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Replay of Chloe standing very close to Daniel. Indeed she loves Lucas, although ... "I love you more." Their eyes lock. Daniel reminds her she begged him to walk away and leave her alone. Irritated, he points out
he did. He cannot do this anymore and he will stick by the promise he made her. Dan the man now groans in frustration. Chloe is saddened. She cries and asks him if he wants to move on. The tormented doctor wonders how you can move on when you love someone so much that they are all you think about, dream about, all you want. He recalls how when his wife Rebecca died, he never believed he would love this way again. "And then there you were!" Chloe laments she ended up hurting him and he agrees. He does not regret loving her, he is just pushing her away because he loves her that much. As a physician, he took an oath to do no harm, and when he loses a patient like last night, he always asks himself if he did everything he could have. Chloe assures him he did. Dan shrugs his shoulders. How does one know? He remembers
that when she broke it off with Lucas the last time, he nearly drank himself to death. If it happened again, he does not believe that Chloe could take it. Therefore, she needs to make it work with Lucas. He caresses her hand and says he has faith in her. Chloe's eyes are filled with tears. He reminds her that she made her promise to God. He cannot deal with her starting to think about him again because he could not resist the temptation! She admits she never stopped thinking about him. Does he ever think about her? He says she knows the answer to that and asks her not to say another word. Tears flow down Chloe's face as he puts on his jacket and suggests she be strong and go back to her family. Still torn, Daniel then walks away.
- Once more, Lucas accuses Kate of lying to him and snatches away
the small bottle of liquid vitamin. What is she hiding? Kate flashes back to her scrubs-clad flunky passing on the stuff, warning the pharmacist said it was very toxic.  She reveals they are not vitamins and gets them back from Lucas, explaining it is a mild medicine for a small problem that just came up. Lucas pries. Kate insists it is nothing. Furthermore,
it is embarrassing to discuss it with her son. He agrees to back off and admits he is running on two hours sleep so he is a wreck. Mama Kate
is sorry. Lucas cannot believe what happened to baby Grace. Kate agrees it is very sad. He wonders if anything will ever be fine again. Kate asks what is wrong. He makes her promise not to gloat, but he
had a fight with Chloe - about Sami. He kept a secret from Chloe about Grace and when she found out, she was furious. Kate does the math in her head. "Oh my God!" She knew Sami's story about adopting the baby made no sense. She now wrongly assumes Grace was Lucas and Sami's baby. Lucas snaps she is way off base! Kate realizes EJ was the father and Lucas asks her never to tell a soul. Kate thinks this never stops with that Sami! Lucas wants her to stop, for Sami lost a child. Kate proceeds to insult Sami and Lucas insists that she show some respect. Kate now claims Chloe is the lesser of two evils. She then corrects herself. Chloe is a lovely woman and in comparison to Sami she is decent with a good heart. Lucas shakes his head. "I can't believe what I'm hearing." Kate adds he should believe it, for she is rather looking forward to making things right with his charming wife. And
she is dead serious! Lucas appears pleased she is giving Chloe another chance, though he suspects it is hard for her to admit she was wrong. Kate claims there is NOTHING she wouldn't do for him ...
- Replay of Stefano holding baby Sydney and saying he could not bear to lose another child or grandchild, for his heart simply could not take
it. The phoenix hands her back to mommy. Nicole is pleased that Stefano is on her side, as she was meant to be Sydney's mother. He points out he is not keeping this secret for her benefit. He does feel terrible over deceiving his son, "but it has to be done." Nicole now worries that Elvis might go to prison and Sydney will not know her father. Stefano promises Elvis will be there for everything. She fears Owen will rat him out. Stefano assures her there is nothing to worry about. Ding dong! Nicole walks to the front door and opens it to
Victor, as the DiMera guard looks on. Vic cackles Nicole must be the new downstairs maid. Stefano walks up behind her. "Ah, we have company! What can I do for you Victor?" "I've come to offer an olive branch," quips the Greek tycoon. Stefano replies once he knows Elvis
is completely free, he might entertain the idea. Nicole is about to excuse herself when Victor says it would be a shame to see such a beautiful little girl caught in a war between families. Nicole glares at him. "Are you threatening my daughter?" Victor walks in and tells Nicole it is for the baby's sake that they must make peace, if for no other reason. Nicole stands aside. Stefano clears his throat. "You want peace?" He is open to suggestions. Victor is pleased to hear it, declares  he will later
be back with an offer, and exits. Nicole wonders if he was sincere.
Does he really want the war to end? The phoenix raises an eyebrow
and considers.
- Replay of Elvis accusing Sami of killing his baby. She attacks him and then cries as Rafe her rock consoles her. Elvis regains his composure, his face filled with rage. As Sami sobs, Rafe rushes to her defense. She did what she thought she must, to keep her baby safe. Elvis disagrees. He is the one person in the world who could have done anything to protect that child. Has he not been a good father to Johnny? Sami admits there were a lot of times she was about to tell him the truth and that was what she had in mind when she went to his wedding. Elvis thinks she only wished to stop his wedding to Nicole to punish him.
