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Friday, April 24, 2009
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The sun has come up in Salem, and at DiMera mansion, Stefano wakes up on the floor. He slowly comes to his feet, wondering
what happened, and clutches his chest. He must have collapsed but why? His breaths are heavy and uneven. He regains his composure. The phoenix shoos the butler away with the breakfast he does not want, and sits down with the newspaper, only to see the headline "Billionaire Playboy Phillip Kiriakis Shot!"  "Shot, but not dead,"
he laments. And that is a problem.
- Upstairs EJ wakes up in bed and wakes up Mrs. DiMera, wishing her good morning. She gleefully says she had a dream that she married a hunky guy and then he took her home. He says he had
a similar dream that he met a beautiful woman and she became his wife and they had the most wonderful wedding night. Nicole grins maybe it was not a dream. He retorts it will always be a bit of a dream and gives her a kiss. Soon up and about with her robe on, Nicole looks out the window and complains there are too many bodyguards. It feels like a war zone. She sighs she knows it is for their protection. EJ cheerfully announces he will have a shower and invites her to later join him. Nicole agrees. He walks off and her cell phone rings.
- At the Java Cafe, Rafe stares at his computer and remembers
Sami imploring him not to leave Salem. He glances at his plane
ticket. "Bye, Sami." He puts his computer away, stands up, and saunters out.
Also at the Java Cafe is determined Mia, holding a photograph and telling herself that she will see her baby today!
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole picks up her cell phone, only to
be told by Mia that she wants to see her baby now and she is not taking no for an answer! Nicole calls Baker to complain and warns that if Mia slips up, they will both take the fall. She throws a few threats his way. Baker cackles, seeing the irony. She does not even have Mia's baby!
- Elvis is later dressed and downstairs, where he joins Stefano and asks if he is alright. Stefano states he just feels bad Elvis cannot go
to the Caribbean on his honeymoon. EJ had felt it made more sense to stay around Salem. The phoenix pours himself a cup of coffee . "They're coming after us, Elvis." He points out they must be vigilant. Elvis understands. Stefano wonders if his new wife gets it. EJ agrees to talk to her and inform her that if she wants to go outside ... Fully dressed Nicole now walks in with Sydney and starts to argue that
she intends to take Sydney to the park. She does not want to feel trapped. Elvis states she needs to take one of the guys with her. She calls them creepy thugs. Elvis explains to his airhead mafia wife that this is for their safety. He warns if she continues to be defiant and
put herself before the safety of the family, it will not end well.
Later on, Stefano is breathing heavily on the phone, advising a man not to leave "her" side.  When the call is over, he is weak and perspiring. "What the hell is happening to me?"
- At home, pigtailed Sami looks at the medal Rafe returned to her, remembering his reaction to her wanting to tell EJ he was Grace's papa. She had said it was not his decision, it was hers. "What was
I thinking!" she now chides herself. What if she never sees him again?
- At the hospital, Brady brings Victor a coffee. Victor calls EJ a bastard but Brady does not think they will be able to prove the DiMeras were behind the attempted hit on Phil. Victor thinks they will. Brady cannot believe it happened. "This is just the beginning," growls the Greek tycoon. He will make Stefano regret the day he tried to mess with his family! Self-righteous Brady talks down to granddad and warns that nothing good will come out of this. Vic retorts he is in no position to tell him what to do.  Brady disagrees. He thinks he should back off. Victor points out his son was gunned down. Now what? Brady thinks they should wait for Philip to ID
the shooter. Vic questions his lame logic. He advises him to stand down and let him deal with the DiMeras with the appropriate action. "It will all be over soon." He adds he will not rest until DiMera suffers the same amount he made them suffer. Brady worries what kind of action he is planning. He will get them where their heart is. And when the time comes, Brady will know what he needs to.
Brady has had enough and starts to leave. He concludes he may not approve of his tactics, but he is still there for the Greek tycoon.
- At the pub, Sami, with baby Grace in tow, lunches with Roman.
He is proud of her for bringing that little girl into their lives. Sami mentions she does not have a father figure. Roman brings up Rafe, but Sami says he moved. He has left Salem and she believes that
ship has sailed. "Maybe not," decides Roman. "He leaves for New York today." Sami gasps she needs his help, as she would like to speak with him before he leaves. She asks if there is any way he
can help her. "Maybe there is." After calling a contact, Roman gives her the latest Rafe scoop.  Rafe accepted a job in New York and
will be sent overseas from there. His flight to New York is 753.
Sami finds out his flight leaves in two hours. Roman advises her to get going and agrees to watch Grace. Sami gasps that he is the best and walks out of the pub. "I better not be too late," says she as she races to the airport to stop that Rafe!
- Back at DiMera mansion, Stefano laments it is not getting any easier to live without Tony. EJ understands. Marco enters and announces Roman Brady has arrived, so Stefano says to let him in. Enter Roman, who cuts to the chase. Victor Kiriakis  thinks they ordered the hit on Phillip. EJ morphs into arrogant lawyer mode, calling that information irrelevant and of no interest. Roman advises them not to leave town. "I built this town. I have no plans to leave it," retorts the Phoenix. Exit Roman.
- Down at the pier, Mia arrives and Nicole makes the bodyguard
step aside for a moment. She whispers to Mia that she is being watched etc. Mia now wants to see the baby and hold her. "Just today," says Nicole. Mia agrees she will never bother them again afterwards. Nicole picks up Sydney and hands her to Mia, who is elated. Mia soon stops smiling and says something is not right.
"She doesn't seem like my baby." Nicole claims that is because she
is no longer her baby and takes her back. Mia brings up another
baby she sat for and felt more connected to. Nicole says that's great. Perhaps it is a sign that she will forget about Sydney and move on with her own life. Mia appears confused. Nicole's cell rings. Tis EJ. She says she is taking a stroll on the pier. She will be home soon. After the call, she reminds Mia she will not be seeing her anymore and leaves with Sydney and the bodyguard. Mia sighs, starts to walk away, and accidentally scrapes her arm on a nail.
