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Friday, May 1, 2009
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Chez Sami, Lucas has been summoned. She did not tell EJ about Grace, and asks him to keep her secret. He suspects that it has something to do with Philip. She replies it does. They discuss the DiMeras not believing Tony's death was an accident. Sami then remembers how at the church EJ was calm and collected and did
not care that he was involved in the presumed revenge killing.
"This is the father of two of your children," says Lucas. He adds someone else knows. Sami flips. He told Chloe?! Lucas is talking about Rafe. He wonders if can he be trusted. Seeing disappointment in Sami’s face, he pries. He thought things were well between her
and FBI guy. So did she. Lucas wonders if they can trust him about Grace. Yes, says Sami but he still has this thing about EJ. He almost left town when he heard she wanted to tell him about Grace. Lucas notes it sounds like he is still around. Sami clarifies. She got him to stay  and things were wonderful. Until EJ happened. Lucas now understands. Sami whispers she fears she might have scared Rafe away. They drink tea and Sami admits she can be difficult, but does not have the feelings EJ claims she does. Lucas asks her to rewind. She brings him up to speed. She'd already interrupted the wedding when she decided not to say anything to those DiMera killers, which explains why EJ and his huge ego now thinks she has feelings for him. "What a tangled web you weave!" teases Lucas. Sami laments EJ refuses to listen. Lucas has one question. Is she being honest when she says she does not care for EJ? Sami stands up and snaps she does not care for EJ. Lucas, however, states she is protesting
too much. She felt compelled to tell him that they shared another child. She gasps and complains about EJ. She could kill him. Lucas again wants to know if she is sure she does not have feelings for
him. She insists she does not care. Lucas warns her to make sure history does not repeat itself. She accuses him of being smug. She could never love a killer like him. Lucas will continue to honor her secret. He does not want to see her get hurt again. Sami replies she will not get hurt because she is not going to tell EJ the truth about Grace. He reminds her she will have to spend time with him cos
of Johnny and she will be tempted by him. Sami denies it. Lucas reminds her that EJ almost killed his brother and he is not going to
let anyone else be hurt by the likes of him! He remembers the last time Sami insisted she was over EJ, turned out she was pregnant with his baby. He has heard it all before. In addition, he is not very happy about his daughter being part of the DiMera family. He suggests Sami get her feelings straight. She needs to grow up.
- On the pier, Arianna is so happy to have Rafe back in her life.
They hug and she teases she wants him to buy her breakfast. They go to the Java Cafe and she says it is good to know he has not changed. They talked a lot about her last night, but he deflected any questions about himself. She talks about his FBI job. He suggests espresso. She wants to know what is going on. He admits he is no longer with the agency. Arianne a suspects his last assignment was
a woman he fell for. "Man some things never change!" she laughs when he does not deny it. She asks if she was worth it because he loved that job. Was she worth losing it over? Rafe does not know. Arianna cannot believe it is already over. Rafe does not know about that either. Arianna declares she found him just in time. Rafe grins. He brings up the good offer he had since leaving the agency.Central Office Homeland Security. She realizes he turned it down and thinks it is because of this awful woman who has seems to have made him a loser. He defends her and mentions her name is Sami.
- At the busy hospital, Dan walks away from Kate as he is pressed for time. Kate watches him, remembering seeing him kiss Chloe.
She does not seem to be thru with him just yet! When Kate walks into the hall, Chelsea takes her aside. She has spoken to the U.K. doctor, and Billie will need a long recuperation. Kate got a ticket for London and will leave tonight. Chelsea says she should stay, due to Phillip's condition. She offers to go in her place. Kate thinks she should stay for her school, her career, and Max. Chelsea insists, as she knows her mother needs her. Dan approaches and asks what is wrong. Kate explains Billie was in a very serious car accident. Dan
is sorry and asks about her prognosis. Severe injuries but she is stable. Kate recalls Jack and Jennifer live in London and goes off to call them. Chelsea regrets she did not call her mom earlier. She had wanted to tell her about her and Max, she smiles. Dan notes she is happy. "That's great." She smiles she knows he means that. He says friends like it when their friends are happy. Chelsea insists she will
go to London instead of Kate. Dan teases she sounds like Kate but Chelsea says she is nothing like Kate. Dan hears Billie is at Kent Hospital in Mayfair, where he happens to have a friend. He offers
to call his pal to see how she is doing. Chelsea appreciates it. Dan tells her he will miss her around the hospital. Chelsea smiles and thanks him. They hug on it as Kate comes back. Jack and Jennifer are in Africa visiting Bill. Chelsea asks Dan to call his pal and say
she will try to get there as soon as possible, possibly tomorrow, but no one will be there before then. Kate disagrees. Dan excuses himself.  Kate makes a snide remark about Dan and tells Chelsea
she will go home and pack. Her cell rings. It is about Billie. Kate is upset so Chelsea continues the convo. She will be there soon, she tells the U.K. hospital, and ends the call. She assures Kate that Billie will be okay. Kate praises her for being strong. Chelsea walks off to tell her supervisor she is leaving. Dan joins Kate and states "I think you and I should talk." She thinks he is right. She thinks Chelsea should be the one to go to London. Kate adds she is tired and anything could pop out of her mouth right now. She wants to tell Dan something, yet does not know where to start. Dan is paged.
She retorts she will wait for just the right moment.
- Elsewhere at the hospital, Chelsea runs into Theo, Abe, and Lexie. She tells them of Billie's accident in London and that she is going to be there with her as she undergoes all her operations. Chelsea gets Theo a paper airplane and tells him she has to go away for a while
to see her mommy. She will miss him. He hugs her. Lexie thanks
her for everything. She will miss her.
Chelsea returns to Kate. Time to say goodbye. They both become teary-eyed and hug. Chelsea tells her she does not fit the stereotype but she thinks she is the best grandmother ever. "Bye." She smiles and walks away. Kate wipes the tears from her face and tells herself it is just as well she is going - because things are about to get a lot worse!
- Chelsea is now at home, and leaves a message for Max that they need to talk in person.
- At Java Cafe, Chloe joins Will. She wonders why he is not in school. Teacher's conference. How does he like Salem High? He complains everyone hangs out in clubs. She points out he is on the baseball team. He says that is his club and he is therefore considered a jock. Chloe recalls how she used to hate high school cliques too.
She was never really popular. Will asks if she knew his dad back then. He then remembers that was when his dad was really in love with his mom. Chloe remarks they always end up talking about his mom. He is sorry. No, she is. She is sorry his parents split up, though she had nothing to do with breaking them up. Will now wonders how Lucas could have put up with Sami for so long. He believes his dad is better off with Chloe . He can count on her and that means a lot.  When their chat is over, Chloe then goes to get some fresh air on the pier and runs into father Matt.
