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Friday, April 3, 2009
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At the pub,  Commissioner Bo gets off the phone and fills in Hope that Phil will not be charged, as Tony's death was ruled an accident. Enter Roman, who cheerfully remarks that must be good news to both Victor and Bo. But Bo is miles away, recalling his vision of Roman under the sheets with Hope! When Roman and Bo chat
alone and Roman tells him he is lucky to have a gal like Hope, Bo asks him to do him a favor. No questions asked. "Until I tell you otherwise, stay away from my wife." Bo now leaves Roman dumbfounded. Roman follows him. Is something wrong? Bo says it
is nothing. Roman makes himself scarce. Later on, Hope sits beside Roman at the pub for a burger. He uncomfortably says he cannot stay and starts to leave. Hope senses something is up because of Bo and stops him. He insists it has nothing to do with Bo, drawls he is just in a hurry, and leaves the building.
- At the Java Cafe, Mama Mia joins Will and tells him she has just registered for classes at Salem High. She notes Will is down. He admits he is confused by something his mom did. "She adopted a baby and brought her home last night." And the little ones need her now. Mia points out she must have had a good reason, Will doubts she needs a good reason to do anything. Mia asks what his baby
sister looks like. When he replies he does not know, Mia insists babies can sense things so he must show he loves her. Will agrees, even though he was not ready for this. Mia says one is not always able to plan what happens in life. Will invites her to come see the baby with him ...
- Chez Sami, Sister Teresa has dropped by. She wishes to discuss Sami keeping baby Grace a secret from her biological father. They have tea. Sami explains the adoption story has worked and Grace's father will never know. The nun says she will pray for them. She wonders if Sami has any doubts. Sami gasps she would rather not
talk about it. The nun asks her to think about what she said, looks at baby Grace, and departs. Will soon enters with new pal Mia. There are smiles all around. Will wants to show her his new baby sister. Sami is pleased. Mama Mia gets a tour of the pad, after Will
mentions he promised to call Austin and Carrie. Sami flashes back to her younger days, when she altered the results of Will's test, so no one would know Lucas was really his father. She blinks back to reality and admits she keeps making the same mistakes. Will and Mia return and Will asks where the twins are. With grandma Caroline. Mia compliments Sami on her home. Sami now asks a favor. Can they watch Grace for a little while, as she has something to do. She says she must discuss preschool with EJ and hastily goes out the door. The baby starts to cry. Will does not know what to do. Mia suggests he rock the crib. It does not work. Mama Mia steps in and rocks the crib slowly, cooing to Grace, who stops crying and smiles. "She's so beautiful," she says. She hands Will a rattle, but the baby resumes crying. Mia suggests he hold her. He asks if she would like to hold her. Mia pauses.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano sadly enters the living room and laments he almost expects Tony to walk down the stairs. He weeps they have nothing to remember him by as EJ consoles him. He adds that Anna was cruel in accusing him of having something to do with his son's death and had no right to walk away with his ashes!  EJ points out she is upset. Stefano still wants to avenge his death and calls Nicole names. EJ will have none of that. The phoenix sighs. EJ recalls how Stefano used to tell him how happy he was that his son found someone who gave him an heir. Stefano tells him to go away. EJ continues to sing her praises. Stefano would rather think of the
son he just lost. EJ says they will take their vows elsewhere, not in the mansion. "Grrreat," retorts the phoenix. He tries to console himself with a cigar, though nothing works. His cell rings. A call
from Italy, like offering condolences. He speaks Italian, asks the caller to wait a moment and then pauses before walking away to continue the call. "One day, Elvis, you will think as I do." And then he will know who Nicole really is - and he will be a broken man.
- At the pier, Nicole looks at the yellow police tape, remembering what happened there. Brady arrives for their meeting. She says that Phil has agreed not to say they have a secret, and insists Tony's
death was an accident. Brady asks why she is so upset. "Because I may have killed my future with EJ," says she. EJ will never get over the death of his brother and Stefano will never stop thinking she was involved. She feels tainted and doubts he would want to marry her now. Brady thinks that is for the best, due to all her lies and deception, which cause her pain. She gets annoyed. He wishes her luck. Nicole yells she needs things to be different. Brady hopes her love for EJ is worth it and saunters off.
