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Tuesday, February 2, 2010 
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- At the cabin, eerie music is heard as Elvis plays with Sydney. Anna wonders if his good mood is due to the Sami and Rafe split. He is most pleased it is almost over. Anna points out he not only took away Samiís baby but now blew her chances with that guy. Elvis leers she brought it
on herself as she kept his daughta form him! She wonders if he is too cruel. He warns her not to defend Samantha to him. She states he sounds like his father! She sees it more from a mother's point of view. He coolly reminds her she is but his employee. Anna retorts that as little Syd grows up, she will feel  her father despises her mother. EJ drawls she presumes that Sydney is going to know her mother. "I hold all the cards." Thus, it
is up to him to decide whether Samantha will have her daughta in her life. Elvis later takes his leave, after telling her he is concerned she is spending too much time thinking about things that do not concern her. Once the gals are alone, Anna feels badly for Sydney, whose daddy is now a true DiMera!
- At Java Cafe, Nath and Steph start to make their online reservation for the lodge. He had forgotten about Mel's wedding, that Steph was helping. He gets paged. Steph wonders if he just wanted to get outta town the day of the wedding. Exit Nath as Ari arrives, to discuss said wedding. She fears she might not be able to attend as maid of honor. Outside, Nath
runs into Mel. He asks about her hand. It is fine and will not ruin her wedding. "What a relief," sarcastically says Nath and walks away. Mel enters in time to hear that Ari knows not how long she will be free. Mel agrees to get Stephanie involved in the wedding more and bump her up
to maid of honor if need be. Ari gets a call and takes off. Steph does not appear comfortable with the idea of being a bridesmaid. Mel wonders if
it is cos of Phil or Nathan! Not Phil. They have since moved on but Mel suspects she is still hung up on Phillip! Steph  insists she is not. Mel says she can prove it by being in her wedding. Ring ring! Tis Ari, with news. She is a free woman and can therefore confirm she will be the maid of honor. Mel is elated. So is Steph, who assumes she is off the hook. Mel, however, still wants her to be a bridesmaid.
- At the pub, Gus meets Madame, who admits she will eliminate Melanie on her wedding day. The question is how. Gus knows it will come to her. It always does. Viv toys with her coffee cup. To make Carly view her daughter die, she must somehow ensure she is at the wedding. Gus brings up that weddings are recorded so she will be able to see the delicious demise again and again. Vivian woefully admits she likes the girl. Enter Victor, who does not mince words. "What the hell are you two up to now!" Gus makes himself scarce. Vic takes a seat. What were they plotting? It had better not be against Melanie. She denies it and changes the subject to discuss how they can get revenge on Carly. Madame purrs they share the same core values, including family. She promises to fix everything and get Carly away from Bo. Vic repeats the ground rules. Nothing happens to Mel and keep his name out of it! "Got it," says she. "Good," mutters he. Exit Victor. Vivian's phone rings. Tis Gus. He has bought everything on her list. Madame adds she has another thing for
him to do as well. He later shows up at the pub with a bag for Madame Viv, who cackles Mel will never know what hit her come Valentine's
Day! Gus has also taken care of that little matter, in a fast and undetected fashion. Marvelous! Now he must just contact a certain someone, and make an appointment for her. Exit flunky Gus. Vivian gets tears in her eyes, aware that her game of revenge means that Carly will have to lose Melanie.
- At the hospital earlier, Mel and Carly chat. Mel insists her attending her wedding is a good idea, Carly does not want her to underestimate Vivian. Mel says she wishes to make up for her earlier rudeness. She giggles and hugs her it is settled, she is coming yay! Bo watches from a distance.Mel talks the yummy wedding menu. Carly reminds her she has not officially accepted. She smiles she will think about it. Mel giggles she still has to get her something. Besides, after the wedding, she and Phil will honeymoon
