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Tuesday, January 19, 2010 
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- At Java Cafe, Kate is looking thru a bridesmaid mag. Viv taunts she should let this daughter-in-law live and talks about son Phil's lack of forgiveness. Kate grabs her by the arm and warns her never to call him her son again! Viv walks away and joins Gus. She simply must have the facts and be sure of the identity of Carly's daughter!
- Nath shows up at the hospital for work, bur as per nurse Maxine, he is not scheduled. Here comes Steph, who arranged for him to get the shift off. He just wanted to forget by working, though he is grateful. Steph announces she also has a surprise for him. "Follow me," says she, and takes him by the hand. They end up at the pub, having coffee. Stephanie smiles and hands him an envelope. He opens it and cannot believe his eyes The Tom Horton award! Nath thinks Mickey would have gotten a kick out of this. Steph tells him she had indeed shown it to him when
she was working on the press release. He had tears in his eyes, he was
so proud of Nathan. Outside, the young doctor thanks her for getting
him through this time. He kisses her and she kisses him right back.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Phil officially invites Bo to join his wedding
and be welcoming to new bride Mel. Bo grins and agrees. There will be
no pressure, as Lucas is the best man. When is the big day? Sometime in February to give Maggie a little time to feel better. Maggie, Phil solemnly explains, is the closest thing Melanie has ever had to a mother. Bo looks
a tad conflicted. Phil talks Hope, who had said Bo is with Carly now. Bo does not deny it. Phil explains he cannot invite Carly to his wedding. She and Mel just don't seem to get along, among other things. The convo gets back to Bo's marriage. He admits Hope found out about his indiscretion
in the worst possible way. He spies Vivian enter thru the front door and starts to speak for her benefit, claiming he and Carly are serious. He fibs he is the reason she came back to Salem, so as to throw Viv off Mel's scent. Viv listens unseen as Bo goes on with his charade, concluding they are in love and always have been ...! Vivian takes the bait, her eyes widening. Phil is not sure he believes it, as he is still wearing his wedding ring. Bo now removes it and announces his marriage is over. He trusts Phil will be discreet and also asks him to offer Mel his congrats. Vivian now shows herself. Bo departs, ignoring her curiosity. Madame Viv
points out to Phil that if one were discussing an affair, would one not
keep one's voice down? Phil reminds her that Bo also said this would
hurt Hope if she found out and saunters out. Viv considers. Perhaps the daughter was not the reason Carly came to town. Phil walks back in the living room and she inquires if Bo always opens up to him. Phil thinks
she should drop it and walks out again. Vivian calls Gus with the latest. Carly may have killed Lawrence and then showed up just to be with Bo!
- In the doctor's office, Carly tells Mel she will need to fill out forms for
a leave of absence and flashes back to telling Bo her daughter hates her. "Why are you staring at me like that?" anxiously declares Mel. She calls Carly a murderess and Carly retorts it is not a good idea to antagonize the one person who can do you a favor. Mel is ready to write in her birthday on the form. Carly flashes back to Lawrence meanly not allowing her to have any painkillers during her painful birth with her daughter. Melanie wonders if she is okay. She then decides she should stay away from the crazy lady and leaves. Carly laments how could she ever think she would hurt her. Flashback to Lawrence taunting her during her painful labor. Carly slowly shakes her head, remembering. She remembers Lawrence taking control of the baby in his arms, alluding to dropping things. Carly wants the baby, who cries. Lawrence wonders what he will drop next. This baby is the personification of her betrayal. She makes it impossible for him to be happy with his wife. There is one permanent solution ... Carly cries she will give her away.
- Mel runs into Kate at the hospital and gives her the brush off. Kate complains she has been snubbed by a smurfette. If only she knew a way to get thru to her. Maxine suggests Maggie Horton. Meanwhile, Mel returns to Carly. She forgot her coat. Carly tries to talk about her career. Mel says she will be a full-time mom. She and Phil want to have happy kids as they had miserable childhoods. Carly thought she had a happy family. Mel fills her in on the evils of her pimping professor pop, who wound up murdered. She also tells her of her mother, who died when
she was a baby. Carly gets sentimental that her mother must have loved her. Mel makes a comment about being strong, not trusting anyone, asks Carly to stay out of her life, and storms off. "Oh God, what have I done to you!" Carly says sadly.
- Maggie and Melissa enter Maggie's place and Melis recalls the laughter and stories at the service and reception. That Mickey always had a joke,
a smile for everyone. Maggie sniffles. Melissa felt so lucky to have him as a dad. Maggie says he loved her much and asks for a cup of tea. Once alone, she breaks down crying and shakes her pretty head while looking
at a pic of her with Mickey. Melissa must soon leave. They hug, promise to talk soon, and then Melissa is gone. Maggie closes the door and sighs
as she looks around the empty house. Knock knock! Tis diva Kate on a mission. She coos she is concerned and says Mickey was a wonderful man, given all the strays he let her fill up the house with. She commends her and Mickey on being able to get thru to the real Mel, who used to be
a handful. Maggie realizes that is the purpose of her visit. She wants to win Mel into her camp, as she is competing with Vivian. Maggie is not amused. She reminds Kate of her recent misdeeds and adds Melanie is a smart gal who can see thru her. She will not be an easy target, especially with Maggie in her corner. She will have the redhead to deal with if she messes with Mel! Mag finishes by ordering her out of the house. Exit Kate. Maggie shuts the door behind her. "That felt good!"
- At Java Cafe, Bo updates Mayor Abe on his Vivian deception. Abe is not impressed,as Bo's faux declaration of the end of his marriage will hurt Hope. "Your life is a mess," says Abe.Bo does not deny it. Abe is curious why Bo is trying to throw Vivian off. There must be something big. Bo admits Carly has a secret. Abe realizes he knows what said secret is. The Mayor advises Bo to be honest with himself. His life would be simpler
had Dr. Manning never come back. Bo sighs that Hope will find out from Vivian that he is solid with Carly. He cannot deny it, as who knows how unstable Viv would react if she knew he played her. However, once this whole thing is over, he will tell Hope the truth. Abe seems amazed that
Bo thinks this will have a happy ending. Bo is hoping ...
- Mel joins Phil at Kiriakis mansion and complains that Carly Manning gets on her nerves. "Who cares what she thinks," quips handsome Phil, Mel claims she does not care, then admits she is confused why she told her so many personal details. Phil consoles her with a tender embrace.
- Alone in the office, Carly cries about the lost past.A vision of Lawrence now appears before her and he cackles "I WON!" before fading away ...

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