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Friday, March 27, 2009
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At the convent, Sami gets nostalgic. Rafe grins. Sami goes on.
Why, he learned how to change a diaper there. He has done so
much for her and she thanks him. The Rafester takes it all in stride. He gets a call about a job and walks out to take it. Sami cutely talks to Grace. Enter Sister Agnes. Sami is happy to meet her, as she
knew Rafe when he was a little guy all those years ago ...
Sami asks about his past. What was he like? She half shuts the door. Agnes replies he was shy, funny, a tad opinionated and stubborn, with a rebellious streak. What of his family? Sami worries something bad may have happened in his past. Agnes admits there was a tragedy. Sami wants to know the deets. Agnes will not oblige, but does say Rafe deserves someone who can respect and accept him for who he is. Enter Rafe, who notes the two gals must be talking about him! Agnes excuses herself after commenting Rafe was right about Sami! Once they are alone, Rafe admits the job did not pan out.
Sami is sorry. She has something on her mind and asks Rafe to
attend a christening for Grace. And will he be her godfather? She gasps she wants him to be there to protect her. He would be most
honored! The threesome then head for the church, where they meet and greet the priest, Father Matt, whom Sami assures that Rafe is all Grace needs. And so the ceremony gets underway ...
- At the hospital, Dan congratulates Chloe on the wedding again. They lock eyes before she goes to her appointment. He asks if she can forgive him for all the pain he caused her. She says there is nothing to forgive and they get closer. Lucas arrives. Dan do-right now congratulates Lucas, too. Chloe thought Lucas was with Will,
but Will is with his pals. Chloe waltzes off to her appointment. Dan pours himself a coffee. Lucas thanks him for talking sense into him. "If you hadn't done that, I don't think we'd be married right now." Dan considers. He feels Lucas is over-analyzing. It was what Chloe wanted. Lucas says a big wedding was what Kate wanted and laughs she showed up. Dan is uncomfortable. Lucas chuckles about their wedding night. Dan is paged away.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano calls Tony a self-serving fool. EJ
insists Tony has some sort of secret and is concerned it involves Nicole! Anthony and Nicole, wonders Stefano? No, exclaims EJ.
He is simply suspicious of Tony, who clearly wishes to humiliate
him. "Your brother has a very fragile ego," says the phoenix. He wants attention like a shunned child. EJ points out he will soon be
a powerful man with the alternative fuels project. Stefano explodes
he is simply a traitorous son of a bi*ch! "The ingrrrrrratitude! The selfishness!" He shouts he gave Tony everything he needed and this is the thanks he gets? “He is going to pay! He is going to pay dearly!” Elvis advises the raging phoenix to step back, since he is the one
who created this monster. He also wants Stefano to also show some compassion for his brother, but the phoenix sees only betrayal!
- At the pier, Phil punches Tony, who leers he is still not getting a thing. Phil goes nuts and tackles him again as Nicole watches from
the sidelines. Tony calls him a loser. Phil laughs madly. Tony says
he is no more than a shame to the Kiriakis name. Phil tries to attack. Ninja Tony now shoves back. Phil staggers and cuts his hand on
some broken glass left on a crate. His hand is bloodied. He calls
Tony a bastard. Tony laughs that he is a clod and starts to walk up
the stairs. Phil calls him a black sheep, a washed up has been, sabotaging his own flesh and blood. Tony pauses, then turns around and starts to walk down. All of a sudden, he trips on a stair and falls on his back, pierced by a sharp object. He gasps as blood trickles
out of his mouth. Phil rushes to his side. He is bleeding. Nicole now
emerges. Phil tells her to call 911. Nicole pauses and remembers Tony's threat to her. Phil shouts at her to call 911. Nicole stands transfixed and stares wild-eyed, making no move to call emergency. Phil tells Tony to hang in there. He yells again that if Nicole does
not call 911, Tony will die!Nicole reluctantly pulls out her cell phone.
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ gets a call from Nicole, who informs him that Tony has taken a fall. EJ in turn tells Stefano.
- Back at the pier, the ambulance comes for Tony. Nicole admits to Phil she did indeed see what happened but does not respond when
he points out it was an accident and takes off.
- At the pub, Commissioner Bo gets off the phone with Lopez.
