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At the house of Kiriakis, Steph and Phil are still in bed together. Afterwards, she smugly tells him she likes the way things are now. However, she does not think it is over yet. Phil points out Owen is
in jail. Steph remarks war has not ended between their families.
Phil explains it has. Steph thinks they will not let it go that she is
free. He promises she will not be dragged into such things. It is not her fight. She insists she will be a Kiriakis so it is her fight. Phil
vows to protect her. Simple Steph now laments she does not know what she would do if something happened to him. He gives her a
kiss and tells her not to worry about anything except how much he loves her. Steph frowns and puts her head on his shoulder. Later as they sleep, she dreams of gasping and crying in the morgue and sits up with a start, gasping some more. Phil wakes up to find she is
gone. She returns with her robe on and he asks if she is okay. She looks at him strangely. He is surprised she is still awake, given the ordeal she went through. She retorts there is not much to do in a morgue except sleep. She admits she cannot stop thinking about Owen and everything he did. Phil tries to reassure her, but she is clearly upset.
- At the hospital, replay of Dr. Dan interrupting Sami from telling
EJ her secret. The doc bears bad news. Baby Grace has bacterial meningitis. Sami asks if they gave her antibiotics. Dan replies they have indeed. He looks very serious. Sami realizes he does not think she is going to make it. EJ places a reassuring hand on her shoulder
as the horror sets in! Straight shooter Dan says the truth is they are very concerned. Now all they can do is wait for the antibiotics to
take effect. Sami regrets not bringing her to the hospital sooner.
Elvis puts his arm around her and asks the doctor if he should look for Grace's birth parents. Sami starts to hyperventilate. The doctor asks if she is alright. Rafe now steps from the elevator and she is in his arms in an instant. He asks what happened. "Our baby!" she
sobs. Rafe feels terrible he was not there earlier. Dan points out to
the worried group that Grace is a fighter. Elvis wonders if it would
do any good to find her birth parents. Dan thinks they should wait and see how the antibiotics do. Sami nods weakly. Dan will go check on the baby now and promises to keep them posted. Rafe consoles Sami. Elvis reluctantly says he will leave them alone and adds Sami should  let him know if she needs anything. For example, it she
wants to look for the biological parents, his family has ways. Is she interested? Sami and Rafe exchange an uncomfortable glance. Sami gasps she wants a moment alone with EJ. Rafe obliges. Sami thanks him for his offer of help, but she now feels when she was talking
to him before, she was just grasping at straws. The doctor said the birth parents could not help anyway, and she thinks if they knew the baby was sick, it would make things worse. EJ gives her a reassuring hug and walks away as Rafe watches. Sami returns to Rafe and sits beside him, admitting she almost told him. "I know you did," says he. Sami is hopeful that Dan is just telling them the worst case scenario because he is a doctor. She recalls he said Grace was a fighter. She knows she will be okay. Meanwhile, Dr. Dan stands sadly over Grace's crib and stares at the small baby.
- Replay of Stefano in the chapel, telling Nicole he knows! Sami's
real baby is with her! Nicole looks shocked. She calls him delusional, but he reminds her he warned her more than once that she could not keep secrets from him, especially in his own home. Nicole pretends he needs his insulin checked. He advises her not to be clever or cute. "The game is over. I know everything and I do mean everything!" She tries to play innocent, though he insists he knows about the convent, the clinic, Dr. Baker, Mia's baby, the whole nine yards. At one point, he was almost rooting for her. It was such a brilliant and dangerous improvisation. Nevertheless, he thinks her only motive
was to hang onto EJ's money. Nicole insists she loves EJ. Stefano retorts what does it matter now after all these lies! Realizing she is cornered, Nicole asks him how long he has known. He chuckles it makes no difference. She is merely trying to buy time so as to regroup. Nicole states that she does care. Did he know about this when she stood by EJ, when he got involved in kidnapping, a federal offense? She laid everything on the line for the family. She points out she learned his deepest, darkest secrets. Stefano grins he really loves her. Her whole life is crumbling and yet she comes out swinging with her chin stuck out. She retorts she is not afraid of him. He informs her not to be afraid of him is stupid and she is not stupid. He holds
all the cards! She now asks why he is telling her that instead of EJ. The phoenix elaborates. Elvis has been under tremendous pressure lately, so now is not the time to tell him. Nicole quips he was the one applying the pressure on his son. Furthermore, he must know she
and Sydney are EJ's world. Stefano points out it is a big fat lie.
Nicole insists she did this for EJ. She does not give a damn about
the DiMera money, all she cares about is him and he cares about the children. She and Sydney are EJ's family. If he tells EJ the truth, it will destroy his world. "Along with Tony's death," she warns, "that will be on your hands." Stefano advises her to be careful. Nicole brings up the fact that if she had not done this, EJ would never have gotten his daughter. Stefano wonders what would happen if Sami discovered the truth. She would file for custody of Sydney. Nicole says that will never happen. The phoenix believes there are no guarantees. Elvis would never beat Samantha in a custody battle if
he were married to the perpetrator of the fraud. Nicole replies it is Stefano's problem as well. She is certain he does not want to lose Sydney either. He agrees with her on that. If Samantha takes the baby, there will be hell to pay and who will foot that bill! Enter Elvis, who wonders what they are talking about. Nicole forces a smile. EJ remarks it looks like Nicole has been crying. Stefano covers by
saying he was comforting her, as she was upset about Sami's baby. Nicole asks if there has been any word. Bacterial meningitis. It does not look good. "Oh my God!" Nicole says unhappily. Will there be a genetic test? Elvis replies no, as it was not deemed necessary. He asks Stefano why he is out of bed. "I came here to repent," claims
the phoenix. "Did you," Elvis says airily. He asks Nicole to give them a moment alone so she leaves to get a coffee. Before walking away, she tells Stefano to take care of himself as she would not want anything to happen to him. Stefano sighs. "You have a remarkable wife there." Elvis thinks they have a pressing matter to discuss. Stefano tells him he is proud of the great work he has done, but now he is back to handle things. EJ asks about Owen. The phoenix will
say only that Elvis never has to worry about being implicated in that girl's kidnapping ...
