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WEEK OF AUGUST 30 , 2010
started 08/15

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- Sami and Rafe show their love for one another.
  He tells her everything he did all this time was for her.
  She is moved but admits sometimes she does crazy things.
- Arianna stops angry EJ from confronting Nicole and
  tells him to focus on the future instead of the past.
  When sister Lexie shows up, EJ is even more drunk
  and distraught and storms off to confront Nicole,
  whom he blames for everything!
- Ari tells Rafe that EJ is in bad shape and she believes
  Sami is not all that innocent ...! Rafe assumes she is not
  thinking clearly and blows her off. When Caroline hears
  Ari leaving a concerned message for EJ, she flips out and
  gives her a good talking to for siding with the "son of a b*tch!"
- Sami gets police protection at the pub. She then heads
  to Rafe's for a lovefest.
- Chloe takes pity on Nicole's plight and welcomes her
  to stay with her and Daniel. Dan and Chloe also meet
  her bodyguard, FBI Agent George. Dan is not that
  keen on the idea of house guest Nicole. Chloe assures
  him it won't be a long stay and explains her needy pal
  is afraid of EJ. When Phil gets wind of it, he warns Chloe
  that Nicole always messes things up for other people.
- Kate and Stefano break the news to Will about the non-
  wedding due to the fact that EJ masterminded Sydney's
  kidnapping. Stefano pretends to be shocked about it.
- Will calls Sami to check in and promises to join her
  after he takes care of "something."
- When Caroline finds out Will actually believes Stefano's
  claim that he knew nothing, she advises him to grow up
  and do the math! Anna DiMera, EJ DiMera were the perps,
  so head honcho Stefano DiMera had to have been aware!
- Viv and Gus get farewell letters from Maggie forged. Viv tells
  Victor she will oversee Isabella's re-internment with the
  sarcophagus. His reponse is to have a stiff drink.
- Sami has a night terror about EJ, remembering how he coolly
  informed her Sydney was dead, when she was not. Rafe tries
  to console her, but she panics that EJ will get his revenge by
  taking away her children - all of them this time!
- Nicole gets freaked out by EJ when he finds her at the pier
  and seems ready to kill her! She perceives he is dead inside.
  EJ cares not what she thinks of him and wants to choke her!
  Dan heroically saves the day! Needless to say, Nicole thinks
  Dan is the greatest guy. She fills him in on how she blackmailed
  EJ for hiring Anna to take Sydney, then passed the evidence
  to the FBI. She is afraid EJ will try again to kill her. Dan agrees.
  But he warns Nicole to make nice as long as she is their guest.
  He feels very protective of his pregnant beloved! Nicole 
  reminds him that his godfather Victor is a bad hoodlum like
  her former in-laws the DiMeras, so he should not judge her.
  She is further dismayed when she learns that the FBI is only
  looking into charges against EJ, nothing is for certain. She
  panics and wants Rafe!

- Nicole implores Dan and Chloe to help her flee Salem. All she
  needs is some money ...
- Steph suspects Phillip was the test switcher! She enlists IT Ian
  to help her discover if she is right. She wants to make sure he
  doesn't blow it. Ian feels badly for Dan the duped dad, but Steph
  thinks this is best for everyone, as Dan wants to be the papa.
- Nath finds out Chloe is pregnant. He quietly wonders.
- Nath's elbow gives him trouble in surgery. Mel whispers she
  believes in him and then he is fine.
- Looks like the Kiriakis/DiMera truce could be risk! Vic is none
  too pleased about a possible infraction when his shipment is
  delayed - and complains to Stefano about the matter. Stefano
  makes light of it. Victor mysteriously rertorts he has already
  retaliated and smugly remembers helping Hernandez bring
  down EJ!
- EJ bitterly spends his almost "wedding night" all alone, surrounded
  by wedding gifts, booze, and a family picture once drawn by
  Johnny. He has hit rock bottom, emotionally.
- Victor and Maggie discuss Brady's drinking. He seeks her advice
  in the matter. But Vic is disappointed when Maggie informs him
  of her plan to take the trip she and Mickey had booked. He wants
  her to stay in Salem. He later points out she shouldn't travel
  alone. Maggie realizes Vic is a control freak.
- Kate is concerned that EJ is a loose cannon. And she has had
  it playing the dutiful wife! She will not stand by and let Stefano's
  son hurt her family.
- Stefano promises Kate that he will make sure EJ does not
  cause any more problems. He tries to find Will before he learns
  that the phoenix was on the incriminating CD!
- Chloe tries to talk to Brady about his drinking. No luck.
  He congratulates her on her pregnancy. At least she is happy!
  She updates him that Nicole is staying with her and Daniel,
  to hide from the DiMeras. Concerned Brady advises her
  not to let Nicole mess things up for her ... He then heads
  for the family crypt, where he comes across Vivian dictating
  a letter by the sarcophagus! He tells her he does not agree
  with the re-internment of his mother and orders Madame
  to remove the sarcophagus at once! Viv begs him to let her
  do it for Victor. Brady relents. Madame soon receives the
  envelope containing Maggie's forged farewell letters ...
- Maggie is there for boozer Brady.
- Victor orders Vivian to go to Tahiti, claiming she is in the way
  and he anticipates problems with the DiMeras.
- Bo resolves to do right by Ciara. He must tell her about her
  mommy's dire situation. What will this mean for Carly, though?!
  Resentful Ciara is already acting up. Carly offers to leave Salem,
  if Bo feels that would help the child ...
- Sami vows to protect her children no matter what! Rafe fuels
  her on by suggesting she pay EJ back big time, by getting FULL
  CUSTODY of their children! She can use the damning CD as
  a bargaining chip ...
- EJ must deal with the fallout from his actions - and this
  time he is going to get hurt ...
  As Sami predicted he would, EJ schemes to flee Salem with his
  children. Kate finds out and  decides to warn Sami! EJ has been
  drinking too much. He passes out holding his gun, as he has hit
  rock bottom. Sami enters the mansion for a confrontation. He is
  passed out on the bed, gun in his hand. Sami loses control and
  shoots him with his own gun!
Meanwhile, Kate warns the phoenix that if EJ plans to take
  off with the children, she will NOT let it happen!

  When Stefano and Kate find his son shot at the mansion, they are 
  horrified! He is rushed to the hospital, barely clinging to life!
  Sami has slipped out and throws EJ's gun in the river, having left
  him with a bleeding head. She then goes home and quietly gets
  back in bed. Rafe slept through the entire incident and does
  not even realize Sami was gone! He soon gets woken up by a
  frantic call from Nicole, who snaps their deal is useless, as
  EJ tried to kill her! He notices Sami is pale. She replies she
  had a nightmare ...!
- Kate regrets her actions.
- Dan is summoned to the hospital to work on EJ. He tells
  Chloe and Nicole that he has been shot.
- Sami gets another proposal - this one from Rafe! He gets
  down on a knee and whips out the ring. She says YES.
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