Enter Hope, who did not hear him leave in the morning. He had things to take care of, but Hope perceives he is avoiding her. He was only humoring her when he said he would trust her before. Now she needs the truth. He admits there were more visions. She senses he
saw who the mystery man was at long last and why does he not tell her! Bo changes the subject and apologizes for bailing on their date. He has other things on his mind as well and tells her about Chelsea and Steph sharing an apartment. Hope points out that she will be spending time with Max regardless of where she is. Bo sighs. Hope wonders what happened to the guy in the leather jacket. "He grew up!" Hope sees he is preoccupied and deduces he really did see the mystery man in his latest vision. Bo, however, does not wish to discuss his suppressed thoughts. He will make up for their date tonight. Hope now receives a call and must head for the station ...
Chloe and Lucas are later at the pub having lunch. Chloe laments
to Lucas that her latest doc has retired. Lucas suggests she ask Dan for help. Chloe feels unwell when she looks at her burger. Lucas receives an exasperating biz call and must leave to take care of a problem. Chloe then has a look at her birth control pills and is horrified to discover she seems to have forgotten a day!
- At the hospital, Nicole, EJ, and Stefano gather. There was a fight, Nicole explains, Stefano asks with whom. Phil saunters up and
admits the brawl was with him. EJ would like to know what sparked the altercation. Phil thinks they know exactly what the cause was! Stefano warns that he better not have done anything to his son. Things now explode in the hall! Bo intervenes. When he quietly asks Phil what happened and finds out he fought with Tony, he laments about always having to cover his a*s. No more. Phil insists he has done nothing wrong.  Doctor Dan emerges, announcing he bears
bad news. They tried to stop the bleeding and yet ... "It doesn't look good." The DiMeras are audibly angry. Bo asks Phil is there was a
witness. Yes, he replies - Nicole.
Meanwhile, Nicole has slipped into Tony's room and his eyes fly
wide open!

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Sami has news for a surprised Will. "I want to introduce you to
your new sister!"
Bo stares down Phil. "You’re keeping something from me. Want to tell me what it is?"
"The person who made it happen is going to pay dearly!" Stefano ominously informs Lexie.
Nicole whispers to Tony "I'm gonna  make sure that you will
never say a word!"

Thursday, March 26, 2009


At the house of Kiriakis, Phil sarcastically congratulates Brady for becoming new CEO of Titan. Brady looks perplexed. Phil tells him that Vic fired him and thinks he can get the blueprints himself. Phil quietly rages he himself will obtain them and he will do whatever he has to! Brady feels family should work together. He laments the blueprints could not be stolen from Tony. Phil becomes suspicious. Why did he try to steal them? Brady claims everybody wants them,
so they should work together. Phil refuses to work with anyone.
And that includes Vic! He walks out and places a call on his cell, instructing someone “Do it now.”
- At the pub, Sami is glad to see Rafe, who gives her the brush off. Sami tells him she has decided to pick up Grace today. "Fine," says Rafe. She asks what he is doing. Rafe thinks what he says means
little to her anyway and excuses himself to make a phone call. Enter Abe in an elegant coat. Abe and Sami hug and reconnect. Abe is
sorry he could not get Rafe a position at the Salem P.D., but the
dude sure thinks a great deal of her, given what he gave up to stay
in town. He was offered a plum position on the New York based terrorism task force. Abe's cell rings so he steps away to take the
call. Rafe also departs. Sami follows him outside and smiles they are not so different after all. "Where do you come up with this stuff?"
he wonders. She says she knows about him turning down the NY
job. She feels it was to stay and help her. Rafe says she drives him crazy. Sami is sorry. She understands he cares, doesn't he? She
cares, too. Rafe grabs her and they start to kiss and kiss and kiss
and kiss! Rafe breathes that nonetheless, they are completely different and she needs to stop her off the wall stuff. She states she goes by her feelings. He teases that he goes by logic. They sit on a bench and gaze at each other, then continue to kiss. Sami now changes the subject to Grace, Rafe points out the DiMeras will be watching her like a hawk. She announces it is time to get Grace.
"I'm goin with you," declares the Rafester and the happy couple
stroll away ...
- At DiMera mansion, EJ asks new butler where Nicole went. He
has no idea where she rushed out to. Upstairs, Stefano is surprised
to find Tony packing. He is moving out1 Tony quips he has made EJ
the heir apparent. The phoenix claims they are equal in his eyes.