- Nicole soon returns to DiMera mansion, where Elvis is drinking before the fireplace. Sydney is asleep, Stefano is upstairs on a conference call from Italy. Nicole realizes his father does not want her around and likely has not changed his mind, but what of EJ? Does he still think she did not live up to the DiMera code? EJ
repeats Phillip Kiriakis is not innocent, not to mention her being at
the pier was too much of a coincidence. Nicole becomes weepy and laments he has no faith in her. He would like to be alone. First she would like to know the status of the wedding. Is it still off? No,
states EJ, and he now only wants to proceed for Sydney. It is what
is right for her. Stefano stands in the doorway, observing. Nicole agrees Sydney is the most important thing. EJ thinks perhaps in the long run they will be able to reconcile their differences, but now is
the time to do right by their child. Nicole sees Stefano, who gives
her the evil eye. Ominous music is heard. She asks Stefano if he will give them his blessing. He steps forward, hands folded before himself, and pauses. Sydney is his granddaughter, Nicole is her mother, and they are family. "I will not turn my back on you," he decides. They may wed with his blessing.
EJ later thanks the phoenix, who admits Nicole may have told the truth the way she see it. However, he will never believe that Tony's death was an accident. One day they will know all and then Phillip and his family will pay for it. Dangerous music is heard. Stefano's eyes darken. "And they will pay dearly!" As for the present ... Anthony is gone. Now, it is time to forge ahead with the wedding.
He vows not to let anything interfere with the happiness of his only remaining son.
- Chloe arrives at the hospital for her appointment. The retired doc's nurse has referred her to Dan for her physician again! Dan is at the nurse's station when all this comes out. He approaches Chloe and says she would have to go out of town to Maywood for the closest referral. Chloe realizes that is too far. The nurse announces the examination room is ready. Chloe later sits in the exam room in a hospital gown, remembering their steamy moments! Dan opens the door. He gets thru taking her blood pressure, which is normal. He informs Chloe that they will have the results of her blood work shortly. "See ya next time." She stops him for a moment and says
she is glad they have moved on. She hopes he is okay. Of course.
He made the wrong choices. Chloe seems a tad disappointed that is how he now sees it. Dan claims he has changed and would never do such a thing again. He is a changed man and hopes she and Lucas
will have a long and happy life together. Chloe wonders what he wants for himself. Does he not believe he deserves to be loved, to have a happy life? Dan is of the opinion that life is not like that, though yes he wishes to be loved by someone. Perhaps one day it
will happen again. Chloe says she is sure of it. Dan excuses himself. Chloe looks downhearted.
- Home alone, Kate sits at a desk, whips out Dr. Dan's written prescription, and proceeds to practice forging his signature! Perfect! Her cell rings. Tis Chloe, outside the Java Cafe, ready to talk about that job offer concerning the television show. Kate coos she just has to do one minor thing and will then touch base so they can chat after lunch. After she ends the call, Kate telephones Chelsea and invites her for lunch so she can hear all about her work at the hospital, and then maybe Chelsea can also give her a tour around the hospital ...
- At the hospital, Nicole arrives with Sydney and sees Dr. Dan. He smiles at the baby, who is there for her check-up They have a new pediatrician. And here he comes now. "Well, well, just like old
times," grins Dr. Baker, a glint in his eye!
- At the Jave Cafe, anxious Sami catches up with Uncle Bo. She would like a word about something he will understand better than anyone. She talks about Will believing Austin was his father way
back when, due to her changing the paternity test results. Bo
chuckles that he remembers. Sami gasps and wonders if that lie
might have had any lasting damage on Will. Bo listens and
considers. He feels that not knowing who his father really was
for so long is something Will is not going to overcome. They discuss
what happened to Bo, not knowing Victor was his father for so long. Sami points out Caroline did what she thought was right. Bo philosophically states that right or wrong, a lie is a lie. His cell rings and he must step away to take the call. Sami takes out a photo of baby Grace and is clearly torn. She decides to do the right thing, stands up, and then sees the newspaper headline of the day. DIMERA DEATH SHOCKS COMMUNITY. Underneath is a
photo of the late Count Anthony DiMera. Bo returns, Sami asks if Tony is really dead. Bo is surprised she did not already know. Sami gasps she must go see EJ and races out of the cafe but fast ...!

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"I will drag your sorry ass in front of the hospital board and I will have your job in the blink of an eye," Nicole threatens Baker.
Will asks Mia what is wrong. She gazes at baby Grace in her arms. "It's just holding her. I never want to let her go."
Sami faces EJ. "There's something I want to tell you about Grace."
Phil stares down Stefano. "I'm not to blame. The person to blame
is his father!"

