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WEEK OF JULY 26 , 2010


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- Will offers Chad his condolences. Chad is not in good shape.
- Kate looks over her copy of Chad's real certificate of birth.
  (his date of birth is March 3, 1990) Only Kate now also
  knows who his biological father is, but she has no intention
  of telling anyone!
- Kate sidesteps Chad's questions about Maddie's past. The
  tormented teen suspects she knows much more than she is
  letting on! She agrees they can talk again, but Stefano later
  warns her to stay away from the son of their former enemy!
- Phil presents Mel with a bracelet and tells her she is the best
  thing that has ever happened to him. He is terrified at the
  thought of losing her and is convinced she would hate him if
  she learned of his affair ...
- Steph panics when she discovers that Nath still appears
  to treasure a picture of Mel but she is not giving Nath
  up without a fight, given he is her new roommate!
- Hope is given Bo's case to investigate! Once they are alone
  in Bo's hospital room, he perceives she is upset and takes
  her hand in his. A poignant moment. Carly sees!
- Bo cannot recall what preceeded the attack - he just
  remembers something about a mug of coffee!
- Victor vows to make Bo's attacker pay!
- Justin starts to notice Hope's bizarre behavior.
- Drunken Viv confides in Gus that she truly adores Victor.
  Flunky Gus suggests she not forget who she is and what
  she is capable of!
- Rafe and Ari have a big disagreement about EJ.
- Will gets even closer to the enigmatic Stefano! The phoenix
  is impressed with his work and wants him to keep working
  for DiMera Enterprises part-time when school starts. Will is
  honored, though he feels uncomfortable keeping it a secret
  from Sami. Stefano, however, convinces him it is best if
  Sami not know of their arrangement!
- The code of Nicole's mysterious journal is about to
  be cracked by the FBI! Nicole has no idea Rafe got a
  picture of her black book diary when he broke into her
  motel room. Rafe believes there is a locker number
  included, which is linked to Nicole's blackmailing
  of EJ. He soon has clues. Places. He visits all the places
  in the coded diary. First one is the locker, which turns
  out to be empty ...
- Sami, meanwhile, remains convinced that EJ is a changed
  man and two parents for her kids are better than one -
  especially after EJ gets Johnny to improve his behavior.
- Maggie advises Brady not to trust Nicole. She is worried
  that the felonista is already duping him! Brady defends
  Nicole as a woman who is trying to change.
- Caroline issues Sami a dare, after Sami asks her for
  relationship advice!
- EJ asks Sami to marry him - twice!
  Stefano believes it is a big mistake.
- Carly arranges another paternity test and tells Chloe in advance.
  They can do it at St. Mary's, under an assumed name. They
  don't realize that Dan has just agreed to help in an operation -
  also at St, Mary's!
- Brady tries to help Nicole out with money when she tells him
  of her financial woes. He can find her a better place to live ...
  Nicole tells him she must get it together on her own and
  admits she has a high risk "investment" in the works. He hopes
  EJ is not involved. She lies he is not.
- Not surprisingly, Nicole squeezes cash out of EJ. He promises
  her millions of dollars in return for her silence! She also wants
  to get Marco to do something for her - namely try and keep
  Dr. Baker unseen ...
- But Brady has seen Dick Baker and tries to pursue him!
  He loses him but does tell Nicole he spotted a very living
  Dr. Baker - a man he feels should be brought to justice
  for hurting Sami! Dick, meanwhile, calls Hope to let her
  know he was seen, but she appears confused.
- EJ threatens Nicole that if the tape of him ever comes
  out, he will kill her!
- Not realizing her alter ego snuck all the pills in Bo's coffee,
  Hope is confused - and finds just one last pill.
- Rafe acts distant toward Sami, while getting  closer to the
  proof he seeks to bring down EJ.
- Bo, who has no memory of his attack or how it came about,
  has a hypnosis session with Carly. Will it work? He starts off
  by remembering happy times on the Fancyface with Hope -
  and Hope hears! His memories of the attack night are foggy.
- Theo tells Bo and Abe about Hope's wallet collection.
- Victor drops by to see Maggie and inform her that Bo has
  been released from hospital. She is glad, but repeats Vic should
  not be there cos he is married. He should go home to his wife!
  Feeling rejected by Maggie, Victor goes home and hits the bottle.
  Could this be the opening Viv has been waiting for ...?
- Vivian announces that Carly must have been Bo's attacker!
  She decides to find out ALL of Carly's secrets.
- Rafe pays Nicole's mama Fay a visit, as her place of work
  is in Nicole's coded diary. He wants to have a chat ...
- Dick Baker intends to leave Salem, cos  things just got
  way too wild, but will he make his great escape in time?
  Don't count on it!
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