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- Justin gives Stephanie relationship advice when she
  laments the guy she loves might not love her back.
  Ask him how he feels. Steph is soon elated when Nath
  invites her on a ski trip. They agree to go after Mel's wedding.
  But Nathan keeps pushing for them to go sooner! Steph wonders
  if Nathan just wants to get out of town when Mel gets married.
  Meanwhile, Mel insists she wants her to be a bridesmaid.
- New Will - Chandler Massey - is seen. His galpal Mia leads
  Chad's D.A. dad to revoke the use of the Vancouver condo
  when she pretends she will be going as well!
- EJ has a plan to outfox everyone!
- He coldly reminds Anna she is only his employee and
  alludes to keeping Sydney from her mother forever ...
- Stefano is served and ordered to vacate the premises - by
  EJ! Of course, the phoenix won't budge. He also implies
  he will bring Sydney home.
- Hope asks Viv about Melanie.
- Hope knows the secret after she opens the Chinese puzzle
- Viv assures Victor she will neutralize Carly soon.
- When Victor orders Justin to stay away from Hope, Justin tells
  him to go to hell! He declares Bo and Hope are over, he is
  interested in Hope, and he will not stand back!
- Carly gets a wedding invitation. Bo speaks his mind. If she goes,
  Viv will be tipped off by her emotional reaction. Too dangerous.
- Ciara spies Bo and Carly kissing and reacts by destroying
  one of Carly's dresses! Hope blames Bo. But that's not all! Carly
  was talking about Melanie as her daughter on the webcam ...
  Ciara tells Bo she hates Carly. Hope warns that if Carly moves
  in, she will keep Ciara from visiting.
- Arianna and EJ get closer. Rafe and Brady are suspicious.
- Arianna is freed for good and suggested for a commendation.
  Roman thanks her for her good work. If she ever needs anything,
  she can count on him.
- Elvis reassures Ari he does not think the big drug dealer would
  harm her!
- Rafe is depressed but forges on with his work. He prays.
- Anna bumps into Rafe as she leaves a note for Sami!
- Rafe has tough questions for Anna. Sami defends her.
- Rafe prods EJ about his connection to Anna. How much
  does Mr. FBI really know ...?
- Roman finds out Anna is in town, too. She claims it is to
  settle the late Tony's estate.
- Nathan regrets his actions at work when he messes up in OR.
  Lucky thing, Dr. Carly is there to take over.
- Sami confides in Anna! Meanwhile, the deception is close
  to taking an even uglier turn! But Anna is upset ...
- Carly believes Mel has feelings for Nathan. She suggests she
  write her wedding vows, how she really feels ...
- Vivian remains haunted by Lawrence's apparition.
- Vivian teeters between reality and her own little world!
  She is up to something with a certain Mr. Lee.
- Kate gets a lethal gift that was intended for Melanie!
- Kate's nose leads her to Carly.
- Carly takes an interest in Chloe's desire to have a child.
- Daniel realizes that Carly's secret involves Mel.
- Phillip invites Kate to the wedding. She clashes with Viv!
- Nathan is torn. He gets drunk and tells Mel she should
  cancel the wedding, but stops short of saying why.
- EJ announces to Sami that he would like to move away.
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