- EJ soon takes the phoenix home to the mansion and he helps himself to a cigar. Time for a nice quick drink to honor the occasion. Elvis grins if he even moves near the bottle, he will march him down to the police station himself. Stefano chuckles he should remember this moment when Sydney starts to boss him around. Elvis chuckles she already has. Stefano is overjoyed to be home. EJ gets serious. What is going on with Owen? Stefano says he will take care of him and that is all his son needs to know.
- Back at Sami's place, Will sees Mia crying about little Grace. Will thinks she will be better soon. Mia feels Grace is a lucky girl to have ended up in such a wonderful home. Now Will starts to cry as well.
- Mia and Will return to the hospital, where Dan informs them that Grace has bacterial meningitis. Mia covers her face with a hand. Will says that does not mean she will die, does it? Dan admits they do not know. Mia is devastated. She thinks she is acting stupid, as Grace is not related to her. Will points out she does not have to be related to her to feel close. Mia excuses herself for a moment. Dan approaches Will and asks him if he is okay. Will puts on a brave face. He just wishes there were something he could do The doc explains there is. Sami could use her family right now. And so Will departs to gather the Bradys.
Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe watch over Grace in ICU. Sami quietly takes out the St. Anne's medal and hangs it on the crib to help her. God would not let anything happen to his sweet little angel. Grace sleeps on. Sami now wonders if  this bad luck is because she had
told Lucas her baby had died. Rafe will hear none of that. Grace and Sami always end up together, just like the pair of them do. He puts his arm around her and kisses her hand as they watch sleeping Grace together. He knows Grace is fighting to be with her. Sami whispers she cannot lose her. Dan walks in, to take cultures and test the
baby's reflexes. Rafe notes she is sleeping peacefully. Is that good? Dan pauses uncomfortably and says he will allow them to return as soon as possible. Sami and Rafe offer Grace a few more words of encouragement and walk out together hand-in-hand. Dan leans over the baby's crib, his eyes filled with worry
Sami and Rafe venture to the chapel, where they light a candle.
Sami remembers her past, how she used a scheme and hurt people
to get what she wanted. And the things she wanted were so stupid, she gasps. Their baby is fighting for her life and yet now there is nothing she can do other than stay here and pray. She admits she
has felt stronger since Rafe arrived. "I couldn't get through this without you." He assures her Grace will get better. Sami nods and sniffles. They then kneel together and proceed to pray.
In the hospital hall, Mia is crying and runs into Nicole. Nicole asks
if she is all right. Mia cries it feels like she is losing her own baby. Nicole fights back the tears, for that is in fact what is happening.
She sits with Mia and says of course she is upset, as she herself is a mother. Mia remarks Nicole is upset as well. She is. Nicole would never wish this on anyone. Regardless of what she said about Sami, she never ever said she does not love her children. Mia now brings
up her own little girl, who is happy and safe. Nicole looks at her with sympathy. The teen talks about how giving Sydney up was probably the best thing for her. Nicole agrees. Mia laments it does not get any easier as she did not hold her when she was born. Nicole remembers. She will never forget bringing that beautiful baby into this world and gives Mia a hug. She evidently wants to make things right for the unsuspecting teen, as much as she feels she can ...
Back in Grace's room, Dan tells the nurse to page him as soon as they receive the results of the cultures. He has other patients but he will be back soon. The baby's level of consciousness is deteriorating so any change at all will require a code blue. The nurse asks if she can have any visitors. Parents only. At least for now. And maybe it would help if she said a prayer. Exit Dr. Dan. Moments later, Nicole and Mia enter. The nurse looks at them. Mia has a question about Grace. "Are you the mother?" asks the nurse. "Yes," says Nicole without hesitation. "Yes, she is."

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Stefano looks uncomfortable as Elvis holds Sydney and says
"I keep thinking to myself, what would I do if that were my baby?"
"We have done everything," Dan informs Sami. "You need to
prepare yourself."
Nicole cries at the chapel, begging God to punish her instead.
"Please let Gracie live, please!"

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Replay of Dan mentioning blood work for Grace. Nicole lurks and listens. Dan says that according to the paperwork he has read, Sami knows nothing about Grace's parents. Sami gasps it is not necessarily true. Elvis watches. Nicole hopes Sami will not tell! Sami slowly informs Dan there is no need to do testing. EJ is curious. Does she know Grace's biological parents? Sami stammers it is complicated. Nicole flashes back to the past, when Chloe told her EJ was the father. Sami now says she was protecting the baby before, but if
this helps her to get better ... "I'll tell you everything I know!" Nicole looks mortified. Sami assumes that if she gives information about the parents, that is enough, and they will not need to do testing. Dan explains it does not work that way. The nurse now approaches and lets him know the baby has taken a turn for the worse. Dan wants consent to do to collect spinal fluid. Sami agrees. Dr. Dan and the nurse hastily return to the baby in ICU. Sami becomes hysterical
and EJ stops her from rushing after them. He hugs her and consoles her that the baby is in good hands. Nicole watches. Stefano walks up behind her and teases "Along came a spider!" He thinks Samantha has gotten his son back into her tangled web. Nicole is not smiling about that, though she is glad to see the phoenix is well enough to
be out of bed. He thanks her. She adds he is wrong about Sami and EJ, though he points out they are acting like long lost lovers. Nicole says Sami is only Johnny's mother. Stefano notes she is being a
good sport. Nicole says she is fine with her husband offering Sami
a shoulder to cry on. Her child is sick so it must be serious. Stefano cryptically remarks there is much more than a baby's life at stake. Does she not agree?  Sami now walks away from EJ to contact her family. Nicole and Stefano present themselves to Elvis. He tells
them of Grace's seizures. Nicole is sad for Grace. Stefano asks if
they know what is wrong yet. No. EJ decides to remain until they know Grace will be okay. He asks Nicole to excuse him so he may have a word with his father. She gives them their privacy. Stefano already knows what his son has on his mind and assures him he
need not be concerned about Owen, for they will ensure Stephanie does not talk!
