EJ asks Samantha not to make this into something bigger, but
she interrupts with a "What the hell is going on here?!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sami wonders how Rafe will take care of Dr. Baker. He tells her
not to worry. He does not want Grace to be put in any danger and therefore he will talk to the doctor. He will not be a problem. Sami doubts that her problems can magically disappear. Rafe asks her to trust him. She does. It is Baker she does not trust, and she does not really know him. Rafe would like her to calm down. "You worry
way too much." He brings up doctor-patient doctor confidentiality. Sami stands up and continues her nervous monologue. Rafe gives
her a hug and assures her that he is the guy to talk to Baker. He repeats the doc will not be a problem. Sami looks a bit reassured.
- At the hospital, Baker refuses Nicole's offer to take him home,
but she insists they need to talk. Baker says if she does not leave
his room he will call security. She says then she will have EJ and
his guys come over. She now talks about fixing things. "Sami Brady, she saw you." Baker is disinterested. Nicole points out he was supposed to steer clear of her. He explains Sami ran when she saw him. Therefore, she does not want anything to do with him so the problem has been averted. Nicole thinks it is just beginning as Rafe saw everything. She informs him Rafe used to be FBI, which means he will start to nose around. Baker listens. Nicole fears that FBI
Rafe will solve this case once and for all. And then everyone will know about her miscarriage, the baby switch. She feels Baker must leave town and never return. "Not a chance," says he. She reminds him he has serious problems. After all, there are sinister loan sharks who want their money back. He has heard enough and warns her
not to make another attempt on his life. Nicole snaps he knew damn well that was an accident. Baker vows that if he has another such accident, he is taking her with him. He has made arrangements for
a letter detailing her misdeeds to be sent to the authorities in the
event of his untimely death. And with that, he leaves the room.
Nicole appears dismayed.
- Moments later, Rafe arrives at the hospital looking for Baker, but the nurse tells him he has just left. Rafe pretends his father and
Baker are old friends and he cannot find his address. The nurse will see what she can do. Rafe grins that would be great. His cell now rings. Tis sister Arianna. Rafe gives her the brush off and gets off
the phone, back to his investigative work. The nurse comes back
and hands Rafe the address. Rafe calls her a saint and prepares to track down the elusive doc.
- At that very moment, Baker is down by the pier, trying to hold off his loan shark on the phone. Two thugs now approach him and they know who he is. They both have a problem. And the problem is
him. He owes their boss a ton of money so they are there to collect. Baker grins and asks them to be reasonable. The two leather clad thugs corner him. He is out of time and they make ready to hit him with a baseball bat. Rafe saunters over and asks what is wrong.
Baker explains he owes their seedy boss money. Rafe calls himself
a friend and the thugs warn him to move along. Rafe pushes Baker out of harm's way and suggests they all work something out. The thugs threaten to rough up the deadbeat Baker. Rafe talks tough right back at them. He cannot let them do that. Rafe is warned to walk away. He retorts that is what they will both do. The thugs approach. One guy swings and Rafe hits back. The other guy attacks and Rafe kicks and strikes him too. The end result is that both thugs go down. Rafe gets the bat and holds it over one of their necks as the other pulls a knife. Rafe convinces him to drop the knife. He tells both thugs to beat it. They do. Baker is grateful. Rafe wants answers.
He senses the doc is in serious trouble. Baker will not justify his life to him. Rafe says perhaps he should call those two goons back so they can finish the job. Baker then admits he is a gambler with an addiction. The doc starts to walk away and Rafe calls him "doctor." Baker wonders how he knows he is a doctor and who exactly is he?  Rafe calls himself a guy who just needs a favor. Sami is in town and she is his friend. She would prefer that he not tell anyone how he delivered her baby. Baker pauses. It is an easy enough promise to keep. He never talks about his patients anyway. Baker says he has
no intention of sticking around town to give those guys a second chance to kill him. He is going to leave and never come back, so
there is  no need to worry.
- Sami is at Java Cafe, cooing to Grace. Time for her bottle. Sami goes to get it warmed up. At that very moment, Nicole enters with Sydney. She says hello to baby Grace. Sami now returns with the warm bottle and yells at Nicole to get away from her baby. Nicole joins Sami and Grace at their table regardless. She says they should get along for the kids' sake and is genuinely happy to see Grace.
