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- Dan expresses his anger toward Carly. His little
  girl had a terrible childhood with Trent and it is
  all her fault!
- Maggie has a health scare. She laments what will
  she do if IT is back!
- Brady has big plans concerning Ari! He goes to the pub
  and they almost make up when he kisses her. Then she
  hears Roman say he spoke to the warden about Brady
  trying to get a visit with Nicole (Nic is not interested in
  seeing anyone, especially not Brady!) Ari gets upset.
  Brady explains he just wants to tell Nicole that Sydney
  is no longer alive. Ari disagrees and fears Brady cares
  more for Nicole. He says no, Ari is his present and
  future, and adds he has a surprise in store ...
- Sami gravitates toward EJ, who, once again, has
  her hoodwinked! She keeps Rafe in the dark about
  the ransom note. Elvis assures her she is not alone
  in this, she has him.
- Roman is concerned about Sami's emotional state.
  Rafe tells him he wants to go over all the employee
  records of the DiMeras. Not only does he think Sami
  and EJ might be keeping a secret from him, but he still
  suspects the mastermind of Sydney's abduction was
  someone on the inside of the DiMera organization!
- Chad wants to date Gaby officially. Not if Mia can help it!
- Mia worms her way closer to Chad and they share
  a kiss. They have both admitted a part of them will
  always love each other. However, Chad pulls away cos
  he thinks it is wrong. Mia is not about to give up! Will
  thinks she needs space, unaware she wants Chad.
- Chloe realizes Dan is Melanie's papa! She is not at all
  pleased with Carly, either, given how Dr. Manning is
  the one who accidentally blurts it out to her, assuming
  she already knew. Oops! Dan gets mad at Carly
  and demands to know who else she told. Just Bo.
- Dan assures Chloe this will not change anything, though
  she thinks it will change everything.
- Rafe confides in Carly that something is not quite
  right with Sami.
- Phil warns Dan that he could be in big trouble
  with the hospital board. Turns out they might discipline
  him for letting Carly into Mel's room. Phil, however, is
  willing to fight them, as Dr. Dan saved his beloved wife.
- Vivian is threatened by protective papa Dan, who accuses
  her of trying to kill Melanie. Victor is baffled. What is Mel
  to him? Just his patient, says Dan ...
- Carly tries to make amends with Dan but he claims
  it is too little too late. Besides, her daughter will decide
  her fate now.
- EJ has an update for Sami - footage of Sydney! She hides
  it from Rafe, though, and she does not realize that EJ
  also included a trojan in the program that enables him to
  watch her via web cam on her computer!
- EJ meanly tells Sami he thinks the latest kidnapper
  contact was bogus. Anna blasts him!
- Carly implores Phil not to let Melanie live under the same
  roof as Vivian, convinced she will try and kill her again.
- Phil tells Victor he must give Vivian the boot!
- Vivian promises Victor she is no threat. The Greek tycoon
  refuses to kick her out. Phil storms off. Viv offers to move out.
  The Greek tycoon appears disappointed.
- Bo disagrees with Carly when she says she should plead guilty.
- Justin is there for Hope ...
- Nathan is shocked to hear what happened to Mel.
  He races over to see her. She is upset to hear he was
  with Steph and assumes he did not even want to read
  her note. She privately asks Steph to destroy said note.
- Justin offers to defend Carly.
- Phil implores Hope to get Bo back.  He does not
  seem to want Carly near anyone close to him and he
  believes Bo and Hope belong together!
- Bo needs a statement from mad Melanie. He asks her
  to give Carly a chance. She, however, thinks Carly
  should pay!
- Daniel tells Mel she is his daughter! She is overjoyed but
  still mad at Carly  ...
- EJ decides to give Sami her daughta back after all.
  The game of making Samantha pay has gone long
  enough, so he appears at the pub with Sydney, much
  to the delight of Sami and the Bradys!
  (Rafe's investigation, however, is far from over ...)
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