Elsewhere, crying Sami leaves another desperate message for Rafe, as Daniel collects spinal fluid from Grace.
- At the house of  Kiriakis, Phil and Steph enter. He wants to take care of the woman he loves and gives her a long kiss. She knew he would save her. He loves her so much. Enter Kate. "Thank God!" she exclaims. She is relieved they are both safe and sound. She congratulates the couple on their engagement and admires Steph's ring, welcoming her to the family. This is her new home. Enter Roman. "I don't think so!" He wants a word with his niece. Once they are alone, he lets her know he does not want her staying in that house. Steph becomes petulant and insists she will remain regardless. She does not like people telling her what to do. Roman wonders if being a part of the dangerous Kiriakis clan is really the life she wants. She snaps she loves Philip and what she had to go thru was random anyway. She had bad luck. Roman almost cannot believe what he is hearing. Steph insists it will not happen again. Roman warns her that when she gives her truthful statement to the police tomorrow, she
will implicate both families. How will the Kiriakis side feel about her then?
Meanwhile, Philip tells Kate he was so upset when he thought he
had lost Steph. He will never let her go again. He soon returns to his fiancee, who has just given Roman the brush off. Phil wonders if he persuaded her to stay away from him. Steph smugly says Phil is her lover, her best friend, and her hero. She would never leave him.
They kiss and hug. He wants to know exactly what Roman said to her. She says she will not lie to the police, but she will not cause problems for Phil. They love each other. He picks her up and carries her upstairs. They are then blissfully happy in bed together.
- At the pub, Lucas asks Chloe what is on her mind. "Our future," says she. He wonders why she looks ready to cry. She anounces she has something to say about the past, Lucas advises her to forget it. He has decided to focus on the present and the future. Chloe flashes back to earlier that day, when she admitted to Nicole she could not get Daniel out of her mind. She sighs and is about to tell all, but then Lucas' cell rings.
- Back at Sami's place, Will is unable to reach Rafe or Sami on his cell. He will go to the hospital. Mia decides to join him. She grabs Grace's blanket. Will turns off the lights and together they exit. On
his way, he calls Lucas to let him know what is going on with Grace. Lucas has to leave Chloe at the pub and head for the hospital, after telling her not to worry, only to focus on the fact that he loves her, she loves him.
- At the hospital, Will and Mia arrive. Mia hands Sami the baby blanket and gives her and Will time alone. Mia spies Nicole and approaches her. Nicole reminds her she had told her to stay away,
but Mia is not interested as she does not listen to her. She mutters
she is there for Grace. Why does Nicole have such a problem with that? Nicole thinks she just wants to score points with Will. Mia complains she has already had to lie him. Nicole warns her that if
Will finds out the truth, he will want nothing to do with her. Mia realizes that is probably true. Nicole suggests she forget about babies and just stay away from her and Sydney. Mia says she gets it and walks away. Elvis rejoins Nicole. She asks about genetic testing, but all he knows is that it is a possibility. He excuses himself to make a phone call and Nicole sighs. If they do that testing, all hell will break loose for her!
Meantime, Sami brings Will up to date on Grace getting a lumbar puncture. She hopes they will figure out what is wrong with her and help her. However, they might need to know some information about Grace's birth parents. Will wonders what she means. Sami wants him to be prepared that she will have to disclose some things that he will not want to hear. Will stares in confusion.
Dr. Dan has collected the fluid from Grace. He smiles at her and tells her she is the smallest patient he has ever has, yet she is strong. He needs her to fight like hell. Moments later, however, things are not looking good ...
- Alone at the pub, Chloe sips her wine and imagines what would happen if she told Lucas the truth. She imagines telling him she slept with Daniel. Lucas would tell her they would be okay and give her a kiss. She blinks back to reality. "It's possible,"she considers. Perhaps Lucas would forgive her indiscretion. She now imagines the scene with a different ending. After she tells Lucas she slept with Daniel,
he calls her a two-faced wh*re. "Victor was right about you! I gave you everything, you egomaniacal sl*t!" He stands up and wonders how she could do this to him, as he gave her his heart. He then approaches the bar and starts to drink from a bottle of booze. "See what you made me do!" He yells like a madman that he once shot a man in a fit of jealous rage and he will do it again. "Daniel is a dead man!" Chloe blinks back to reality and decides she simply cannot tell him. Just then Kate enters. The black widow is there to see Chloe and sits down at her table. Kate finds the love of Steph and Philip inspirational. It made her think that despite Chloe's treachery, she is good for Lucas as she makes him happy. She claims she has decided to give her another chance. She offers Chloe her old job back as the hostess of Hearth and Home. Is she ready to be a TV celebrity? Chloe smiles and accepts. Kate will have the contract drawn up and they will talk soon. She now flounces off and Chloe takes a sip of wine. She deduces that Kate seems to be trying, so maybe she does not have to worry about Lucas finding out the truth from her. Kate, however, pauses outside the pub and leers that the trap has now
been set!