a long time. Might as well spend some time together before. Mel flounces off. Bo walks up and somberly informs Carly anyone could have seen them together. And if she goes to the wedding, Vivian will see her crying tears of joy and do the math. The satiation is too volatile. Besides, Viv clearly senses something. Bo is worried and decides Carly should move back in with him until the danger has passed. Besides, she makes him smile. She hopes so. He admits he needs her support. He will not pretend she is not a part of his life now, as she is indeed. She had not anticipated this when she returned. Bo points out he cannot make any promises and people will talk, yet maybe things will get better. Carly smiles YES and they hug on it.
- Chez Justin, Hope pops the puzzle box open and reads the contents. "Damn you, Brady. Damn you!" Justin asks what it is. Confirmation her marriage is toast! She reads Lawrence's letter, which ends "there will be blood." Justin quips it sounds like Hemmingway. Bo is not mentioned. Hope finds more. Carly had a baby but the father was not Lawrence, so
it must be Bo! She bitterly says it is like what happened with Billie. She soon calms down and thinks rationally. The secret is that Carly had a baby, though it is likely not Bo's. Justin laments the medical records do not indicate a clear birth date. Hope laments Bo chose not to confide in her. Justin reminds her she had already moved out when said secret came into his life. True. Hope admits her problems are indeed between her and Bo. She starts to feel sorry for Carly, whose life must be like hell.
- In the hospital OR, Nathan is working to separate a vessel. He makes
a mistake and the patient is almost lost. Dr. Carly steps in to finish the job. Afterwards, he tells Carly he has no explanation for why he was so distracted, but she does. He must have been thinking about Melanie. He evades. His personal life is personal. He will make sure he does not mess up again and departs. Carly tries to follow him but he gives her the brush off, insisting he has no issues with Melanie.
- At the station, Roman has given the following news to Arianna. No prison time, and she will be getting a commendation, He grins he and her bro make a good tag team. Ari hugs him with gratitude. He thanks her for her good work. If she needs anything, she just needs to holler. Ari thanks him, then informs him Anna is back in town. He ponders. She tells him she was calling EJ. Roman finds it odd his ex would not let him know and thanks her for the info. He agrees not to mention her name when he looks into it. Once alone, Roman whips out his phone and calls Anna, who is at the cabin. He asks where she is. "Spain," says she. "Wrong answer," says he. What is she doing in Salem and why didn't she want him to know about it?
- Hope and Justin head back to the house of Kiriakis, where she has put back Madame Vivian's box. Now she must speak with Bo. She thanks Justin for his help and hugs him. Victor spies them together and frowns. When Hope is gone, the Greek tycoon emerges. She is his son's wife
and Justin would do well to listen and stay away from her. Justin helps himself to a drink and suggests he tell that to Bo, who happens to be with Carly. Justin declares he is interested in Hope. She and Bo also happen to be history. Victor warns him to stay out of the mix, as big changes are coming. Justin smashes his glass in the fireplace, tells him to go to hell, and saunters off. Victor sighs.
- Bo returns home and pays the babysitter. Carly's bag is left in the living room as Bo steps outside to take a call from Abe cos the reception was bad inside. Someone approaches the suitcase. Eerie music is heard.
- Ari walks along and leaves a message for Brady on her phone. She has the greatest news! EJ happens by. "What's that?" he wonders. She turns around and faces him.
- Bo goes back inside and finds Carly's torn clothes all over the place!
He assumes it was Vivian and races upstairs, desperate to find Ciara.
- At Java Cafe, Mel gets Steph to agree to be in her wedding, after she says she just wants a friend. Mel sees the online reservation. Who is she going with? Steph pretends it is just a sorority sister.
- Down at the snowy pier, Hope is smug she knows the secret and turns around, wrapped up in her thoughts, only to bump into Viv. Madame's eyes widen as she drops the bag that contains a most lethal gift Ö!

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"Elvis is evicting me from my own home," Stefano sarcastically
tells Kate.

Carly's a nice person. You might like her.
No. I hate her! I hate her!

"What are you up to Vivian?" wonders Hope.