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- Nathan probes Chloe about her pregnancy. She gets
  miffed and insists the baby is Daniel's. Nath gets on his
  high horse and righteously informs her the guy she had
  the fling with is lucky ...
- Phil is suddenly in a good mood about Chloe's pregnancy.
- Mel plans a baby shower for Chloe. Carly offers to help.
  Vivian actually hopes to be invited!
- Sami and Rafe announce their engagement! Caroline approves.
  Johnny, however, thinks his daddy will not! Sami informs him
  that EJ is out of their lives and Rafe makes her happy. Rafe
  is looking forward to being a father to the kids and promises
  to do all kinds of stuff with Johnny, including taking him
  to his office. But the mood is short lived ...
  Bo shows up and tells them EJ has been shot. Sami feigns
  shock, though her shock upon hearing EJ is NOT dead is real!
- Bo investigates. He narrows it down to people in that
  fortress of a mansion who had easy access ...
- Kate suspects Sami! Sami plays innocent.
- Stefano suspects Nicole after she shows up at the hospital.
  He almost attacks her but is stopped by her FBI guard. He
  realizes she didn't do it when Chloe gives her an alibi and she
  points out she has been getting protection since EJ tried to
  kill her.
- A distraught Stefano encourages his son to fight. The phoenix
  vows REVENGE! He demands answers from Kate after she
  mutters she thinks she knows who did it. Kate covers by claiming
  she was referring to his previous run-in with Victor. Bo feels
  Kate is hiding something. She denies it.
- Viv informs Victor she has dceided not to leave town, after
  she overhears him on the phone with Maggie.
- Vivian thinks Carly and Chloe are conspiring and
  attempts to cause trouble ... Chloe is all but forced to come
  clean with Carly about what she almost did to her. They
  decide to let bygones be bygones ...
- Carly comes across Vivian and Gus scheming. She
  confronts Viv ...
- Steph approaches Phil about the paternity test. She soon
  discovers Phil did not repeat not switch the test results!
  Her next suspect is Chloe, though she is on the wrong track ...
- Nathan demands answers from Steph about what she has
  been up to with her friend Ian when he finds them
  together yet again!
- Gus warns Madame Viv to drop her risky plan! She pays
  no attention to his advice.
- Phil threatens Viv. (she will soon find herself in a tight spot!)
  But Viv still wants to impress him.
- Stefano rages at Sami when she comes to the hospital, with
  her new engagement ring! And that's not all. The phoenix
  will also learn the gun which shot EJ was the one from the
  LOCKED DiMera desk drawer! He now suspects Sami and
  intends to prove it was her!
- Rafe assumes Sami was asleep at his side and gives her
  an alibi. She is relieved he does not know the truth, but
  gets worried when comatose EJ stares at her. She thinks
  he might know what she did!
- EJ's future is in Sami's hands. Will she pull the plug? She
  discusses with Dr. Dan.
- Maggie woefully realizes she cares deeply for Victor
  after he calls her and suggests she go ahead with her plan
  to leave town. He is concerned she could get caught in the
  crossfire of the growing conflict between himself and
  Stefano, and refers to her as someone who means a great
  deal to him ... Brady, however, is in for any war against
  the DiMeras, cos he just hates that EJ!
- Mel talks to Maggie about her feelings. Brady believes Vic
  cares for her, too! The redhead opts to stick around for the
  baby shower ...
- Will drops a bomb on Sami. The night EJ was shot he
  heard her shouting and then watched her leave the mansion
  with a gun in her hand. Sami wonders if he will turn her in.
- Ari and Rafe are about to have a BIG fight. About EJ!
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