Tony walks out of the room. Stefano gets mad, tosses the suitcase, stating he will not allow it, and appears to have a slight heart pain. Tony saunters down to the living room, and tells EJ he is just the
man he wanted to see! He is moving out. EJ brings up his wedding. Tony refers to him and Nicole as the first family of the DiMera clan and starts to laugh that of course things can change. EJ wonders
what is going on. Tony purrs that something is definitely going on
and it is high time he knew about it! He is about to tell when Stefano storms in and forbids him to leave the family. He will cut him out without a penny! Tony leers he has his own interests, including the alternative fuels project! Stefano forbids that too! Tony declares that things have changed, not to mention that they will also be changing for EJ! EJ coolly informs him that he and Stefano will never allow
the project to happen. Tony will not back down. The phoenix calls him his son and explains family should stick together. Tony will not listen. "Then you are dead to me!" Stefano concludes and walks out. EJ asks Tony to tell him what he planned to. Tony warns he will be horrified! "You're blind, you always have been ..."  Tony’s cell rings with a text message. He must head to the harbor for a meeting, so it will wait. “But don’t worry. I’ll be back!” Grinning Tony takes his leave.
EJ later tells Stefano he senses there is more to this than meets the
eye ...
- In Mia's bad old neighborhood, Nicole approaches her with harsh words for telling Tony that the baby was not hers. Mia felt bad and she had no plan. She just wanted to see Sydney. She does not think Tony would say anything to hurt a baby. Nicole clarifies what kind
of devil Tony is! Nicole asks what she said. Naive Mia tells all and asks what will happen if he repeats the sensitive info. Then Nicole would be thrown out! And there is no telling when Tony will strike! They plan a lie together. When Tony drops his bomb, Nicole will
call Mia, who will race on over and deny she said that Sydney was her baby. Nicole is still not convinced EJ will let go of something so suspicious. She gets teary-eyed, braces herself, and calls EJ. EJ's news is only that Tony and Anna are leaving today, after he makes
his announcement to the family - which he claims will shock EJ.
Tony is presently down at the harbor. Nicole pretends the reception
is bad, ends the call, and storms off to stop that DiMera!
- At the pier, Chloe and Lucas stroll along and kiss. Chloe brings up the fact that Kate is clearly not pleased they eloped. She feels her anger. Lucas disagrees, he is sure Kate is fine with them. Chloe is on her way to the hospital, to be checked out. She thinks she has stress. Lucas insists on accompanying her.
- At the hospital, Kate arrives to see Dr. Dan and is sorry for acting
so awful. She states that lovebirds Lucas and Chloe were glowing after the elopement. Dan looks away. Kate grins and tells him he always does the right thing. She now changes the subject to the
drug he saved her with. Leukocystine and it is toxic. Kate appears
to memorize the name. Exit Dan. Kate now sees a nurse she knows and talks about the drug Dan saved her with. It is not even picked up on regular blood tests. The nurse glances at the shelf where some is now kept and says it is deadly ... Chloe and Lucas soon appear, all smiles, until Lucas laments that Victor fired Phil. Chloe is then off to her appointment and bumps into Dan, who puts on a brave face and offers his congratulations. She thanks him for encouraging Lucas and says she is happy, though her eyes betray her emotions. Is anything wrong? No, just there for a check up. She claims she is happy with the new family. Dan advises her not to overdo things, given her medical history. Chloe thinks she will be fine ...
- At the convent, happy Sami and Rafe arrive and Sami picks up Grace, ready to take her precious girl home.
- Back at the house of Kiriakis, just when Brady berates Victor for firing Phil, raging Kate waltzes in, with the very same thought. How could he do such a thing! She despises Vic for what she has done to her son and now Vic is out of her life! Exit Kate. Brady warns Vic that Phil is out there, about to do something destructive ...
- Down at the pier, Tony is confronted by Phil, who sent him the bogus text message. Tony is mad and will not change his mind about doing business with him no matter how hard he begs. Phil gets a crazed look in his eye. He is not begging. "In fact, I'm not even asking!" Tony starts to walk away when Phil suddenly lunges and grabs him! Meanwhile, Nicole is hiding and watches the scene unfold with shock and awe ...!

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"I wondered if I could ask you about his past. I'd like to know
more about Rafe," says Sami
"If he thinks that he can stab his father in the back, it will not
happen. I will not allow it!" bellows Stefano to EJ.