Yet now their baby is dead. "How are you going to live with yourself?" She does not know. Rafe calmly tells EJ he has let him scream and he even let him hit him because he is grieving for the loss of his daughter, but he will not let him savage the baby's mother in this manner. "Get out of my sight!" retorts Elvis. Rafe points out Sami simply did not
want her daughter raised by a murderer. Can EJ actually look him in
the eye and  tell him he did not put out a hit on Philip Kiriakis? Elvis does not say anything. Rafe takes a step forward. "You want to hit me again? Go ahead, it's not gonna bring Grace back."  Rafe is sorry but there is nothing anyone could have done. "Maybe," agrees Elvis, "but I could have told her that I loved her. And I could have said goodbye to her." He stares out the window, his eyes moist. Sami appears a tad remorseful. Rafe turns away. Sami tells EJ her heart is broken as well. Elvis states his only regret is loving her. Rafe points out perhaps they should honor Grace's memory by making an attempt to understand
each other. He proceeds to tell Elvis that Grace was a beautiful little
girl who taught him how to love better. He suggests he go home and be thankful for his children. Rafe then puts his arm around subdued Sami. The funeral director returns with information on the infant interment package. EJ waves him away so he hands it to Rafe. The director says he should call when they are ready and leaves again. Sami asks EJ if he would like to have a say in the arrangements. He glares at the pair and whispers it is a little late. "You killed her, you bury her."  Elvis leans against the wall. Sami hesitates and turns back before walking out with Rafe.
- Glum Chloe walks into the house of Kiriakis and puts down her handbag, only to be met by Lucas. He asks if she is okay. He is sorry and now says he should have told her about Grace. Can she find it in her heart to forgive him? Chloe sadly says she is sorry too and they
hug on it. Lucas thinks that old cliche is true. Secrets do have a way
of coming out. He will never keep another secret from her again. How about a fresh start? She forces a slight smile and agrees.
- At the hospital, Kate is about to approach Dr. Dan, but then spies
Will and asks him what he is doing there. The unhappy teen says he
did not wish to go home. Kate understands. She is very sorry about his sister. Will cries that when Sami first adopted Grace, he was jealous
and said some things he now wishes he could take back. Kate consoles him that his sister certainly knew he loved her. He sadly recalls how all one had to do was smile at her and she would smile right back. Why
did this have to happen? Grandma Kate gives him a hug and he sobs
on her shoulder. Later Kate does catch up with Daniel and asks if he has thought about it. Will he host her medical segment? He is flattered, but does not feel it works for him. He now excuses himself and leaves annoyed Kate standing alone. "But you have to do it," she sighs. And she will find a way to make it happen!
- Rafe takes Sami back to her place. She is very quiet and he reassures her that she did the right thing to protect Grace. EJ cannot hurt her now anyway - and he will certainly not let him hurt Sami. Sami sadly sits down and writes the insert for the funeral. She proceeds to read it to Rafe. "Grace Raphaela Brady received her angel wings on June 8,
2009. Her final days were spent with her family and friends who Grace had touched in some small way throughout her short but memorable
life ..."  She goes on to say her favorite story was Goodnight Moon.
She had a beautiful smile and loved to laugh and play with her siblings. Rafe listens and cries. "She will always remain in our hearts," Sami finishes, tears streaming down her face. Rafe tells her it is perfect.
Sami would like everyone to remember her the way that they do. She picked up her dress for the family pictures next week and holds it up. She cries as Rafe takes it and offers to bring it to the funeral home. When will she tell Will? Soon, though she does not know how she will make him understand. Rafe reassures her. Later, Will returns home as Sami is crying looking at baby pictures, Rafe beside her. Sami asks how his biology final was this morning. Fine. Sami announces she would like to speak to him about something so Rafe departs to take care of that errand they discussed.Sami is alone with her son. He wonders what is going on. She blurts out she is sorry she did not tell him sooner but she did not want to tell anybody. It is about Grace. She was not adopted. "Grace was my baby," Sami confesses to her shocked son. "I gave
birth to her."
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole holds Sydney and tells her she is very glad that grandpa is on their side. The secret is safe with him. No one else will be able to claim Sydney for their own. Sydney makes a cute noise and Nicole happily says she belongs to them - forever.
- Back at the funeral home, Elvis has an unusual request. An important one. The funeral director takes him to the morgue, pulls out the drawer containing Grace covered by a blanket, and departs. Elvis tries to stop himself from crying and sits down at his daughter's side. "Hello, Grace. It's me, your father. I'm so sorry.” He tells her he wishes he could have known her, held her hand, and he wishes she could have known her sister Sydney. He then pulls the blanket away. Believing he is looking down at his little child, he tells her to be at peace, that she will always be in his heart, after which he puts his head down and proceeds to sob uncontrollably ...