- Back at the hospital, Sami calls Roman and asks him to go to the construction site to inform Rafe he needs to come. Roman sends her his good thoughts. Sami cries when the call is over. Will returns to her, gives her a beverage, and asks her to explain what she meant earlier about him needing to be prepared. She explains she might
have to tell the doctor some things that Will might not want to know. Enter Lucas, who asks if she is sure she wants to do that. Sami turns around, surprised to see him. She now asks Will to gather some of Grace's belongings and bring them to the hospital, so he takes off. Lucas asks if she really means it, if she will come clean about being Grace's real mother. Sami laments she does not have a choice, if it helps save Grace. Lucas whispers that Elvis will find out he is the father, in that case. Sami realizes there will be repercussions. Lucas asks if she is ready to face reality. "I don't have a choice," she gasps. Lucas promises to support her, gives her a hug, and walks away. Sami now steels herself to tell EJ he is in fact Grace's father. Nicole overhears and makes for the hospital chapel, aware that there is nothing more she can do.
- Back at Sami's place, Will puts together some of Grace's things as Mia helps and mutters words of encouragement. Mia hugs the
baby's teddy bear, and closes her eyes.
- Meanwhile, Stefano and Elvis approach Sami, who is clutching Grace's blanket. Stefano offers her his condolences for what she is going through. She thanks him and says she must speak to EJ now. "No problem," says the phoenix and walks away. EJ is perplexed. "What is it?" Sami explains there is something they must discuss.
"It's very important. It's about Grace and her birth parents," she begins. All of a sudden, Dr. Dan solemnly interrupts the moment
with bad news. Grace is very sick and what she is fighting is more serious than they initially suspected.
- Back at the chapel, Nicole tells herself that she must find a way
out of this mess. Stefano stands behind her. "Impossible. There is no way to reverse what you have done, Nicole. Not even God can help you now." Nicole pretends she was praying for Sami's baby.
"Sami's baby is fine," continues the phoenix. "You see, that child up there in the hospital, that beautiful innocent child fighting for her life is not Sami's baby at all. And you, of all people Nicole, should know that, since you are the one who has Sami's real baby ..."
Nicole stares at him in horror!

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"They kidnapped me for payback. I'm free now. You think
they're gonna let that go?" Steph asks Phil.
"If you tell EJ the truth, his world will fall apart!" Nicole warns Stefano.
"It's a serious condition," Dan explains to Will, who retorts "I mean, she's gonna be okay, right? I mean, she's not gonna die, is she?"
Sami clutches Rafe, who asks what is happening. "It's our baby,
it's Grace," she sobs.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


At DiMera mansion, EJ suggests Nicole get out of his way. She
states if he leaves to see Sami, she will ... He cuts her off, his voice dangerously low, and wonders if she means she will leave him.
"Are you threatening me again?" Nicole insists she is not, but admits she is insecure. She does not feel she is important enough to him. Elvis laments nothing he does seems to be enough. "Only because
of her," complains Nicole. She has always felt she was competing with her. Elvis assures her that she and Sydney mean the world to him. Perhaps he overreacted about Rafe. They both agree they were wrong. He opts to stay home and they kiss. "You have my heart,"
he promises. EJ's phone now rings. Tis one of his men with news
on Owen. Both Owen and Stephanie were found at a morgue, as
well as Philip. Nicole asks if they are all okay. Elvis retorts Owen
will not be okay if he tries to implicate him, and departs to consult with Stefano. Nicole looks worried. Later, she summons Chloe to
the mansion and tells her she feels she has made headway with EJ,
as he is focusing on her and Sydney more. Chloe notes she appears
to be happy as a DiMera wife. Nicole thinks she finally has the
family she has always dreamed of. Chloe is distracted, takes a call from Lucas checking up on her, and admits she cannot get Daniel
out of her mind despite outward appearances!
- At the hospital, Dan showers and has a fantasy about being in said shower with Chloe, steaming things up. He then turns off the shower and sighs to himself that he has to stop! He now imagines Chloe inviting him back in the shower, blinks back to reality, and hastily
gets dressed to return to his shift.
- Outside the Brady pub, Lucas informs Will he wants to protect him from Mia and her baggage. After all, he is only 16 years old. "You stay away from her before it's too late!" Will refuses to back down and does not think Lucas is fair to judge her. He walks away from
his father and returns to the pub. Mia has also returned inside and is distant. She heard what Lucas said and agrees he is right. She ponders getting out of Salem and heading for Minneapolis, where she has a friend at whose place she could crash. Enter Maggie. Will has an idea. He tells her all about Mia's inability to find a place to stay. Already somewhat aware of the situation, the redhead listens, and then graciously announces Mia should move in with her. Mia happily accepts and insists she will find a part-time job so she can at least
pay her some rent.
- Sami calls for an ambulance as Grace is having a seizure, she gasps. She leaves a message for Rafe to call her and walks nervously out with the baby as the ambulance is heard approaching.
- On his night shift construction job, Rafe is ordered to do some unloading. He has had to turn off his cell phone, as per the rules. When he is on break, Arianna comes along and questions his giving up his FBI career for Sami. Rafe defends Sami as the woman he loves. Ari worries things are just like before. He has given up his  dreams. Rafe states he would take any job to be able to adopt Grace. Ari feels he is not being realistic. He retorts his love for Grace and Sami makes it worth it. Furthermore, he is of the opinion that Ari
just feels abandoned. Perhaps she should date more and focus on
her own life. He adds that his relationship with Sami has nothing to do with the past, nothing to do with Heidi. This is real. Ari wants to say more, but he cuts her off. She walks away in a huff. Now Nicole approaches. She was on her way to the hospital to see Stefano and stopped off nearby, she claims, for baby food. Rafe is sarcastic and wants to know what she really wants. She smiles she merely wanted to tell him how wonderful it is that he will be adopting Grace. When she finally departs, Rafe checks his cell phone, which is dead as he forgot to charge it.
