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- EJ claims to suspicious Roman that he does not remember
  ANYTHING after the wedding! When Sami comes to vist
  again, EJ wants her to admit she shot him!
- Arianna flips out when she realizes Sami and Rafe are
  engaged, concerned the stress could hurt EJ.
  New Gabi (Camila Banus) tries to keep the peace.
- Elvis shares with Stefano that he makes his machines
  go haywire on purpose by thinking of Samantha. He
  plans to come up with a way to get her and Hernandez
  away from his children forever! He resolves to get the proof
  he needs ...
- Justin comes across Brady in the mausoleum and thinks
  he is acting out of character.
- Viv finds out that Nicole is Brady's new partner in passion
  and crime and tries unsuccessfully to warn her that he
  only seduced her for her silence!
- Kate deduces that no one will ever be able to take
  the place of EJ for Stefano, not even Chad as his son.
- Rafe attempts to draw suspicion away from Will, whom
  he still assumes is guilty of some wrongdoing!
- Hope has signed divorce papers and Justin shares
  the information with a shocked Bo.
- It's official. THIS is the week that Justin and
  Adrienne lay the groundwork to try again.
- Brady and Nicole living together?! He wants to share what
  was once Viv's room with his on again off again on again
  gal pal! It is evident to Victor he is merely using her.
- Meanwhile, Viv has a plan to reach Gus and she manages to
  get through to him, to let him know she is a prisoner!
- Mel gets mad at Nath - and Chloe - when she
  finds out he already knew Chloe was a CHEATER.
  She hears him talking to Stephanie about it. Chloe implores
  her to stay out of it. And that's not all! Chloe drops a bomb
  when she informs Mel that mama Carly arrranged her
  paternity test!
- Dan wants to know why Mel slaps Chloe!
- Sami fears that Ari could be a liability to her family!
  She warns Will to avoid her, aware that Ari is looking for
  EJ's shooter, hence her questions.
- The DiMeras plot their next move.
- Kayla gives Steph a piece of her mind for her snag
  Nath by getting pregnant scheme! Concerned Kayla also
  has some advice for Bo - to stand by his woman, Hope!
- Hope is offered a chance to work at the prison infirmary.

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