Tony trips down a stair and falls on his back, pierced by a sharp object. He gasps as blood trickles out of his mouth.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


At the pier, Brady meets nervous Nicole, who laments everything
is wrong! Brady asks what she means. Nicole says he taunted her,
he knows, she has never been so scared. He asks her to start at the beginning. She tells the tale of HIM waiting for her girl to be baptized until he confronted her. He ruined everything! Brady still does not understand. "My secret," she whispers. "It's out. Someone knows
that I'm not Sydney's biological mother." But who? Tony DiMera! Brady looks stunned. How did he find out? Nicole calls Mia a traitor. She is back and visited the DiMera mansion. Brady wonders what possessed her to do that. Nicole continues. She pretended Mia was mental, but Tony did not believe her. Now she knows he will tell EJ and her life will be over. "You knew the risks," Brady points out. Nicole gets mad. Brady requires more info. Does Tony have it in for her? No, though now he wants revenge on EJ and papa Stefano for pushing him out of the family biz. Wild-eyed Nicole suddenly gets
an idea. They can work together! A doubtful expression comes over Brady's face. They sit and she talks blueprints, which they should steal. They can break into Tony's bedroom and use it as ransom for his silence. Brady does not approve. Nicole tries to make him feel guilty. Can he please steal the plans for her? Can he be her star? If they do it, says Brady, she will be the one to go in. "If we do this,
we do it my way." She agrees to let him call the shots.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Phil arrives. "You're late!" barks Vic. He demands to know the status of the fuels project. Phil admits Tony now has the only copy. Victor pours himself a drink and gets sarcastic, then adding "How in the hell could you let it happen!" Phil complains about the sneaky little b*tch and adds he screwed up, but he will get it back. He wants another chance. The Greek tycoon informs him he already had his chance. "You blew it. You're fired!" He orders him to pack his things and be out before sundown. Phil begs him to reconsider. Vic stands firm. Why, he has shamed the family! And now that jackal Tony DiMera has their fuels plan! Phil becomes bitter. Will he give his job to Brady, the new golden boy?
No way could he handle his job. Phil repeats he wants another
chance and insists Vic needs his help. Victor is not impressed with
his insolence. He built the empire on his own and he will run it the way he sees fit! Phil states he is not to blame for Titan's downward spiral. It is surely not his fault the DiMeras play dirty. Vic feels he is not man enough to face the consequences of his own actions and decides to cut him out. Phil is crushed. But he will prove to him that he can defeat the DiMeras! The Greek tycoon dismisses him. "Goodnight, Philip." The prodigal son storms off.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Chelsea makes calls on her cell, looking for
an apartment. Enter Steph. Chelsea complains they are out of her price range. Steph says she can stay with her as long as she needs.
No thanks. And she does not want to go back to Bo and Hope's
place as they appear to be having problems. Snappy Step has an
idea. They should get their own apartment together. After all, they roomed together at the sorority! Chelsea has doubts, due to her boyfriend Phil. Max and Phil do not get along. Ex-flame Max does not approve of Phil for Steph. But Steph is of the opinion that they can tell them not to be like "stupid little boys" if they have a problem. She insists. Chelsea reconsiders. Hello, roommate! Steph now has to go.
- Back at the pub, Bo cannot get the vision of Hope with Roman out of his head. Hope returns and notes he is not in a good way. She implores him to control the visions. Bo blinks back to reality. He will try and is looking forward to their romantic date night. He pretends
he is more preoccupied with a meeting tomorrow, which is about improving the department's image in the community. He does miss detective work. Hope thinks he needs a distraction and gives him a kiss. Also, she thinks the visions are his way of subconsciously punishing himself. He simply must believe in her love. "I do," says
he as they embrace. Hope later departs to deliver some food to Ciara. She will be back soon. Bo's phone rings. Chelsea would like to meet him for a chat at the Cheatin Heart.
- Bo joins daughter Chelsea at the Cheatin Heart. She would like to know what is troubling him. He changes the subject to her. How are things? Classes are fine and she is still seeing Max. Bo says he is happy if she is. Chels calls Max a great guy. Bo states he misses her and promises not to be so over-protective if she moves back to the house. Chelsea replies she cannot. She will be getting an apartment and she already has a roommate. Steph. He approves. She quips he does cos it is not Max. And what will he do when she gets married one day? He promises he will accept it. When Chelsea starts to talk his relationship with Hope, Bo becomes uncomfortable and abruptly excuses himself.