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"If you implicate EJ, Stefano will come at us with a vengeance,"
Phil warns Steph.
"So who's Grace's father, mom. Just say it!" Will snaps at Sami.
"We have a problem. A big problem!" Nicole nervously informs Stefano.
Arianna tells Rafe she does not think Sami is the problem, but he is!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Replay of Daniel asking Kate why she entered his sleeping room at
the hospital. She claims it was to offer her condolences for Grace but then realized he did not require her sympathy. She admits yes she does despise him, though at the same time, she admires the doc who saved her life and agreed to give up Chloe. That is the man she wants to
know again. She suggests they start over. Dan is rather doubtful. Kate now asks him a favor. She would like Daniel to be the doctor featured on her "Meet the Doctor" segment of the Hearth and Home show.
Dan is not sure, but politely promises to think about it. He excuses himself to prepare for a run or swim. Exit Kate, smugly holding the blank prescription form.
- Kate then heads outside, where she has arranged to meet a guy wearing scrubs who apparently is going to go her a favor, though he is no real doctor! She hands him the now forged prescription. He saunters off, then later returns with a small bag for her, warning her that the contents are TOXIC! Kate pays the flunky a huge wad of cash and orders him to leave town for a long time.
- Nicole is still at the hospital, telling Rafe how sorry she is about
Grace, as he openly wonders why she is so emotional, given her almost non-existent connection with the baby. Nicole pauses and then points out she is a mother. She feels for both Rafe and Sami. Rafe must step away to give the nurse his signature. Meanwhile, Nicole remembers Grace and is overcome. Rafe comes back and remarks she is very upset. Nicole cries she cannot get over the loss of that innocent baby. Rafe appears to be moved. Nicole says she herself knows only too
well what loss is and takes off. Rafe is informed by the nurse that he may now take Grace.
- Nicole heads home to DiMera mansion, where she cuddles baby Sydney and explains to her that she feels she has done the right thing. After all, God would not have wanted her to suffer thru losing her daughter a second time. She soon orders flowers for Grace. Enter Stefano, who again praises her for the baby switch, convinced she saved Sydney's life. Nicole hands over Syd to the phoenix and he
coos in Italian she is his princess. He becomes teary-eyed and admits
his heart could not take losing another child or grandchild, as he
already lost Anthony ...
- Back at Sami's place, she continues to blame Nicole for leading her
to hide the fact that she was pregnant with EJ's child. Elvis will have none of it and accuses Sami of playing God. She is sorry but ... He is not interested in hearing anymore nonsense about his family. "You should be sorry, for the rest of your life." It dawns on him that Sami was never going to tell him about her. "I'd still be in the dark ..."
Grace is dead and all because of her, it is too late for him to know his daughta. Sami frowns she was trying to be a good mother. Elvis rages that she deserves to be in hell instead of being a mother! He realizes