- Back at Sami's place, Lucas says he wants her to be careful with
EJ and honest with him. Also, he does not like Rafe challenging EJ for the kids' sake. One must keep things as calm as possible. Sami is unsure what is happening with Rafe so Lucas suggests she find out. She thanks him for being there for her. He thinks they have to stick together. She appreciates his friendship and she knows her secret is safe with him. She puts her head on his shoulder. Enter Will, who wonders what she means, that her secret is safe with him! He gets mad she is dragging his father into one of her crazy schemes. Lucas tells him not to talk to his mother like that and reminds him he does not know everything at his age. Will wants to know the secret Lucas is supposed to keep. Sami covers. She does not want anyone else to know that there might be more to her and Rafe's relationship than just friendship. Will looks doubtful. He just saw him at Java Cafe. Sami decides she must go and see him. Will asks for money for babysitting Grace again. Exit Sami. Lucas hands will some money and decides to find Chloe. Will just saw her at the pier and he
invited her to one of his baseball games. He likes her. Lucas likes
his attitude. Will brings up the secret. Does he tell Chloe about the secrets he has? Lucas says he thinks Chloe has some secrets of her own and walks out the door.
- On the pier, Father Matt talks with Chloe. She smiles that her marriage has been smooth sailing. Things are going well with the kids, but Lucas is having some tough times because his brother was shot. Matt realizes she did not tell her husband about the affair. Chloe thinks that would be too much to dump on him. Besides, Lucas surviving the explosion was a true miracle. And a part of the miracle was that he did not remember her indiscretion. Even Maggie agreed to keep her secret. Now she has some peace of mind. Who knows. Maybe when Philip gets better, they will have their wedding in a church. Being married, she thinks, feels like a new beginning. It wipes the past away. The priest says his organization is big on forgiveness, especially if one wants to change. Chloe says she also knows there are some secrets that are meant to be kept, even from one's husband, not realizing but Lucas has just come around the corner!
- At Jave Cafe, unbeknownst to Rafe, Sami has just rushed in, only to overhear him tease Arianna that he knows she wants to hear that
he loves her and no one will ever take her place in his heart. Sami frowns and fights back the tears.
- Back at the hospital, Dan returns to Kate. He is ready for their chat. Is it her health? No. She needs advice about a problem. She now knows for sure but Chloe was having a fling while engaged to Lucas. Dan becomes uncomfortable. Kate informs him she is shattered. She knows that Chloe was cheating on her son. He pretends he cannot believe it. "You can't believe it," Kate whispers
in disgust, "when you are the man she was who*ing around with!"

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"I love you but I can't live like this," Steph tells Phil and he jumps out of bed. "Stephanie, wait!"
"I'm happy just the way they are," Chloe smiles at Lucas, who
asks "Are you really?"
"She lied, she betrayed my son!" Kate explodes at Dan.
"Were you ever gonna mention that you're in love with someone else!" Sami cries at baffled Rafe.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


At the hospital, Steph is on her cell. She has a surprise in store for Phillip - a trip to Greece. She then enters his room and kisses the Salem patient. He knows that smug look and would like to know what it is all about. Steph hands him the newspaper, what she calls boring financial magazines. He sees a picture of EJ and Nicole and shoves the paper aside. He wants to get out of there,as he has things to do. Steph thinks he should not get stressed out. She reminds him that when the docs let him go home, it will be to the mansion and
not the office. "I can take care of my enemies just as easily from there," the prodigal son says ominously. Steph is bothered he is in revenge mode. "The DiMeras ordered the hit on me." he explains
and he has no intention of forgiving and forgetting. She wants him
to get away from the feuding. She thinks she has a way. She now reaches into her bag and pulls out plane tickets. How about he run away with her? Bedridden Phil is not impressed. No, he cannot run away with her. She suggests he think of it as r and r and looks at
him hopefully. He senses she just wants to get him away from Stefano. She sighs they both need it. They can start a new life in Greece, maybe open a business, travel, just the two of them. "And never come back to Salem," he finishes. Yes says she, if that's what it takes to keep him safe.
- Elsewhere in the hospital, nosy Chelsea looks for med school applications on a computer. Miss Mel happens by and gleefully
thinks to herself that she is soooo busted! Mel now cheerfully sidles up to Dr. Baker and asks him what is up. He asks her to do a favor and make sure one of the rooms is cleaned up. She agrees and tells him there is something he should know. She does not wish to get anyone in trouble but ..."I saw one of our trainees doing something completely unethical and I think I should report it." Baker is all ears. Moments later, he approaches Chelsea at the computer and points out trainees do not have access to admissions data. "I can explain," she cringes. "I think you'd better, Miss Brady," says he. Mel smiles
in the distance and opens her cell phone.
- At the pub, Max asks Arianna if Chelsea has returned yet. She has not seen her. A frown creases Max's brow. His cell rings. Tis sister Mel and she says it is important. She asks him not to say he heard it from her but his girlfriend is at work getting grilled by a doctor. And she thinks she might have ruined his chances for Salem U med school!
- At the hospital, Max arrives and watches Baker with Chelsea. She
is sorry but points out she was not trying to change anything and besides everything was written in code she could not decipher. The doc asks what is so interesting about their med school admissions. She says her boyfriend applied and she was just trying to see ... Baker realizes she wanted to see if he had been accepted. She is sorry and repeats she saw nothing. She hopes he will not tell her boss. Baker considers. He will let it slide this time though he has his eye on her and if he ever catches her doing such a thing again ... Chelsea promises she has learned her lesson. The doc walks off.
Max walks up. Chelsea looks mortified. He asks her what that was about. She says it was not as bad as it sounded or looked. And what is he doing there? Chels does the math and realizes Mel must have told him. Max smiles uncomfortably.
Mel has arrived outside Phil's room. The guard lets her in with his meal. She enters with the tray as Phil tells Steph what he said is not open for discussion. Steph's cell rings. It is her parents so he advises her to go take the call. Steph sighs and walks out of the room, shutting the door behind herself. Mel slides over his dinner on the tray. He wonders if he should eat anything served by her.She teases he thinks it is pepper on his goulash but it is really arsenic (it is
called paprika, people!) He quips it would not surprise him one bit. She laments about her current situation and he says at least she did not take a bullet. He asks her for a pillow so she places one behind his head. She is sorry for all that happened. She never would have messed with the DiMeras had she known it would turn out this way. She hopes that he will kick their butts! Phil ponders her words. "Not everyone shares that sentiment." Mel elaborates. She has been on
the wrong side of the DiMeras and she would love to see them fried, too. She thinks that if Phil has something planned, then he should go for it. Steph is outside Phil's room, sighs, and tosses the plane tickets in the garbage. Inside the room, Phil thanks Mel for her support.She leaves as Steph re-enters. He hopes they are cool and she is okay with his decision not to go to Greece. Of course. Steph now forces
a smile and gets on the bed beside him. Outside the room, Mel starts
to put something in the garbage and comes across the plane tickets Steph has just thrown away. She looks at the couple through the window and raises her eyebrows. Trouble in paradise it would seem!