Sami reminds her she always shrieks when she is near Sydney.
Nicole points out it is just holding her that she objects to. Sami
gives Grace her bottle and Nicole smiles at her. Nicole notes that beautiful Grace is sweet and innocent and says that is probably because she is not Sami's baby. Sami gets mad. Nicole admits she was insensitive. She explains it hurt her when she wanted her to stay away from Grace. Sami reminds her she always acts like she is diseased when she tries to get near Sydney. Nicole promises to be more tolerant in the future. Sami agrees. No matter how they feel about each other, they should not allow it to affect the way they
treat the children. Both are in agreement. Sami says she has a soft spot for Sydney. Nicole says that is because she is a special baby. Sami says there is something about the way she looks when she smiles at her .... Nicole thinks she is going overboard. Sami was just trying to say something nice about her little girl. Nicole does not
want her to be in love with her daughter, as she gets enough love
and attention from her parents. She does not need someone not connected to her to be all .... "Boundaries," says she. "I want you to keep your distance." Sami notes she has done a 180. Nicole quips
she is over the top with her baby. Sami thinks she is acting psycho. Nicole stands up and goes off to get some coffee. Sami follows. She is drawn to her daughter because she is worried about her and the
life she will lead with so many strikes against her already, like having Nicole for her mother. Sami adds that that being insanely possessive is not the same thing as having maternal instinct. Nicole insists her maternal instincts are strong and her daughter means everything to her. She appears ready to cry and goes on that she will have a wonderful life with her and EJ. Sami talks about the guards outside their door and the psychotic grandfather ... Nicole calls her jealous. Sami laughs she would not trade places with her for anything. Nicole claims Sami cannot stand it that she and EJ are in love. Sami tells
her that if she wanted EJ in her life, he would be there now! Enter Arianna, asking if everything is okay. Sami states she was just catching up with an old friend. Nicole introduces herself. Arianna introduces herself. She is Rafe's sister. Nicole notes they have the same eyes and says Sami was being facetious when she said they were friends because the truth is they cannot stand each other.
Nicole goes on that most people find Sami impossible to get along with. If she cares at all about her brother Rafe, she should tell him
to stay as far away as possible! Arianna remarks that the adorable babies look surpisingly close in age. When were they born? Both mothers answer the same date - January 28.  Arianna smiles. What are the chances, and two girls! Nicole talks about Johnny being
EJ's and and EJ being her husband and uncomfortably excuses herself, taking her leave. Arianna compliments Grace and then asks Sami if she has any idea where Rafe might be. Sami fibs she has no idea. Perhaps he is just helping a friend. Arianna looks at Sami and wonders ...
- At Kiriakis mansion, Phil happily tells Steph he will make her grandmother like him. Meanwhile Owen, standing nearby, has just been told by EJ on his cell that he requires a face-to-face meeting!
Steph tells Phil she wants him to stay safe and get stronger. His first physical therapy session is tonight. But he still has time. They kiss.
Owen quietly wonders if he is really talking to a rep of the DiMera family. EJ points out he gave him the number that proved it. Owen agrees to meet him. Elvis gives him directions to a clearing. "Be
there in 20 minutes." He warns him to take precautions as lives
could depend on it. Meanwhile, at another location, Stefano the captive sleeps on.
- Soon alone on the Kiriakis patio, Phil and Steph continue to spend time together. She is still worried about him due to the danger. He makes light of it. Steph is suddenly quiet. Phil tries to reassure her that his father is trying to work out a solution. She wants to believe him and yet ... Phil claims all he wants to do is make her happy and he naively promises he can. Steph sits on his lap and they start making out. Soon it is evening and Steph and Phil are still talking about themselves and kissing. She brings up the matter of kids. He wants many. She is fine with a big family. Phil thinks she would be
a great mom. Steph marvels that ever since she fell in love with him, she cannot stop picturing little kids running around with his great smile and cute dimples. They kiss some more. He has sent the staff home and they are the only ones outside so they make the most of the moment. They later get dressed and go back inside. He tells her
to go upstairs and look in the bedroom closet. There is a surprise waiting for her so Steph flounces off to see. Phil now takes out his cell and places a call to Stefano's nurse for an update. She informs him that the patient is alive, but barely.