- Nicole returns home to DiMera mansion. ready for a walk with
EJ. Stefano does not look well and leaves the room. Nicole becomes dismal that EJ has not told her everything that is going on. He points out it is business with the Kiriakis family, it does not concern her. She complains again about the bodyguards and notes the fact that they have them is a red flag. EJ gives her a kiss. "I love you," he
tells his new bride. "I know," she says smugly.
- At the hospital, which is short staffed, Baker turns out to be
Mia's doctor. She explains she ran into something at the pier and is bleeding. Baker has a look at her arm. He cleans up the wound for her. Mia laments that kind of pain is nothing compared to what she was feeling earlier. The doc is concerned. She says she was talking about her mental state. He assumes it has to do with her baby. Mia explains she held her today, however, something was not right and she did not feel anything. "Like she wasn't even mine." Baker considers. "I'm impressed with your instincts ... there's a reason the baby didn't feel like yours and I think it's time you know exactly
what it is!"
- At the pub, Brady is now sitting with granddad, who is having coffee, disagreeing with him. Furious Victor says what he does will hit Stefano right between the eyes when he least expects it! When Brady walks out of the pub, he runs into Nicole and her bodyguard. Nicole tells her shadow it is okay and he steps aside. She wonders what happened to his face. Brady says it looks worse than it feels
and does not let on that it was DiMera related. He asks how she is. She is glad to see him, to thank him for not ruining her wedding. He admits he watched her walk down the aisle and understood she was exactly where she needed to be. In fact, he just walked out of the pub to make a call, soooo ... Nicole forces a smile and then walks away, entering the pub with her bodyguard. Victor's bodyguard stands up. She makes a comment that they both have bodyguards and Victor quips they have a lot of catching up to do. He makes a snide remark about her taste in men. First Trent Robbins, now EJ DiMera. Nicole calls EJ a great man. Victor says not only did the DiMeras try to have his son killed, but they beat up her pal Brady
on her wedding day. He taunts Nicole once he perceives the shock
on her face. "It's going to get darker and darker!"
- Outside, as Brady ends his call, EJ approaches. The two men lock eyes. Brady calls him a two-faced sob who cannot even face him alone. He warns he will pay for what he did to him and Phillip.
- Stefano enters the Java Cafe and asks about the girl who served him yesterday. What happened to her? It seems it did not work out. He also finds out she was Greek. The Phoenix drinks today's coffee and remembers Victor's threat. He then remembers having a coffee afterwards at the Java Cafe. He puts down his coffee and frowns. "My God, they poisoned me!"
- At the airport, Rafe arrives in the waiting area and sits down, looking at his plane ticket, remembering the time he first kissed
Sami. He tells himself to let her go. Nevertheless, he continues to obsess and have flashbacks about her. He stands up with his bag
and Sami sprints around the corner, bumping into him, gasping,
with a smile on her face. It takes her a moment to catch her breath. He asks what she is doing there. Will told her he dropped off the medal. Rafe nods. He knows how much it means to her. "It does," Sami says softly, "and then there's you." She wants him to know what he means to her before it is too late  ...!

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Brady warns Nicole "You don't wanna know that person who
was holding your daughter has so much blood on his hands."
"Do you know what you were poisoned with?" Lexie asks
Stefano, who replies "No, but I know who did it!"
"Please, don't worry about Phillip," Vic advises a somber EJ.
"Worry about your father."
Rafe tells Sami something she is clearly not happy to hear.
"No matter what you say, it's not gonna change anything. I'm
still leaving."

Thursday, April 23, 2009


At the church, EJ's ominous cell convo is repeated. He then turns around and charmingly asks Mrs. DiMera if she is ready to go
home. She is and so he soon carries her over the threshold at
DiMera mansion. "Oh my God!" cries Nicole when the suited henchman from the church enters after them. EJ explains Marco is there to protect them. He was supposed to remain inconspicuous. Elvis chews out the guy for scaring his wife and closes the door.
He returns to his sweetheart and kisses her on the head. Nicole suddenly cannot help thinking about Victor and Phil. Mafia hubby tries to reassure her there is nothing to worry about. She asks then why is there a thug lurking around on the front yard! EJ calls her dramatic. "I don't think I can live like this,"she laments. He reminds her it is a little late for second thoughts. Nicole moans they should
not have to live with bodyguards. "That's the way it is," quips mafia hubby. She already knew that when she begged him to marry her! Nicole looks dismal. EJ tells her he would never let anyone lay a finger on her or Sydney - does she understand? She nods slightly. "You need to understand that our life is never going to be simple,"
he explains. There are both constraints and privileges with being a DiMera. He loves her very much. She loves him, too. He smiles.
"No more arguing." Nicole is not sure about this way of life for Sydney when she gets older. EJ retorts the only thing she will know is that her parents love her very much. He suggests they try again
and cross the threshold one more time, too. She agrees, so they walk outside. He lifts her back up and carries her in again. He twirls her around and they laugh and kiss. He then pours their champagne. They eat chocolates and he gives her expensive earrings, much to
her delight.
- At Java Cafe, Stefano gets his usual latte from the new girl on
duty. When he takes a seat, Bo warns him not to get too comfy!
Phil is at the hospital on death watch. Stefano repeats that he has nothing more to say to him unless his attorney is present. Bo has
had quite enough. "Shut up and listen." He sits with him and talks about living for revenge. "How do you have anything left for your family?" says the commissioner. He concludes he does not. They
are miserable ... Stefano points out he lost his son. Bo reminds him Tony despised everything he stood for and he was a decent man.