- At DiMera mansion, replay of EJ in bed with Nicole, seeing Sami's face! He pulls away for a moment, shocked. Nicole wonders what is the matter. He is evasive. She insists that he tell her what is troubling him. Elvis claims it is not her concern! Furthermore, he arrogantly says he has no intention of sharing all his private thoughts with her and becoming like some couples, who find themselves "pathetically joined at the hip." Nicole persists. He accuses her of trying to pick
a fight. When his cell rings, his new bride glumly gets out of bed and says she will check on Sydney. Meanwhile, Elvis speaks with his contact. Tis murderous Masi calling. He has been trying to reach Stefano. "I told you, you report to me directly from now on," Elvis orders. Masi declares the job is about to be finished. Shirtless EJ arrogantly says he does not care what his father ordered him to do! Suddenly there is static on the line. "Hello?" Masi is still there. Elvis tells him they are not taking any more steps until they are sure he is out of the country and there is no further risk. Masi retorts he can handle it. EJ loses his patience. "Whatever you have planned, stop it!" There is static again and they are cut off for good. Masi's face is dark. "This time the job will be completed."
- Nicole is in her robe heading downstairs with "Sydney DiMera." She happily walks into the living room and says no one can take her away from her now. She has high hopes for her future. Her little princess will have it all. Nicole sighs. Her life will be like a fairytale, and she hopes in this is chapter 1. She believes she and EJ and Syd will have wonderful adventures together. Enter Maid Mary, who wishes Mrs. DiMera a good evening. She had the night off, but the fishing charter changed times on her and the boat had already left when she arrived. Sydney gets unhappily noisy. Maid Mary heard
the wedding was beautiful. Nicole says it was the happiest day of
her life. Maid Mary now takes crying Sydney to feed her and put
her back down for the new lady of the house. She walks off with
the baby. "I love you," Nicole calls after them. She sighs again and returns to her bedroom. EJ shuts his cell phone. He takes her by the hand and wants her to smile. They get back to what they had been doing before. EJ's cell phone ringing interrupts them again. It is one of his father's associates, he explains, and accepts the call. He says
he will check it out and ends the call. Nicole wants him to let it wait and takes off her robe. She smiles and pushes him back in bed. He smiles back and they return to what they were doing. Afterwards, Nicole tells EJ he makes her so happy. However, something does
not feel right. She has no clue what he and his father are doing. He becomes impatient and reminds her she knew what she was getting into when she got involved with the family. She says she is his wife. Ominous music is heard as Elvis tells her one of the things that he liked about her was the fact that she was independent. Nicole moans she has a bodyguard and he will not tell her more than that. She wants answers. Or does he just plan on leaving her in the dark? EJ kisses and confesses that is exactly what he wants to do. "If you
can't accept that, then this marriage is going to fail," he warns. She thinks it sounds like an ultimatum. "That is because it is."He advises her against continuing her attempt to interrogate him about things
that do not concern her. He now reminds her she failed to tell him about the work she did with the teenagers, and at that time she told him she did not need to report to him or tell him her every move. Nicole moans that was different. He informs her the conversation is over. Elvis gets out of bed to fetch more champagne and check his
e-mail. Alone, Nicole wonders what is distracting him. And it is not business. She flashes back to finding out he visited Samantha that night. "Sami!" She becomes worried what will happen if EJ finds
out Sydney is Sami's baby and then stops herself from having such thoughts as he will never find that out. Nervous Nicole then calls Baker on his cell. "Whaaat?" he wonders. He has no time to chat right now. She insists he listened to what she has to say. The doc listens and replies that Sami Brady is not his problem. Nicole disagrees. He must leave town before he is connected to the switch and it is too late. Baker ends the call.
Downstairs, EJ is holding a champagne bottle and addresses Fatha's portrait. Their friend will not be making any moves again without their permission. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to him, Masi the killer is on the phone, leering about a job that will be going down at Salem University hospital. "Excellent." The cash and instructions have been left at Pier 52. There is an envelope. Moments later, a gloved hand
at the dark Salem pier takes out the instructions and cash from the envelope, along with a picture of Phillip Kiriakis!
- At the pub, Max and Chelsea have returned. Chels is mad at Mel but Max points out she did not get in any trouble and pours himself
a coffee. He is not upset that she looked at his application,though he is upset that she felt he had she had to. She complains again about Mel, yet he would rather concentrate on them and gives her a kiss. All of a sudden, Chelsea cell rings. The call concerns Billie. Max gives her a pen so she writes down the name of the U.K. hospital
she is in. When the call is over, she laments to Max that her mom Billie has been in an accident.
- At Sami's place, she and Rafe continue to disagree. He gets his jacket and prepares to split. Sami asks him to stop. Rafe wonders what would have happened if Sami had succeeded in stopping EJ's wedding and the young DiMera had told her he wanted her. Sami gets sarcastic. He wishes she would not joke. He thinks she led EJ on. She thinks the fact that she wanted to tell him about Grace had nothing to do with leading him on. Rafe points out the reason EJ thinks she is madly in love with him is because she interrupted the wedding. She is not worried as he is a married man now. Rafe
thinks there was more to him coming by than just  dropping off brochures. He gets sarcastic. He would not come over the day after his wedding if he was not interested in her. Which brings him back
to his original question. Sami looks him squarely in the eye. "I am
not in love with EJ." She gets closer and they start to kiss and kiss - until Rafe pulls away, his face tormented. He insists he will not be her rebound guy. He remembers how upset she was when EJ called months earlier about Nicole and moving on. He is front and center
in her life all over again. Sami complains he just keeps turning up. Rafe says that is because she turned up at the wedding and then he came by here. He thinks she likes the attention and making Elvis jealous. He wonders if she arranged to be doing something with him when EJ came by. Sami announces they do have a problem if that
is what he thinks of her. What next? He is not sure, says he will talk to her later, and saunters out as Will enters. Will shuts the door and asks what happened. Sami is fighting back the tears.Will is surprised Rafe has not left town and asks if they are getting back together. "I don't know," Sami sadly admits.