- Meanwhile, Hope has returned to the pub, where she runs into Roman. He wonders if all is well. Hope tells him she thinks Bo needs help! He has been stressed lately. Roman says his job is not an easy one and besides, all those job cuts must make him feel bad. Hope thinks he is right and thanks him. They hug as Bo arrives and
watches thru the window! He anxiously enters, tells Hope he must cancel their date night, and heads for the office.
- At DiMera mansion, Tony admires his copy of the blueprints. He later addresses his reflection in the grand mirror. "Got the world on
a string, don't you old boy. Ah, the sweet smell of victory!" Brady now calls Tony. "We need to talk." Tony patiently explains he has already spoken to Phil and the answer is still no. Brady summons
him to the warehouse in 15 minutes. And he will make it worth his while! Nicole watches from behind. Tony agrees and takes his leave. Nicole creeps into his room, shuts the door, and starts to look
around. All of a sudden the doorknob starts to rattle ...
- At Titan, Phil glumly clears out his office as security honcho
Jimmy watches. Enter Steph. Jimmy gives them a moment. She is sorry he was fired. He insists it is not over, even though Victor also seems to have disowned him. Steph says it is his loss anyway. Phil vows he
will not give up! Steph is worried and feels for him, but he should walk away from everything. Phil coldly insists he will not. This is his life, his pride, and his future. He cannot stop until he fixes it!
- Down at the pier, Brady leaves Tony a message on his cell. He hopes he is on his way.
- Back at DiMera mansion, the butler's voice is heard. He will come back later with Mr. DiMera's dry cleaning. Nicole breathes a sigh of relief and continues searching. She crouches down to open a drawer but does not seem to have any luck.
- Nicole later meets Brady at the pier, where Tony was a no-show.
She complains she found nothing. All of a sudden her cell rings. Tis Tony. He taunts that she and Brady make quite the team. A pity
they could not work things out. "But maybe the truth will set you free," he dangerously purrs before hanging up. Nicole gasps he
cannot tell EJ and races off to stop him ...!

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"This is Tony we're talking about," Nicole warns Mia. "He could strike at any minute!"
"There is something definitely wrong and I think it's time you found out about it," Tony tells EJ.
Brady asks Phil what he is going to do. "Whatever I have to!"
"You do care, right?" Sami asks Rafe, who answers by grabbing her
in a great big kiss!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Impatient Phil reaches the Count on his cell. "Tony, we need to
talk." Busy Tony gives him the brush off. The prodigal son insists. Tony can give him 30 minutes on the pier, though what is done is done. He does not seem interested in any kind of deal!
- Dan arrives at Kiraikis mansion, looking for Kate. Brady informs
the now surprised doc she followed Lucas to Vegas! Brady has no idea how she found out about the elopement. Dan states he just dropped by to talk about something. Brady asks about the new woman he mentioned while jogging. Dan gets annoyed. He is no longer with her, he laments, and it is not getting any easier. Brady perceives he is not over her. Dan laments he has to be, as she is evidently over him. He blames himself for getting involved with her
in the first place. She has moved on. Brady says moving on is hard even for him, as Chloe his ex-wife is remarried. It is tough to get rid
of that possessiveness. He tells the story of her attempting to salvage their marriage cos he was an addict, but they were never right for
each other. He wishes he had been able to make her see she was
not to blame for his addiction. Sometimes the right thing is the wrong thing and vice versa. Dan considers. "That makes total sense." His recent woman was driven by guilt as well, and he did not succeed in making her see they would have had a shot together. Brady now
talks mistakes in biz and how Phil has been going ballistic. "He's way off his game right now." The prodigal son is trying to run things without co-CEO Brady. In addition, Vic thinks that Brady should be the one in charge. He feels a tad guilty about it. Dan replies savvy
Vic will do what is best for Titan. The two guys reassure each other all will be well in love and biz. Dan heads out.