that she had intended to raise Grace with Rafe as the father and accuses them of laughing at him. He will never have the chance to know his daughter now and he will forever hate her for this! Sami cries as the embittered EJ departs, pausing in the hall to place a call to the hospital, informing them that he wishes to see his daughta.
- At Java Cafe, Lucas tries to make amends with Chloe. She, however, remains miffed that he chose not to confide in her about Grace being Sami's. Lucas thinks she is overreacting. Chloe, however, laments there is another person in their marriage! Lucas quips if that is the case, it is certainly not Sami. Chloe insists it is. Lucas states he is not having an affair with her. Chloe has heard quite enough and walks off upset,
much to Lucas' dismay.
- Chloe walks thru the woods, where she spies Dan's ID on the ground. Out comes the dripping doctor, who has just taken a swim in the lake. Their eyes lock. The doc senses something is bothering her. Confused Chloe complains about Lucas keeping secrets and wonders what it
really says about their marriage that neither is honest with the other.
She just came here in order to clear her head and is not sure what to make of the fact that she came across him. Dan drawls it might be a sign. She assumes he is being sarcastic. She feels like a fool. He points out Chloe seems quick to throw in the towel with hubby Lucas over something minor. Does she still love Lucas? Chloe replies she does,
but she loves Dan more!
- Back at Max's place, he serves Chelsea breakfast in bed. She would like an official answer to her question. Will he be returning to London with her? She has to leave tomorrow. Max chows down on the bed. Chels chows down, too. Chomping Max produces some papers. He
has been accepted to a medical school with a full scholarship. Chelsea considers. Perhaps it was selfish of her to ask him to move, but she misses and loves him. He loves her too and they kiss on it. Chelsea assumes their union will have to end. He, however, declares he is now happy and would like to go to London with her. "For good." They kiss on that, too.
- Kate now returns to the house of Kiriakis with her dangerous new acquisition. Lucas eyes it and asks what it is. Liquid vitamins, she lies. To make things right, though her health is fine. Lucas thinks mommy dearest is lying and snatches the small bottle away. "What are you hiding?"
- At a funeral home is Rafe, arranging for baby Grace's service. The funeral director walks off to get the catalogue. Enter EJ, who glares daggers at him. Elvis approaches, only to haul off and slug him! Rafe goes down. Enter Sami. "Oh my God!" Rafe slowly stands up, but
does not fight back. EJ accuses him of aiding and abetting. Gasping Sami stands at Rafe's side and tells EJ to cut it out. Enter the funeral director, who warns bio-mom, bio-dad, and adopto-dad to settle down. Rafe promises they will and asks him to give them a moment, so he does. Rafe states now is not the time or the place. EJ informs the pair that he is going to remedy the terrible injustice that was done. He criticizes Sami for leaving his daughter with nuns instead of her own father. Sami shouts she was trying to protect her from him. Elvis accuses her of treating Grace as an inconvenience back then, which
she would not have been to him (he does have a point). Sami goes berserk and attacks him. Elvis bellows "You killed my baby!" Rafe intervenes as Sami insists it is not her fault not and winds up crying in his arms. Elvis points accusingly at Rafe. "You ... you are complicit!"