Thursday, April 2, 2009


At the cabin, Chloe emerges. The test did not work. Kate announces they will get another one. Lucas informs Kate that she is interfering again. Chloe says she is tired, though she will not be able to sleep without knowing. She will go to the drugstore to pick up another test. Lucas offers to do it. Chloe would rather go. Lucas points out they are in it together. Chloe flashes back to Dan and uncertainly replies
"I hope so." All of a sudden, Kate's cell rings. Tis Dan, summoning her to the hospital for Phil.
- At the Brady pub, pretty Mel joins Chelsea and Max, having just bought brother Max a silk shirt from Milan. Max asks how much of Tony's money she has spent. All of it, she giggles. Max breaks the news. "Tony's dead." Mel sits at the table and they discuss. He tells her of the Tony tragedy. Mel asks if Phillip is ok. Yes. Mel says it is all because of the project. She asks where Phillip is. Chelsea tries unsuccessfully to prevent Max from telling her he is at the hospital. Melanie gets teary-eyed. "I should go see him." Chelsea tries to stop her but determined Miss Mel will not be deterred ...
- At the hospital, Steph arrives and consoles Phil, who still feels somehow responsible. And he is not sure where home is now. Steph doubts Vic would turn his back on him. Phil brings her up to speed
on Nicole's testimony and papa Vic's support. However, he left with Brady a while ago. Phil does not feel welcome at his old home. He
now  recalls looking into Tony's eyes just after he fell. Perhaps some tragedies in life are pre-destined, but what if he tries to change things in the future? His injured hand must be attended to before he can leave the hospital. Mel arrives on scene, only to be discouraged from remaining by Steph. Mel states she is there to apologize for all the trouble she caused. Steph points out the project is dead.
- Kate and Lucas have arrived at the hospital as well and hear from Dr. Dan that there will be no charges against Phillip, who is fine. Lucas is anxious to get back to Chloe. Would Kate prefer a boy or a girl? Neither, and she feels a baby right now would be a big mistake. They should be more careful in the future. She wants Chloe to be
the host of her show for hearth and home. Lucas considers. She could certainly do the job if pregnant! Kate sighs. He promises to
call eventually and saunters off.
- Meanwhile, Phil is again with Steph and tells her he would rather avoid Kate's questions. She announces he is coming home with her!
- At the pub, Max eats his food. Chelsea is sour and claims she is worried about Stephanie being in over her head with Phillip, as is Mel. Mel soon returns. "It was awful." She was unable to see Phil. The project is over and they have nothing, she laments.
- Phil arrives at Steph's pad and they sit and chat. He was wrong about everything, he says. He talks about Stefano and Victor, the
two most powerful men around. Steph says he does not have to be like them. He wonders if he already is. He later sleeps on the sofa
and has a nightmare of the fight with Tony. Steph is at his side in an instant. It is not his fault. "It sure feels like it was," he mutters.
- At DiMera mansion, tormented Stefano drinks, smashes his glass
to the floor, and turns his wrath on Nicole. "Get out of my house, you lying bi*ch!" Elvis demands an apology. Stefano refuses. Elvis understands the shock of it all. The phoenix accuses Nicole of not caring that Tony is dead. Even her cold heart dishonors his memory. She had her one chance to show her loyalty and did nothing but
laugh in their face. "Thatís enough," EJ warns. He will not allow it. Stefano continues. She lies and she lies to him, too. EJ asks what he is talking about. Stefano wonders if Nicole wants to tell him - or will he! Nicole cringes. The phoenix talks about her visit to the convent. She talks volunteer work. EJ sides with her. Stefano rages. He needs that bi*ch to finally tell the truth about being at the convent "What rrrrrreason was she there!" EJ is indignant. Stefano insists he wants
to show his son what she is really like. EJ demands an apology. Stefano states he speaks the truth. EJ declares the only truth of the day is that they have lost Tony. Stefano revisits the convent again. Why did she not tell her husband she was volunteering? And what was she doing at the convent that she kept a secret? EJ shouts it is none of his business. Stefano quietly says that his son is dead and Philip Kiriakis is walking free. He glares at Nicole. "Now I am your enemy and my enemies do not keep secrets ..." Ding dong! The phoenix  gives them a moment so Nicole might explain why she was at the convent as he goes to answer the door. Once they are alone,
EJ reassures dahling he is just lashing out. He shows her Tony's note with the B. "Do you know what it means?" She plays innocent. EJ now presses why she did not tell him of her charity work. It is not
his fatha's place to question her, though he would like to know what the hell is going on! Fatha was right. The tension between her and Tony was intense. And how is it that she was the only witness to his tragic accident? She sniffs perhaps they should call of the wedding,
if that is how he feels. "Maybe we should," he coldly agrees. He has had quite enough of her threatening to leave anytime things do not go her way. She might as well just leave, she knows where the door is. "If you're thinking of taking Sydney," he warns, DiMera style,"Think again!" Nicole is stunned. He calmly pours himself a drink. Nicole points out everyone is crazy with grief. EJ wonders if she is grieving
at all. Nicole claims she and Tony were comfortable together. EJ, however, agrees with fatha. They could not stand each other. Nicole exclaims thatTony was double-crossing both Stefano and EJ until he died, so why is he suddenly Saint Tony? Because they are family!
