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- EJ warns Phil that if he tries to change for a woman, like he
  did, it will only blow up in his face!
- Lovestruck Steph gives Nathan an answer. YES!
- Caroline claims she switched the test results. She seems to have
  done it 1. Cos she is miffed at Victor 2. Cos she wanted to help
  Steph keep nice boy Nath. Kayla is horrified at what Caroline has
  done! And to further complicate things, here come Steph and Nath
  to share their happy news - they're engaged! Steph soon finds out
  what Caroline did and she appreciates it! Kayla insists they do the
  right thing but doesn't get to stick around in Salem, as Steve is in
  bad shape and she must go back to Africa stat! Before leaving,
  Kayla makes Steph promise to do what is right, but don't count
  on it anytime soon ...!
- D.A. Woods passes Chad the envelope which was delivered
  to him anonymously. Chad opens it and is shocked to find
  his birth certificate naming Stefano DiMera as his bio papa!
  Chad decides to confront the truth head on, face to face,
  man to man ...!
- Hope finds some shocking files - and gets in touch with Bo.
  Turns out there appears to be a pattern of suspicious
  hospital deaths! Oh oh. Warden lady wants to transfer Hope ...
- After he hears Brady chatting with Viv, Phil finds out that
  she is locked in the sarcophagus and agrees she should stay put
  exactly where she is!
- Melanie comes across a bizarre Kiriakis scene.
- Kate taunts Viv that she will have her cremated (in a nightmare).
  Viv appeals to Lawrence - and he answers! They talk.
- Gabi and Will are good again.
- Nicole is about to play a game of bribery - with Kinsey -
  until Sami finds out, that is! Sami warns Nicole to stay away
  from Sydney - or else!
- Kayla apologizes to Carly.
- EJ searches for proof at the loft ... No luck. He accepts
  fatha's offer of help.
- EJ wants Marco's assistance.
- Stefano thinks the DiMeras should focus on Will.
- Arianna is remembered, but EJ crashes the memorial!
- Justin announces Ari left a will ...
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