- At DiMera mansion, Elvis addresses Stefano's portrait. He is not even sure he can trust this man he has summoned but he will soon find out. He cannot let those jackals seal their empire right from under their noses!
- Elvis later meets Owen at a clearing in the woods outside of town. He would like to know more about him. Owen has been working for Stefano for the past two years, collecting information on the Kiriakis clan, making notes and putting them into a safety deposit box. Does Elvis need him to do something else? Elvis pauses and then nods "Yes I need you to do something else." They discuss. He is intrigued to hear that Philip is engaged to Stephanie. Elvis mentions the war between their families and asks if Stefano ever requested any favors related to it. Owen is confused. EJ explains he has the Kiriakis family's trust as he works in their home. Owen clarifies that he is
Mr. DiMera's eyes and ears but he is not a hired gun or anything like that. EJ informs Owen the mole "That might have to change." He promises him a promotion. Owen thinks anything more would be beyond his job description. Elvis grabs him by the scruff of the neck and calls him Stefano's best hope. Unless he does what he tells him
to do, the Phoenix will die. Reluctant Owen wonders what he wants him to do. EJ half smirks. After their unseen conversation, Owen says it does not feel right. Elvis says he will find someone else as it pays very well. In addition, jobs are far and few between in this economy. Owen now stops EJ from leaving. "I'll do it." EJ grins.
- Meanwhile, Philip pays Stefano an unexpected visit. He remembers their run-in and how he told him he was the one to blame for Tony's death. Phil leers that the war will be over very soon!
- At Kiriakis mansion, Steph goes out on the patio wearing the negligee that was waiting for her in the closet. Philip is not there and she is startled to see Owen. She thought the staff had the night off. Owen says he just had some things to do and offers her a glass of lemonade. Steph thanks him but then her cell rings so she puts down the lemonade and goes inside to take the call. Owen looks at the glass. "This is for you, Mr. DiMera." He just has to pull this off for his boss!
- Rafe returns home to Sami and he has good news. She is worried that his shirt looks like he has been in a scuffle. He tells her the good news. Baker will not say anything and he is leaving town. "Your secret is safe." EJ will no longer be a threat to Grace. Sami hugs him and thanks him.
- Meanwhile, at DiMera mansion Nicole's cell rings, so she takes the call. Tis Dr. Baker, and much to her surprise, he informs her he is leaving town. He reminds her of his insurance policy, and she promises he does not have to worry about her. He asks about the 15,000 she had previously offered. She will have it wired to his account in the morning. She says goodbye before he can, and ends the call. Baker walks off into the night. Nicole, happy at home, tells Sydney that is another bullet dodged and she feels like the luckiest woman in the world. She has EJ and Sydney and nothing will change that!
- In the living room, Elvis sits down beside papa Stefano's portrait, toying with his ring. "It's going to work," the dark prince promises.
"I won't let you down. It's going to work."
- At the house of Kiriakis, Steph is outside and Phil returns, giving
her a kiss. Owen has just put some flowers in a vase for the happy couple. She asks how physical therapy was. It was encouraging but he is completely dehydrated. Owen watches from behind the trees, shocked as Phil starts to drink the lemonade that was really for intended target Steph ...!

Next on Days of our Lives
"Your illustrious son is running out of time," Victor taunts
the sleeping phoenix.
"It's going to be a cold day in hell before that man touches
any of my father's estate!" Elvis exclaims to Nicole.
Hope faces Bo. "You're the only one who's going to lose here."
Bo replies he will take his chances.