EJ accuses her of trying to call off the wedding. She claims she felt betrayed. He tells her now she knows how it feels. Nicole is just confused and snivels on. "You donít get it do you," says Elvis. "You have absolutely no idea what youíve done." She allowed Phillip Kiriakis to kill his brother. Nicole cries it was an accident. Elvis, however, feels that Phillip Kiriakis planned to kill his brother and he fears Nicole might have had something to do with it!
- Meanwhile, Stefano opens the door to Anna, who smacks him across the face. "You bastard!" She knows it was murder and thinks it was the phoenix who killed him! Stefano blames Phillip the killer, who is free on Nicole's lies. Anna blames the phoenix for dismissing Tony and making it come to this. She just came by to look him in
the eye one more time, she cries, to tell him how much she hates him! She will make Tony's funeral arrangements alone and Stefano will have nothing to do with him ever again! She has peace, but Stefano never will. Perhaps not, he muses as she storms off, but he will have revenge!
- Back at the cabin, Chloe tells Lucas the new test reveals she is not pregnant. Kate calls and he fills her in. When the call is already over, Dr. Dan happens by and Kate pretends to keep talking about the possibility of Chloe being pregnant. Dan walks over and asks if Chloe is pregnant. No, says Kate, and she remarks he looks worried. He says it is due to concern over how she could carry the baby. Kate is now dismayed to hear Phil has already left, complains she has not been sleeping, and gets Dan to write her a prescription. She looks at his unclear signature and is mighty pleased when he points out they can read it at the pharmacy. Meanwhile, Lucas insists Chloe see a doctor about why she was feeling unwell. She needs to be well for that great new job Kate offered her. Chloe smiles. She will call Kate tomorrow and accept.
- Back inside the grand DiMera mansion, EJ thunders maybe there
is a reason Nicole was at the pier, Nicole cries he sounds like his father. EJ rages about the code the family lives by, that she did not live up to. Nicole moans that code would have made her send an innocent man to prison. Master Elvis explodes. "Phillip Kiriakis is
not an innocent man!" Nicole tries to soften him with talk of holding baby Sydney, but he coldly makes it clear that things are not going
to go away that easily. Not this time Ö

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"Until I tell you otherwise, stay away from my wife," Bo tells a baffled Roman.
"I donít have doubts," Sami informs Sister Teresa. "Having EJ
out of my life for good would be a blessing!"
"You think this is a good thing, don't you," Nicole tells Brady,
who nods. "Yup."
"One day," Stefano warns son EJ, "you will know who Nicole really is and you will be a broken man ..."

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Chez Sami, she is wearing the Cubs cap Rafe gave her. Lucas is there, probing who the baby really is. And he does not believe her adoption story! Sami looks at sleeping Grace. "She's my daughter,
not legally, but in my heart." She reminds Lucas she lost her baby. Lucas is doubtful, due to her past track record of lying. Smart Lucas knows she was pleased to be in witness protection cos she was pregnant with EJ's baby. He insists that is her baby! He adds he can understand if she wishes to hide her from EJ. Sami repeats her baby died. Lucas points out she cannot even look him in the eye when she says that! Lucas says he can help. She pretends she was devastated to lose her baby. Lucas asks if that was the right time to make such
a decision. Sami gets annoyed everyone questions her except Rafe. Lucas calls him her bodyguard and is not pleased he lectured Will earlier. Sami says Rafe is a great guy. Lucas realizes he must know everything and picks up the phone to do some fact checking against what Sami is claiming! Sami calls his bluff. Grace makes noise so Lucas picks her up and notes she does not resemble either Sami or
EJ. He now seems to believe her. They talk kids. Sami appreciates his friendship and offer of help. She says she will try to see the good in Chloe and feels that Lucas deserves to be happy. Lucas makes
her promise to call if she needs backup. They can discuss Will tomorrow. Exit Lucas. Sami smiles she and Grace seem to be home free. She later reads contentedly to Aly and Johnny.
