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- Mel remains miffed at Carly. And Carly is madder at
  Nathan, whom she warns to stay away from her daughter
  cos she still wrongly thinks he was Chloe's other man!
- Bo takes Ciara to see Hope. She lifts her spirits. Bo
  promises they will always be a family.
- Dr. Walters is sweet on Carly but she lets him know
  she is taken.
- HOLY DIMERA! Stefano compares Chad to EJ!
  He thinks that in some respects, he is like him ...
- Brady admits to Victor that he has Vivian in the sarcophagus.
  The Greek tycoon is most amused! Brady then tells Nicole that
  Victor knows their deep dark secret.
- Nicole wonders if Brady will ever marry her.
- Rafe implores Ari not to implicate Sami. She refuses to listen.
- Sami takes new Syd to the hospital for a check-up and leaves
  her with Lexie for a moment. Just then EJ comes out of his
  own check-up and excitedly takes his daughta in his arms.
  Sami flips out and they exchange words.
- Brady has a vision of his mother Isabella! It gets to him.
  Isabella wants him to do the right thing and let Vivian go.
  But a conversation with Nicole convinces Brady not to!
- Victor demands answers from Viv about her plan. She admits
  she had intended to bury Maggie alive.
- EJ reports Sami to commissioner Bo as the suspect who might
  have shot  him, but he shouldn't count on Rafe taking back his
  alibi anytime soon. EJ is placed under arrest for not respecting
  the court order to stay away form the kids - and his bail is paid.
- Kayla interrupts an intense argument between Ari and Sami
  (Sami was trying to pressure her to keep her silence). And
  Sami should be worried cos Ari has taped her very detailed
  admission of guilt, which she intends to play for EJ!
- Ari arranges to meet EJ at the pub. But before they hook
  up, Will confronts her and she tries to get away ...
- Ari is run over and rushed to the OR! Will and EJ witness the
  "accident" which occurs outside the pub. EJ makes for the
  hospital and implores Lexie to let him see her ...
- Sister Anne confronts Carly for lying.
- Mel discusses a scandalous secret with Steph.
- Kayla considers Carly as the possible test switcher. She is
  now quite certain that Phillip is the baby's father!
- Hope notices something is fishy with the warden and Lee.
  And she wants April's unexpected death from appendicitis
  investigated. The warden, however,  is determined to make
  sure she never learns the truth!
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