- At the hospital, Sami is hysterical while Dr. Dan attends to Grace, who is having another seizure. The nurse ushers her from the patient's room. Sami is gasping and crying when EJ comes across
her, as he is there to visit fatha. He asks why she is there. "My little girl," she says sadly. She cries on his shoulder and he assures her
that Grace is in good hands. He offers to stay with her and she nods. Sami leaves a message for Will. When the nurse reappears, she asks if there is any news. Not yet. Elvis steps up and insists the nurse
fetch Dr. Jonas at once so he can update the baby's mother. The nurse agrees. Sami is still unable to reach Rafe. EJ attempts to console her by pointing out she sometimes overreacts, like when Johnny had a rash and she thought it was flesh eating disease. Grace will be fine. EJ adds that Grace is lucky to have Sami for a mother, for she is the best mother she could have.
- Will arrives home with Mia. She is happy to hear that no one can change his mind about her. They plan to send out for pizza, until
Will listens to his cell message from Sami. "She's at the hospital. Grace is really sick."
- At the pub, Chloe joins Lucas and Aly. Lucas tells her of his disagreement with Will over the girl from rehab. Chloe advises him
to try reverse psychology with a teenager. Lucas praises her smarts and leaves with Aly to see Caroline about more drawing paper. Maggie then walks to Chloe and greets her warmly. Chloe is glad to see her as she has been thinking it might be best for her to tell Lucas about her affair with Daniel after all. Maggie agrees, as there is no telling what Kate might say at any given time. Exit Maggie. Lucas now returns, having left Aly with Caroline. Chloe announces she has something to tell him ...
- Back at the hospital, Daniel walks out to answer Sami's questions about Grace. EJ faithfully stands with her. Dan explains they have stopped the seizures, which, much to everyone's relief, were harmless. However, they would like to keep Grace for some tests, including blood work. Sami blanches and so does Nicole, who has just arrived. The doc adds the blood tests would include investigating whether Grace had inherited something from her biological family...!

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Roman warns Steph, "You become a Kiriakis, all bets are off,
so ask yourself is it worth it!"
Stefano informs EJ "Stephanie is not going to say anything because we will make sure of that!"
Dr. Dan encourages baby Grace to fight like hell.
Lucas asks Sami if she is ready to face reality. "I don't have a choice," she gasps.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Replay of shirtless Phil jumping to the rescue as Owen points his
gun and warns them not to move. Phil tries to humor him and then rushes the guy. They start to struggle. The guys growl and continue to struggle over the gun. A shot is fired so Stephanie squeaks in fear. They keep fighting and things go flying. Steph shrieks, covering her mouth with her hand as she stands there, watching. When the gun is dropped, she makes a beeline for it and Owen grabs her in an
instant. "No!" cries Phil, as the mole looks ready to break her neck.
One step forward, the crazed gardener warns, and she is gone!
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole gazes at Sydney in her play pen. Much to her joy, EJ arrives and she flings her arms around him, assuming
it is all over. He says it is not even close to being over. He later talks on his cell and tells his man to get back to him on any empty Kiriakis buildings or warehouses in the city. He does not care if Steph is dead or alive, he admits, but must find Owen fast! He then places a call to Lexie, pleased to hear that fatha is getting better and hard to handle. Lexie was not sure what day he is coming home, but it is soon.
Nicole hopes he will get well and they can improve their relationship. She assures EJ she really means it. He remarks she has not made much effort with Stefano recently. Nicole claims she wants them to be close for everyone's sake. She knows how devoted Elvis is to his father. EJ admits he can be difficult, though he can be softhearted to those whom he loves and trusts. Nicole smiles she will then have to become one of those people. "You will," says Elvis encouragingly. Meantime, he hopes he does not get held up at the hospital. Owen
the plant is still missing. Nicole wonders if Owen is the only person
he has to worry about. "Absolutely," says Elvis. All his men can be relied on to keep their mouths shut. He then makes another call and realizes there is no more to do right now. Nicole thinks he should be patient and she is sure it will all work out. She thinks he is tough on his own. He asks if she does not think that sometimes his confidence and bravado are simply part of an act. Perhaps he is plagued by self-doubt. Nicole never considered that. EJ chuckles. One thing he has confidence in is his taste in women. However, he does lie in bed at night, often wondering if he is doing the right thing in the DiMera business. Nicole points out that whatever he does is for his family, like Stefano. They kiss. Sydney makes a noise so Nicole goes to
look at her. She wishes their lives were that simple. EJ decides to go upstairs and get Johnny. He does not have to return him to Sami
until tomorrow morning. Nicole looks uncomfortable. She found out something about Sami he should know. Her FBI boyfriend Rafe is adopting Grace and will legally be her father. EJ's eyes cloud over. "What? What? What!" he exclaims. He is clearly upset and declares he will not allow it, pouring himself a drink. He calls Rafe a loser
and a lowlife who will now be around forever. Nicole points out it is Sami's choice. Elvis points out he will be near his son every minute
of every day. Nicole, however, thinks they have more important things to worry about. Like the missing Owen. What if the police
find him before he does? EJ snaps he is capable of thinking of two problems at once and he will not let this happen with Rafe! Nicole reminds him that is their decision. Elvis feels he is entitled to have
his. Nicole is against him confronting them. "You just can't walk away, especially when it involves Sami." She adds it is obvious he is jealous of Rafe. Elvis denies it, though she calls him on it and asks him to prove it by putting his family first. "Don't go to Sami!" EJ stops and considers.
- Chez Sami, Sami flounces on over to open the door. Tis Rafe.