If he is not willing to back off, for Tony's sake, to honor his good memory by behaving with decency ... "Know this. You didn't succeed in putting Phillip in his coffin the first time. You try again, you even look at my brother the wrong way, I will put the last nail
in your damn coffin.” Stefano has heard his threat and asks if he
may now enjoy his latte before it becomes cold. "By all means,"
says Bo, and moves to another table Stefano opens his cell. He calls his mysterious IT guy and asks him if there has been any unusual activity. The bearded creep replies that Phillip is believed to have survived. Stefano ends the call and quietly curses.
- At the hospital, Dan tells Phil's family that his blood has lost the ability to clot and is bleeding out faster that it can be pumped in. Lucas arrives on scene. Dan says there is a risky treatment he can try. Vic believes there is no time and they need to trust the doctor. Kate says she does not trust him! Victor insists they accept his help. Kate apologizes. Lucas asks Kate why she does not trust Daniel, as he saved her life. She sighs and turns around. What can Dan do?
He can induce hypothermia. The gang agree and so does Kate.
"Save my son." Dr. Dan goes off to do just that. Victor tells Kate
it is the right thing, but she laments "How can it be the right thing to put our son's life in that man's hands." Victor tells her to put her personal resentment aside for the sake of their boy. "I know you
are right, I do!" she cries, yet this is their precious son. May God protect him. Victor says he will if they believe as much. If God
does save their son, Kate resolves she will be more loving and  forgiving. "If he survives, I swear I'm going to live my life with dignity and with honor."
Steph watches through the window as Dan tends to the Salem patient.
Lucas asks Chloe if he can get her coffee. She shakes her head. She is sorry for falling apart. Lucas understands. Phil was her first love. They hug. Dan comes out of the room and casts Chloe a longing glance. Victor gets off his cell and approaches. Kate asks how Phillip is. Is his blood clotting yet? Dan replies they are working on it. Stephanie watches. She is later permitted to enter his room, though
it worries her that the last time she was there, his heart stopped beating. Dan points out that love is the best medicine there is. Steph sits down at Phillip's bedside and touches and stares at him. She
cries that today was both the best and worst day of her life. "I love you, Phillip." She begs him to come back to her, and his machine starts to make noise.
In the waiting area, Lucas tells Kate he will get in touch with Austin and walks off. Vic praises Kate for opening her heart. Kate decides
to forgo her revenge plan with Chloe altogether. "If Phillip survives, I'm forgiving everything." She will treasure her time with the people she loves. Lucas returns and says if anyone can save Phil, it is Dan. He does not know what their family would do without Dr. Dan, who is now in the hall again. Dan glances at Chloe and becomes a bit uncomfortable. He hears the machine acting up and rushes into the Salem patient's room. He returns with news. "He's awake." And he seems to have turned a corner! There are smiles all around and Kate thanks him.
Inside, Phil wakes up and says hi to Stephanie. She smiles. He tells her he loves her. Then it is Victor and Kate's turn for a visit. "You gave us quite a scare," says the Greek tycoon. Kate remembers
when she heard he was injured in the line of duty. He fought so
hard, so bravely, just like today, and she is so proud. Victor now sits at his side. He admits he has said a lot of things lately and wishes he could take them back. What he did not say but should have is that
he is proud of him too and loves him. Phil is a fighter and that's why he wanted him to run Titan ... "Together we're going to win." He takes his hand. Phillip looks moved. Next is Lucas. He praises his brother for never taking the easy way out like when he joined the Marines. When Phil is later with Steph again, he asks her what happened, as he does not seem to remember. Steph tells him he
was shot at the hotel and she did not even hear the gun go off. He is dismayed that she could have been shot. He recalls she always said bad things would happen because he was a Kiriakis! He warns her
to get away from him. "I'm bad for you. Leave now." Steph flat out refuses to go. She loves him and will not leave his side. He smiles
he will not tell her what to do again. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me." Steph leans over and they kiss.
Outside the room, Chloe approaches Daniel and says it is true that
he is the best in the hospital and they were lucky that he is so good
at what he does. She wishes him happiness. Dan sounds choked up and tells her it goes both ways. Lucas walks up and interrupts their moment, praising Dan for working another miracle. Chloe and Dan look at each other. Lucas says he deserves a medal! "I knew we could trust you." Chloe looks down and suggests they go try to call Austin again. Dan looks after the pair as they depart and sighs.
Elsewhere, Kate asks Victor what he meant by that comment
"We're in this together." He was talking business. He informs his ex-wife it is not her concern. Kate demands this war end before the DiMeras come after Phillip again. Victor vows they will never come after him again, does she get it! Kate replies yes, indeed she does. The Greek tycoon ominously says he has taken care of it so no one will ever come after him again. She wonders what that means. He suggests she get something to eat but she is not hungry. She walks out for some fresh air and leaves him alone. Victor now takes out
his cell and places a call. "What's happening? Let me know when DiMera leaves and I'll give you your next orders." Vic now goes
back to check on Phillip. Lucas approaches Kate and points out
they certainly owe Daniel a lot.
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ is called by Stefano. Nicole gives him privacy. Stefano says they need to take care of the problem and no mistakes this time! EJ promises he will take care of it first thing in
the morning. He ends the call. Nicole has overheard and sits back down. They kiss again and dance to romantic music. Then it's off
to the bedroom and their honeymoon night.
- Back at Java Cafe, Bo informs Stefano he is slipping as he overheard his half of the conversation and has connected the dots. "Time for you to start talking." The Phoenix states he has an overactive imagination. Bo alludes to the fact that he might just bring in Junior for questioning on his wedding night and calls his new bride an ex-con. Stefano replies he will get everything straight from him.
"A statement?" Bo wonders.  No, but he will give him the address in the Caribbean where Elvis intends to spend his honeymoon. Stefano advises him not to forget the sun block. "I do not think you are going to get what you are looking for," he chuckles. Bo agrees. He points out he will be handling this by the book. Stefano sarcastically notes there is a first time for everything. Bo stands up and departs.
- Bo returns to the hospital and is delighted to hear the good news
of Phillip's progress. Meanwhile Victor tells the prodigal son that he never has anything to worry about from the DiMeras again. He proceeds to recite something in Greek ...