- On the plane, Kate's seat is next to happy honeymooners Lucas
and Chloe. Kate thinks Chloe's rosy future is about to turn very bleak! When headsets are brought around, crazed Kate has a fantasy about strangling Chloe with one, but then blinks back to reality and sighs. The lovebirds continue to get cute and cozy. Kate explodes
that they should shut up. She stands up and yells Chloe has been cheating with Daniel. Lucas asks why. Kate berates her to tell the truth. Chloe tells Lucas she is in love with Dan. Lucas runs off. Kate faces off with Chloe and calls her a lying little sl*t. She then blinks back to reality, as that was a daydream too, and decides the truth is the only way to go. Then again, Vic was right. If she tells Lucas, he will never forgive her. And he has already fallen off the wagon once. Lucas slides over to talk to Kate and thanks her for being nice to Chloe. Kate says she needs to tell him something. He is an adult, so she has accepted his decision to live his life with Chloe. Lucas senses something is off. Kate denies it. He presses. She admits something is bothering her. She loves Chloe for saving her life. However, she cannot shake the feeling that she will break Lucas' heart. Lucas
sighs. Her timing is lousy and besides, loyal Chloe would never break his heart. Mama Kate brings up his poor track record with women. Chloe is not Sami, says Lucas, for she does not lie, cheat or manipulate. He asks Kate
to have a positive outlook. She sighs she will. Lucas tells her to trust him. Chloe glances over. "And trust me." Kate asks if she meant her wedding vows. Yes, says Chloe. Kate relents. She believes her, but one day Lucas will be as protective of his own offspring, too. They
all seem good now. Lucas kisses Chloe and excuses himself. Drinks are brought around. Kate daydreams of pouring a bloody mary over Chloe’s head and again blinks back to reality. Time to get serious.
She opens her computer and vows to destroy Chloe, under the radar. She starts to google, muttering she will keep her hands clean. "That could be good, that could work," she cackles as the unsuspecting lovebirds doze off ...
- At the pub, Commissioner Bo gives an interview. He admits he has taken stuff too personally all his career. The reporter asks what it is like to be his big brother's boss. Enter smiling Hope. He should ask her about Bo! Reporter Jake would like to know what it is like to work for her hubby. Hope says they try not to take their work home. Enter cheerful Roman. Jake the reporter eagerly takes him aside for
a few quotes for his piece about the new comissioner. Bo and Hope are now alone and Hope starts to tease him about his vision of her with the mystery man. Bo is not amused. Hope, however, feels they should not take it seriously, as it will never happen. She asks about
his last vision. Bo admits it was more intense. It seemed like she
really wanted to be with the mystery man. Hope tells him to ignore
the visions. Bo is exasperated. What can he do? She implores him to trust in their love. He does, kisses her hand, and promises to find a way to let it go. He now announces Hope should call a sitter, for an impromptu date night. They kiss. Meanwhile, Roman and Jake
admire the close couple. Roman believes they are solid as a rock.
- On the pier, Phil tries to be friendly with Tony, who gets sarcastic. He notes Phil appears tense. Phil implies he stole from him. Tony retorts he made a legit business deal. Phil points out the blueprints belong to him. "Well, you have your lawyers, I have mine," says the Count. Phil tries to talk morality. Tony insists he is independent of
the other DiMeras. In addition, he does not do business with spoon
fed youg men with a sense of entitlement. And he has the docs from Mel, which he got fair and square. He pokes fun at Phil. So what is
he going to do now, pray tell? Phil glares at him. He accuses Tony
of being like Stefano despite his claim that he is independent. Phil
canl offer him a great deal. Tony wonders if he too is trying to get
out of his father's shadow. Phil wonders if they have a deal. He
hands him the deets of the proposed deal. Tony is unimpressed. He thinks Brady will soon be in charge of Titan anyway.He advises Phil to learn from his mistakes. Phil gets mad. Tony starts to leave. Phil stops him and demands his plans back. "You're not going anywhere. Not until we have an agreement." And why is Tony doing this? Tony warns him as long as his father is alive, he will manipulate him and play him against the next heir. Phil scoffs. Tony calls himself a living example of what happens when one toils under the shadow of one's father. Furthermore, their situation might be the same, but Phil will certainly not be making his clean break from papa with his project!
- Back at the pub, Hope steps away for a moment. Roman tells his little bro he is glad to see him on track with his lady, and walks out. Bo now has an intense vision - the mystery man under the sheets
with his beloved Fancyface is Roman! No, it cannot be!
- Down at the pier, Brady runs into Phil with a message from Vic, who wishes to see him. Brady hopes he took his advice and did not confront Tony. Phil gets hot under the collar. Brady walks away
from the irate co-CEO. Phil tells himself he will not go down without a fight with that Tony DiMera!
Meanwhile, back at DiMera mansion, Tony elegantly toasts to Stefano's portrait. He knows a secret that could destroy EJ's world, and his delightful plan in motion will destroy the DiMeras! He toasts to the slaying of idols, to letting go of the past, "and to a world I look forward to, with a great future ..."

