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Monday, February 1, 2010 
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- At home, Bo is on his computer talking to Ciara via webcam. Time
to go. He now answers the door to Carly, who has news. She talked to Mel and thinks she is ready to hear she is her mother. Bo points out it is too dangerous. Mel is too emotional to keep the secret, which would
make it easier on Viv. Carly finds it tough not to say she is her mother.
Bo suggests she see her less, in that case. He promises to help her thru
it. They sit on the sofa and discuss. Carly agrees Vivian would get the secret out of Mel, unfortunately. Bo wants to find a way to stop that b*tch. Carly appreciates his help. They start to kiss. Meanwhile, Ciara
has sat back down at the computer in Maggie's kitchen. Maggie and Caroline are in the living room. Ciara presses search and sees Bo and Carly kissing at the house. She sits and watches. She watches them
cuddle and hears Carly happily state she has her daughter Melanie! Bo refers to the danger of Vivian. Ciara watches and listens. The computer
is soon closed as they kiss and kiss. Caroline leaves with Ciara, to visit daddy ...
- Chez Bo, Carly opens the door to head off to work. She turns back
and tells Bo she loves him, unaware that Ciara and Caroline are standing there. Oops! She was just leaving ... Ciara races in to hug daddy. Mama Caroline sighs as she enters. Ciara goes off to draw a picture. Caroline gives Bo an accusing look. She is not impressed! Ciara was able to hear another woman say she loves him. Bo exclaims Hope is the one who started it. Caroline reminds him this is about Ciara and how she feels.
He complains he is trying but it is simply not possible to talk to Hope about anything. He thinks about his daughter all the time. Caroline wants him to ask the question what is best for Ciara and the answer has nothing to do with Carly Manning! Bo later gets a crayon for Ciara and sadly looks at a family photo ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Viv reads Epicurius and then calls Mel, inviting her to the day spa. She leaves a message to call her back. Hope appears, wondering why she is wrapped up in Melanie. Viv pours herself coffee from an elegant silver pot and coos it is about Phillip. Hope is doubtful. "What's in it for you?" she prods hoarsely and alludes to her wanting revenge. Madame reminds her Carly stole her husband and if she had
not ended Lawrence's life, she could have left well enough alone. Hope wonders what she means. Viv covers. Revenge was her original intention but then she got caught up in the spirit ... She excuses herself to go to a hair appointment. Hope whispers she has not changed and is still after Carly, but what has Melanie to do with it?
- At the hospital, Maxine is surprised to see the future Mrs. Kiriakis. Mel wants Carly to look at her hand but she is not on shift yet. However, Dr. Nathan is. He can examine her hand. "Don't touch me," pouts Mel as she pulls her hand away. Nath quips it does not seem they can have even a doctor patient relationship and walks away. Dr. Carly comes around the corner in time to have overheard. Afterwards, Carly has a look at Mel's hand in an examining room and they talk about her wedding. Carly thinks she should write her wedding vows. What she has been thru  has made her a person of substance. Melanie considers. Perhaps she will write her vows. Carly says they just have to be heartfelt. Mel now realizes Carly has given her unnecessary forms to fill out so they can talk about this. Carly mentions Nathan. Mel insists they are over and she has no feelings for him. Carly says there is nothing wrong with admitting she has feelings for him still. She is not in trouble. Not yet. Mel confesses things might be complicated. Carly says she is young so having feelings for two guys is normal. Perhaps she is trying too hard too soon to be a grown-up. If she got married now, she could be unhappy. Mel wonders. Does she mean she should leave Phillip and give Nathan another chance? Carly suggests slowing down. Mel tells her she loves Phil, who accepts her for who she
is and she is sure she can make him happy. Carly relents. Mel now points out Bo will be at the wedding, so maybe she should come too. Carly's eyes are filled with joy ...
- At the pub, Justin joins gloomy Stephanie, who laments she loves a guy whom she thinks does not love her back. Justin thinks then he must be an idiot! He is not good enough for her and must also have terrible eyesight. Steph admits it is Nathan, who claimed he was over the other girl. Justin does not think Nathan the straight shooter would lie about such a thing. Steph feels he is really lying to himself. Justin suggests she ask Nathan how he really feels. Ring ring! Call for lawyer Justin, who steps away. Steph considers his words.
Hope is later at the pub, speaking to someone on the phone. She will talk to her husband about it, she says. She now places a call to Henderson
and pretends to be looking for Vivian. She is not at the mansion. Hope thanks him and prepares to leave. Justin approaches her, annoyed she called Adrianne to give him another chance. Hope, however, has other things on her mind, and gets him to go with her ...
- Stephanie and Nathan are going for a walk in the snow. Her boot gets wet so he helps her take it off. He has gotten a few days break from the hospital. He would like to go to Pine Valley ski lodge, 2 hours away. He asks her to go with him. She smiles and puts the boot back on. What a wonderful idea! He suggests they go Valentine's Day. Steph replies she cannot do that. She is helping Mel with the wedding on Valentine's Day. How about the 15th? They agree and seal the deal with a kiss.
- Chad's D.A. pop is hard at work in his office. He is testy before a trial. Chad appreciates his letting him invite his pals to the Olympics. Pop D.A. thinks he deserves to have fun after what he as been thru. He is pleased Mia is out of his life for good.
- At Java Cafe, Gaby excitedly discusses with Kinsey and T that Chad invited her too. Kinsey thinks he has the hots for her and talks of him wanting to warm her by the fire. Chad soon joins his friends, who are thrilled about the planned trip. Mia and Will are at a table nearby. Chad asks Gaby if she has finished packing. Mia excuses herself from new blonde Will as Chad boasts of the huge fireplace at the condo. She has to go to Maggie's. So she says ...
- Will later heads to Maggie's place, to find Mia, but she is not there! He confides in Maggie that he does not understand her anymore. Meanwhile, Mia has ventured to the D.A.'s office to cause trouble. He is not pleased to see her. He heard she was out of Chad's life!  She gets in a thank you for the invitation to the Vancouver condo with Chad. The D.A. is mad.
- Mia returns to the cafe, where Will asks why she was not at Maggie's. She claims she was not in a good mood and decided to go for a walk. Chad now gets a call from his pop. "What!" says he, then gives bad news to his friends. His dad said he cannot use the condo and accused him of acting like a child. Kinsey is upset. Chad is sorry. So is Gaby. Miss Mia approaches and smiles smugly. They could always watch the Olympics
on tv!
- Viv sits at the cafe and looks thru a bridal magazine, after canceling her hair appointment. She wants to make Melanie's wedding something no one can forget ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Hope and Justin quietly enter. Hope is after
the prize - the box. She leaves pal Justin downstairs to stand guard and mutters she is sorry about her call to Adrianne. He quips there would be an easy solution!  Moments later, enter Vivian, perplexed that Justin says she does not look like she had her hair done. Unseen, Hope now slowly descends the stairs holding a bag. Justin takes Vivian side and insists he must discuss something with her! He asks her to talk to Victor and put in
a good word for him. Hope comes along and says she thought Vivian
was getting her hair done. Madame snaps why is everyone so interested
in her hair and waltzes out. Hope tells Justin she got it, though they still have a problem.
- At the pub, Madame Viv now joins Gus and hisses she will eliminate Melanie on her wedding day!
- Elsewhere, Hope is sitting with Justin and gets the Chinese puzzle box open, She reads the contents and quietly damns Bo ...!.

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"She watched Lawrence die, now she's going to watch her own
daughter die!" Viv tells Gus.
"This situation is way too volatile," Bo warns Carly.
"Don't you see," cries Hope to Justin, waving the paper from the box. "This explains everything!"