- As the honeymoon continues at DiMera mansion, Nicole is startled in bed when she hears a noise. EJ comes downstairs, only to find Stefano. The Phoenix wishes him a happy wedding night and sends him back upstairs. EJ returns to bed, where Nicole awaits.
- Alone, the phoenix  sips his coffee and then starts to breathe more heavily. Having some sort of attack, he staggers into the living room and holds his chest, shaking his head. He then collapses next to the chess set, his eyes wide open as he gasps in disbelief ...!

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"This is just the beginning, Brady," Vic tells his grandson. "That son of a b*tch is going to regret the day he ever tried to screw with my family."
"What do you want?" Nicole snaps at Mia on her cell. "To see my baby now!"
Sami rushes off, hoping she is not too late. Meanwhile, Rafe sits at the airport and tells himself  "Better let her go, Rafe. Let her go."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


At Phil's bedside in the hospital, replay of him waking up and then flat lining. Steph screams. "Nooo! Oh my God! No! Phillip!" She picks up the phone and summons the nurses. "I need help, he's dying!" she cries. Dr. Dan races in with the nurse. Steph stands by sobbing. Dan asks her to step outside and gives Phillip a charge to revive him. The other doctor enters and doubts the patient will
make it. Stephanie wails so he ushers her out and closes the door. Nothing works. Quick thinking Daniel injects something into his IV. The other doc is still dismal about the patient's chances.
In the waiting area, Victor warns Stefano this is just the beginning, The phoenix dangerously agrees. Kate waltzes in, asking why they are arguing. Brady summoned her to the hospital, yet she is still unaware of what is going on. Stefano saunters away, looking very uncomfortable. Kate asks Victor what is happening. "It's Phillip.
He's been shot."  She asks how bad it is. The prodigal son survived
the surgery, but he was shot in the chest. Kate is beside herself with worry. Phillip has lost a great deal of blood. Mama Kate cries and asks Victor to tell her he is going to be okay. He wants her to be strong. He also wants Daniel to be his doctor, as he can trust him. Lucas is out of touch for the day as he is talking with designers, so Kate cannot reach him. Stefano now approaches. He points out he was at his son's wedding at the church when it happened. Victor quips "I know what happened and believe me you're going to pay!" Enter Bo, who would like an update, having just returned from Chicago. "Stefano DiMera put a hit on your brother!" the Greek tycoon growls. All eyes are on the phoenix, who slowly shakes his head. "You don't have a shred of evidence to back this up." He
adds he too has a son.Vic retorts he has a son who is fighting for his life! Bo steps in to break it up. Kate is on the verge of collapse and sits down. Bo has some questions. He understands Phil was shot by an assailant at the hotel. Vic calls it a professional hit. Bo looks at Stefano. Stefano snaps he should not be surprised and starts to
leave. Bo stops him, as he will have questions for him as well.
Victor points out before Tony even died, Stefano was threatening
his family. Kate asks if that is true and stands up. Stefano denies it. Crying confused Steph now joins the group and laments "Doesn't anybody care about Phillip?" She explains his heart stopped beating. Daniel and the nurse and the doctor there are trying to get his heart going again, she cries. Kate is now a wreck and wants to go to her son, but Vic points out she would only be in the way. Steph cries loudly. Bo gets on the phone, ordering forensics to go over the hotel room. He has also ordered a guard for Phillip's room, to protect
him. Stefano quietly leaves an uneasy message on his cell for his partner in crime to call him asap. Moments later, the two powerful men resume their heated exchange. Bo stops them. Dr. Dan walks out of the patient's room. "I have news." The team managed to restart Phillip's heart and he is presently stable. They have enough
of his rare blood type in supply. They are still very concerned about internal bleeding and hope that soon things will stabilize. Every moment that he survives increases his chances. Unfortunately, Dr. Dan cannot make any guarantees. Kate cries and asks if his parents may visit him now. Not at present, as Dan is restricting his room
due to his critical state. Dan promises he is doing everything he can. Bo would now like Steph to give him a description of the shooter
and they walk off together. Kate approaches Stefano. "Katherine..." he begins, but she slaps him across the face. "I despise you!" she gasps. She cannot believe he would do something so evil to her.
"It never ends for you does it! Never!"
After Bo informs Steph he would like her to eventually come to the station, Chloe rushes in, asking after Phillip. Steph is upset, but Bo insists he will make it. After all, he survived Iraq. Chloe wishes that Lucas were available as Kate would really need him now. Stefano follows Kate. She cries he knew more than anyone that she would
do anything for her children Phillip is her baby and he tried to snuff out his life! She tells the phoenix "You are dead to me!"She screams at him to go. Bo takes over, as he has questions for Stefano.
"Where were you when Phillip was shot?" "At my son's wedding." Bo asks if he had any contact with anyone outside the church, perhaps with a telephone. "I will find out," warns the Commissioner. "Technology's amazing these days ..."
The nurse hands Dr. Dan a pink sheet. He reads it and looks concerned. He then orders the nurse to run the test again. Vic has overheard and asks his godson what is going on.
Meanwhile Salem patient Phillip sleeps in his room, hooked up to machines.
