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Monday, January 18, 2010 
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- At the pier, Rafe suspiciously asks EJ what is in the suitcase and what
he and Sami are doing. Silence. EJ claims he is taking a trip. Sami wants to leave with Rafe. He refuses. He would rather stay there until they tell him what the hell is going on. He wants to know where EJ is going. Chicago on business. Rafe solemnly says the pier is not on the way to the airport. He now turns to Sami, who pretends she was shopping. Rafe states there is almost no shopping there. Sami nervously protests. Elvis interrupts and suggests she tell him the truth. She proceeds to tell him of the note and the woman's warning she not let him know. Rafe sighs it
was quite a while ago - after Sami admits that the first note came at Christmastime. He instructs EJ to take the suitcase of money and leave it at the drop spot. He suggests Sami go home and proceeds to place a call on his phone. Sami gasps he cannot call the FBI or he will surely get Sydney killed! She goes on and Rafe disagrees. He asks EJ to get her out of there. EJ does just that.
- In her bed, Ari attends to Brady's facial gash and he insists he is fine. They start to kiss and kiss and kiss. Afterwards, Brady admits he has an urgent message from Mel. So does Ari. Brady now goes to shower. Ring ring! Tis Roman. He needs to see Ari asap. Big problem.
- Troy is losing it! Outside, he leers on the phone that will off Arianna himself!
- At the house of Kiriakis, Viv brings up the tragedy of Carly and Bo to Hope, who is on her way out. She advises her to make Carly pay. Hope raises an eyebrow. Revenge? Viv points out she stole her husband. Hope admits she had a feeling that Bo and Carly were furtive even before the affair. Might Viv know their deep dark secret? Madame plays innocent. Hope eventually departs. She then flashes back to the time she and Justin found Vivian's mysterious Chinese puzzle box. She will not be in the dark for long ...
Viv now summons Gus to the house and orders him to take over for her, follow Carly, and pay attention to any girl she is with who might be her child. She has a few ideas, says she. However, she needs a birth date and facts. Gus promises to do his best. She complains she must rid herself of Bo and his restraining order. Then Carly and that horrid child are hers!
- On Maggie's doorstop, Mel wonders why Bo and Carly are discussing her. And the truth about what? They go back inside. Mel repeats the question. Carly claims they were talking about Hope. Mel gets worked
up, assuming Bo got Carly pregnant. Carly is surprised and denies the accusation, Mel goes on and on. Carly says she does not want her to get hurt. Mel yells why can't she leave her alone and let her live her life.
She wants Bo to tell her to back off. Bo calls her disrespectful and rude. Maybe she cares because she is kind. Mel doesn't buy it. Enter Brady. Exit Bo and Carly. Mel yells to Brady that Carly will not leave her alone. He appears perplexed by her overreaction. Mel now gets to her reason
for contacting him and Ari. She would like Arianna to be a bridesmaid. She had hoped to ask Mickey to give her away, but that will never be
and Max is in London soooo ... She would like Brady to give her away and realizes he is not all that enthusiastic about her marrying Phil, She assumes it is cos he thinks she is a screw-up. Brady thinks she might be rushing into it. And what about nursing school? Why give it up? Mel considers. Maybe she does not have to. Maybe Dr. Jonas will give her a leave of absence, like he did for someone else. Will Brady still give her away? Of course. She gives him a big hug and then decides to call the hospital. Only prob is she will also be working with Dr. Monster. Brady cannot comprehend why she is so down on Dr. Carly Manning.
- Bo sees Carly home. She is dismal, but Bo feels she is being too hard
on herself. She tried. She should simply let it go. And there are ways to undermine the threat of Viv, to expose her and make her stop. Carly gets glum. Bo reminds her he will help her thru this time. Carly sighs she was about to tell Mel the truth ...Bo knows. Carly now laments when Mel finds out that she gave her up, she will want nothing to do with her. Bo reminds her she gave her up to protect her. The girl has had  a hard life, hence her defensive behavior. But at least she has had a life, thanks to Carly doing the selfless thing, painful as it was. Carly sadly talks about
her being a baby and looks at her old pic. Bo assures her she did what
she had to do, Carly says she wants more, to be her mother, but should accept it will never happen. She departs for work. Alone, Bo vows to princess she is wrong and he will make sure of it.
- At the cabin, Anna talks to Sydney. She hopes things will be resolved soon. She must step out for a little while and promises Syd she will be back soon. She will leave the baby monitor with Benny outside.
- At the pub. Ari is beside herself that the operation is off, imploring  Roman to try to change the mind of his superiors. She is desperate not to go back to prison and exclaims she must talk to the higher-ups. Roman has an idea. Conference call. He will set it up. He drawls he wants this as much as she does and promises to be in touch, then walks out, cool as a cucumber. Troy lurks at the window and mutters tonight Arianna is going down!
- At Java Cafe, Maggie meets with Hope. The redhead is anxious to get back to Alice. She is staying busy. Hope notes it prevents her from
dealing with what she is going thru. She whispers at some point she will have to. The redhead wonders if Hope is doing that with her to avoid dealing with her own situation. Hope sidesteps. Maggie insists she would like to help her. She had thought Hope wanted Bo back. Hope hoarsely agrees she did. Does she still feel that way? Maggie speaks of wasted
time and suggests she fight for him.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Rafe's FBI coworker takes the notes. Rafe makes Sami and EJ also hand over their phones. He gets a call and informs them it is all systems go at the drop site, then bitterly adds he
was lied to for weeks, wasting time. EJ gives them their privacy. Rafe is sullen. Sami angrily says she is sorry. Rafe wants her to trust him.
- In the foyer, EJ leaves an angry message for Anna to call him.
- In the living room, Sami exclaims she wanted to tell Rafe and recalls Hope's advice. She was simply scared and still is. How did he know she would be there? He admits he had an FBI guy follow her and he was
right not to trust her. EJ now stands by the door, having overheard. "Is everything alright?"
- At the pub. Ari is on her phone, desperately begging Caesar to back her up. Enter Troy. The call is ended. Troy has news. Something big is about to go down. The big boss might show. They arrange to meet at her room in a half hour. Ari thinks it sounds perfect, unaware that Troy has thoughts of murder on his mind ...
- Brady returns home to the mansion, where Viv closes her laptop, claiming she was working on the wedding deets. What can he tell her about her future daughter-in-law? Likes, dislikes, hobbies, colors? She wishes to know everything about Melanie, she purrs.
- Mel enters Dan's office. He is not there. She takes a seat. Enter Carly. Dan is in emergency surgery so she is taking over for him at the moment. What can she do for her?
- Back at DiMera mansion, Rafe's phone rings and he walks out to take the call. EJ and Sami argue about what has happened. She cries she thought Rafe could have helped and now they will never know. She just wants Sydney back! Rafe returns with an update. Someone was spotted
at the pier, making their way toward the ransom money ...!

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