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What a beautiful little girl. It would be a shame to see her caught in
a war between families.
Are you threatening my daughter?

"There is isn't anything that I wouldn't do for you," Kate purrs to Lucas.

"You killed her, you bury her," Elvis tells Sami and Rafe.
"You need to make it work with Lucas," Dan breathes to Chloe.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Chloe dreams she is in a romantic forest with Daniel. They know
they should not be together, but their basic instincts take over. Later, Chloe wakes up with a start. Lucas comes back to bed and apologizes
if he woke her. Was she having a bad dream? She states yes, she was having a dream. Lucas admits he is feeling badly as well. He has a secret he would like to get off his chest. And so he comes clean about Grace being Sami's baby - a secret he knew and kept for weeks.
Chloe becomes upset and leaves ...
- At DiMera mansion, replay of Stefano informing Nicole of their need to finish their conversation. She would rather not right now, but he
asks her to show some respect for what he has to say. He believes that Sydney would have perished had she not switched the babies. Nicole explains there is nothing she will not do to keep her family together.
He knows and prays she will succeed. However, she should also pray that neither Elvis nor Samantha ever find out what she has done! She wonders if he is threatening to expose her. No, says he. He repeats his belief that she saved baby Sydney. Furthermore, the truth about Nicole losing her baby would only have led Elvis to a custody battle with Samantha over their child. T'would seem the phoenix is somewhat impressed with Nicole's scheme! The good outweighs the bad in this case. He recalls how he had originally planned for EJ to break Sami's heart.  Nicole recalls how EJ ended up falling in love with her instead. Stefano now feels that Elvis can never find out the truth about the
baby switch ...
- Max is asleep in his bed, until he wakes to find Chelsea right there with him! He wonders if she is home to stay. She explains she has decided not to return to Salem. He hopes to change her mind about
that and starts to kiss her. Afterwards, Chelsea admits she is there to invite Max to go to England with her so they can have a great life together in London. Maxman happily accepts.
- Down at the pier, Arianna and Rafe sit together as she consoles him over his loss. Is there anything she can do? No, but he is worried about Sami. He gets defensive when Ari points out that Grace was adopted.
It is the same thing. He now announces he must go ...
- Outside the pub, testy Ari bumps into Brady, who makes a joke. When she brings up Sami, he assumes she has had yet another sami-esque crisis.
- At home with her kids, Sami reads them a story about a sick girl
called Katie who dies. She starts to cry. Will tries to help and continues reading the story. Sami tells the confused twins that baby Grace has
had to leave, like the girl in the story. "She's with the angels now." 
And she will forever be in their hearts. Will then arranges to meet Mia
at Java Cafe with the twins for breakfast. Sami smiles and encourages the excited twins to go with their big bro. Once he is gone, Sami continues to cry and even gives Rafe the brush off when he calls to check up on her. He understands her need to be alone. She cries
herself to sleep and soon dreams of Grace, only to wake up to emptiness. Knock knock! Tis concerned Elvis, who has come by to check on Johnny and mom. Sami lets him in and admits she is not certain whether the twins understood what she told them. Rafe was
also a great help and she did what she felt she had to, though in the
end, it meant nothing. EJ  is of the opinion that what she did was a
good thing and Grace could not have had a better mom. She expresses her regret that he did not really know sweet Grace. EJ replies that he wishes had known Johnny's sister better. Sami whispers she was more than that. She then drops a bomb on the baffled Brit. Grace was not simply her baby. "She was OURS!" Elvis blinks and assumes she is confused. Sami cries and persists. "Grace was our little girl." He thinks she is over stressed and losing her grip on reality. She insists she is telling the truth and advises him to stop and think about it!
- In the pub, Ari updates Brady on what has transpired. He feels for Sami. Arianna feels bad for her as well, though something seems off. She suspects there is more to the situation than meets the eye, what with Rafe insisting he is the only father the baby ever knew. It is unlike him to want to adopt before marrying the mother. "It's like those two are trying to cover something up," she concludes. Brady takes it all in.
- Meanwhile, at the hospital, Rafe solemnly speaks with a nurse about arrangements for the late Grace. He identifies himself as her father. Nurse, however, cannot find his name listed as the father in any of Grace's records. Rafe raises his voice. He IS Grace's father! Enter Nicole, who seconds the motion. Rafe turns around. The nurse
wonders who she is anyway. "Mrs. EJ DiMera," she says haughtily. The nurse suddenly becomes helpful. Rafe thanks Nicole, who states she had drooped by the hospital to retrieve her cell phone. She is ever so sorry about Grace. Rafe eyes her and wonders why she seems so emotionally involved. Why does Grace mean so much to her?
- Elsewhere in  the hospital, Dr. Daniel is catching some much needed sleep. Evil Kate slips into the room. The tired doc's prescription pad is beside him, so she silently tears off one of the pages and starts to leave. She recalls practicing his signature and is about to make her getaway when Daniel wakes up and asks why she is there! She wished to speak with him but decided not to disturb him. He doubts it. Just what is her agenda? Kate mysteriously retorts she already got what she came for...
- Back at Sami's place, she reminds Elvis they slept together 9 months before Grace was born. He ponders what she has just told him and becomes teary-eyed, gasping in disbelief. Did she lie to him?! Yes. She did what she felt she had to. Elvis is stunned. What would possess her to tell him such a lie? Sami counters that he is a DiMera and DiMeras were responsible for the mayor's death, Philip's attempted murder, not to mention all the times he has threatened to take Johnny away from her. She hisses she did not wish Grace to be part of such a disgusting family. She accuses him of becoming like his father. Elvis still wants to know why she did not tell him when she was pregnant, before all these things happened.  Sami adds she was about to tell him a while back,
but then the mayor was killed and Nicole was pregnant ... Elvis cuts
her off and bellows that this is not about Nicole as she is not the one who lied to him about the most important thing in his life. "SHE has
not betrayed me!" Master DiMera now rages, his eyes dark and accusing ...!