- Earlier at the church, as Nicole awaits EJ's return, he repeats his own truth or dare challenge for Sami and adds he knows why she is there. He believes it has everything to do with them. She talks Johnny. He wants her to be honest. What was her real reason for interrupting the wedding? He stops Sami from leaving. They have
Johnny, who is a connection between the two of them, she says. Elvis, however, is not listening. "There is more between the two
of us than that." She impatiently tells him to get to his point. EJ hesitates and then explains. When they saw each other for the first time again after she returned from witness protection, he saw in her eyes their special connection again and it was in his eyes, too. He assumes she did not wish to let go of their connection end and came in a last ditch attempt to stop the wedding. Sami gets annoyed."You think I came here because I'm still in love with you?!" EJ continues walking and talking. Honesty is the best policy. He loved her so
much before, yet she must accept that he is married to Nicole now and it is time for her to take the high road. He goes on. Sami interrupts and says he is out of his freaking mind! She shouts at him that he is full of himself. He calls her impulsive and a little irrational. "How desperately pathetic do you think I am!" she yells. "You have an unbelievable ego!" He, however, does not understand why she would march in there and try to stop his wedding. As if on cue,
baby Grace makes a noise. Mama Sami caresses her cheek and uncomfortably turns back to face Elvis. It is quite obvious she is
now considering her options. EJ asks for an answer. Sami  admits
she does crazy things all the time, does not deny his accusation, and starts to leave. She points out she knows what EJ had done to her brother - and she believes Stefano and EJ also set up Phillip's shooting. EJ is surprised to hear that Phillip is not dead. "That's great," he tensely mutters.
- Earlier in the church, Nicole boasts to Chloe about all the presents.
She wants to step outside to see EJ but Chloe warns her that would be a mistake. "Don't check up on him, you know EJ doesn't like that." They are married now. She has him! If it is about Sami, Chloe thinks she has nothing to worry about. Nicole insists it is not about Sami. Chloe sits down, as her feet are sore, and mentions the reception. Nicole sits down. She suddenly realizes that Chloe does not know the bad news. "Phillip was shot today." Chloe looks stunned and asks if it is serious. Nicole replies he might not make it. Chloe cannot believe Nicole did not tell her before! Nicole admits
she was preoccupied. Chloe wonders why anyone would shoot Phil and takes out her cell to call Lucas. She cannot reach him and
rushes off to the hospital. Nicole holds Sydney. She then talks to
the caterers on the phone, and sarcastically says she could not care less if the ice sculpture melts. Oh well. If Phillip is dead, there will evidently be no celebration! She wonders what Sydney's daddy is doing that is more important than their wedding and decides to go
see for herself ...
- In the vestibule, Sami points out Victor probably already has a target on EJ's back and walks away. EJ starts to go after her, but Nicole walks in. He becomes flustered and is unable to follow Sami, who is now gone. Nicole had wondered what he was doing for so long. Who was he talking to? Elvis pauses. He covers that he was saying goodbye to guests. Nicole brings up the fact that there is an
ice sculpture melting at Chez Rouge. What about the reception? He suggests they cancel due to Phillip's shooting. She has already put it on hold as today is perhaps not the day to throw a party, even
though it is their wedding day. He is sorry. She is too and adds she cares about Phillip. EJ complains people are already suggesting the DiMeras were somehow involved. Nicole cannot believe they would think that on their wedding day, of all days. She points out she is a DiMera now and people who say bad things about their family are insulting her as well. She smiles and asks if are they going home together now. He smiles back and tells her to put Sydney in the car. Nicole steps back inside to pick up some things first. Elvis places a call on his cell.
- Sami returns home to her apartment with Grace, now aware that it would have been a terrible mistake to tell EJ the truth. Will comes
up behind her and wonders what did she not tell EJ the truth about. Sami pretends she was referring to Nicole's wedding dress. Will is surprised to hear she went to the wedding, as she had not wanted to attend. She replies she just dropped by. Will informs her of Rafe's impromptu visit. He gives her the medallion Rafe had come by to return to her. Sami is unhappy. "What did he say when he dropped
it off?" Not much, says Will, and he does not really remember. He becomes uncomfortable and leaves for the batting cage to work on his swing. Sami looks at the medallion and remembers how she and Rafe came to let each other know that they cared for each other, followed by their first kiss. She blinks back to reality. "He cares about me," she assures herself and decides to call him. But his number has been disconnected!
- Back at the hospital, Bo repeats his question to the phoenix. Was
he communicating with anyone on the outside while he was in the church? Stefano believes Bo is arrogant and claims he only stayed thus far out of affection for Phillip's mother. However, he sees no reason to stay now, as she has been turned against him. "You know my lawyer’s number already," he finishes and walks off.
"Let the games begin!" says Bo.
- Meanwhile, Dr Dan tells Phillip's family there could indeed be a serious complication, as the patient continues to sleep.
- Back at the church, EJ calls fatha and leaves him a message. "Apparently our package didn't arrive on time. Don't worry. It's a shame obviously, but if it doesn't get there on its own, I'll take care of it personally myself." He snaps his phone shut, unaware that Nicole has walked up behind him and overheard his not so cryptic promise to finish what was started on that day ...!

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"You even look at my brother the wrong way, I will put the last nail in your damn coffin!" Bo warns Stefano.
Vic stands beside Daniel and addresses Kate. "He's the doctor, we have to trust him." "No, I don't!" she cries.
"I don't think I can live like this," Nicole nervously tells EJ.
"I love you, Phillip. Come back to me, please," laments Steph
at the sleeping patient's bedside.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Dramatic replay of Phillip getting shot by the assassin. He writhes
in pain as murderous Masi approaches, ready to fire again. But wait! Enter Steph, who shrieks. Masi points his gun at her and fires. He misses and then points the gun at Phillip to finish the job. Stephanie
is screaming up a storm for help. Two men enter so the assassin takes off. Steph screams at Phil not to leave her, while holding a towel on his bullet wound as blood gushes out. She tells him to hang on for her. She screams at the men to tell the ambulance to hurry. Sirens are heard in the distance.
- Replay of Sami, entering to crash EJ's wedding. Nicole wants EJ
to ignore her but he demands to know what she is doing there. Sami looks smug. "How dare you interrupt my wedding!" says Nicole.