- At the cabin, Chloe arrives home, alone and with a pregnancy kit, praying if she is preggers, the baby is Lucas'. Knock knock! Kate is
at the door. She plays nice so Chloe invites her in. Kate pretends to feel badly about spoiling the fun in Vegas. Chloe understands she loves Lucas. Kate is glad Lucas is not there. She has a proposition and first hugs Chloe like a black widow spider. She then elaborates. Kate claims she wishes to make amends. "I am going to make you a star! Youíre going to be a meteoric rise to the top!" Kate silently gloats she will have an even more rapid descent once she is thru with her! She then clarifies. She will be the star of a hearth and home tv show - the hostess with the mostest. Chloe assumes she is joking.
"I am deadly serious," coos Kate. Chloe now explains she has a headache. Kate is about to leave but Chloe's  purse is knocked over and the pregnancy kit falls out! Kate flashes back to seeing her kiss Dan and exclaims she hopes she is not pregnant! She mentions
Dan's name. Chloe looks mortified. Kate covers by claiming she referred to Dan as he used to be her doctor. Chloe admits she was just feeling unwell and has to check. Kate perceives she does not want the cause of her fatigue to be the return of her illness, nor does she want a pregnancy. Chloe states she would love a baby, as would Lucas. Kate silently thinks that it would ruin her evil plan if Chloe were expecting. She continues to act concerned and announces she is not leaving until she knows the test results. When Lucas gets home. smiling mama Kate declares she is there to await the results of the pregnancy test Chloe is taking. Shocked Lucas points out it is a private matter. Kate pretends she is just worried something else
might be wrong. Lucas hopes not. Kate also worries she might not
be strong enough to have a baby. Chloe reappears. Kate impatiently asks what the test said. "Are you pregnant or not ...?"
- At the hospital, Stefano laments his loss. "My son, my Anthony. What have you done!" he accuses Phil, who replies he is sorry. Vic steps in. They are all sorry. Stefano accuses Phil. Phil insists it was an accident. EJ pulls the phoenix away to see his son. EJ then points out Phil is still to blame. Victor intervenes and walks away with his boy.
- In the hall, Hope wonders if Nicole has struck a deal with Phillip, hence her reluctance to talk. Brady walks over. "What the hell did you do?" Hope thinks that must mean Brady suspects Nicole. She deduces there is a reason Nicole will not cooperate. Nicole explains
to Brady that Phil and Tony had a fight. Brady does not believe Phil would intentionally hurt anyone. Hope asks if it was an accident. Nicole hugs EJ, who insists Phillip killed his brother! Nicole asks about Tony. EJ replies he was unable to say anything. "But he left
me a message." Hope wants to know about the message. It was a note, says EJ, and, much to nosy Nicoleís dismay, he hands it to
her. It contains just one letter. B. They wonder what he was trying to tell brother Elvis. Nicole tries to stop him from guessing. Elvis now wants Phil arrested and charged with the murder of his brother. And he wants dahling to tell them what she saw!
- In Tony's room, the phoenix laments he would have given his life for him. He now realizes he was arrogant to toy with his own son, to teach him a lesson. Truth of the matter is, his plan had been to teach him a lesson and then bring him back into the family business. He
sits down and caresses his lost son, heart broken that he will never hear his laughter or hear him call him father again. Stefano will now have to live the rest of his life knowing his treatment of Tony led to this. "But if I will pay, so will the people who did this!" He breaks down and sobs after Tony.
- In the hospital corridor, Victor reminds Phil it was an accident, but Phil still feels guilty for leading to Tony's accident. He remembers how the last time he wanted to run away from something, he joined the Marines. However, that is no longer an option. Victor asks if he
is on good terms with Nicole, as what she tells Hope will determine whether he must spend the night in jail.
- Nicole finally tells Hope the two men had been fighting. It looked like Tony was leaving but the railing gave way and he fell. Hope asks if Phil was near him. No, says Nicole. Phil had nothing to do with it. Stefano comes up behind her. "Wrong answer, Nicole!" He then
turns his wrath on Phil. "You murdering son of a bitch!" Hope tries
to intervene. Stefano accuses the Salem police of planning to do nothing. He, however, knows what needs to be done! He warns Nicole he will never forget her lies and departs. Nicole stops EJ from going after him. EJ angrily watches Phil and Brady conferring. Nicole is nervous. She told the truth and now fears Stefano will never forgive her. EJ reassures dahling that fatha was simply lashing out.
He adds that he would never get mad at her for telling the truth. Tis only lies that kill.  He now excuses himself to check on fatha for a moment before they go home.
