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- Rafe and EJ duke it out at the hospital as Ari lies dying!
  Lexie breaks it up ...
- Will tries to find the evidence (the camcorder with
  which she secretly recorded Sami) in Ari's bag. Not there!
- The fallout and suspicion from Ari's hit and run
  affects many ... EJ makes her a promise on her
  deathbed! Meanwhile, Gabi discovers that Will
  hounding her led to the tragedy. She doesn't
  take her sister's situation well and she tells Will if Ari
  dies, it is all his fault! EJ laments to Stefano that he is
  losing a good friend in Ari. He summons Brady to the
  hospital to say goodbye. Brady weeps at her bedside as
  she lies unconscious, remembering how they once had it all.
  He does not realize that Kate opens the door in time to hear
  him mutter that these days all he does is torture a horrible
  old woman! Of course, Kate thinks Viv and heads to the
  mansion to see for herself ....
- EJ confronts Rafe about what Ari wanted to tell him.
  He gets nowhere and accuses him of not fulfilling his sister's
  dying wish.
- Sami promises Will they will find a way to make things right.
- Father Matt performs Ari's last rites. Arianna dies. Rafe is
  utterly devastated. Major tears.
- Brady is guilt-ridden.
- EJ and Stefano attempt to retrace Ari's last steps and also
  put the squeeze on Will.
- Kinsey offers to help Nicole see Sydney more!
- Desperate Sami snoops around Ari's room for the camera. EJ
  enters too, determined to find the proof she told him she had!
  They play tug-of-war with a box, but there is no camera inside!
- Kate anonymously mails Chad his birth certificate which
  names Stefano as his father. She is pretty sure it will go smoothly,
  as the phoenix now likes the young man.
- Vivian wants to make a deal - with Nicole!
- Nicole discusses her love for Sydney with Chloe. She is
  confident she will be back in her life - and boy will she soon hold
  all the cards (i.e. she gets the camera!)
- Maggie learns of Victor's intentions. He just won't quit! She
  assures him he is a good man. The rogue flirts with her at the
- Hope is increasingly suspicious about what happened to April.
  She suspects something is going on at the prison and informs Bo,
  who warns her to proceed with caution. (He will also be wanting
  to involve Carly, which will not sit well with Hope!)
- Kate is drawn into the sarcophagus fiasco when she sees Viv TV
  in Viv's old room and then finds her in the sarcophagus. Much to
  Viv's dismay, her old nemesis does not let her out. Victor offers
  to buy Kate's silence about his secret. Not necessary. And she and
  Victor both want Viv to stay exactly where she is!
- Nathan asks Stephanie to marry him.
- Daniel continues to believe that Chloe is pure as the driven snow,
  much to Mel's dismay.
- Kayla confides in Caroline ... She also seeks out Bo, to discuss a
  criminal matter - Might Carly have been the test switcher?
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