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- Roman tries to warn Sami that she and her kids
  will suffer if they get sucked back into the dark
  world of the DiMeras. She thinks he is overreacting.
- Hope confides in Bo and Justin that she knows
  her anger was what really led to the attacks, and the
  pills facilitated it. She is booked.
- Salem is shocked as Hope's misdeeds become  known ...
  She is jailed! Two of her victims - Justin and Brady -
  discuss the situation. They realize she was not herself.
- EJ and livid Sami are enlightened by Dr. Baker.
- Unbeknownst to Sami, EJ has made a deal of sorts
  with Dick Baker. If he leaves Nicole out of his story
  to the cops, he will let him live! EJ pretends to threaten
  the doc in her presence and she buys the charade hook,
  line, and sinker! She even later complains to EJ that she
  feels guilty over sinning by keeping her pregnancy and
  his baby from him. And that's not all! She also defends
  EJ to Rafe, who is convinced she is being manipulated,
  DiMera style.
- Roman apologizes for Arianna's arrest, but she does
  not blame him - t'was the doing of someone else ...
- Sami mulls over marrying EJ. She has decided to say
  YES! EJ kisses her. Later, she updates Will on her
  news and he gives her a piece of his mind.
- Vivian sees Victor and Maggie together yet again!
- Hope tells Arianna how sorry she is. Arianna has a tough
  time accepting that apology, after all she has been through.
  Her lawyer EJ is very hard on Hope and wants her prosecuted
  to the full extent of the law! Bo tells him to get lost.
  Meanwhile, Gabi advises Ari that if she does not forgive,
  she will not be able to move on.
- Hope apologizes to Mayor Abe for attacking him.
- Doug and Julie are shocked by what happened. They put
  their full support behind Hope. She starts to crack under
  the pressure. Doug tries to get her to agree to a lawyer.
- Bo is devastated. Victor reaches out to him. Bo laments
  that he is to blame for Hope's deep rooted rage.
- Caroline gives Maggie a hard time over Victor.
- As already reported on the
Rumors page (July 20).
  Bo and Carly feel responsible for Hope's breakdown.
- It troubles Bo when Carly warns him she does not
  know, from a doctor's perspective, whether Hope will
  be able to fully recover. It depends on how she will deal
  with all that pain.
- Carly is down on herself and Mel assures her mom she
  will be there to lean on for support.
- Chad asks Stefano about his mother. Stefano is
  dismayed. He does not trust the young man and fears
  if he goes through his deceased mother's papers and
  things, he might learn about the tape. Kate doubts it!
- Stefano does tell Will part of the Madeline story,
  that she was a betrayer! He refuses to let Chad help
  Will on the DiMera Enterprises project.
- Chad is once more treated with hostility - by his D.A.
  dad! Kate is troubled by Woods' nastiness. She tries to make
  Chad feel better and offers to help. He thanks her, but says
  she is not family. Once he is gone, Kate muses yes she is!
- Brady vows to move on.
- Nicole asks Chloe for help.
- Nicole tells Brady a tall tale about her bank account.
- Embittered Brady falls off the wagon and Victor is livid that it
  is Nicole's fault. Things don't look good for the roving reporter
  with Titan TV!
- Rafe comes across Nicole at the bar ...
- EJ declares to Stefano and Kate that he and Samantha
  get married. He is happily engaged.
- Rafe is more convinced than ever that EJ has major skeletons
  in his closet. When he runs into Sami, he is troubled to hear she
  is engaged to EJ. What he overheard EJ saying on the phone
  to Stefano at the pier is true - she accepted his proposal. She
  claims she loves him. Rafe grabs her in a  kiss to prove she does
  not - and Sami gives him a long kiss right back!
- Later, the FBI results are in! What can be salvaged of the cd is  
  parts of Stefano and EJ's conversation. Rafe puts the missing
  pieces of the puzzle together and deduces that Nicole was
  blackmailing EJ for being the one who masterminded Sydney's
  kidnapping. He intends to find another copy of the cd that he
  suspects Nicole would have stashed away somewhere - one
  which has all the words intact - to get the necessary proof.  But 
  where to look?
- Phil is paranoid about losing Mel to Nath, despite a romantic
  evening they enjoy. And Steph has some questions, too, as if he
  wasn't nervous enough already!
- Stephanie regroups. She snoops around Chloe and Dan's
  apartment. When Dan unexpectedly arrives home, she conceals
  herself in the closet. He soon leaves to go to work at the hospital,
  but then Chloe and Phillip meet up in the apartment.  Still in the
  closet, Steph overhears them discussing their fling and the secret
  paternity test Chloe just had at St. Mary's. Once she slips out
  unseen, she knows just what she has to do ...!
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