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WEEK OF JUNE 14 , 2010


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- Fearing the wrath and cunning of EJ, Nicole
  advises Baker to go underground, but he is on
  a winning streak and wants another game!
- Brady snoops around and gets closer to Baker.
  He winds up at a poker game you know where
  after bribing his way inside! He asks the players
  if they know the identity of the man with the gold clip.
- But Baker is about to drug Brady's drink, as part of
  a counter-scheme. When Brady passes out, Dick
  pours hard liquor down his throat and Nicole
  happens to find him at the pier. She assumes he
  fell off the wagon and it's her fault! He ends
  up in the hospital, suffering from alcohol poisoning.
  Brady wakes up and insists he did not fall off the
- Sami acknowledges that there is a certain
  attraction between herself and EJ, but tells him
  she feels they should not go there, they should
  just be parents. She also feels Rafe's presence ...
- EJ informs Sami he will not chase her.
- Stefano is affected when he hears Alice
  Horton is slipping away. EJ asks him to let him
  be the one to tell Samantha.
- Sami gets a phone call about Alice from
  Lucas. EJ consoles her and accompanies
  her to Alice's. Jennifer is surprised to see
  them together. Sami confides in Jen that
  she thought Rafe was the one, but she lost
  him ... Sami later flashes back to Alice
  telling her to believe in the power of love.
- Kate is upset with Stefano for not telling
  her about Alice. She finds out when Lucas
  calls her. Stefano is obsessed with other matters.
  Kate soon decides she has no more doubts
  about their marriage and they are a dream team!
  Kate must venture to Madeline's safety deposit
  box and impersonate her. She cuts it close when Maddie
  shows up! Kate quickly and quietly steals everything
  in said box but Maddie still has a  HUGE SECRET
  no one else seems to know!
- Madeline fears the DiMeras could destroy her son.
  She advises him to stay away from the mob clan!
  And she just knows they stole what was in her
  box, too ...
- Stefano gleefully gets the tape. There is also
  an envelope that Kate has not yet noticed.
- Caroline shares her anger over Victor's sham
  of a marriage and gives the Greek tycoon a
  piece of her mind. She also has a dire warning
  for Maggie, but the redhead does not appear
  to be listening!
- Victor admits to Caroline that he only married
  Viv to protect Bo, though he does not elaborate ...
- Mel gives Dan and Chloe her blessing. She has a
  wedding gift for papa Dan - a medallion - and admits
  she might have been jealous eariler. Meanwhile,
  Carly wants Chloe to put off the wedding. Chloe
  tells Phil, who would rather she just do it!
- Dan and Chloe's wedding from her hospital
  bed is interrupted when Chloe sees Carly and
  fears she has no choice but to start talking ...
  She declares she wants to go to confession!
  Alone with Father Matt, she tells him she slept
  with Phillip and begs him to convince Carly to
  keep her silence. The priest reminds her a
  marriage must be based on honesty. He refuses to
  marry her and Dan under these circumstances.
- Meanwhile, Carly admits to Mel she thinks Chloe
  and Dan are rushing into the wedding and Dan
  might get hurt.
- Steph warns Phil not to screw up his marriage, as
  the last thing she needs is for Mel to go and cry
  on Nathan's shoulder!
- Dan asks Chloe why Father Matt will not perform
  their wedding. She makes up an excuse about him
  thinking her annulment was not valid.
- Vivan vows to make Chloe pay for the mess she made
  and for not following orders! Viv also realizes that Nicole
  is still after Brady. She thinks she is going about
  things the wrong way and tells her so ...
- Rafe and Shane's great escape becomes a matter
  of life and death, cos the sinister secret police
  intend to interrogate Shane - possibly to death!
  Meanwhile, Stefano calls someone and refers to
  his man on the inside at the jail. The phoenix wants
  Hernandez taken care of! Back in the jail, Rafe is
  attacked by a mysterious guard who attempts to
  strangle him! Rafe fights back and overpowers
  the creep!
- Stefano assures EJ that Anna will not talk.
- Shane and Rafe make their great escape but
  it appears Anna has vanished from the hospital!
- Mia turns over a new leaf. She tells Gaby she
  is sorry she was so mean. Chad is pleased to
  overhear she still cares for him and tells her
  he plans to stay in town. He adds he and Will
  are going to solve the mysterious photo of
  Kate and Maddie ...
- D.A. Woods informs Maddie he thinks it
  would be a good idea for Chad to remain in
  Salem. She disagrees.
- Julie has a heart-to-heart talk with Sami
  about her choices in life. She thinks trusting
  EJ is a big mistake.
- Will wonders when Sami plans to move back
  into the townhouse, which has been fixed. Sami,
  however, has already told EJ she would like to
  remain at the mansion a while longer! Will accuses
  her of always thinking only of herself and alludes to
  the fact that she wants to stay for EJ.
- Kayla comes to town to see Alice and also catches
  up with daughter Stephanie. Hope's old childhood
  pal Melissa returns as well ...
- Steph fesses up to Kayla that she did a dumb thing
  concerning her relationship insecurity.
- Melissa is pleased that son Nath is with Steph,
  cos that Mel girl, in her view, was bad news!
- Bill Horton and Laura Horton arrive together to
  see the ailing Alice.
- Kate sees Bill and he cannot fathom why
  she is married to Stefano DiMera! They both
  have regrets about the past (Bill is Lucas' dad)
- Bo and Carly remember Alice.
- Nicole the scheme queen regroups. After doing
  the math about Brady, she becomes enraged at
  Baker for what he did and threatens him to leave
  Brady alone or else! She tries to use the situation
  to make sure Ari and Brady remain apart.
- Baker assures Nicole he did what he did as
  Brady was close and he had no choice.
- Arianna puts her faith in EJ.
- Mel and Nath are still attracted to each other
  in a big way, despite Mel's claim to Carly that
  she is over him ...
- Chloe is scared Father Matt might tell
  someone her seedy secret! He does not approve of
  the lie she told Dan about her annulment having a
  problem. He is going away for a little while and
  says she must tell Daniel the truth. He will pray for her.
- Nicole overhears hospital staff discussing another
  x-ray for Chloe, one that is more clear ...
- Chloe asks Nicole for advice and admits to cheating
  (she omits Phil's name). Nicole suggests she marry in
  haste as Dan would never abandon her. Chloe updates
  Daniel. She wants the wedding now after all! He wants
  to know what changed her mind and he wants the truth!
- Brady visits Ari at the prison and he is very upset
  she does not believe him that he did NOT really
  fall of the wagon! Their future does not look good,
  though he will keep trying to help get her off.
- Nicole assures Brady SHE believes him!
- Something positive comes Maggie's way when
  Dr. Dan informs her that her illness is now in

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