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I'm gonna go to London too.
How long?
For good.

Chloe complains to Lucas that there is always something coming between them. "There’s another person living in our marriage!"
Stefano tells Nicole "There but for the Grace of God, the cunning
Nicole DiMera."
Betrayed Elvis confronts crying Sami. "You don't deserve to be a mother. You deserve to be in hell!"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Replay of Will and Sami and Rafe crying over baby Grace at the hospital. Caroline tries to console the family. Will heads back in
the hallway, where he joins sad Mia. Caroline informs Sami that
she has summoned Father Matt. Sami is against the last rites being performed just yet, so Caroline goes back out to tell the priest her reaction. Back in the ICU, Rafe and Sami reminisce about Grace's
brief life. Rafe, sensing the end is near, discreetly sends for Father
Matt, who administers the last rites. Sami and Rafe keep vigil at the crib. Beep beep beep. Eventually the monitor sound slows and
slows. Then she is gone. Doctor. Dan switches it off and tells the devastated Sami and Rafe he is sorry. The two would like to be alone. Sami is heart broken and Rafe is there for her. Outside the room, Nicole, Chloe, Lucas, Roman, Caroline, Will, and Mia soon hear the bad news. They all remember and mourn in their own personal
way. Guilt ridden Nicole remembers her birth. Dan takes off for
the hospital chapel, clearly affected by the loss of his young patient. Chloe follows him and insists he is a good doctor. She believes they should accept that God wanted her. Dan is on the verge of tears. He advises her to go be with her husband. Exit Chloe.
- At DiMera mansion, Lexie disapproves of EJ having removed
Stefano from the hospital. Elvis assures her that the phoenix is being well looked after and states he did not wish to remain in that hospital
as it reminded him of the late Tony. Lexie cannot help but admire baby Sydney and EJ explains that Nicole is not home at the moment. Lexie already knows, as she spotted her at the hospital. It is indeed
a tragedy about Grace. EJ recalls how much Sami loves that little girl.
It appears they would need a miracle ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Brady's presence has been requested by
the Greek tycoon, who hopes his grandson will be able to forgive him. "Hell no!" exclaims Brady. Victor points out he was merely miffed as
he had involved the cops. Brady's concern was Stephanie, and he reiterates that Owen was a DiMera mole who went rogue. He
insists he was right. Vic throws him for a loop when he graciously announces he would like to thank him. He is impressed that Brady proved himself to be a true Kiriakis and would like him to come back
to the family. Vic is truly sorry for what he did. Brady considers and moments later, they shake on it.
- Mia and Will console each other in the park as the sun rises to a
new day in Salem.
- Sami is devastated at the apartment. She screams at Rafe it is all
her fault. She sobs and clutches him and is desperate to be with her
kids so that Johnny and Aly can hear the news from her. Meanwhile, Nicole has returned home to DiMera mansion and is holding Sydney.
EJ is sorry to hear that Grace passed during the night. Ding dong, Tis Rafe, there to fetch Johnny for Sami. Elvis is stubborn about delivering Johnny to Sami in person, until Nicole makes him see the light. He should do this for Sami, says she! Rafe is caught off guard by her unusual display of good will and thanks her for doing it for Grace. Nicole uncomfortably walks from the room.
- Rafe, Will, Mia, Johnny, and Aly later all arrive at Sami's place.
She regains her composure and has a big smile for her kids. Mia
excuses herself. The twins are lively. Rafe agrees to leave when
Sami points out she needs to be alone with her children right now.
- Rafe will make some arrangements he had already discussed with Sami ... Down at the pier, Arianna sees her distracted brother and wonders what is wrong. "Grace died," he gasps. She gives him a sympathetic hug.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Elvis must attend to a business call from Japan. Once alone, wistful Nicole finds herself approached by Stefano, who taps her decisively upon the shoulder. "I think we should finish
our little conversation ..."