"I had to," gloats Sami. EJ would like to know why. He asks the priest to excuse them for a moment and walks out to the vestibule with both blondes. Nicole calls Sami a disgusting b*tch and accuses her of wanting to ruin their happiness. Sami breathes this is not
about Nicole at all, it is in fact about something else. Nicole is livid. EJ, however, believes it must be something important. Nicole
accuses Sami of desperately seeking attention and tells her to leave. Sami does not think her anger is good for the baby.  EJ is baffled. Nicole thinks she is crazy. Sami now wants to speak to EJ privately. Elvis states that anything she could say to him, she could also say
to his wife. Sami points out the service is not finished so they are
not married yet. She alludes to the fact that the service might not continue after EJ hears what she and Grace have to say. And she appears to believe it, too. EJ wants her to explain that remark and
he seriously doubts .... Nicole calls her hateful and laments she is playing mind games. "Would you please throw her out?" she cries,  charging forward to do just that, yet EJ stops her. He asks her to
give him a moment alone with Samantha. Nicole stays back. EJ wonders what she wished to say to him. Sami is about to begin ...
- Back in the church, the guests await. Chloe asks Stefano why
Sami would interrupt the wedding. Stefano has no idea and seems distracted. He becomes impatient with waiting and decides to see
for himself, but Lexie stops him. His contact man whispers in his
ear the job is done. The phoenix relaxes. Moments later, Lexie
rushes out and excuses herself as she races past EJ and Sami. She must head for the hospital as she has just received word that Phillip Kiriakis has been shot! Sami stares at EJ in disbelief. EJ calmly
says "That is terrible news." Nicole calls it a terrible accident. Sami glares at EJ. "Bastard!" She adds he is as evil as his father. EJ acts indignant that she would have such an opinion of him, and she
storms off. Nicole wonders if he is going to run after Sami or marry her. Which one will it be? "Of course we should go back inside," Elvis charmingly explains. "This whole thing with Samantha was rather disconcerting." Nicole states that Phillip getting shot was
awful. He agrees it was terrible and asks if she would like to sit
down for a moment. Nicole asks why. Philip getting shot doesn't have anything to do with them, does it?  "No, of course not," is the airy reply. He had simply assumed she was stressed. Nicole thinks
all those other things can work themselves out, for this is their wedding day, and it is certainly a day they will never forget! They hold hands. She smiles they should return inside and "finish the ceremony so we can be Mr. and Mrs. DiMera."
- Inside, Stefano plays innocent when Chloe says Alexandra left because she was paged by the hospital due to "some shooting." EJ and Nicole return to continue the ceremony, to the applause of the guests. Father Matt says his piece and this time no one interrupts. "Nicole, EJ, by the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife." They smile. And so the groom from hell kisses the bride from hell! Nicole then fusses over baby Sydney. Stefano takes EJ this aside and informs him he will head for the hospital before the reception. Elvis now thinks they need to reconsider the reception, since they do not want it to look like they are dancing on Phillip's grave. Papa Stefano agrees and takes his leave. Nicole has overheard the exchange and gets a nervous look in her eye. Elvis excuses himself for a moment. Chloe asks what Sami was up to. Nicole complains the b*tch was just trying to stop the wedding and wonders where EJ has gone.
- Outside on a bench with Grace, Sami calls the hospital for an update on the condition of Phillip Kiriakis. She then walks back into the church vestibule, apologizing to Grace. She is sorry they are there, but there is something she simply must do. She glares at EJ when he reappears and alludes to the fact that he must have been involved in Phillip’s shooting. "I want to hear you tell me the truth!" she demands. Elvis considers.  "I'll tell you what you want to
know, but in return you tell me why you're here with Grace, why you interrupted my wedding." He suspects he already knows the answer, though he would like to hear it directly from her ...
- At the hospital, Mel attends to Brady's wounds, as the staff are busy due to a bus accident. She tries to make light of everything
and talks and talks. Brady suddenly notices something is wrong.
Mel exclaims he could have been killed. He points out he is not
dead. She asks him to promise her  he will not return to the church. He claims he now realizes that wedding is meant to be and he will
not return. He slowly puts on his shirt and waits for the nurses to finish up his paperwork. Mel points out the wedding must be over. Brady insists he is over it, but Mel looks doubtful. She can see in
his eyes that Nicole is important to him. He tries to downplay it.
Mel senses he is playing a role. She laments she has a big mouth
and must have freaked him out by saying EJ would push Nicole
into an early grave. Max always calls her passive aggressive. Mel goes on. She notes that Brady certainly his feelings for Nicole. He gently says if she considers herself  his friend, she should drop it.
She agrees and adds "I just wish that my friend wasn't in love with somebody who didn't love him back." Brady promises he will
move on with his love life and exits the room.
- At Kiriakis mansion, Victor examines his latest acquisition - an authentic Greek bust worth tens of thousands of dollars. Money
is never an object. His cell rings with bad news. "Phillip?!" The Greek tycoon drops the bust, not caring it has broken, and charges out, on his way to see the prodigal son.
- Back at the hospital, Brady and Mel chat at the nurse's station.
All of a sudden, Phillip is wheeled in by the paramedics. Stephanie follows him in her bathrobe and collapses, wailing. Mel hugs her. Brady looks horrified. He sits with Steph and she tells him what happened. She is desperate with worry as there was so much blood. Brady says she did the right thing. Phil has been taken to surgery. Steph mentions she called Victor while she was in the ambulance. Brady thinks her parents should be there for her but she says they
are out of town until Friday. Mel brings some clothes for her and takes her off to get dressed. "Stay calm," says Brady. Mel consoles her and helps her walk off. In the operating room, patient Phil has lost a lot of blood and the doctor says it seems hopeless!
Lexie arrives at the hospital. The now dressed Steph laments she could not stop it. Lexie reassures her. Meanwhile, Brady is on his
cell contacting people. Mel continues to attend to Steph. Lexie goes to the operating room. Brady solemnly states that once grandfather arrives, they need to keep it together. He walks off to try and call mama Kate again. Steph thanks Mel for  her support. Mel knows how much she loves Phillip and becomes teary-eyed that he will
surely be fine. Victor rushes in. "Is he alight?" Mel admits they do
not really know. Lexie soon returns with an update for the family
and friends. The surgery was a success, but he has lost a great deal of blood. Therefore, the next 24-36 hours are critical. Victor wants Dr. Daniel Jonas to take over the case, due to matters of trust.Lexie understands. Steph expresses her worry. Dr. Lexie points out Phil
has been anesthetized and is unconscious, so he is not in any pain. When he was brought in, he was semi-conscious and said one word "Stephanie." Steph is overwhelmed.