Stephanie takes groggy Philip's face in her hands and tells him
to wake up. "Oh my God!"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Chez Sami, Rafe enters bearing coffee and food. She tells him to keep it down because the baby is sleeping. Sami gasps she is tired
but glad that Grace feels a little better. Rafe asks if she still has a doctor's appointment for Grace this morning. Sami says yes and
then looks at him in surprise. She did not know that guys remember doctor's appointments. Rafe jokes and they start to kiss. And kiss
and kiss. Sami stops and giggles she thinks someone will interrupt them. She feels like the woman who lived in a shoe with so many kids. She thinks from his point of view, being with her must feel like babysitting. He, however, likes it and he likes watching her juggle it all. Sami promises that one time a beautiful perfect day will happen with them spending several hours alone. Rafe says until that day comes, how about relaxing and having a coffee and food. Grace
starts to cry. Sami must walks off to attend to her.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole comes down the stairs holding Syd.
She has to find a way to get Dr. Baker out of her life permanently.
- In the living room, EJ studies the contract pertaining to the transfer of the DiMera assets and accounts. He is distracted when his cell rings. Tis Victor, who wishes him a good morning. He points out
that Stefano is still well but not awake and taunts that some say the story of Snow White is in fact about a diabetic coma. EJ is sullen.
Vic wants to know when he will sign on the dotted line, allowing Stefano to wake up? No answer. Vic ends the call and tells the sleeping phoenix that EJ does not seem to be a morning person!
Nicole enters the living room, only to see EJ with his scratched
and bruised face. She wants to know what happened. Kiriakis style negotiations. Nicole would like to do something but he does not
wish her to talk to the Kiriakis family at all. She asks what exactly happened. "They kidnapped my father and they're holding him ransom." Victor wants everything, too. Nicole shakes her head in disbelief. She puts the baby down and points out they would never kill Stefano because ... EJ points out all they have to do is dump
him somewhere and the lack of insulin will lead him to die of natural causes. He shows her the contract but she quips they are okay.
"They just made a huge mistake." After all, it is a contract and EJ is the best lawyer so she believes he will find a way to stop them. He
is pleasantly surprised she has such faith in him. She does not feel they will lose everything because he will figure something out. In addition, she has lived on less. Besides, it is not the money that makes her happy, it is Elvis and baby Sydney. Elvis smiles he loves her. Sydney gurgles. Elvis sits down at his computer to do some research, looking for a loophole in the contract. Nicole rubs his shoulders and watches. She knows he will find one. EJ sighs and stands up. He wishes they could be a family instead of a target. However, he will not let Victor take him to his knees! Nicole states Victor is cunning and he knew that Stefano was EJ's Achilles heel. She brings up the fact that Victor has an Achilles' heel as well. He evidently thinks the one shot he has at immortality is through his children and his grandchildren. She is grateful that Elvis is not like either one of those powerful men. She assures him he can win the war, gives him a kiss, and walks out, having secretly decided to visit Dr. Baker and give him one more chance. Alone, EJ wonders what Stefano would tell him to do and looks up at his portrait.
- Meanwhile, the Phoenix, alone in his dark room, still weakly lying on the bed, starts to speak. "Elvis, you must listen to me ..."
Back at DiMera mansion, Elvis sits down and picks up the pen, holding his hand over the contract. All of a sudden, he flashes back
to Stefano once telling him he regretted not having the opportunity
to raise EJ, but they had made up for a lot of the time. Elvis then agreed and pointed out they played chess. Stefano reminded him what he said the first time he beat him. "Always stay three moves ahead of your opponent." EJ comes back to reality and realizes that
is what father would say now. The problem is he was not one step ahead of Victor. He then remembers Stefano advising him not to let his opponent see what he is up to. Elvis walks and considers. "A DiMera always has one more strategy, one more move." He now remembers Stefano telling him that no matter where he is or what
is going on, he will never abandon him. He will always be looking over him. He advises him to remember that. Elvis ponders those cryptic words and looks up at the portrait again. He then gets an
idea, removes the portrait and proceeds to peel off  the back covering. Inside he finds an envelope containing a Canadian passport and a list of names ...
- At the hospital, nervous Dr. Baker hands the letter he has written
to a suit clad associate. The letter that he wrote should only be opened in the event of his death. He has decided that if anything happens to him, that b*tch will not get away with it. The man asks about this person. Baker retorts she is a woman who is the most determined person he has ever met. "She makes Stalin seem easy going." She is one broad who does not let anything or anyone stand
in her way.