- Brady assures guilt ridden Phil it was an accident but what was Nicole doing there? Phil has no idea. Brady looks suspicious ...
- Vic asks Hope if there is any case against Phil. With Nicole's statement and Dr. Dan's assessment, it is not necessary to continue.
The matter will be closed, unless new info comes to light.
- Brady approaches Nicole and wonders if she was telling the whole truth. Hope also demands to know if there is more to the story, stares at Nicole, and implies her timing was strange. Hope walks away. Nicole says she does not like her and walks off to have a private word with Phil. Phil thanks her for telling the truth. She wants to set the record straight. She did not do this out of the kindness of her heart! Phil asks what she wants. Nicole cuts to the chase. He owes her to never even think to try and blackmail her or Brady again. Agreed. He admits he was wrong. Enter the phoenix. "What the hell are you doing talking to him?" Nicole pretends he was saying he was sorry. The phoenix gives her the evil eye and walks away after murmuring he cannot believe her.
- Back in Tonyís room, brother Elvis takes out the mysterious note and promises that someway, somehow, he will find out the truth. He will not stop until he discovers what Tony was trying to tell him ...!

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"It doesn't become you hanging out where you're not wanted,"
Lucas tells Kate.
Steph looks at Phil. "You don't have to be like them. You won't." "Maybe I already am," he replies.
"The project is over, Max. It's done, we're done, we have nothing," says Mel.
Stefano explodes at EJ and Nicole. "This is what I need. For that bi*ch to finally tell the truth!"

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


At the pub, Sami laments about Will being angry with her over
Grace. Enter Roman, who asks about the baby. Sami explains
Grace belongs to her, as she adopted her. Roman cannot believe
what he is hearing! Sami tells her tale about finding Grace, but supercop  Roman is not so easily fooled. Now he wants the truth. Caroline watches from a distance. Roman also questions Sami's judgment. Adoptomom Sami gets hot under the collar. Caroline approaches and sides with her granddaughter. She feels a kinship
with Sami, having adopted herself, and believes that the more, the merrier! Roman is concerned about Sami being a single mother.
Sami insists she knows what she is doing, but gets uncomfortable when Roman brings up Will. Roman does the math and deduces
that it must have gone over like a lead balloon. Caroline talks family and Roman finally accepts the new addition. Sami is elated. They
hug on it.
- Outside the pub, Rafe catches up with Will and tries to talk some sense into the lad. Will is not impressed. Rafe states that Sami just adopted Grace, as she feared she might never see her kids again. Teenage Will feels sorry for himself. Rafe repeats in many ways that Will should go easy on his mom. He eventually agrees to give the whole scenario six months, though he doubts Sami will be able to
play adoptmom any longer than that ...
- Sami later meets up with Rafe outside and gives him an update.
So far, so good. Roman believed her tale. When Will walks up, Rafe makes himself scarce. Will agrees to give the whole things a try. Exit Will. Sami is pleasantly surprised and cannot help but wonder what changed his mind. Rafe gets a knowing look in his eye.
- At the hospital, Hope attempts to get answers from Nicole in the corridor. Phillip wants her to tell what really happened, but Nicole would rather be left alone. Phil does not want her to put a DiMera spin on her story. Bo advises him to let up. The phoenix wants
Nicole to tell what rrrrreally happened, still convinced that Phillip is guilty of trying to murrrrrder his son. Bo is not impressed and butts heads with the phoenix. Victor sweeps in and advises the prodigal
son not to say anything more. Bo seems to believe Phil's story - that
Tony took a fall. Stefano pressures Nicole to say that Phillip purposely pushed Anthony. If she is a true DiMera, then that is what she must say! Lexie disagrees with her father's methods. Nicole exclaims she wants to be left alone and storms off. Victor is of the opinion that Phil was just going the extra mile to get the blueprints back after he fired him. He is sorry that it came to this. Son Phil understands. Vic makes it clear that he has his back. Stefano rages some more and then goes off to find out about Tony. Lexie suggests Nicole just ignore Stefano. Nicole asks about Tony. Dr. Lexie admits his chances are slim. He is, however, trying to write EJ a message ...
- In Tony's room, the dying DiMera tries to write the truth to EJ - that Nicole never gave birth to any child of his! When the pencil breaks, brother Elvis must fetch another. Tony, still bedridden,
gloats that little brother has no idea what is to come!  EJ has news that Anna will soon arrive. He does not want Tony to exert himself over the note. Enter Lexie and Nicole. Doctor Lexie wants EJ and Nicole to leave the agitated Salem patient alone. They do. Tony continues to struggle with his attempt at a note. Outside his room,
EJ tells dahling he is having difficulty writing. He then returns to see how he is. Hope corners Nicole and asks for a statement once and
for all. Bo gets Hope away from Nicole, who is more preoccupied with what Tony might write! Nicole soon lets Hope know she has nothing to say until she knows how Tony is.