Next on Days of Our Lives
Phil angrily tells Vic "I spent almost my whole life preparing to take over the family business. It's in my blood." "Not anymore!" quips
the Greek tycoon.
"Ah the sweet smell of Victory," coos Tony.
"Everything that I have wanted is within reach and I will not let that bastard take it away from me!" Nicole snaps to Brady.
Roman asks Hope if everything is okay. "I think Bo needs help,"
says she.

Monday, March 23, 2009


At DiMera mansion, Tony exclaims to Nicole he can tell her secret right now! Nicole stops him. Tony elaborates. He will tell EJ she had no child at all! Nicole wonders why he hates her so much. He notes she is taking it personally. She moans he should get his revenge another way, without hurting Sydney. Tony asks how many cold showers poor EJ had to take, all for nothing. Nicole slaps him. Tony laughs he crossed the line with that one. He then heads for the
living room, to gleefully tell all ...
- In said living room, Sami does not answer EJ's question about
what she means by stating she is bringing her baby home. She
changes the subject. "Is Johnny upstairs?" Yes. asleep.  EJ presses. Sami says they can discuss what she said later. No they can talk
about it now. Enter Stefano. Talk about what? "Samantha, you're
not keeping any secrets anymore, are you?" Sami is uncomfortable. As Tony enters, EJ is complaining that according to Sami, someone called Grace is her baby. The phoenix points out she never sent them a birth announcement. Who is the father? Sami defiantly declares she has decided to adopt a baby. Nicole stares in disbelief. EJ thinks she
is out of her mind. She snaps that she is not part of the disgusting DiMeras and they should mind their own business. EJ continues.
How on earth did she find a baby to adopt while she was in witness protection! Nicole advises her to tell them, they will manage to find out eventually. Sami tells the tale of a girl who abandoned her baby, and she vowed to give her a home. EJ asks if her own children mean nothing to her. Sami scrunches up her face and slaps him, Jerry Springer style. "You are a pig!" Why should she give up her life, to cater to the new DiMera prince! EJ patiently points out she will have
2 toddlers and a teen and a new baby, and she will be on her own.
He is concerned for Johnny as well as Aly. Sami gasps and shouts
he only cares about himself. EJ asks if she has really thought this
thru. Adoptions have high standards. Sami cries and gasps she will handle it. EJ understands the girl abandoned her child, but what of
the father? He has rights as well. Nicole looks mortified. Sami gets mad now, that EJ cares more about a man he does not know than
her. He asks how she would feel if someone took a baby from her. She ought to go slowly and find a lawyer. In fact, she needs to take precautions and make sure she does not find herself in a situation where someone can take the baby from her. Overcome by his compassionate advice, Sami's eyes fill with tears and she tells him to stop. She shouts he called her at the safe house just to tell her he
was moving on and repeats he should stay out of this. If Johnny
asks for her, please call her. "Otherwise, we have nothing to say to each other!"  Exit Sami, her eyes flashing with rage. Tony remarks kids certainly stir things up.
Nicole and Tony are soon alone again. The Count pours himself a drink, chuckling that his bombshell could not yet be dropped because of Samantha Brady. Nicole can take it no longer He should tell EJ everything and then they will see who he believes! Enter Elvis. "Believes about what?" Tony covers. He had merely been joking Johnny was much more stunning than Sydney, so Nicole said they would wait and get his opinion on it. He apologizes for giving Nicole distress, dangerously purrs they do seem to have it all, and closes the doors behind himself. EJ tells Nicole he will take Syd for a walk and let her stay home and relax. They kiss and she thanks him. When he leaves, she breaks down and sobs. What is she going to do? Nicole has a good stiff drink and then makes a call on her cell ...
- At the pub, Rafe leaves an irate message for Sami. Brady turns around at the bar. Was he talking about Sami Brady? "Who the hell are you?" says Rafe. Brady looks at him.They introduce themselves, having now just met. Rafe says Sami could use someone she could trust right now. Brady senses Rafe is worried. Sami must still be in trouble. Rafe states guys in his line of work always think something bad will happen. And Sami does have quite the history. He certainly understands why she is so ... tough. Rafe asks about the DiMeras. Brady knows them. He likes a few of them, but not Stefano, and
he's not keen on EJ's sense of entitlement. Brady now alludes to the fact that Sami is out of witness protection, but Rafe is clearly
worried about something. He realizes Rafe is staying in town to protect Sami.