- Down at the pier, Rafe tosses pebbles in the water. Arianna approaches and calls him by name. He turns around in surprise. "Arianna."  "I never thought I'd see you again!" she exclaims. He replies he never thought he would see her either and gives her a hug.
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ has received an email from Fatha
and opens it, reading with interest. "Well, looks like my instincts about Baker were right. More than a few skeletons in your closet,
I see ...!"

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"This is my mother we're talking about. I'm not just going to stay here when I know she needs me there," Chelsea says to Kate.
Will tells Chloe he was wrong. "My dad's better off with you."
Sami glumly informs Lucas "Rafe's not here. Lucas, I think I
scared him away."
Arianna smiles across the table at Rafe. "Looks like I found you
again just in the nick of time!"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Shirtless Rafe and Sami kiss their way to the sofa and fall onto it.
He says he has waited long to be with her like this. She wonders
why he waited so long. He didn't think she wanted to. "I do," she breathes as they continue kissing. Sami's clothes start to come off.
- Chloe has arrived at the hospital, to visit Phil. The cop tries to
block her so Brady walks up and tells him to back off. He later returns and tells Chloe he has had her name added to the list so it
will not happen again. She is concerned about his face. He shrugs it off. She thanks him for stepping in with the aggressive cop. He
notes she has a copy of the latest issue of the Onion,a publication he loves. Phillip likes it too. He curses the DiMeras. Chloe says it must be tough for him,given that Nicole is now a DiMera and he is in love with her. Brady denies he is in love with Nicole and he looks like he means it. He has only feelings of anger towards her. Chloe notes he has done a complete 180. He explains he has more important things to deal with now. She asks what, but he tells her to forget it. She presses as a friend. She is concerned, especially by that cold, hard look in his eyes and hopes he will not become like Victor because of what happened to Phillip. Chloe later sees him getting off the phone and assumes it was Vic. She is worried about what his grandfather has planned. Brady gives her the brush off. Chloe reminds him Vic has a dark side and it is not him. Brady says he is upset about what happened to Philip and whoever did it deserves to be punished,  but he will not shoot first and ask questions later. He wants things done by the book. Chloe asks what if it is not done that way? What then? Brady changes the subject and asks how married life is treating her. She cannot believe it has been over a month already.Brady asks if it is good. She admits it has been chaotic, though she feels lucky. He thinks Lucas is a lucky guy and he is happy for both of them. Chloe thanks him. They hug on it. He excuses himself to tend to some things at Titan. Before he leaves, Chloe begs him not to go through with whatever he has planned with Victor. Brady looks intense.
- Hope gets a call from Bo as she exits the pub. Turns out the assassin was a pro and he is now in South America. That is their
only lead. Hope suddenly thinks maybe there is a way to get more. "Let me take a crack at Stefano myself," she quips and then walks off to do just that.
- EJ is outside on the phone, telling Nicole that the phoenix has gone away for a few days. She is to inform no one of this fact. She wonders when EJ is coming home. He will be back after he runs a few errands, he promises.
- At DiMera mansion, after Nicole ends the call, she picks up baby Syd and flashes back to her last meeting with Mia. At least that is
one problem solved. She smiles at Syd. Now someone is at the door so Nicole opens it. Tis Hope, seeking Stefano.Nicole does not know where he is. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way," warns Hope. Nicole lets her in and makes a sarcastic comment. It must be about Phillip Kiriakis. Hope asks why she is not on her honeymoon. Nicole says they postponed it. Hope remarks they did not postpone the wedding even though EJ's brother died a few days earlier. Nicole says the wedding was perfect. Hope points out usually people put
off weddings when they need to grieve. "EJ and I have had plenty
of time to grieve." She adds Stefano was devastated when his son died, which was why they went ahead with the wedding. To end the sadness. Nicole now gets annoyed by more of Hope's insinuations. She and EJ are soul mates and husband and wife forever, until death do they part. "You poor thing," says Hope and she appears to feel sorry for her. Nicole becomes indignant. Syd starts to cry so she walks in the living room to pick her up. Hope follows her. "She's beautiful." Nicole agrees. Hope asks if she noticed anything out of
the ordinary with Stefano at her wedding. Nicole cuts her off. Hope thinks she is lying about her father-in-law and her husband. She has become the perfect DiMera housewife. Hope warns her not to take on the cops, especially under the circumstances. She also wonders what could be so important that EJ had to tear himself away from
his new bride and his daughter and they have not even been married for 24 hours. Where is he? Nicole angrily suggests she go dig for dirt elsewhere. Hope retorts they already have their lead and she thinks Nicole knows who it is. Nicole states she is not being effective and she will not turn on her own husband.Hope wants her to realize that she is not just responsible for herself - she has a daughter to think about now. Nicole gets defensive. Hope warns her that EJ DiMera
is not worthy of her loyalty or her love. If she stays, that family will destroy her! Along with her daughter. Nicole is upset and tells her to leave now. Hope wishes her good luck and exits. Nicole locks the door and returns to Sydney. She picks her up and says she is sorry for the commotion. She tells her everything will be fine, though her face is filled with worry.
- At Java Cafe, Will asks Mia what she was thinking about. She was thinking about how sweet Grace was. Will thinks she is cool. Mia says it was not only Grace. She is having fun spending time with
him as well. They look at their homework. He has an idea, if she is interested. He invites her to watch his first home game of the season next week. It would be a great way for her to meet new kids from school. "Sounds like fun," she says.He wonders if he could pick her up and they could go together. She agrees. They can talk about the deets next week. They later work on their Spanish together. Mia is better at it than Will. Will's buddy Tad approaches their table. Will introduces them. When he hears she transferred from Salem West, he asks if she was on the cheerleading squad and grins "I know all about you!" Mia becomes silent. He elaborates. His pal, a skater dude, used to talk about her all the time. Mia was prom queen, she was high school royalty! Will asks who she hung out with at that school. Mia says she does not know. The guys recall that their old geometry teacher Mr. Jackson transferred there. Mia says she never heard of him. Will asks if she did go to school there. Only for a little while, says she, and then she left. Tad brings up his friend again - Brett the skater dude who had the biggest crush on her. Mia claims she does not know him. Tad eventually leaves. "Why are you so closed off?" wonders Will. He remarks she never wants to discuss
the past. It is not deliberate, she states. Whatever happened before she met him no longer matters.