They start necking. Hr states he has time before he goes to work on his new construction job. He is dressed for construction work and
she alludes to the fact that he really seemed to love being an FBI agent when she met him. Rafe brings up the fact that he worked in carpentry before joining the FBI and he loved it. He insists there is nowhere else he would rather be than there with her. Sami smiles. They lie down on the sofa and continue making out. They soon end up under the sheets in Sami's bed as lazy jazz music plays in the background, the room illuminated by candles. Afterwards, she
wishes things could always be like that for them. He says maybe
they will be. Now he has a surprise. An envelope with a copy of the notarized adoption forms he has already filled out and submitted. Sami is impressed. She believes she is lucky to have him in her life. She feels like she could cry, it seems, but Rafe says there are other ways to show your appreciation. Sami is all over him in a minute. Crying Grace soon interrupts the moment. Sami says she will go attend to her, but Rafe wants to do it, as he is her father now. He does and she is soon quietly sleeping again, though he notes she is hot. Sami points out she is still teething. Rafe must now go to work, but before he leaves, Sami wants him to know she feels the same as him, for she now has everything she wants. "I'm so happy." They kiss on it.
- At the cemetery, astute Bo finds footprints. Two men and one woman, he deduces. Hope will call for backup. Bo senses they are close, and the pair continue to investigate.
Meanwhile, in the  mausoleum, Brady now thinks he may know a way to get out after all. There are two windows and if he gets high enough, he can break one of them. That way at least people would hear them.. Mel thinks it is too risky for him to try and go up the wall. Brady is not listening and starts to pull himself up, using a
ledge. He falls back to the floor. He appears unconscious and Mel tries to revive him. He soon comes to, much to her relief. He now
has something that broke off  the wall and he can use it to break the window. All of a sudden they hear Bo and hope calling out their names! They head for the door and start to yell. Bo opens the door with ease and Mel and Brady rush out. They think Owen has Steph in the morgue. And he has a gun. The two cops tell them to wait
and make for the morgue. Brady follows and so does Mel.
- In the morgue, psycho Owen insists he will take Steph where she
is safe so Phil needs to be a smart man and get back in the drawer. After Stephanie is safe and they have left, he will be able to get out. Phil wants his word. He catches the mole off guard when he says Stephanie is pregnant. Steph manages to break away and Phil grabs and pounds the guy. Steph begs him not to kill him but Phil is like
a madman punching and punching Owen, who is now on the floor. Steph finally pulls him away from the now bloodied Owen. They
hug as Owen gasps in pain. Enter  Bo, Hope, and Brady. Phil asks
Steph if he hurt her. Steph replies no and asks him not to let go of her. They hug. Enter Mel. Brady tells her everything is now fine,
but Mel does not look like she shares the sentiment.
- At Brady pub, Will joins Mia at her table. He tells her his Kiriakis pool news. Mia is glum. She says she may have to go away "Maybe for good."  Will wonders if it is a rent problem. Mia brings him up to date on her situation. In one week, she will have no place to stay. Will asks about her mother, Mia insists she cannot live with her. Mia seems to think it might be for the best, as she is not exactly the right person for Will to hang around with. Lucas walks up with his coffee so Will introduces them. He realizes this is the friend Will mentioned. He jokes he will not hang out with them all day and ask a lot of questions, but he does have a few questions. He asks Mia how they met. They had a few classes together. Will states Lucas might be
able to help Mia with her problem. All of a sudden, Will's cell rings with a call from a friend. He has to step out for a moment. After he excuses himself, Lucas makes himself comfortable in a chair and
asks Mia how she became friends with his son.  She repeats they
met at school and because he is smart, they study together and he helps her. Lucas is all smiles until he opens one of Mia's text books and finds a 12 step program pamphlet inside. He sighs and looks suspicious. "What is this doing here?" Mia smiles nervously. Lucas demands to know if Will has been drinking. No. It is for her, since she was in rehab for a while. She is doing fine now, however. Lucas thinks it is good she is going through the program. He himself is a recovering alcoholic and knows it is tough. He advises her not to
give up, tells her to keep up the good work, and says he has to go. Exit Lucas. Outside the pub, Lucas saunters out just as Will gets off the phone with his friend. He states they will need to talk in the next few days, and he wants him to be careful with Mia. Very careful.
Will is confused. Lucas elaborates. He knows she just got out of rehab. That is not the time to start a new relationship. Will insists
they are just friends. Lucas knows they are not just friends! He has seen the way they look at each other. Lucas now orders Will to stay away from her, and states he knows what he's talking about. Will throws it in his face that if he knew everything, he would not have fallen off the wagon, and insists he will not give Mia up. Meanwhile, Mia listens.
- At the morgue, Bo has brought the half dead Owen to his feet and shoved him against the wall. Who is paying him?!  No luck. Bo and Hope haul him off in handcuffs. He says something unintelligible before he is taken away. Bo will return shortly to get statements
from all of them. Steph tells Mel she heard her the first time she was there and is eternally grateful she was looking for her. Philip also compliments Mel for helping him get in. She smiles she is glad they are all okay and that the two can be together again. Phil agrees and kisses his beloved on the forehead. Brady looks at Melanie, who
puts on a brave face. The cops later return and Brady heads out.
Sad Mel follows him, leaving alone lovebirds Phil and Steph. Steph insists she does not need to speak to anyone about what happened. She wonders why Phil told Owens she was pregnant. He explains to her that he was just trying to distract him, and perhaps one day they will have a family anyway. Steph makes a strange face and Phil wonders if she really is fine. What really happened? Steph gets a faraway look in her eye. She then admits that maybe eventually she will need to talk to a professional, but now she is fine.All that counts
is that Phil saved her. They kiss. Steph shuts her eyes as they embrace. Phil looks serious.
- Brady returns to Isabella's crypt to speak to his dearly departed mother. He misses her and loves her so much, he says, as he leans against a pillar. Mel stands in the doorway, observing the poignant scene.