- Philip is on the terrace at Kiriakis mansion. Steph walks out and makes a comment about having bodyguards. She sits down and smiles at Phil. He asks how she slept. She says she tossed and
turned. She gleefully shows him her engagement ring, then gives
him a kiss. "You make me really really happy," says he. She says
the same, then stands up, and sighs. Steph laments the first person who found out about her engagement was a bodyguard. Phil gives
her another kiss. Steph gets coy and smiles again about being engaged. He suggests she invite Caroline over to show grandma her ring. Steph flounces off to do just that and runs into a content Vic.
He notes they are both in a chipper mood. Phil tells him of their engagement. Vic is just pleased as Phil loves her. "It is a good morning all the way around," says he and takes a sip of orange juice. He adds that soon the DiMeras will be neutralized, powerless. Then Phil and his bride can live happily ever after. Phil nods. Moments later, Stephanie has rejoined Philip and Victor, while Henderson shows Caroline out to the patio. She would like to know what the
hell is going on. Steph boasts Phil asks her to marry him and she
said yes. "You didn't!" grandma Caroline mutters when she flashes the ring. Steph had thought she would be happy for her. Grandma points out that she did not think very hard. She wants to go inside
for a private talk. She walks away and Steph follows. Phil admits he is annoyed. Victor explains. Caroline is not the kind of woman who would pretend something just to make him happy! Inside, Steph puts her hands on her hips and asks what Caroline is mad about. Caroline warns she will need a veil and a bullet proof vest! Has she talked this over with her parents? Were they happy? Steph admits they were
not but declares she is in love. Caroline thinks she could wait to marry him. She does not like the idea of her handing over her youth and her life to a Kiriakis. Someone already tried to kill Philip and this will be her life if she marries him. It is not just the danger, it is also the ruthlessness. Philip will not change and she will not be able to change him. Steph insists Philip is nothing like Victor. Caroline feels she is lying to herself. Steph gets miffed. Caroline realizes her talk does not seem to make any difference and reluctantly congratulates her. Steph sniffles. She repeats Philip is not like Victor and smiles blankly.
Outside, Vic remarks that the timing of Philip's proposal indicates
he was not exactly thinking of the girl. They are at war, though it is probably nearing an end, as EJ must be tying up loose ends. Steph now walks outside, just in time to hear Phil drawl "The sooner the DiMeras are eliminated, the better." Later, Caroline also emerges
and Victor takes her aside to reassure her of Steph's safety. Philip asks sour Steph what is now the matter. Henderson brings glasses
of champagne to celebrate. Victor proposes a toast. All of a sudden Owen the gardener makes a noise with one of his tools and Steph spills the champagne on her dress. Owen apologizes and cheerfully congratulates the happy couple upon hearing that they have become engaged. He too is invited to have a glass of champagne and toast Stephanie, the newest member of the Kiriakis clan. They toast and drink. Caroline assures her granddaughter that fine champagne does not stain, but reminds her that she still has not gotten over what happened because she is very jumpy. Vic invites Caroline to come help in the selection of more champagne as they seem to have run out. He teases after all these years, he still cannot resist trying to
get her alone. They laugh and walk off together. Phil wonders if Steph's grandmother upset her. Steph claims she has her own mind.
Inside, Victor promises Caroline that he will treat Stephanie like a member of the family. Quite frankly that worries Caroline. His
family lives like they are still in feudal Greece. He points out Greece was never feudal. Caroline explains her position. Philip is older and Steph has not experienced life as much. Vic assures her Phil will never try to control her and jokes that if Caroline were in Troy, that horse would still be sitting outside the gate. She laughs and admits
her opinion does not mean a thing to Stephanie, whom she now calls a true Brady. Still, there is something that is important. Stephanie believes that Tony DiMera's death was an accident. Victor agrees. Caroline now brings up the war ... Vic interrupts it is not a war. Caroline talks tough. She needs to know that all his security and
extra guards are because he needs to protect himself and not because he is going to stoop to Stefano's level. Victor swears he will not.
