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- Chad shares his DiMera news with Will, who warns him to
  steer clear of Stefano. Chad, however, is intrigued and pumped!
- Arianna addresses family and friends for the last time in a pre-
  recorded video shown by lawyer Justin. Brady learns that Ari
  left him most of her estate. EJ is disappointed that she left
  him a small St. Anne replica, no evidence. Sami is relieved.
- Rafe and EJ butt heads - again! EJ hits a nerve when he says he
  is lying for Samantha, gave up his career for her, and did not even
  sire any of her kids. Rafe lunges to attack but Justin stops him.
  Roman shows up and states the cops have a new witness to Ari's
  hit and run. A man who saw the accident and just came foward.
  EJ follows them down to the station and insists on being
  present for the meeting with the eye witness, an older man who
  explains the car's plates appeared to be from Illinois and he saw
  something that looked like a small electronic gadget go flying from
  her purse, which may then have ended up in the gutter. After, EJ
  smugly promises Sami that HE will find it first and he knows that
  must be the evidence Ari wanted him to have. Sami is a wreck.
  Rafe tries to calm her down and sugggests they get married right
- Stefano wants to know how far Elvis would go to get back
  his children ...
- Kate enlightens Mel on Chloe's past lies. Consequently, Mel
  will have second thoughts about keeping her silence. She
  demands Chloe meet her at the pier.
- Viv is freed from the sarcophagus by flunky Gus. Her next
  course of action? To tell Maggie all - and then some!
  Poor Maggie is locked in the sarcophagus! Gus the technical
  wizard gets all the communications forwarded to Madame so
  she can 1. taunt Maggie directly 2. talk to Victor while acting
  like she is still in the sarcophagus - while she is in her hotel room!
  Meanwhile, the monitor feed from the mansion is disabled so
  Victor hears Viv but does not see her! Maggie begs her to free
  her. Viv admits her original plan was to bury Maggie alive and
  tells her it is up to Victor to let her out! Viv claims she now
  despises Vic and will make the bastard pay!
- Victor continues to lash out at Viv - and hell hath no fury like
  Madame scorned! Phillip fuels him on. Victor decides it would
  be best if they all stopped communicating with the "wicked witch
  of the graveyard."
- Gus fears the wrath of the Greek tycoon.
- Victor and Brady eventually realize that Gus got away ...
- Nicole gets her hands on Ari's camera - after she looks through
  her belongings - and watches Sami's admission of guilt! She then
  makes copies, aware that putting this on the news would ruin her!
- Kate informs Chad of the DiMera darkness but pretends
  she knows not how he came by his birth certificate. She asks
  what he intends to do with the knowledge that he is a DiMera.
- Mel vows to tell Dan the truth about Chloe cheating so Chloe
  follows her to the Horton cabin to change her mind. Mel gets
  Dan on the phone, ready to tell all, but then Chloe lets out
  a war cry that her water broke! She is in labor! Nurse Mel
  must help Chloe deliver her early baby boy. Dan and Phil are
  the first ones to see him after Phil helps Dan get there by boat!
  Mel decides to keep Chloe's cheating secret after all.
- Phil ponders fatherhood after he holds the baby. Maybe he is
  ready to be a dad ... Elsewhere, sneaky Steph has a plan up her
  sleeve. But she decides she wants the paternity test secret
  to stay a secret regardless of what she promised Kayla.
- Things get dicey for Hope in prison. The wicked warden
  wants her isolated! Bo has an idea and tells Carly. He wants to
  pass something on to Hope ...
- Jennifer Horton Deveraux (Melissa Reeves) is back to Salem -
  to stay! She must settle Alice's estate. She visits cuz Hope, who
  would rather sleuth around with her instead of Carly ...
  P.S. Jennifer is rather unofficially separated and Ben Walters
  is interested, but she fears he could be too much like Jack!
- Brady wants answers from Rafe. Could Sami have shot EJ???
- Sami and Nicole rumble! Nicole attempts to blackmail her with
  the recording of her confession, demanding she let her see Sydney
  more. Sami refuses! Nic winds up unconscious at the loft! Here
  comes Rafe, who humors her, thinking he can solve the problem
  by removing the recording from her computer. Wrong move,
  bucko! Nicole is all about copies and backup plans ...
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