- Back at Sami's place, Sami is on the phone, trying to get an earlier appointment with the doctor for Grace, who has a fever. She turns around and evidently sees the baby in distress, for she rushes to her side, exclaiming "Oh my God! Grace! Grace!"

Next on Days of Our Lives
"I've got it all figured out that you're going to move in with me," Maggie tells a smiling Mia.
Chloe is in the shower. "Please come back in," she tells Daniel
(likely someone's daydream!).
"You might not see it, Rafe, but I do and that's why I can't let you make the same mistake again. I won't!" Arianna tells her bro.
- Sami is holding Grace and leaves a nervous message on Rafe's
cell. There is something wrong with Grace so she is on her way to
the hospital. She asks him to call her.

Monday, June 1, 2009


At the morgue, replay of Philip asking Steph where exactly she is. She wonders if she is dreaming. He says it is really him and he is there to take her home. She cries in relief and asks if he can free her. He is stuck in a morgue drawer. Phil finds out that is where Steph is as well. He asks if Owen has hurt her. No. What did he tell her? He said he was following orders from the DiMeras but then suddenly he decided not to. He plans to take her away. Phil is incensed. Steph complains she can barely breathe. Phil promises he will undo the mess and starts to tap on the wall. She taps back and they put their hands on the wall at the same time. Stephanie then toys with her engagement ring and flashes back to when Philip proposed. Philip decides to text Brady and Melanie. He whips out his cell phone and proceeds to send a text message from within his drawer. He lets
them know both himself and Steph need help getting out of the morgue, unaware that they too have been locked up. Stephanie praises him for taking such a risk to find her. "I would do anything
for you," says he. They soon wonder what is taking Mel and Brady so long.
In the funeral home area, Owen tries to convince his pop to leave. However, his father is preoccupied with the body that just came in,
as it must be taken care of. Owen takes a deep breath. Pop feels he should learn the ropes now and he can start by embalming this body. Owen agrees and heads back into the morgue with him. Once back
in the morgue, Owen's pop tells his son he originally did not know if the body was supposed to be cremated or embalmed, but now he believes he has figured it out. He approaches Phil's drawer, carrying an instrument, but stops when he hears a noise and asks Owen if someone else is there! Owen positions himself in front of the shut drawers and insists that no one is there. Perhaps someone has just entered the funeral parlor, he suggests, so his father goes to take a look. Owen opens Steph's door and warns her to keep quiet. He promises to get her soon and shuts the door again. Meanwhile Philip is listening. Owen exits for a moment. Steph wonders what they can do. Phil wants to figure out a way to get out. Steph informs him Owen has a gun. Owen is now heard returning. He tucks said gun in his back pocket, opens Steph's drawer, and tells her it is time to go. Her friends are no longer a problem. Steph tries to stall and tells him she needs something to eat. He realizes she does not want to go, but it is now or never. And if the answer is never, then perhaps he
should come up with a way to take care of her permanently!. He takes the gun out. Steph looks woefully at Phil's shut drawer.
- In the crypt, Mel starts to panic they will die. Brady wants her to stay strong. She reminds him they are in a mausoleum. Mel now thinks she should have stayed in France! She will never have a chance to atone for the things she has done, for they will never get out of there. And she thinks if they die today, she will surely go to hell! Brady disagrees, because she is not dying anytime soon. She
will have time to make up for what she thinks she has done in the past. Mel gets a tissue and complains it is cold. Brady takes off his shirt and gentleman that he is, puts it around her shoulders. Mel tries to calm herself down by thinking of what she is thankful for. All of
a sudden she gets spooked when some flowers fall. Brady has an idea. He opens his cell and asks for her bra wire. Mel tells him to
turn around. With the wires, skillful Brady is able to make a signal booster for his cell. He gets a signal and Melanie jumps up and down for joy. Unfortunately, his cell battery gives out, so he asks for Mel's phone. Hers is totally dead. Time for plan B. Brady sighs and says
he does not know what it is yet. With any luck, the police will trace their very brief signal. He picks up the flowers and says they do have a chance. As he puts the flowers back together, Mel says Isabella probably does not need them anymore, whoever she is. "She's my mother," Brady says softly. Mel is very sorry that he lost his mother and he explains it happened a long time ago. He was a baby and never knew her.John used to bring him to this place so he could put flowers on her grave. They talked to her and he told him stories
about how he was born on their wedding day. Mel is moved. Brady admits he had not visited her in a long time. How ironic that it took this to bring him back. Mel remarks she has still been in his heart all this time. When Brady goes on to say he always used to feel she was looking over and protecting him, Mel quietly cries. Perhaps his mom will find a way to watch over them now. "Maybe she will," agrees Brady. He then places the roses back on her crypt door and touches the plaque bearing her name. Melanie tells him she knows she would be proud of the son she left behind and she was lucky to have found true love in her life.If she could die in her shoes, she would be happy indeed. Brady assures her she will have the chance at a nice life, too.
- Bo and Hope show up on the Kiriakis doorstep. Lucas opens the door and informs them that Victor just stepped out. Bo realizes they are not supposed to talk to the cops, but Hope adds they are they are there as family. Lucas considers.
On the terrace, Dan tells Kate this situation is not what she is thinking. Kate calls the pair horny teenagers while Chloe insists they are just friends. Kate laughs a very angry, sarcastic laugh. Chloe explains Victor's meanness upset her and Dan was merely consoling her. Kate says just because she is a lying sl*t, it doesn't mean she doesn't have a moment of truth every now and then so maybe it is
true after all!. Dan steps up to her defense. Kate accuses her of making a mockery of Lucas' love and devotion. Chloe insists she has been a faithful wife since the day they were married. "Just not the day before!" snaps Kate. She calls for Lucas, declaring she is going
to tell him the truth. Dan asks her to think it through. Kate reminds them they promised to stay away from each other and have now broken their promise. "Lucas, come out here, will you!" she repeats. Chloe looks worried and begs her not to tell. Dan patiently explains she is not thinking clearly due to her worry about Philip.