Outside, Steph tells Phil she overheard him saying the DiMeras have to be eliminated. He says a better word for it would be neutralized, that is what his father says. They are trying to work out a truce. Victor is working for peace. She sighs her grandma thinks things will always be like this. Phil claims he will not allow Steph to live like
that and says he loves her. Caroline now comes out with Victor and wishes the happy couple her best. Victor offers to walk her to her
car. Phil informs his fiancee that he has a new mission in life. To make Caroline like him. Steph thinks she likes him, she just does not trust him. But
she trusts him. They kiss.
- At the hospital, Dr. Lexie walks with Sami and Grace beside her,
as Rafe saunters behind. Grace probably just has a little low grade infection, and now her fever is down. She suggests Sami bring her back if her fever increases. She compliments the baby's smile and then has to excuse herself. Rafe and Sami are both relieved. Nicole comes around the corner with a bouquet of flowers. Just then Baker also walks out into the hall. "This is so not good," says Nicole but it
is too late! Sami has already spotted the doctor who delivered her baby! Sami's mouth falls open in shock. "It's too late," Nicole whispers to herself, seeing the recognition on Sami's face Sami
gasps to Rafe she has to leave and runs away with Grace. Lexie returns. Rafe says he has no idea what that was all about. Nicole
has her back to them. She tries to calm herself down. At least Sami was upset to see him. Perhaps that will give her more time.
- Sami returns home to the apartment with Rafe and baby Grace, gasping and complaining about Dr. Baker being at that gossip central hospital, not to mention that Lexie is EJ's sister. It is too close for comfort and she is a nervous wreck. Rafe wants her to calm down and promises everything will be fine. "I will take care of it."
- Back in his hospital room, Lexie informs Baker he may leave now. He will be stiff for a little while but with no permanent damage. He intends to call a cab. Exit Lexie. Nicole comes in with a wheelchair and pleasantly offers to give him a ride home.
- At DiMera mansion, armed with an important phone number,
Elvis places a call on his cell and a man answers. "Yes." EJ explains he is calling on behalf of Stefano DiMera. "Yes sir, what can I do
for you?" says Owen the gardener, still lurking at Kiriakis mansion
as Stephanie and Philip race past, blissfully unaware that the
gardener is really a DiMera mole ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives

EJ tells Owen "My father's life is in danger. Unless you do exactly what I'm telling you to do, he's going to die!"
"I want an update," Philip tells Stefano's nurse over the phone.
She replies "He's alive. Barely."
"What do you want me to do?" Baker asks Nicole. "Get the hell
out of Salem and never come back!"
"Dr. Baker will not be a problem," Rafe promises Sami.

Monday, May 11, 2009


At the hospital, Chloe approaches Dan and updates him on her cat and mouse run-in with Kate. He explains that no one knows better than Kate how fragile Lucas is. He thinks if Kate had not been so overprotective, Lucas might even have been able to grow up. "Life happens," the exasperated doc adds. "People can be engaged and
then fall in love with someone else." Passionate Dan knows that Chloe is not with him because she fears Lucas will self-destruct if
he learns the truth. Chloe gets teary-eyed. She was the one who did something wrong, not Lucas. She is worried people will notice how sad she looks. Dan reminds her it is the hospital so people look sad there all the time. Upset Chloe pours herself a cup of coffee. It is important for her to keep her promise to God and to be faithful to Lucas. Daniel shakes his head. She made a sacrifice to save Lucas' life, yet marriage is not supposed to be a sacrifice, which is how it
has turned out. He wants to know if her marriage really makes her happy. He wants her to look at him and tell him. She refuses. He
will think she is lying anyway. Still, her life is no longer his concern. They now talk Kate. Dan warns she will not let it go. Chloe does
not care what Kate does as long as she does not tell Lucas. Dan worries that Kate will come after Chloe and she will not play fair.
She is like a bloodhound who can sniff out insecurity, and she will play on Chloe's guilt. Dan blurts out if what they had was a sin, then Chloe has certainly atoned. Furthermore, Kate does not have the
right to judge her. He begs her to fight Kate, who is not without sin. The passionate doc adds that if Kate gives her any problems at all, she should tell her that she will tell Lucas herself. Their faces are close now and they look longingly at each other until Dan sadly
turns and walks away. Chloe takes a deep breath and blinks.