- In his hospital room, Phillip sleeps. As he waits in the hall, Victor flashes back to the time he told Phillip he was not man enough to
face up to his actions and therefore he was cutting him off. He also remembers Stefano DiMera saying his son killed his own son and
that he would one day know the feeling ...
Stephanie asks Lexie if she can see Phillip. He is unconscious but it might help, so she gives her okay for a moment. She is then paged away. Victor asks Steph how the shooting happened. Brady tries to intervene. Victor barks he is entitled to know what happened as someone just tried to kill his son. Steph fills him in. She did not even hear the shots. Vic surmises the gun had a silencer on it. He suggests she go in and see Phillip now. "Tell him I love him." The Greek tycoon stands up. Brady asks what he is thinking. Victor wants to know what happened to his face. Brady pretends he was jumped by an obscure, unseen thug. "That was a message from the DiMeras," snaps the Greek tycoon. He suggests Brady face the facts. "Today the DiMeras beat the hell out of my grandson and tried to murder
my son." Phillip could die and there will be no second chances for those dastardly DiMeras! He tells Brady to leave him alone so that
he can think. Moments later, cheeky Stefano approaches the nurse for information. Vic confronts him. "You son of a b*tch!" The DiMera don plays innocent, but the Greek tycoon knows this is payback for Tony. "The pain is unbearable isn't it," the Phoenix
taunts. Victor stops him from walking away and grabs him by the arm, dangerously declaring
"This is not over - this is just the beginning!" Mob war alert!

At Phillip's bedside, galpal Steph remembers their happy moments together. She sniffles and begs him to come back to her "I love
you." He half opens his eyes and she kisses his hand with joy.
Without any warning, he then closes his eyes and flat lines. Steph stares at his machine and sobs.

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Nicole tells Chloe she will go check on EJ, to see what is going on. "Nicole, if you go out there, you're making a huge mistake,"
replies her friend.
"You think I came here because I'm still in love with you?" Sami
asks EJ incredulously.
Kate cries out and slaps Stefano across the face.
"Come on Phillip, come on!" Dan exclaims, trying to revive him
as crying Steph looks on.

Monday, April 20, 2009


- Still at the hotel, Phil and Steph lie in each other's arms, in the afterglow. She wishes they did not have to return to the real world. He promises it can always be like this for them. They kiss on it. Outside the door, Masi the assassin, dressed all in black, slowly
starts to turn the door handle, his pistol drawn.
- At the pub, glum Sami has returned inside as she heard the bells ringing. Max is sympathetic. Maybe she was not meant to go to the wedding, what with the flat tire and Grace getting sick. Max then
tells her that he does not think the wedding started yet. Those bells might have actually been rung before the wedding. Sami is now
more concerned with Grace and asks Max to fetch a thermometer. She will still tell EJ the truth at some point. She just wishes she
could stop the wedding. Grace has a temperature of 101. Sami asks Max to call a cab so that she can take Grace to ER. He suggests she call the pediatrician in advance. She does and Max walks off to fetch a cold washcloth. Arianna tells Max to let her know if she can help
in any way. Over the phone, Sami is relieved to hear from the pediatrician that Grace is probably teething. She sighs and tells Max that grandma Caroline has some baby medicine that will help. Max walks off to get it. Sami quietly tells Grace that soon she will not have to pretend to people that she is not related to the twins. Max returns with the medicine.
- At the church, replay of Mia crashing the wedding. She wants to say something. Elvis wants to know who she is. Mia begins. "Nicole has been really good to me ..."  Elvis recognizes her from the Java Cafe and demands to know why she is interrupting his wedding! Nicole tries to calm him down. Baker approaches Mia, and puts his arm around her. She says she is sorry. Baker takes her aside and
they sit together. EJ turns to Nicole and asks why this girl is there. Nicole pretends she has no idea. The phoenix looks suspicious. EJ persists. "What is going on?!" Nicole says it is nothing. Meanwhile Baker remains seated with Mia and keeps an eye on the teen.
Nicole explains she is someone she has been trying to help. The
priest asks if they should request her to leave. Nicole says no and asks that they continue. Elvis shakes his head and laughs there is always something. They stand together, happy again. Stefano stares intensely at their man who is in contact with Masi. He is wearing an earphone and quietly communicating with the assassin. Masi's voice mutters that the target is not alone and asks if the Phoenix has any problems with collateral damage. The contact man tells him there is no problem with that. Meanwhile, Lexie takes her place to read
from the book of Proverbs. Mia stands up and Baker ushers her out of the church. Nicole explains to perplexed EJ that Mia is emotional and she did not invite her. Lexie goes on to read about love, that it is patient and kind, etc. Nicole smiles at EJ. "Love never fails," Lexie finishes. Now it is time for the vows. They get on with it. First EJ says I do. Now it is Nicole's turn. She says I do. The priest requests the rings Stefano says NO. Nicole looks worried. The Phoenix steps forward and says this is a very emotional time for his family. "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away." Here they are, about to welcome another DiMera into the family. She has lived with them and given birth to their beautiful Sydney. He wonders if she is really part of the family and answers she is not, but she will be after she takes those wedding vows "There will be a sacramental bond that
can never be broken,"he says dangerously."Do you truly understand what it means to be a DiMera?" Nicole nods that she does. Stefano gives his blessing and she meekly thanks him. Now EJ would like to say something!