- Bo and Hope enter and Bo asks where Brady is. Lucas has not
seen him since Victor kicked him out. Bo and Hope would like a
look around. Enter Henderson, who asks if they have a search warrant. Bo claims they are there visiting family as it is his father's house. Henderson, however, is under strict orders not to allow him
to enter. Bo agrees to go but he will be taking Henderson with them for questioning concerning Philip, and they do not need a warrant. The faithful butler reluctantly leaves with them. Kate now waltzes inside and tells Lucas she has something to tell him. Nervous Chloe and Dan follow closely behind. Lucas wonders why they are looking at him like that. Kate has a flashback to telling Chloe she will keep her secret only because she knows it will hurt Lucas so much. Kate blinks back to reality and suddenly covers by telling Lucas she is worried about Philip and needs him right now. She gives him a hug, but Lucas has his suspicions. She had told him she has something to tell him and he does not believe for a moment it is about Philip. Is anyone going to tell him? He now faces Dan and Chloe. Chloe steps forward. He wonders why everyone is clamming up. Are they keeping something from him? Chloe pretends they are all just on edge. Dan says Kate looks a bit pale and insists on taking her outside for air. On the way, she stops and he reminds her that he saved her life as well as her son's life. Therefore, she owes him the courtesy
of at least hearing him out. Meanwhile, Chloe pretends she thinks Lucas is paranoid and suggests they go find something to eat. He
gets irate that she is changing the subject, just like when he told her he was starting to remember what happened the night he was drinking. Besides, why is she not happy he is starting to get his memory back? He accuses her of keeping something from him,
just like Maggie. Chloe attributes his insecurity to the dream he had before, and assures him he has nothing to be insecure about. He brings up his past with women and points out that she attempted to end their engagement a while back. If there is something he should hear, is she not the right one to tell him now? Chloe claims he should not trust his memories from that night as he himself said he blacked out. Lucas still wants answers.And if she cannot be honest with him, "Maybe we shouldn't be married right now!" He then exclaims he does not want her pity. He suspects she is afraid of hurting him as he might start drinking again. He implores her to tell him now if she has something to share with him. Chloe remembers Dan. Lucas shouts to tell him as he can take it. "Okay," Chloe nods. "I will." She then appears to reconsider and states what Maggie knew was that she was planning on leaving town without saying goodbye to him. Lucas is baffled. She explains she was screwed up. He deserves better than her. That is the reason she broke up with him. Lucas insists he loves her and wants only to be with her. They hug.
- Dan and Kate go for a walk outside and he advises her not to interfere. Kate cares not what he thinks and accuses him and that woman of betraying her son. Dan notes the rage that consumes her
is about more than Lucas, it is about Chloe. She is jealous of her son's wife. Kate states she may have been attracted to Daniel in the past, but the more she got to know him, the more she found him disgusting. Therefore, she is not jealous, and he is dead wrong. He starts to walk away and she stops him by saying she knows the cancer might come back, but she wants to ensure the happiness of her children after she is gone. Can he understand that? He replies no. If she wishes her sons to be fine without her, then she should let
them live their lives now. Kate replies she might have to find another way to ensure the happiness of her children. Dan wonders if she will leave this matter alone. She agrees to do just that. Dan informs her it is the right decision, bids her goodnight, and strolls away. Ominous music is heard as Kate sighs ands decides that just as Daniel broke
his promise by not staying away from Chloe, she will break her promise!
- At Brady pub, Bo and Hope talk about the cheerios he just bought. His doctor had told him they were a good way to lower cholesterol. Henderson is outside on the phone and soon follows them into the pub. They ask him to have a seat. He does. Bo realizes Victor must have told him not to talk about Philip and that is fine. When was the last time he saw Brady? They soon learn that Brady had come by
the mansion looking for Philip. Henderson does not think they need to worry about Brady, for he saw him this morning walking by the river near the cemetery and he was with Melanie Layton. Bo and Hope take it all in. Henderson points out Phil and Melanie are friends again as they have mended fences. "I see," ponders Bo. Hope thanks Henderson for his help and tells him he is free to go. Henderson hopes they will bring Master Philip home safely and departs. Bo
and Hope are now off to follow that lead!
- Bo and Hope later search the cemetery with their flashlights, as Bo calls on his cell for two units to do a major sweep. A warrant has come through to search the DiMera mansion. Hope easily spies Mel's hospital badge and wonders if she lost it on purpose, during a struggle. Perhaps she is around there somewhere. And perhaps
Brady is with her ...
- Inside the morgue, creepy Owen no longer believes that Stephanie wants to go anywhere with him. He grabs her in a headlock and puts the gun near her head. "I thought we had a plan," he leers. That is enough to set Phil off and he kicks wildly at his door. Steph slips out of Owen's grip and gets the gun away from him. "You sick bastard, I'm not going anywhere with you!" she declares, now pointing the
gun at him. Owen knocks the gun out of her hand in an instant and shoves her away. Philip bursts out of the morgue drawer in a rage. Owen grabs the gun and points it at both of them as Stephanie buries her face against Philip. "Do not move!" orders the mole as Phil shields his beloved with a hand ...!

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Mia mutters to Will she may have to go away for good.
As the prodigal Kiriakis son pounds Owen, Steph screams
"Philip, don't kill him!"
"You just can't walk away, especially when it involves Sami,"
Nicole accuses Elvis.
Sami smiles at Rafe and gasps "Finally I have everything I've
ever wanted. I'm so happy."
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