Days of Our Lives Summary August 26, 2009
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009
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At DiMera mansion, Nicole tries to give Rafe the brush off, but
he insists it is important. He wants to know what her connection
to Sami is once and for all! He is also curious about her connection to Grace, What was it? He stares her down. Nicole insists she is Sami's friend and berates him for abandoning her. Rafe feels that
is not her concern.
- Meanwhile, Sami is on the phone, surprised to hear from none other than Baker. He starts to say he has something to tell her
about Grace! Within seconds, however, it is Dick who is in for a shock, when he learns that Grace has passed away. Sami wonders why he was calling her, if not to offer his condolences. Baker babbles about contact with his patients and hastily ends the call, pretending he has a visitor. He now considers what to do next as the plot has indeed thickened.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole's cell rings. Rafe wonders why she does not wish to answer it. The truth is, she has spied Baker's number and knows she should not take that call in the presence of Mr. FBI! Moments later, Baker calls again. Rafe suggests she answer. "Could be an emergency." Aware that not to do so would further arouse his suspicions, Nicole answers and informs the doc that she cannot talk. Dick, however, is ready to talk and lets her know he has heard of Grace's death. Had he known, he would
have arranged to send flowers to Mia, says he. He casually adds that this ups the ante. He will be needing even more money for her secret. Nicole quickly ends the call and claims it concerned baby photos of Sydney. Rafe gives her a look. "I don't think so." She says it was Sami and talks on. Rafe points out they in a way share
a child - Johnny. Nicole grabs a photo of Johnny away after he picks it up. When her back is turned, Rafe pockets the phone, tells her to take it easy, and departs. Once alone, Nicole wonders where her cell is and then it dawns on her that Rafe took it!
- Outside the teen party, miffed Mia accuses Chadman of just wanting her to go with him. After what happened the first time, no way, no how, says she. Chad feels she is implying something happened after they were together. What was it? Kinsey honks impatiently. Mia throws at Chad that he was the one who broke
up with her anyway. Chadman implores her not to drive off with the drunk and gets his own keys. Moments later, Kinsey has just pulled away and a loud crash is heard!
- At the motel, Bo, Hope, and Roman study the map that Kyle left behind, with three encircled locations. Hope still disapproves of what Bo has done and fears what the kidnappers have already
done to Ciara.
- At the cabin, replay of the return of the psycho cop pulling his
gun and firing it! Kyle goes down, clutching his bleeding chest.
Next it is crying gal pal Brenda's turn. He dares her to kill the kid. She cannot and begs him to reconsider. They are a team. Mean Dean, however, prefers to work alone. He gives her the kiss of death and shoots her at close range. Once again, he shoots ta kill! Bo and Hope are nearby, searching the woods, and hear the shots. They race in, guns drawn, and find the dead kidnappers, with wounded Officer Dean and Ciara. A happy reunion ensues. Commissioner Bo asks what went down. Dean plays the hero and pretends he had no chance to call for backup once he found the kidnappers. He fails to mention he shot them in cold blood and
then put a wound in his shoulder so he would at least have an
injury to show! All of a sudden, Kyle moves slightly, as he is not quite so dead after all!
- At the pub, Will and Lucas discuss Ciara's kidnapping. Will has decided to stay the night there, with Caroline, who is taking the whole thing badly. They then talk Mia. Papa Lucas points out the girl comes with baggage, but Will insists he will not get hurt. Lucas thinks she has secrets. Ring ring! Will receives word that Mia is at the hospital and takes off.
- Lucas then goes to see Sami, to help prepare the kids, who are
off to visit Marlena. Sami eventually mentions Baker's phone call, how he was unaware of Grace's passing. When Lucas hears that Sami now considers Nicole her friend, he appears doubtful. "What are you thinking?!" She points out Nicole is a friend to Chloe as well. Lucas bitterly alludes to the fact that he is done with Chloe, despite still being in love with her. Sometimes being in love is not enough. He wants to protect Will from such heartbreak, which is why he disapproves of Mia. The girl with a past. Sami appears distracted. Lucas now talks Rafe. He is sorry for her pain and can identify, as these days he too is a loser in love. She complains
Rafe did not care about her enough to share the secrets of his past. After the children have left, Sami wonders why Baker really called her earlier ...
- At the hospital, Mia is fine, as she did not get in the totaled car. The cops tell her she should be grateful. Chad is there at well and they look at each other. She thanks him for saving her life and they embrace. Enter Will. He too thanks Chadman for saving Mia.
Chad is just sorry he did not prevent Kinsey from driving. When
he visits princess Kinsey, who has a mild case of whiplash, she laments her parents will be livid and he gets annoyed as she almost endangered Mia. Always Mia! She thinks that it is time for him to move on already. Chadman dismisses the notion and alludes to
their connection, which burns as intensely as ever. He is sure of it!  In the hall, Will offers Mia a sympathetic ear about what happened, but she would rather write of the incident in her trusted journal. Chad has just come out and overhears!
- At the pub, Rafe investigates Nicole's cell and discovers that her last call came from the Dominic Republic. The Caribbean! Now all he needs is Baker's address there ...
- Back at the cabin, Bo takes a closer look at Kyle, who reacts with violence against the commissioner, hitting him on the head with a piece of wood. Dean springs into action and grabs him. Kyle starts to say he did not act alone, but then dies for good this time! Dean releases him. The cops arrive to sweep the area. Bo informs
Roman that Kyle claimed he had not worked alone. Perhaps he meant his partner was his sister. Roman thinks they need to check it out further. Officer Dean is called a hero.
Hope, having been happily reunited with Ciara, thanks him as
well, and tells her daughter that this man rescued her. "No, he didn't," she says, blinking innocently ...!

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What you're asking me to do is ...
To help save a life!

Kate taunts sleeping Chloe that there is no one left to help her.
She will lie there all alone.

"Now what about Philip and Stephanie?" asks Nathan. "They're probably gonna get back together," says Mel.

Steph toys with her beer and points out they don't have the best
track record. "But we love each other. That counts for something," grins Phil.