- In the hall, Mia calls the DiMeras the family from hell and she is mad about liar Nicole! Baker tells her there is something she does
not know and it  "changes everything." His face is solemn. She should think of her baby and what makes her safe.She has evidently not been following the news. She should know something about the family that just adopted her baby. He elaborates on the DiMera clan. "They're evil. They're killers." Mia is upset he let them keep her baby. He was duped too and warns her that she now has no choice than to leave Sydney where she is.
- Down at the pier, Mel is on her cell phone arguing about an unpaid bill. When the call is over, she thinks she sees a drunk, but it is in
fact Brady, lying unconscious, his face bloodied and bruised. He eventually comes to as she nervously talks. What happened? Brady mutters "Payback is what happened." He now sits up and does not want her to call anyone. His telephone was stolen by the bad guy, too. Mel realizes he did not heed her warning and went to the wedding. She shouts for help, yet there is not a cop in sight. Brady slowly stands up and she helps him stagger off.
- Back at the pub, everyone is shocked to see Mel and bruised Brady enter. He pretends he was just mugged. Mel starts to talk about it, but Brady cuts her short and insists it was a random mugging. Sami thinks Brady should be checked out at the hospital. He refuses. Mel agrees with Sami. Sami says she must now leave, but asks Max to make sure he goes to the hospital. Brady asks where she is going. "To a wedding ." He dubiously concludes it must be Elvis and Nicole's wedding.  She says he happens to be the father of her child. Brady warns her not to go, as no good will come from it Sami snaps that is why she must go and stop it. Brady tells her to be careful.
She quips she always is and pushes Grace's stroller out the door
with her, to stop that wedding!
- Dr. Baker takes Mia to Java Cafe, sits her down at a computer,
and shows her what she is up against. She reads about the DiMera murderers and the horrible things they have done, and wonders why Baker did not tell her this before. Because she went to Japan, he thought. He warns that the only person who is safe from the
DiMeras is another DiMera. Mia does not want her baby to be a DiMera, but Baker explains it is too late. If she steps in and tries to claim her baby from the DiMera clan, Nicole, Mia, as well as Syd will suffer. The only way to keep her safe is to stay away. He was only at the wedding to try and protect his position. He advises the teen to never look back and accept the fact that she already gave
up her baby.
- At the hospital ER, Mel asks shirtless Brady why he did not tell Sami the truth. He points out she overreacts. She noticed that
drama element as well. Mel now wonders if he went to the wedding and got beaten up because she had told him to be honest with his feelings for Nicole. She laments it sounds like another thing she has done wrong. Brady insists he knew what he was getting into, it is not her fault. Mel helps him get comfortable. He thanks her for staying. She hopes Sami will not get beaten up when she gets to the wedding. Brady says EJ would never let anything happen to Sami, as they share a son together. Mel is confused about the baby Sami was with. That is Grace, whom she adopted. Mel is surprised to hear she has
4 kids, 3 under the age of two. She is all ears as Brady explains
there are different fathers. She wonders if his sis Sami is still in love with EJ. Brady admits he is not happy about her going to the
wedding, but he does not think so. Mel points out the DiMeras are having a wedding strangely close to Tony's death. Brady recalls
how you could feel the tension at the church ...
- Back at the hotel room, Steph has fallen asleep, then suddenly wakes up. Phil is unable to stay asleep. He often wakes up like he is having a nightmare, but then realizes it was not a nightmare. He now thinks the nightmares will end as he is with her. She smiles and gives him another kiss. Masi pushes the door. Steph hears the noise. Phil calls out and asks if there is someone there. Masi claims he is room service and waits for Phil to open the door. Steph stops him and he returns to her, after telling room service to leave the champagne at the door. Masi prepares to shoot the door handle. "Pity you won't
be able to enjoy your last meal," he sneers. He is unexpectedly interrupted when housekeeping is heard approaching, and hides around the corner. Phil and Steph are happily chatting about what
to order. "Cheeseburgers," he concludes. "Cheeseburgers it is."
They kiss again and roll around under the sheets. She tells him they have the room for two nights and giggles it is time for cheeseburgers. Phil picks up the phone to order. Outside the maid is about to knock on their door.  Masi grabs her from behind and quickly renders her unconscious, grabbing the keys from her pocket. He slowly opens
the door. Steph heads off to shower and Phil teases that she looks sexy in her robe. The door handle slowly turns and the door opens. Enter Masi. He levels his pistol at the now reposing Phil, who is
lying in bed. Phil opens his eyes and stares in disbelief as the man
in black shoots him, aiming for the heart. A bloody bullet wound causes Phil to gasp and writhe in pain.
- Back at the church, EJ says his piece. He chuckles and reminisces how lovely Nicole looked in an orange prison jumpsuit when she
was yelling at guards. He states he always wanted her with him, though he cannot vow that they will never again fight, and alludes to the fact that it is in his blood to act like an old European patriarch. However, he likes the fact that after they fight, they come back stronger. He will always be a good father to their daughter. Nicole is moved. "EJ, that was beautiful," she gushes. Nicole later holds baby Syd, with EJ at her side. Together they light their unity candle. All
of a sudden, the candle extinguishes on its own. Nicole is visibly shaken. EJ grins and lights it again. Father Matt continues. "Peace
be with you." The DiMera contact man with the earphone ominously nods at man in black Stefano, who looks pleased that man in black Masi has apparently done the deed. The priest says by the power vested in him ... "Wait!" Sami exclaims as, much to everyone's astonishment, she defiantly marches into the church, holding
Grace ...

To quote dayscafe  from several days ago, it is a case of
as we called it first on our weekly spoilers page :)

Next on Days of Our Lives

Stephanie screams "Somebody help me!" as she looks at the
hitman standing over shot Phil, getting his gun ready for
another bullet.
"Phillip Kiriakis has been shot," Lexie informs EJ.
Brady tells Mel "I know for better or for worse, that wedding
is meant to be."
"What the hell are you doing here, Sami? How dare you
interrupt my wedding!" cries bride Nicole.

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