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- Carly acts like she has a very big secret! She also wrongly
  assumes Nath was the guy with whom Chloe cheated! Chloe
  assures her the other man's identity is not important, and later
  points out to a worried Phil that cos she never came out and
  said her fling was not with Nath, Carly suspects Nath, and has
  no idea it was really Phillip!
- Dan probes Nath about Chloe. Just what is his problem!
  Nath covers up and acts like he just did not approve of
  her cheating on Lucas.
- Phil tries to buy a house near Maggie for Mel.
- Carly senses tension between Mel and Nath. Mel confides
  in her about Nath's pillow talk she overheard - that he loves
  her! She insists she loves Phil. Carly now thinks Phil is
  the better guy anyway ...
- Chloe and Dan are looking forward to their wedding at the park.
- EJ is fully conscious with a headache. And he wants
  to see his WIFE Samantha!
- Rafe warns Sami that Will still has no alibi. Sami wants
  to tell him that she shot EJ but gets interrupted when Ari
  calls with the news that EJ just woke up!
- It is finally revealed that Pookie perished from
  heartbreak while Nicole was in the slammer ...
- Brady is determined to retrieve Isabella's remains from the pet
  cemetery where Viv had her buried in the plot of a large animal.
  To avoid suspicion, he tells  the oddball funeral director that he
  wishes to move his beloved pet orangutan to another cemetery.
  Crazy times. What's even crazier is that Nicole overhears! She
  tries unsuccessfully to get information from the pet cemetery
  director, then shows up at the mansion looking for Brady and
  asks Victor about orangutans!
- EJ is stabilized, though his memory is foggy - or is it?
- Accusations are made!
- EJ insists he has amnesia, but Rafe insists he doesn't!
  Agent Rafe speaks with Dr. Dan, who wonders how far he
  would go to nail the patient. Meanwhile, EJ acts like he only
  remembers being at his wedding with Sami. He promises
  Samantha they will go on their honeymoon soon.
  Lexie worries that any shock could put EJ in jeopardy.
  Therefore, Sami must play along and even shares a kiss
  with him. Rafe sees!
- EJ asks "wife" Samantha to bring the kids to see him.
  Sami must comply. Johnny gets some time with EJ and gives
  him unsettling news. They all live with Rafe now!
- Rafe is right! EJ confides in papa Stefano that he is just
  playing games with the fake memory loss. His ultimate goal is
  to manipulate Samantha and gain custody of his children. He has
  no intention of pointing the finger at her, though, and, much to
  the chagrin of Stefano, claims that he shot himself! At least for
  now ... EJ is most troubled when Stefano states Sami could have
  shot him, as per the evidence.
- Chad tells the DiMeras he hopes EJ will recover. Stefano
  blows him off.
- Chad misunderstands a moment with Kate when she suggests
  he come work at DiMera Enterprises. He presumes she has
  the hots for him! Kate insists she is happily married, though.
- Stefano shares EJ's latest deception with Kate.
- Nicole learns Brady's deep dark secret about burying Viv alive
  after she goes to the mausoleum and hears Viv's voice in the
  earpiece. Viv begs for her help .... In order to neutralize Nicole,
  Brady makes a pass at her!
- Kayla snoops around the hospital after Steph tells her the tale
  of the switched paternity test. She lectures Steph that all parties
  involved have the right to know the truth, but first she will make
  sure it was not just a hospital mistake that was later corrected ...
- Victor seeks out Maggie again!
- Phil wants to move back to the house of Kiriakis
  with Mel. Why isn't Victor so enthusiastic this time?!
- Rafe plans for his future with Sami, the kids, and a house. He
  finds it hard to deal with her having to pretend she is EJ's wife..
- Commander Roman asks EJ for an official statement.
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