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"No more secrets, really. Let's be honest with each other. Let's
start right now today," Lucas tells Chloe.
Arianna faces Brady. "It's like those two are trying to cover
something up."

And if EJ ever finds out that he has another child by Sami ...
It cannot happen ever!

I didn't tell you the truth.
What truth?

Monday, June 8, 2009


At the hospital, Dan is on the telephone, looking dismal about the
test results of baby Grace. He hangs up the phone and walks away.
- Outside the pub, Will wishes this were not happening to his mother. Caroline approaches and asks if he is coming in. She quickly realizes something is wrong. It concerns Grace, says Will. He updates her
and then says Dr. Jonas advised him to gather the family. Will feels guilty that at first he did not want Grace. Caroline assures him he is
a wonderful brother, puts on a brave face, and sadly says they
should go see his little sister.
Inside the pub, Lucas sits with Chloe and she realizes something is the matter. He says when he left the hospital, Sami was still awaiting diagnosis on Grace from the doctor. He has a bad feeling. He points
out that Sami would do anything for her baby. Chloe feels sorry for her for losing her own baby as well as her adopted one. She thinks it was amazing to see how Sami was with the adopted child she loved so much. Lucas does not believe she will be able to get through it if anything bad happens. When Chloe informs Lucas that Nicole is at the hospital as well, he voices his displeasure. Chloe later calls Nicole on
her cell and learns that Grace might not survive. Lucas insists they
make for the hospital ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Phil turns the lights back off so himself
and Steph can get some sleep. He shuts his eyes as Steph stares at
the ceiling, remembering.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano is on the telephone. "I know that he
is in police custody, that's what makes it a challenge." He pauses to
sip his brandy. If anything goes wrong and the gardener implicates
EJ, the phoenix will make sure that the man on the other end of the
call regrets it. Enter Elvis with baby Sydney. Stefano hastily hides
the now empty glass and stands up. He notes Syd looks more and
more like her mother every day! Elvis appreciates his baby and feels sorry for poor Samantha. He remembers Tony and consoles Stefano with a hug. The phoenix admits he thinks about him all the time. His attention returns to Sydney, whom he calls a beautiful baby. He then tells Elvis there is something he should know about her. Elvis asks
what it is, his face perplexed. Stefano flashes back to his earlier conversation with Nicole. He takes a deep breath. Stefano thinks perhaps Elvis is already a better father than he ever was. Elvis, however, would like to know what he was really going to say. Stefano appears to reconsider. He now says EJ should treasure
every moment that he has with his little girl and never take it for granted. Elvis assumes he is thinking of Tony. Stefano says tonight
he is thinking of Samantha, as no one should have to face what she
is currently facing. Elvis agrees. He keeps thinking what he would 
do if that were his baby ...
- At the chapel, Rafe points out to Sami that Grace has affected
many lives. She brought them together and almost all of Salem has fallen in love with her. Sami smiles she has indeed made miracles
come true. Now they just need one more miracle. Sami tries to be hopeful. Enter Dr. Dan, who suggests they come upstairs. "You
need to be with Grace." Sami has a feeling that Grace is fine and suspects she is getting better. Dan pauses. Rafe thinks she should
let the doctor talk . She does. Dan explains. They did not have the reaction to antibiotics they had hoped for and there is nothing else
they can do, as her system is too weak. He wishes he had better news. Rafe points out she is still hanging in there. Sami now rushes out with Rafe, insisting that Grace is fine. Dan glances at the cross and wonders why this is happening ...
- In ICU, the nurse who has just been told that Mia is Grace's mother, suggests she hold her and talk to her, as it will make all the difference
in the world. The nurse waits outside and Mia gingerly approaches.