- Back at Sami's place, Rafe carries Sami off to the bedroom.Knock knock! Sami thinks it might be Will. Rafe puts her down.Sami grabs her sweater and staggers to the door. She opens it, her hair still disheveled, only to come face to face with a very serious EJ.Rafe is
in the background still with no shirt on! Elvis announces he has
some preschool applications. And he would like to see the kids.Sami wants to get rid of him. EJ pushes his way in. Rafe has his shirt on now. EJ says he is surprised to see him in town. He might have a business proposal for him. Rafe puts his arm around Sami. Elvis explains they are looking to improve their security. Sami wants him
to go away. EJ states Nicole needs a bodyguard and he would like
to hire Rafe. "No way!" she exclaims. Elvis thinks he would be the perfect candidate. He then smirks and finishes from what he knows, Rafe is also very familiar with his house! He taunts if the bodyguard job doesn't work out, Rafe could always get himself a job as a cable guy. He then glances at Samantha. Why, did she not tell him that he knew? Sami is sorry. Rafe says not to worry. Elvis goes on.He must be busy, keeping Samantha safe and warm, then giving himself a guided tour of his house. Did he find what he was looking for? Then again, he probably cannot tell him since he was on FBI business. Rafe's cell rings. Tis New York. He grins and walks off to take the call. Sami gets mad at EJ and thinks he was just desperate to spend time with her. EJ gets sarcastic about how charming she is and starts to leave. "Give my best to your witch, I mean wife," says she. Elvis takes a step forward and points out that he should be the one getting an explanation. She interrupted his wedding. It was not a small issue. He still has no idea why she did it. Why did she do it? Either it has something to do with her feelings for him or something to do with their child. Sami looks nervous. She refuses to answer. Elvis starts
to leave again and then stops as Rafe starts to come back, though he is unseen and can hear their conversation. Elvis claims he is worried about her behavior. He thinks she is having a hard time weaning herself away from him. Sami cannot believe her ears. Elvis insists
the reason she tried to stop the wedding was an indication of her wanting to be a part of his life. Sami informs him she is certainly not in love with him. Elvis calls Rafe a rebound thing. He states he knows that she knows that, the only person who is oblivious is poor Rafe. Meanwhile Rafe gets a concerned look on his face. Sami asks what the hell is the matter with him. She does not want him to talk about Rafe that way! Rafe now presents himself. Sami says EJ was just leaving.Elvis tells him to let him know about his proposition and arrogantly walks out. Sami is sorry. Rafe is distracted. His cell had bad reception so he would like to use her landline. He places a call and walks away from her. Sami sighs. Rafe soon returns and Sami asks him how it went. She wonders if he has second thoughts about not taking that job. He wonders why she would say that.Sami wants to get back to what they were doing before they were interrupted,
but there is something wrong with Rafe. She wants to know what it is. "Why don't you tell me?" says he. She realizes he has overheard her and EJ, though it matters not what Elvis thinks. She cares only about what they said to each other. If she wanted to be with EJ, she would tell him about Grace and she is not going to do that. Rafe believes her. However there is still a problem. He says they both know what it is.
- EJ returns to DiMera mansion and kisses Nicole. They walk into the living room together. Sydney is asleep. She became tired from sensing Nicole was upset. Hope stopped by. Elvis grins and pours himself a drink. She asked questions about him and Stefano. But Nicole didn't say a word. "Good girl," says Elvis. She asks where Stefano is. He has gone away for a little medical treatment that is all. Nicole laments that everything in the house seems to be one big secret. Elvis smiles she should listen to the silence. They are alone tonight, so they should use the opportunity. He whispers something
in her ear and they decide to go upstairs. EJ first locks the door, and Nicole spies an envelope on the table, which she picks up. It has  Samantha written on it. Nicole now knows he was at Samantha's
and asks if they had a nice little visit. Elvis, however, does not wish to discuss anyone or anything but two of them. Nicole wants to
know what is in the envelope. Brochures for preschool. She sighs.
He tosses the envelope aside and tells her to close her eyes. He strokes her collarbone and tells her to think about the sun falling into the horizon at the beach. "Just you and me and all the time in the world." She likes the sound of that. He kisses her, picks her up, and carries her upstairs. They get in bed together and are soon under the sheets. As EJ kisses her, he tells her he loves her so much, but then sees Sami's face instead of Nicole's!
- Back at Sami's place, Rafe says what he now believes. That Sami went to EJ's wedding because she was secretly hoping he would leave Nicole at the altar and choose her instead. Sami thinks that is ridiculous! She is not interested in having a relationship with EJ.
Rafe wonders why then she waited until his wedding to tell him
about Grace. He is confused by why she thought he would call off his wedding because they shared a child. After all, he does have a child with Nicole too. He concludes it now makes more sense because she must have suspected EJ was in love with her. Sami
says he is not. Rafe gets that, yet EJ is under the impression that
she is in love with him. "Why would he possibly think that ...?"

Next on Days of our Lives

"You listen to me. Whatever you have planned, stop it!" EJ
barks into his cell.
"I want you to run away with me," Steph mutters to Phil.
"My mom was in an accident," says Chelsea. "Oh my God!"
replies Max, with a hug.
"You're right," Sami tells Rafe. "I guess we do have a really big problem."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Steph is wearing blue, to match her present mood. She marches through the hospital hall, her hair in a bun. The cop at Phil's door wants her full name. And he needs her ID. He examines it and
hands it back to her. Before she enters, he will need to search her. She sighs. Meanwhile Phil lies in bed having nightmares of the shooting and wakes up with a start. Enter Steph, who complains she cannot take this. She then apologizes for complaining about the cop who was doing his job. Phil is surprised. She usually does not get mad like that. He thinks it is a bigger problem and blames himself.
He feels she is a wreck because he put her life in danger. She does not want him to worry and push her away. She needs him and
admits she is not back to normal. "Sometimes I feel very alone,"
but not when she is with him. She would like to stay at his side for the time being. He smiles.
- Elsewhere in the hospital, Lexie repeats Stefano has something wrong with him and she does not think he was poisoned.The results of the blood work showed that he has type 2 diabetes. Stefano laughs. He thought it was something serious. Lexie says it is serious. He states he can handle it, but Lexie warns if he is not careful it will affect his sight and his organs. EJ asks about insulin. Lexie explains insulin will help but it is not enough.Time for him to change the way he lives his life. She leaves to start the admitting process and repeats this is a serious condition. Stefano asks EJ to go after her. Once he
is gone, the phoenix stands up and rips off his IV.
