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Thursday, August 27, 2009
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Kate walks through the park and has a wild daydream about
Dan the man. There is something she simply has to do ...
- Meanwhile, Daniel is seated at his computer, also thinking of Kate's longing for him, though not in a positive way! The black widow, he deduces, is simply out of control. He tries to contact Lexie on his cell.
- At the hospital, Lexie is in Chloe's room and sees that Dan is calling her. She reminds Nathan they are not supposed to have any communication with him at present and therefore does not answer. Leaving Chloe's room, she is preoccupied with thoughts of Ciara,
as is Theo, who awaits in the hall with Abe. Dr. Lexie assures
Theo his little friend is fine and discusses with Mayor Abe. Abe soon makes an announcement after receiving confirmation. Ciara
has been found safe and sound! Nathan is overjoyed and twirls Melanie around. Mel smiles hat Philip is going to be very happy. Later on, Kate waltzes in and attempts to enter Chloe's room, but takes off when she spies Nathan. Dr. Nathan notes Miss Mel is
sad. She gets testy and wonders if he has called Stephanie. She stops herself and says she is sorry if she seemed mad. He is sorry
if he has hurt her feelings. Mel now knows she overreacted and misunderstood the situation when he spoke to Steph while on their date. He is curious about Phil and Steph. Mel updates him. It is likely those two are about to reconcile and she has come to terms with it. Nevertheless, her eyes are filled with sadness.
- Phil and Stephanie walk thru the woods together, having become involved in the search for little Ciara. Phil is on his cell with Brady and informs him he does not intend to return home.Moments later, they hear a noise. They head towards it to investigate and meet up with a cop, who tells them the good news about Ciara being found. The happy pair go to the Cheatin Heart, where Phil buys drinks for all the volunteers who helped search for Ciara. He then admits he has no job or money. Steph toys with her beer and points out her salary can be for the both of them, as she is now a hospital admin assistant. However, they don't have a great track record together. Phil grins they love each other and that counts for something. She points out their families will not exactly be thrilled about their reconciliation, yet she believes honesty will get them through all
trials and tribulations. Honesty. Phil flashes back to his tryst with Mel and quietly agrees. He then promises the past is in the past.
- Outside the cabin, Ciara innocently repeats to Hope that Officer Dean is not the one who saved her. Dean's eyes flicker and he prepares to draw his gun. Ciara elaborates. It was daddy and mommy who saved her!  Bo joins them. Dean points out they never stopped looking, Ciara stares at him. Hope is in tears.
Ciara tries to make her feel better. As they walk away together,
Bo pauses and clutches his head.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Brady receives word that Ciara was rescued. Dan brings up saving Chloe now that the child is safe. Brady explains he has looked into the drug Dan plans to administer to her and it could kill her, so he is not comfortable with the idea
of helping him give it to her. The passionate doc insists it would save her life. He laments that Kate the monster continues to run around a free woman, in spite of what she has done to Chloe -
and set him up. He is mad Lucas will not cooperate. Brady points out papa Craig might be able to help Dan with Chloe. No, Lucas is in control, as he is her husband. Dan eventually calls Justin, who is not exactly keen to hear his theories on Kate. His lawyer would rather focus on proving his innocence. Desperate Dan then tells Brady that he is Kate's Achilles heel. The woman is OBSESSED with him and making him suffer. Love and hate mixed up in a psychological cocktail from hell! Brady considers. Given these circumstances, it does make sense. She is crazy over-protective
of her sons. Dan laments the real victim in all this is Chloe. He
asks again if he will help him. This time the answer is "Alright."
- At the park, Melanie meets up with Brady, who announces he needs her help. Actually, Chloe does. Mel is curious. Brady states that Daniel holds the key. Could Melanie steer them to someone like an intern, who would be able to follow Dan's directions, but remain discreet? Nothing should be suspected. Does she happen to know someone suitable? "I just might," says she.
- Back at the hospital, Kate slips into sleeping Chloe's room and continues to taunt the Salem patient.
Elsewhere, Lexie assures Roman and Abe that Officer Dean will
be fine. Roman will start his paperwork for his commendation in
the morning. He soberly informs Lexie that the freak who snatched Ciara turned out to be a registered sex offender. Bo and Hope now enter with Ciara. Hope would like Lexie to also check out the bump on Bo's head, but he downplays it. When Hope goes off with Ciara and Lexie, to have her examined, Bo tells big bro Roman he does not believe that man did anything more to his daughter than give
her candy. But what if he did? Lexie eventually returns with good news. There were no signs of physical abuse on Ciara. Bo is visibly relieved.
- In Chloe's room, Kate leers that she will end up all alone. Daniel
will get the needle and that will be the day they both get what they deserve! Enter Dr. Nathan. What the hell is she doing there? She
is her mother-in-law! She alludes to the fact that poor Lucas is lost without her and so conflicted. Kate says nothing can be done for her now. Nathan asks if she even wants Chloe to get better. Kate goes on to say that Chloe was not the only one who was harmed
by Daniel. Poor innocent Lucas was as well. Nathan points out
that Lucas should not be making decisions on Chloe's treatment if he feels a victim. Kate leers it is none of his business and takes her leave.
- Outside, Mel arranges to meet Nathan and implores him to help Dan. He considers. The risks are high. However, given what he
just witnessed of Kate first hand, perhaps he should talk to him!
- Dr. Dan is down at the pier, where he drinks and suddenly has a new vision of his beloved Chloe! They kiss. He wants her to know he would never do this if he did not love her so much. She loves him too and trusts him. When he blinks back to reality, he vows to do whatever it takes! Along comes black widow Kate. She remarks he has been drinking. He gets closer and closer ...
- Still at the hospital, Bo and Hope learn that Dean is about to be released and walk out of smiling Ciara's room to see him. Officer Dean gives Bo and Roman his statement. It was when he saw the perp cover Ciara with a blanket that he made the decision not to wait for backup. Hope sadly says Ciara must have been ever so scared. She then sits in the waiting area with Bo and perceives he believes there was a third person involved. Bo is clearly focused
on finding out what Ciara knows. If there was a third man, they simply must find him! Moments later, he stands up and loses his balance. Hope tells Lexie, who takes him off for a quick exam.
Roman wheels Dean up and Hope thanks him for saving her daughter's life. Roman soon has news. Nothing connects either kidnapper to Bo or Hope. Dean takes it all in.
Lexie concludes that Bo has a concussion, but the commissioner refuses to stay the night at the hospital. He soon carries sleeping Ciara, ready to take her home. She calls out "Mommy no!" and Hope whispers she was having a nightmare. Dean is wheeled back out by Roman and Lexie writes him a prescription. The killer cop nervously flicks his lighter the same way he did when Ciara was held captive. Ciara hears the familiar noise and flashes back to
being in the cabin, while she sleeps uneasily in her father's arms,
a few feet away from her worst enemy ...!

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