- Vic informs Phil he will make sure he is not charged with a felony. Stefano makes it clear that Phillip needs to be worried about much more than that! The Great Kiriakis  advises the phoenix not to utter threats, but Stefano points out the gloves are now off! They talk like mobsters.
- Back in Tony's room, the Salem patient is alone with EJ, trying to write again. He manages to write a bit ... All of a sudden, his arm
falls and the machines make noise. The medical team rush in and try to revive the Salem patient. Too late. Count Anthony DiMera has died of a heart attack. A family grieves, Nicole appears relieved, and Stefano is ready for blood ..!

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"I am going to make you a star!" Kate tells confused Chloe.
"That baby is yours and EJ's!" Lucas accuses Sami.
"Now that he's dead, I'm going to have to deal with that for the rest of my life," Phil laments to Vic.
"Phillip Kiriakis killed my brother," EJ seethes. "That's not true," Brady insists. "Nicole, tell Hope that it was an accident!"

Monday, March 30, 2009


At the church, Grace Raphaela Brady is hastily christened by Father Matt. Rafe is overwhelmed. "You named her after me?" Sami smiles. Father Matt gives his blessings and leaves. Sami says her name. "Grace Raphaela." Time to show her to the world. Sami suddenly nervously gasps she will be out there by herself. "I've got your
back," assures the Rafester. As he lights candles, Sami tells Grace how great her new godfather is. He sits down and laments he is no longer with the FBI and has no job. She is certain all will soon be well. Sami goes into the other room to gather her things. When she returns, she overhears Rafe cutely calling Grace Princess Grace, Amazing Grace, etc ...
- In the hospital corridor, Stefano implores Dr. Dan not to let his
son die. Dan insists he is trying. The phoenix loses his temper. They would need a trustworthy doctor, not the godson of a Kiriakis, for it was Philip Kiriakis who tried to kill his son! Furthermore,he wants to see Anthony now! Dan patiently promises he will try to get him in when possible. Does he have another doc in mind? Yes, Alexandra. Fine. But until Lexie arrives, it is his case and he will continue doing what can be done. He advises Stefano to call the family and prepare for the inevitable, as Tony is critical. Stefano is increasingly upset
and out of breath, awaiting Alexandra. He wishes to find a nurse
who can take him to Anthony. He regrets ever saying he wanted Tony dead. EJ reminds him Tony betrayed him and thus made him upset. The phoenix sheds a tear. He regrets telling him he was no longer part of his life. He needs to see him! Nervous Lexie arrives and they bring her up to speed. Stefano accuses Phillip Kiriakis of trying to kill her brother! He wants Alexandra to take charge. Lexie agrees to assist, but feels Daniel should remain in charge. And where is Anna? No one has been able to reach her. Stefano vows to make the person who made this happen pay dearly, and stares across the hall at Phil, who is still conferring with Bo.
- Meanwhile, Phil informs Bo it was witness Nicole who called 911. She will have to back up his story. Bo makes a call on his cell and summons someone to ICU for Phillip. "He's gonna need your help." He then tells Phil that he cannot work his case, due to their direct connection, so Hope is on her way. Bo notes he looks tense. Phil complains he is acting like he does not believe him. Bo believes him alright, he would just like to know what he is withholding from him! Why did he meet Tony at the pier? Business, trade secrets, Phil
says evasively. Enter Hope, who asks what the fight was about. Confidential trade secrets, repeats Phil. Bo threatens to call Victor. Phil stops him and agrees to talk. He repeats his story to Hope about Tony falling. Nicole was a witness,"but she is liable to say anything."
- In Tonyís private room, Nicole stares at the Salem patient and
leers they are going to have a little chat, whether he likes it or not. She laments he almost told EJ that Sydney was not hers. However, he was unexpectedly hurt and did not have a chance. She comes close and warns that she will make certain he never says a word that might ruin what she has with EJ! Eerie music is heard. Nicole makes a tacky comment about his being in pain from the surgery. His heart rate increases. She laughs she saved his life, so he now owes her and he will repay her by keeping his mouth shut. "Agreed? For God's
sake Tony, say something!" Enter a nurse, who explains the patient
is unable to speak. And she cannot be there! Nicole has a question anyway. If he recovers, will he be able to speak again? Yes. Nicole sighs in dismay and gets ushered out of the room. Once the nurse is gone, Nicole returns. She warns that he had better play nice or he might run into a few problems! His heart rate increases. Enter Dan, who wants to know why Nicole is there. Tony, it seems, has taken a sudden turn for the worse. Dan tells Nicole to leave. Tony code blues!