- Back in Phil's room, Lexie enters just as Steph smiles and says
she would like to read to Phillip. Phil tells Lexie to get the hell out
of there. He has no intention of having a DiMera as a doctor! Exit flustered Lexie. Steph points out she helped save him. Phil reminds her that Lexie will never be able to change the fact that she is a DiMera. Steph is unhappy and says she has a headache, since Tony almost died and now he hates Lexie. She must go out to get aspirin and walks out of the room. She joins Lexie at the nurse's station
and apologizes for Phillip. Lexie understands how he feels. She now asks Steph if she would like to see a doctor about the big things she experienced. Steph insists she is fine, but she is a bit of a wreck so Lexie takes her off to sit down and gets her a glass of water. Phil's prognosis is good. Lexie tells her if she ever needs any help ... her cell interrupts their convo, but she suggests Steph take her advice
and make an appointment with someone who can help her. Steph smiles and stands up. Then she saunters back in Phil's room. She pats his head, takes out her cell, and places a call. "Hey, it’s me. I need your help." Moments later, she says thank you and ends the call. She gets in the bed next to sleeping Phil and reassures him that Lexie says everything is going to be just fine.
- Stefano is now home at DiMera mansion, removing a box from the secret safe behind his majestic portrait. He sits down at the desk,
his movements slower than usual. Enter Elvis who is not pleased he took off from the hospital. The phoenix states that once Alexandra assembled her medical team, it would have been most difficult for him to leave that place without attracting attention. He whips out a small key. EJ wants him to stay at the hospital and get better. No, that could not happen. EJ warns he could lose his sight, his heart. Stefano does not think the way things are now, he could go to the hospital here. He is going to go to Brunei, to have his health looked after. He will return when he is in fighting shape again. EJ wants
him to take care of himself. Stefano points at him. "And you are going to take care of Kiriakis!" Later he walks by the chess set as
EJ sits in the arm chair brooding. Stefano ends the call to her highness and he too looks forward to seeing her again. He sits back down and sighs. Everything is arranged. Elvis stands up. "The police are watching for you, Victor Kiriaki is is looking for you and you
just think you could fly away into the sunset!" Stefano tells him to just worry about things there. He can take care of how to get out of town,though it irks him that Victor Kiriakis might think he is running. He stands up and faces his son. He has no qualms about leaving him there because he has proven himself. He puts his hands on his shoulders and tells him how proud he is of him. EJ is glum. Perhaps if he had been a better brother to Tony, things would be different. Stefano wants him only to focus on what needs to be done. EJ believes that given the extra security with Philip at the hospital all plans should be put on hold. He wonders how father will pull this
off, as his passport is in the system. "That's not a problem," says Stefano. He holds up a fake passport. He is now Mr. Rossi. "Nicely done," quips Elvis. Stefano will pack a few things so he walks off, pausing to ask Elvis to do him a favor. He thinks he should take a
lot of pictures of little Sydney as he will miss her a lot. He adds that in just a few minutes Elvis will be in control, winks, and walks out. EJ grins and then sighs. "God, I wanted this Tony, but not like this!"
- At the airport, Sami repeats she wants Rafe in her life. When he gets ready to board his flight to New York, replay of her hugging
him and refusing to let him go."We can make this work," she insists. I'll change!" He does not want her to change. Sami starts to cry.
She begs him to give her a chance. She thinks he is mad at her but
he says that is not the case.Rafe wistfully recalls that the safe house felt like a dream. A wonderful dream, says she. Rafe points out
when it was just them and Grace, it with different and now it is
gone. Her life is here, while his is not. Sami grabs his arm and prevents him from walking away. How can he throw in the towel
and walk away now? She refuses to let him give up. He retorts he is not giving up, he simply thinks he is doing what is right. She calls
him on being afraid of hearing how she really feels. She asks him to look at her. He does. She tells it like it is. "I have never met anyone like you and I have never felt about anyone the way that I feel about you." She adds she would do just about anything to stop him from getting on that plane and he grins. He then pulls away and asks her not to do this. He thinks what they experienced was only due to the intense experience. She says he is wrong and she can prove it by saying something. "I'm sorry Rafe I'm really really sorry." He feels she does not have to be sorry, but she feels she does. She admits
she has a tendency to use people. "I hadn't noticed," he jokes. Sami regrets not listening to his warning that EJ was dangerous. The final boarding call comes on. Rafe appears torn. He thinks he should go. Sami reluctantly agrees. Rafe walks away. Sami takes a few very unhappy steps looking around, but Rafe is back! He grins he missed his flight. She asks if he is waiting for the next flight. He shakes his head. He tells her there is a girl who has commitments in Salem and if he went to New York, they wouldn't be in the same city. Sami
asks if that would bother him. He thinks he was lying to himself when he pretended it wouldn't. "In fact, I think it would kill me."
The pair hug each other tightly. Smiles all around for Salem's new couple! He says he was so happy to see her and she chides him for not letting on. Then they start to kiss and kiss and kiss. "Let's go," she gasps. "Sometimes you have the best ideas," he breathes and they race off together.
- At the pub, Max is busy working as Chelsea approaches. He asks how Phillip is. Doped up, still drowsy. She notes Max is frantic.
The pub is super busy and he would need help, so Chelsea puts on
a green apron, a smile, and offers to help. He says it is not going to happen. He thinks it will be terrible if she messes up, but Chelsea corrects him on a customer's order. And another one. She pats Max on the head and smiles she will correct his mistakes. He grins and agrees. At the cash register, he picks up an envelope he has not yet opened. Chelsea happens by and Max laments it is probably a rejection letter. Chelsea makes him open it. He is sure it is a rejection, frowns, and opens it. Tis an  acknowledgment that they received his application, says he. Arianna arrives and apologizes for being late. She notes they seem serious and gets to work. Max says he doesn't usually freak out like that. Chelsea smiles that the next time he gets a letter from Salem U, she is certain that it will be
a letter of acceptance Max looks down. He also applied to schools
in Chicago and this letter was from one of them. Chelsea wonders what will happen to them if he gets accepted to one of those and moves away. He thinks Chicago would be fine. She says it would change things. He explains medical school would change things anyway. Chelsea agrees, though if they are not living in the same
city, they will never see each other. Max thinks she should move to Chicago with him. She replies her family is here and besides she just signed a lease with Stephanie. Max asks Arianna if she is looking for a place. Yes she is and so are a lot of her people she knows. Chels notes he seems to have solved everything. Sounds peachy, but he
did not think to ask her about it first. They sit and discuss. Max is
not sure he can leave her. She thinks if he is accepted, he needs to go, if not for him then for the family. Grandpa would be proud. He says the best case scenario is if he gets accepted into Salem U and stays there. Chelsea becomes suddenly optimistic about Chicago, though she was originally a bit surprised. She would not want to be without him. He says it is a big step. And he really meant it. She admits she has thought of them having their own place. He thinks it would be great if he opened his eyes and she was there. She is all
for it and they kiss.