She looks at baby Grace and cries. She asks Nicole why she said she was Grace's mother.Nicole states it is because the baby needs someone to hold her and they both know that Mia loves her. She sadly tells the teen to comfort her. Mia, not realizing she is looking up her own baby, takes Grace in her arms. Nicole is moved to tears as she observes the scene. "You remember me?" says Mia.  "I sure hope so." She adds
that maybe one day when Grace is older, she can play with her own baby. Nicole cries uncontrollably. Mia cries as well and continues to comfort the baby while Nicole looks
on. Mia sits and rocks with Grace in her arms. Nicole later tells her it
is time to go. Mia does not want to leave her. Nicole looks torn. Mia thinks the baby needs her mother. Where is she? Nicole suggests
they go find Sami. Mia laments she does not wish to put the baby down. She gives her a kiss on the head.
Sami and Rafe arrive and the nurse informs them that only the 
mother may enter. Sami impatiently retorts she is the baby's mother. The nurse explains her mother was already there. Rafe wonders who the hell said she was Grace's mother! The nurse is still doubtful until
Dr. Dan arrives and vouches for Sami as the legit mom. Sami sits
down with Grace in her arms. The nurse apologizes. Dan says they
will let security know. The nurse informs Dr. Dan she has checked
her reflexes, shakes her head, and walks out. Sami talks to Grace as Rafe crouches down beside them. She promises they will not leave
her again, they just went downstairs to say a prayer for her. She smiles and sniffles through her tears. Dan tries to tell her it is time to prepare for the worst. Sami will have no such talk and orders him
out of the room. Rafe follows the good doctor and asks if he thinks Grace is not going to make it. Dan is sorry. Rafe's heart is breaking.
He had planned to adopt the baby. Dan points out that to Grace, he already is her papa. He would like Rafe to help Sami face reality.
- Mia and Nicole are back in the hall and Mia does not understand
why she could not bring herself to let go of Grace. Then it dawns on her. Nicole looks worried. She presumes it must have been because
she did not hold her own baby when she was born. Nicole nods it makes sense. Mia cries that when she talks to Grace, she seems to know her voice. She laments there is a girl somewhere out there
who gave her up and now she does not know her baby is dying.
Nicole hugs and consoles her. She comes close to telling Mia the
truth, but stops herself and takes off, an emotional wreck. She
heads for the chapel and implores God to save Grace - and punish
her instead!
Mia now runs into Will, who updates her on having to find the
family. He is not sure how he can say goodbye to his baby sister.
Meanwhile, Dan expresses his frustration to Lexie that he is unable
to do more, and Chloe informs distressed Nicole that there is no
point in her staying at the hospital.
- Back at DiMera mansion, the phoenix is pacing the living room
alone, talking on his cell. "I do not like delays!" he growls . He does
not want the police or the Kiriakis clan to get what they want from HIM. When Elvis enters with a tray, Stefano pretends to be talking about his doctor's suggestions, which led him to get this personal
trainer, and ends the call. EJ places the tray on the table and Stefano grumbles about the cottage cheese and old toast. Elvis quips this trainer of his must be a versatile fellow, as he is not only going to get him in shape but also take out Owen! He knows fatha was talking to one of
his operatives to have Owen taken care of. Stefano states he will take care of business, and Elvis should take care of his family. Elvis wants
to know how he will take care of Owen. Stefano tells
him he need not worry and goes upstairs.
- Back at the hospital, Rafe returns to Sami and Grace and gently
tells Sami that the doc has advised them to be prepared. Sami
refuses to listen, her heart breaking. She lashes out at Rafe and
accuses him of not having enough faith. Downtrodden, Rafe exits. When he meets up with Sami's grandma Caroline and papa Roman,
he fills them in. Roman gingerly enters and Sami cries on his shoulder. She also wants Rafe. He overhears and dutifully returns
to her side. She now senses baby Grace will not survive. Enter Will.
He ends up holding his baby sister and Sami continues to cry ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
Stefano informs Nicole it is time to finish their little conversation!

I was hoping you could just forgive me.
Hell no!

Daniel ...
... put me with your husband.

Father Matt gives Grace her last rites.

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