- Meanwhile, Lucas is with Kate in her home. She announces she plans to go see Billie in London.  Lucas promises to take care of things while she is away. But he wants to know the reason she has been avoiding him of late! She has been packing for her trip and not avoiding him, says she. Lucas demands to know why she attacked and fired Chloe. Kate reminds him that Chloe never really wanted
to host a TV show, so she was simply relieved. Lucas has no time
for her games. "What went down between you and Chloe!"  Kate calls her a narcissistic, backstabbing little b*tch. Lucas retorts that is his wife and he loves her. Kate thinks he made a terrible mistake. Lucas brings up the fact that she saved Kate's life. Kate hisses she wormed her way into their family. Lucas repeats he wants to know what happened to make her dislike Chloe. Kate admits something
did happen but it was not between her and Chloe. Something, she feels, happened between Lucas and Chloe. She has finished packing now. Lucas snaps she should butt out of his personal life. He starts
to storm off but she stops him. He suggests she start treating Chloe with love and respect if that is what she wants from him, and leaves.
- Replay of Baker's hospital room, where he slowly wakes up and accuses Nicole of trying to finish him off. Nicole denies it, but he remembers her pushing down him down the stairs. She insists he tripped. He blames himself for turning his back on a cobra. He repeats she tried to kill him and he thinks she still wants him dead.
He grabs the buzzer to summon help, but Nicole promptly grabs it away from him. She does not want him to be stupid. Baker warns
her if he is dead when she leaves, they will figure it out. Nicole
points out she does not want to kill him. She then corrects herself. Maybe she does want to kill him but he should not give her the opportunity! He says the conversation is over. She, however, thinks they still need to talk. "Honey, if I'm going to talk, it's going to be to the police." Nicole bites her lip and considers. If he does, she will tell them about his dubious activities. He quips he will cut a deal with the DA. They could use her to get to the DiMeras. Nicole warns him there would be a response from EJ and Stefano once they found out he had played them. If he goes to the cops, he will regret waking up at all! He thinks perhaps she is right. Nicole suggests she speak to his doctor and find a nice place where he can recuperate. A warm destination. Baker is suspicious. He believes she will indeed try to
kill him again. He needs some insurance. She asks what that would be. "I tell EJ everything," he decides, for then she would have no more motivation to kill him. Nicole grins she would have motivation because she would be motivated by hate. However, it is not going to happen, as they will work it out themselves. He does not think that is possible. She sits down on his bed and smiles she thinks it is. He repeats she tried to kill him. Nicole loses her cool and repeats it was an accident. She calls Baker a clumsy idiot just as Dr. Dan enters the room and demands to know what is going on. She pretends she was trying to stop him from making a phone call as he is too weak. Dan reminds her she is not a nurse and kicks her out of the room. Nicole makes a face and departs. Baker sighs in relief. Dan asks what that was all about. "She is a very excitable woman," says Baker. He asks the doc to pass him the phone. Meanwhile Nicole tries to reach EJ
on her cell phone but is unable to.When Dan is gone from the room, Nicole returns to Baker. She knows she did not reach EJ, because
she could not. She makes herself comfortable and tells him what happened to Philip Kiriakis, how she tried to defend him to Stefano and EJ. He was shot at point-blank range and then almost suffocated when guards were outside his room. Now Philip is on the run but it will only prolong the inevitable, because even Philip knows that eventually they will find him and they will kill him. That is Phillip's life now. Baker listens intently. Nicole stands up and seriously tells him he can tell EJ what he knows, but that will be his life too.
Waiting to be killed. Baker now agrees not to contact EJ under any circumstances, so long as Nicole stays away from him. They shake on it. She hopes he gets well and walks out the door.
- Lucas enters the hospital, where he meets up with Chloe. She clearly has a lot on her mind. He asks her how her checkup was.