- Meanwhile, in the hall, Lexie asks Stefano not to make threats. EJ announces he was able to reach Anna. She is on her way. Lexie realizes personnel are rushing into Tony's room and races in after them. "Oh my God!"
- Lexie rushes into the room, where Dan is trying to jumpstart
Tony's heart. Nicole stands there and watches, despite the fact that Dan has twice ordered her out of the room. Lexie begs Tony to be strong. Dan tries again. "Charge to 300." A shock is heard! Nicole slips out of the room. "Come on, Tony," Dan encourages, starting
CPR ...
- Ashen-faced Nicole rejoins Stefano and EJ in the hall and admits she went to see Tony. How is he, they wonder. "I think he's dying," Nicole says quietly. Within minutes, Dr. Dan emerges, his face solemn. "How is my son?" asks the phoenix. When Dan explains Tony's heart stopped, the tormented patriarch covers his face with
his hands. They did succeed in getting his heart going again and now he is stable, finishes Dan. All breathe a sigh of relief. Nicole tells EJ she is sorry about his brother. EJ is torn, as things had been tense between them. Hope saunters over to Dan, who informs her Tony is unable to talk. In that case, she would like to ask him if the patient's injuries appear to be the result of an accidental fall - or a deliberate wound. Stefano lurks in the background, listening. The way Dan
sees it, he fell on something, but the question is, did he accidentally fall or was he pushed? Lexie approaches Stefano, to tell him Tony is resting and shook his head when she asked if he wanted to see him. Lexie returns to his room.
- At the pub, Sami enters with Rafe and Grace. She gasps she wants to be back there, and they go over her story of her adopting a teen's abandoned baby. Sami sits at a table with Grace as Rafe heads for
the counter to order food. Enter Will, who wonders whose baby that is. Sami asks what he has been up to and is none too pleased to hear he blew off papa Lucas to play basketball instead. Will scoffs about his dad being busy. Besides, they have nothing in common. Sami
asks him to go easy on the guy. Where is his cell phone? At home, says Will. She has been trying to call all morning, and introduces him to his new baby sister. He assumes she is joking. Sami tells him she adopted her. "Are you nuts?!" he cries. "This is so completely bogus. You have three kids already!" Sami tells her adoption story. Will accuses her of lying, as she earlier denied saying the name Grace when he overheard her on her cell phone. Rafe walks up, says her food is being prepared, and then walks out to make a phone call. Sami thinks she and Will need to talk. Will calls her on ignoring her other kids, then suddenly adopting. Sami asks why he is upset. He is confused but does not want to make her cry. Sami gets teary-eyed and says she is proud of him. Will explains when he was little and needed her, she was not always there. She is sorry and brings up the fact that poor Grace was abandoned. He scoffs he knows the feeling. Sami understands he is angry, yet they are a family. Will reluctantly agrees Grace is what is important, though he has had quite enough of Sami's tears. Furthermore, he will be spending the night at grandma Caroline's! Exit Will. Once he is outside the pub, Rafe follows him and says the shock of it all must seem odd. He does not blame him "But there is something you should know ..."
- Back in Tony's hospital room, the Salem patient is restless. Lexie hands him a pencil and paper to write whatever it is he wishes to communicate. Tony gasps and writes. Lexie reads. "EJ." She then leaves to bring Junior to his room. She approaches EJ and Nicole in the hall. "EJ, Tony would like to see you." Nicole looks terrified. EJ leaves. Nicole wants to go too but must answer Hope's questions about Tony! Can she corroborate Phil's account of Tony falling? Is that what really happened?
- EJ quietly enters the room with Lexie, who explains that Tony's upper torso has been anesthetized. It makes it hard for him to write. Lexie is paged away to see his latest test results. EJ pulls up a chair. Tony picks up the pencil and starts to write as curious EJ watches and waits, sensing it must be something important  ...

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"What do you mean, this is your baby?" says Roman. "I adopted her," Sami quips.
Rafe talks to Will, "The main reason that she adopted Grace was because of ..."
"Shut your damn mouth!" Bo growls at Phil. "You got to tell your story, now it's her turn to tell hers."
"Iím too upset to make a statement right now, alright, just leave me alone!" Nicole yells.
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