- Stefano waltzes into the airport wearing a pinstripe suit. He opens his cell and tells Elvis he does not appear to have been followed,
plus he has gotten through security. He ends the call and continues walking. A man in a suit suddenly stands up and walks after him.
- Sami and Rafe stumble into her apartment and continue kissing.
She rips his shirt and they get
hot and heavy and hotter and heavier ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives

"If I never hear the words Nicole DiMera again, I think I'll
be better off," Brady bitterly tells Chloe.
"Why are you so closed off?" Will asks Mia.
"That family will destroy you," Hope warns Nicole. "They
will chew you up and they'll spit you out!"
"I don't know how many different ways you need me to say
this to you, EJ. I am not in love with you!" exclaims Sami.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Things get heated between EJ and Brady outside the pub.
Meanwhile, inside said pub, mob wife Nicole informs Victor that she is a DiMera and they deal with their enemies! Vic is amused that she feels empowered. "Your wedding was a charade."  She calls the wedding and EJ beautiful. Vic is smug the wedding showed Brady exactly who she was. Nicole suddenly looks out the window and
sees Brady and EJ having a confrontation. She runs out to break it up. Brady is mad. Nicole asks them to leave it alone. Brady growls he does not need this anymore and storms off. Nicole tells EJ the Kiriakis clan want to fight and are taunting them. EJ tries to explain
it is more complicated. Nicole boasts she was inside, keeping her
cool with Victor. Elvis considers. He kisses his beloved, winks, and goes inside to have a word with the Greek tycoon. Just then Brady walks back, still hot under the collar. Nicole notes he is twitching. Brady says he was looking forward to wiping the smug look off
EJ's face. He leers at Mrs. DiMera to have a good day and starts to walk away. Nicole wants him to stop so he turns around. She asks again what happened to his face. "You really want to know? Are
you sure? I mean, are you sure that you wanna know!" he warns. Nicole looks nervous. He accuses her of wishing to live in blissful ignorance now that she is a DiMera. He feels she does not want to know what her family does, as it will interfere with her fantasy. She does not want to know that the man who was holding her daughter has so much blood on his hands. Nicole asks him not to talk about
EJ like that. Brady elaborates. "I don't have to say a word. You and
I both know what he is and what he's done!" Nicole understands
Brady is bitter. He recalls trying so much to help her when he saw her desperation and grief from losing her baby. Brady saw she was trying to build a life and a family, but to go through all that just to have a guy like EJ as the father of her daughter?! The bad things he and Phillip have done do not add up to what EJ did. And that is Sydney's father. That is her husband.
- EJ strides into the pub, approaches Vic, and tells him Nicole said
he was in here. "Really," says Victor without looking up from his coffee. EJ is sorry for what happened to Phil. "That he survived?" Vic retorts sarcastically. EJ claims he hopes Phillip makes a full recovery. The Greek tycoon now ominously states that instead of worrying about EJ, he should worry about his father! After all, they live in dangerous times. Elvis quips the DiMeras certainly do not
fear him. Vic warns him there is a lesson to be learned from the classics. Odysseus conquered Troy, killed the Cyclops, not with power, certainly not with hired assassins or thugs, but with cunning. He smiles slightly. "Have you spoken to your father lately?" EJ wonders what he means by that. Victor says to tell Stefano he said
yamas. EJ wonders what that means. “Our health,” translates Vic.
EJ suggests he go home and get some rest. Victor stands up. The Trojan war was over nine years but the Greeks won. Because they never ever stop fighting. "Or talking," sighs EJ, though his eyes mirror his concern. After Vic walks away, he calls fatha on his cell and leaves a message for him to call him. He then calls an employee and impatiently demands to know who is guarding father and he wants to find him now! Meanwhile Vic is near the bar, on his own cell. "Good. Tell me when it's done!"
- At the hospital, Stefano seeks help from daughter Doctor Lexie,
but she wants him to stay out of her life. Until, that is, the phoenix groans, "Alexandra, I have been poisoned!" Lexie turns around. Is
he playing games? Stefano starts to sway and she helps him to sit down. She realizes something is not right as he gasps in pain. When did this start? He speaks of the latte and what happened last night. Lexie asks if he knows what he was poisoned with. He replies he does not as he unbuttons his shirt collar, but he knows who did it. Later in his room, Stefano awaits the verdict. Lexie asks him his symptoms, as the tests they have done have not been conclusive. The Phoenix feels the police should be summoned, but Lexie says they need to pin down what he was poisoned with first. What have been his symptoms besides nausea and lethargy? The phoenix adds he gets the chills. She asks when all this started. Last night, a few hours after Kiriakis arranged for him to be poisoned, says he! Lexie insists that they find the right diagnosis and if he was poisoned it seems to be very slow acting.  "Kiriakis just did this and boy is he going to pay!" barks Stefano. Lexie refuses to get outraged because he has a tummy ache. Furthermore, she saw firsthand what he did
to poor Phillip Kiriakis and she cannot do this anymore. She must
get him another doctor. This war he is starting does not honor
Tony's memory! Exit Lexie, now a bundle of nerves. Later on, she returns to tell Stefano she has assigned him another doctor. His
eyes are closed. She cannot wake him up and becomes worried. Soon the nurse arrives as Lexie is trying to revive Stefano. "Wake up!" His eyes fly open. He is extremely tired. They have still not identified the poison. More blood needs to be drawn. The Phoenix smiles that he is very proud of Lexie and loves her. She should remember that in case he does not make it. Lexie insists he will not die. She will not let it happen. He would like to talk to Elvis ...
- Elsewhere, replay of Mia and Dr. Baker. He tells her there is a reason she did not feel anything for that baby and it is time she knew that reason. Mia wonders what he means. Baker sighs. "She's not your baby." She wonders what he means. Baker appears to consider again. He now says he meant she is not emotionally connected to Sydney. Mothers take time to bond with their baby and she never bonded with her. She wonders if she is a bad person and a horrible mother. Baker thinks it shows the opposite. She is a good person
and gave her baby to people who could give her a wonderful life, whereas she could not. Mia is glum about the murderous DiMeras. The Doc now claims that when he showed her that stuff about the DiMeras, he was merely trying to scare her. She says it worked. Good, says he, because showing up at the church the way she did was dangerous. She needed to know what could happen to her if
she crossed them. She bitterly says yes and now they have her daughter. Baker says Nicole has her daughter and that is different. Maybe Mia made an unconscious decision not to connect with her baby. It was the right thing to do. Now she is with Nicole, the only mother she is ever going to know. Mia asks him if he thinks that when she has another baby, she will connect and be a good mom. Baker smiles. "Yeah." Mia smiles. too. She talks about another baby who is cute and "there's something about her that makes me want
to take care of her." Baker asks where she met that baby. She is the sister of a friend. Baker would love to hear more about the baby,
but she says she has taken up enough of his time and is sorry for the mean things she said about him. Exit Mia. Baker looks concerned. "Who's your friend, Mia? And who's your friend’s sister?"