She replies all is fine, but why does Lucas look so unhappy? He tells her he just had it out with his mother. The good news is she is going to London. What about the bad news? She refused to talk about
what happened between her and Chloe. Therefore, he let her have it. Chloe claims it is all right. She asks Lucas not to push Kate, as she has been under strain lately. Lucas implores Chloe to tell him what exactly is going on. Dan watches from a distance. Lucas notices. Chloe stares at Dan. Lucas turns and glances at him, too. Chloe wants to talk about something else. Lucas wants her assurances
that Kate did not hurt her. Chloe says she is fine and alludes to the fact that Kate is taking out her frustrations on her. Lucas now wants to have a word with Daniel, but Chloe stops him. Lucas suggests she relax. He only wished to tell the doc that Kate was going to London. Chloe covers by saying he is not in a good mood due to the fact that one of his patients is not doing well. She asks Lucas if they can just go straight home so he obliges, but before they get on the elevator, Lucas casts Dan a puzzled glance.
- Nicole returns home to the empty mansion. She sees a spot of Baker's blood on the carpet, remembers what happened, and
wonders if maybe Baker should have died, since alive he is one big liability.
- Meanwhile, said doctor is lying in his hospital bed, writing a note.
"If you're reading this, it means that I'm dead. You should know
that Nicole Walker DiMera was responsible, for the following
reasons ..."
- In the dark warehouse room,  Elvis takes the sheet off Stefano,
who is unconscious. Enter the Greek tycoon, accompanied by a
thug. "Oh, he's alive," he taunts. "The question is for how long!" Elvis turns around and calls him a son of a b*tch. Victor smiles it is not the time to allow emotions to cloud their judgment as there are important decisions to make. EJ lunges to attack him but is stopped by the thug, who grabs him by the neck pushes him against the wall. Victor now thinks they are ready to begin negotiations. The thug releases EJ, who coughs and demands to know what Victor has
done to Stefano. Nothing, Victor replies. Nature is taking its course
as he has diabetes. EJ exclaims he is in need of insulin. "Damn you!" Victor informs him he has the insulin, now they all they need to do
is negotiate a price.  The Greek tycoon opens the door to a nurse, who approaches sleeping Stefano with a needle. EJ demands to
know what is in the syringe. Vic gloats he senses his fear and tells
the nurse to go ahead. She gives him an insulin shot. Stefano starts
to moan. The nurse warns Victor that is not a sufficient dosage, but he has her leave for the moment. Vic states he has reached out and taken the first step by this gesture. EJ asks what exactly he wants. Victor smiles dangerously. "Everything, Elvis. Everything!" He
wishes to end the war between the two families. The only way to do that is to ensure the DiMeras are completely disarmed ... He shows him a contract. Once EJ signs. Stefano will get his insulin. "And DiMera enterprises will all belong to me!"  Elvis smirks he will not sign. Vic claims he is then signing his father's death warrant. Elvis tries to attack again so the thug restrains him. Vic explains there is a check for $5 million attached to the contract. Lawyer EJ laughs. It is extortion. Vic states a paid assassination is not legal either and that
did not bother him. He goes on to state the terms of the offer. EJ
has 72 hours to get the DiMera affairs in order for him, during
which time Stefano will continue to receive enough insulin to stay alive. "After 72 hours, if you don't deliver, your father dies. Your choice."  EJ promises that Stefano will retaliate. Victor quips that if
he cannot afford his mercenaries, he will not be able to. EJ insists Stefano will come back, the way he always does. Victor does not think that will happen this time, as he is a sick old man. "It's the end of an era," he concludes. EJ looks at his sleeping father.
- At the pub, Bo walks in with elegant Hope, who is talking on
her cell phone. The assassin nurse has been put in the cell of an informant. They discuss. Bo thinks it was way too close. He does
not want to ever have to tell Victor that Philip was killed, especially on his watch. Hope points out Victor knows it was Stefano trying again. Bo complains it will go on and on and on! Max comes to their table bearing beverages and slides next to Hope. Has Bo heard from Chelsea? Not since she arrived. Max is getting a little worried. So is Bo. He soon stands up to head back to the station. Hope overrides him, as he needs something to eat and then they will go home with Ciara. He needs some sleep. Bo sits down and does not disagree. Max laments Chelsea is in London alone. Hope asks Bo what he thinks. Bo re
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