- At the hospital, Dr. Dan calls Kate, who is at the office of the
justice of the peace. He has good news. Her last test results are
even better than before. Kate is rude. Dan wonders why. "Lucas
and Chloe just eloped. They went to Las Vegas." Devastated Dan
excuses himself. Kate taunts perhaps he can kiss the bride at the reception.
- After her call with Dan, Kate flashes back to him making out with Chloe. "And we all know how much you like to kiss the bride, you seedy bastard!" Enter Lucas and Chloe, surprised to see Kate in Vegas. She announces she is there for the wedding. Lucas is miffed
he was followed. Kate heard the news from Will. Lucas shouts it
was private. Chloe is sorry. Kate complains she was exiled. Chloe explains it is her fault, as Lucas agreed to the elopement to make her happy. Lucas gets rude. They are man and wife. "She won, deal
with it!" Kate appears to relent. Chloe is sorry again, as it was her idea. She freaked out and that is why she wished to elope. That worries Kate. She does not want Lucas and Chloe to repeat their histories. She adds that nervousness is certainly not the basis for a solid marriage. Therefore, they should annul the marriage. Lucas disagrees. Chloe intervenes. She does not want either one of them to say something they will regret. Lucas gets a call and walks out to the hall to take it. Once they are alone, Kate wants to talk. She tells Chloe she thinks
she knows that deep in her heart, this was a mistake. Chloe refuses
to hear of an annulment, will not change her decision, and departs. Kate considers. "Your decision just seals your fate!"
- Back at the hospital, Maggie approaches Dan with some files. Dan tells her she was right about everything. Maggie inquires what she
was right about. About him. He asks her to forgive. Chloe. He was
the one who pressured her. Chloe is trying to make amends and
needs Maggie's support. Maggie wonders if he will really bow out gracefully. Dan declares "Chloe and I are history." She and Lucas have eloped in Vegas. It is what Chloe wanted. Maggie decides to check for herself and places a call to Lucas, who confirms they did indeed elope. Maggie then returns to Dan. Is he really willing to let
her go? Yes, he replies, as it is what is best for Chloe. Maggie says she now hates him much less than she did a half hour ago and
walks away.
- Down at the pier, Chelsea and Theo meet Max. They are off to memorize lines. Theo is in a play. Theo yells he does not want to
do it! Max gives him a pep talk. He will play the role of the lion in
the play. The lion is the king of the jungle and therefore Theo will
be the king of the jungle. There is no need to be afraid. And he will get to roar! Max roars. He then asks Chelsea to roar. She does.
Now Theo roars and smiles.
- Back at the pub, gasping Sami storms in and Rafe asks where she has been. Something horrible has happened, she gasps, and hugs
him. Brady watches knowingly. She spies Brady and greets him, regaining her composure. Brady says they have to talk soon, gives them their privacy, and departs. Sami then tells Rafe they must get Grace now! Rafe is none too pleased that Sami seems to think the DiMera are a game. She does not listen to him, he laments, Sami snaps he does not have a say in her decision about her baby!
- Outside the pub, Brady gets a frantic call from Nicole, to meet her
at the pier in an hour. "I need you," she cries.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Max is with Chelsea, who is impressed that
he could talk well to Theo. The pair flirt, allude to the fact that they are boyfriend and girlfriend and seal the deal with  a kiss.
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ is ready to depart with Sydney when chipper Stefano walks in. He would love to join them for their walk. Elvis has some important phone calls to make. He intends to find out how Samantha managed to find a baby to adopt - and he will start with her former bodyguard. Enter Tony. EJ lets Stefano head out
with Syd, to show her off to the world.
- Meanwhile, at the pub, hurricane Sami exclaims she is sick of men telling her what to do. Rafe is disappointed that she no longer seems
to want him involved, tells her to have a nice life, and walks out.
Octomom Sami looks ready to cry ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
Tony tells Phil  "I'm really sorry we didn't come to some kind of understanding. I really am." "You're not going anywhere,” seethes Phil.
"You're still not over then, huh," Brady remarks to Dan, who
replies, "I have to be, because she is over me."
appears to tell Lucas, who is seated next to Chloe on a plane, "She has been cheating on you with Daniel, having sex with him!" “What!” says Lucas.
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