- Back at Brady pub, anxious EJ receives a call from Lexie at the hospital. She is calling about father, who is there and would like to see him. She hangs up before Elvis can ask what is the matter with him. Meanwhile Victor is back at his table. Elvis stares at him and walks out, just as Brady is walking away from Nicole, having told Mrs. DiMera she is going to need good luck with her new life. EJ announces they must go to the hospital at once.
- Inside the pub, Brady has joined Victor at his table. He calls the hospital about Phil, who is sleeping peacefully. The Greek tycoon notes he was outside with Nicole for quite some time. Brady says
it was a goodbye. "You did the right thing," says Vic. Brady now wonders about his chat with EJ. The Greek tycoon grins he was called away in some sort of emergency.
- EJ and Nicole arrive at the hospital. Lexie is on the telephone. She gets off and tells him fatha is in room 304. EJ asks what happened. Lexie says he is claiming Victor poisoned him. He wants to see him. She exclaims it is probably to arrange to have another Kiriakis murdered and then it will go on and on and on! She tells EJ to get away from her when he tries to say something, and walks away. Elvis then heads for Stefano. Lexie informs Nicole she should get used to the fact that those two want to speak privately. As Nicole stands alone in the hall, Dr. Baker walks out. He wonders if Mia called her. "Mia was here? What the hell happened now!" She had
a little accident. But while she was there, she mentioned seeing Sydney. She felt no emotional connection. "And we both know why." The doc finishes. Nicole loses her cool about him bringing
that up at the hospital. He thinks she should relax, considering how he has covered for her thus far. She should realize he is letting her know she pulled it off. She is home free. Nicole appears doubtful. Baker reminds her it is all thanks to him. Nicole  unhappily thanks him. He wonders what is up now. She is stressed about Sami. They must make sure that the doc and Sami never meet!.
- In Stefano's room, Elvis tells him all about bragging Victor, having the time of his life at the pub. Stefano remarks he must have been gloating. Elvis says he will not get away with it. The two fuel each other on. EJ recalls  how he mentioned the Greeks in the Trojan
war. Stefano considers. Victor does not usually gloat. Not unless
he's sure of what is going to happen and he knows his enemy will
die. EJ tries to reassure him that he will not die. They are not even sure yet that he has been poisoned. Enter Lexie, who announces he has not been poisoned. She has his test results. Stefano was not poisoned, though there is something seriously wrong with him.
- Mia shows up at Will's door with a smile on her face. He invites
her in. He is glad to see her and suggests she come watch him some time at batting practice. He asks what happened to her arm, which is now bandaged. She tells him about cutting herself on a nail at the pier. She has had a bad day. He appears perplexed that she came by. She was wondering if  he talked to his mother about her babysitting Grace. He now understands she came there not to see him, yet to
see his little sister instead. She says Grace is the coolest person she knows. She asks him to tell Sami she came by. He invites her to the Brady pub for a bite to eat. No thanx. But when she hears Grace
will be there, she accepts. He steps in his room to get changed and makes a joke about using his sister as date bait.
- At Brady pub, Will hands over Grace to eager Mia, who is happy
to hold her. He notes she sure is crazy about that baby. Will makes
a comment about the baby's biological mother not being as thrilled about her. Mia defends the unknown woman, insisting that it must have been the hardest thing she ever had to do. Grace makes a cute noise in agreement.
At another table, Vic would like to know how things went with EJ. Brady calls him a jerk. Victor gets a strange look in his eye and
points out they can fix it so that jerk never smiles again. He advises his grandson to be patient and leave it all to him.
- At the airport, Sami informs Rafe she must tell him what he means to her before it is too late. He tells her it already is. She stares at him in disbelief. She pushes him and tells him he make her mad, calling  him cold and heartless. He says he did not return her phone calls on purpose. He was trying to avoid a fight, like the one they are having now. She points out she moved heaven and earth to find him! She implores him to hear her out. He agrees to listen, but claims no matter what she says, he will still be leaving. Sami gets a determined look on her face. He does a countdown to the tears he is expecting. She wonders if he is intentionally being mean so she will go away.
He says he just knows her strategies. Sami gets teary-eyed and says she has changed her mind. He says that's all she does - change her mind, plus she lives in her own little universe. She retorts she is
trying to do what is right for her family. He says she may be well intentioned, but it will not work. She brings up everything they have been through. He says he told her how much Grace means to him and laments that she wanted to tell DiMera he was the father anyway. Sami brings him up to date. "I didn't tell EJ anything!" 
Why not, he wonders. What happened? She explains she had been sure she was right and went to his wedding, but Rafe was right and she was wrong. "EJ put a hit out on Phillip Kiriakis," she whispers. He whispers back he knows, it is in the papers. Phil's shooting that
is. He adds that after that DiMera (Tony) died, he knew retaliation would follow. At the wedding when Sami heard, she says she could not stop thinking what Rafe had said about EJ. And he was so calm and collected, after ordering someone's death. She finishes that now he can say I told you so. He reminds her she did not listen. She reminds him she does have two kids with the guy and it was hard to hear. Rafe takes her hand. He assures her the kids will not be like
EJ, as they have her. She is so glad she found Rafe before it was too late. He  realizes it was painful for her to see who EJ really is, but
he is glad she did for Grace's sake. She knows they will not have to fight about it anymore. He agrees they do not need to fight anymore. She thinks they should go home now. He says he is not going with her. He is still going to New York, as he feels he wants to be a
bigger part of her life than she really wants him to be. Sami says
that is not true. He believes it is. Sami insists she would not be there if she was not sure she wanted him in her life. Rafe thinks they do
not work. His flight is announced and he starts to pick up his bag ...
Sami, however, grabs him in a hug and refuses to let her man go!

Next on Days of Our Lives

"If you get accepted there, you're gonna move, so what about us?" Chelsea unhappily asks Max.
"And you are going to take care of Kiriakis!" Stefano informs EJ.
"I can't take it, I can't take any of this!" Steph impatiently snaps at bedridden Phil.
"I would do just about anything to stop you from getting on that plane," Sami whispers to the Rafester, who half grins
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