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- Guests gather to remember Isabella. Vic admits she changed him.
- Viv is dismayed to hear how happy Victor is, believing that
  she has really left him!
- Maggie informs the Greek tycoon they can only be friends.
  He pretends to agree, yet he intends to change that!
- Rafe interrogates Will (unofficially, that is), until
  Ari comes along. The siblings disagree again. Rafe tries to
  tell her that EJ is a con artist, but she insists he has never
  let her down, so she will not let him down!
- Guess what. EJ is getting better, breathing on his own, and
  he will know what Sami did! He asks for her ...
- Will fears that Sami is going to get in big trouble! He overhears
  Lexie and Abe discussing how EJ is getting better and said
  Sami's name! Will wants her to ask Rafe for his help and
  suggests she tell him what went down! Sami plans to  to do
  just that, but stuff happens and she and Rafe are interrupted ...
- Adrienne is concerned about Stephanie after she hears
  her tell Ian she has nothing to be ashamed of and acts
  strangely. Adrienne calls Kayla and informs her that
  her daughter needs her ...
- Victor is pleased that Brady is more and more like him!
  He praises him for firing a devoted employee of 20 years
  on the phone ...
- Carly is convinced Vivian is plotting something!
- Vivian is missing (of course still stuck in the sarcophagus)
  Too bad for Viv that Maggie finds her earring nearby but
  can't hear her! Meanwhile, Brady gets nervous when Bo
  mentions investigating her whereabouts. Otherwise, Brady is
  quite cocky and even sends Carly a bogus text message from
  Vivian's phone, explaining she has left town to get over her
  broken marriage, but will never forget what she did to Lawrence
  and will soon be back! Viv warns Brady that if he does not
  release her, he will end up on drugs, due to the horror of
  what he has done ...
- Hope is targeted in prison again. And the lady warden
  does not think things will get better for her there ...
- Bo is troubled by Hope's predicament so he takes action.
  He meets with the warden and orders her to place Hope in
  isolation. The warden appears to blow him off, claiming she
  is the one who calls the shots in her prison!
- Carly makes an effort with Ciara.
- Kayla is back and she wants to know what the heck
  is going on with daughter Stephanie! Steph assures her she
  and Nathan are good ...
- Dan tells Ian not to bother Nath and Steph. Meanwhile,
  Ian can't help but notice the doc's iphone nearby ...
- When Ian and Steph talk about the paternity test, Kayla
  just happens to hear them!
- Stefano is hell bent on REVENGE! 
- Kate toys with the idea of poisoning Stefano, to protect
  Will, but everything changes when Stefano assures Kate he
  realizes that William is indeed innocent. The experts did
  not find the lad's fingerprints on the desk drawer from which
  the gun was taken. Sami's fingerprints were on it, though,
  and he is convinced Rafe lied to give her an alibi!
- Nicole begs Brady for another chance. No such luck!
  Nicole gets depressed and starts drinking at the Cheatin Heart.
- Drunken Nicole crashes Chloe's baby shower! And she has
  become a tad resentful of her old pal ... She lets it slip that
  Chloe did something to Dan and he doesn't know about it!
  Mel overhears! Not surprisingly, Nicole is kicked out out of
  the party.
- Vivian issues crazed captor Brady a dire warning. She also
  decides that when she gets out, she will destroy the anti-Viv
  tag team of Mel and Carly.
- EJ has yet another visit from Arianna. She promises him
  she will find the person who did this to him. She has no
  idea that Will is listening! Will also pays sleeping EJ a
  visit and tells him he should just die!
- Stefano implores his son to wake up and identify Sami
  as the shooter! Tick tock.

- Justin is forced to face his feelings (update: Justin is indeed
  seen this week, but this specific spoiler for a later date :)
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