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WEEK OF AUGUST 23 , 2010


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- Vivian is ready for her latest plan, which is to stick
  unsuspecting Maggie in the sarcophagus! She tells
  flunky Gus. He warns her not to anger Victor. But
  she will not back down from her plan! Meanwhile,
  Maggie informs a disappointed Mel that she has decided
  to leave Salem for a while, to visit her daughters and
  also go on that cruise she and Mickey had planned
  to go on together. She has no idea the sarcophagus with
  satin pink lining is being prepared - for her! Vivian
  visits Maggie, pretending to want the name of Mickey's
  mortician, and sees her travel brochure when the redhead
  steps away. She pockets some of Maggie's papers. Mel
  arrives, which prevents her from being able to get more.
  Madame Viv's next step is to write Maggie's farewell letter!
- Steph knows how to alter the results of Chloe's paternity test!
  But she and Ian are stunned that someone already did it!
  Sleuthing Steph is determined to crack the case of who it
  was, so they can join forces! The suspects appear to be
  Phillip, Chloe, Carly, and even Dan and Mel! Ian suggests
  she forget about it, since she got what she wanted and kept
  her hands clean. Nath, meanwhile, did something on his
  laptop at the hospital which he didn't want anyone to see!
- Mel decides against the job at St. Mary's.
- Phil is relieved and claims it is cos an IT genius helped
  him solve a computer problem - at work.
- Nicole is desperate and appeals to Brady for help. She fears
  the DiMeras will come after her with a vengeance! EJ might kill
  her! She fills him in on her telltale recording of EJ the sydnapper
  and how she came by it. Now FBI Rafe has it! Brady denounces
  her for not telling Sami and says she belongs in jail! They are
  done forever! Victor is pleased to hear Brady give Nicole her
  walking papers. He taunts her about the danger she is now in
  and smugly points out he helped Rafe play her.
  But Brady is still in a bad way. He goes to the pub to keep
  drinking. Maggie sees and wants him to attend a meeting with her.
- Chloe is informed by Carly that the baby's father is Daniel.
  She relaxes a lot and now wants to celebrate. Carly, on the
  other hand, still has lapses of sadness over the matter.
- Phillip and Mel feel closer to Chloe's baby when the "family"
  toast to the new addition ...  Phil should, cos it's HIS!
- Sami is moved when EJ tells her the children changed him and
  made him a better man. Stefano, however, has a bad feeling.
- Wedding interruptus ...
- Roman is determined to stop that wedding but does not
  succeed. Moments later, Rafe bursts in just before EJ and Sami
  are pronounced man and wife! Holy daytime drama! Rafe
  implores Sami to hear him out. Sami flies at him for his Nicole
  fling, but he insists things are not what they seemed! He was
  with Nicole to get information only.
- Roman updates Bo on Sami's interrupted wedding.
- Dr. Baker comes under scrutiny. Bo holds him responsible
  for Hope's predicament and Roman has to hold him back
  from pounding the doc to a pulp! Dick's trial gets underway.
  Bo tells the court that he is sure Dr. Baker convinced Hope
  to try and kill him. He feels she was manipulated.
  Bo is stunned to see Hope there! She is supposed to testify.
  In the end, Baker tells the judge he is guilty, to protect
  distraught Hope, and is hauled off to prison. Before she
  is transported back to prison, Hope laments to Bo that
  Baker seems to know her better than she knows herself ...
- Carly realizes Bo cares for Hope more than he is admitting.
  She tells Mel he always wants to help a woman in distress.
- Bo is haunted by a vision of Hope imploring him to save her!
- Stefano runs into Nicole at the pub and realizes she was
  involved in the wedding interruption. He threatens her and
  then orders henchman Marco to "take care" of something.
  Nicole decides to run away, but her bank account has
  been frozen! There is only one place where she can go ...
- Rafe and EJ have it out! Rafe tells him he has long suspected
  what he did. EJ flips out at him and accuses him of false
  evidence. Rafe announces to Sami that he can prove what EJ
  did - that he was the one who ordered Anna to take Syd!!
  EJ calls him delusional, but Sami hears it first hand that EJ
  was the one who masterminded the sordid sydnapping (Thurs)
  when Rafe plays the damning recording - of EJ's admission!.
- EJ tries to excuse himself to upset Sami. He insists he loves
  her and that is why he did not go through with vanishing with
  all their kids. He had been enraged about her keeping her
  pregnancy from him because he still loved her. And he is sure
  she loves him, too. Hell  hath no fury like a Sami scorned! EJ is
  crushed when SHE leaves him  and decides to take the kids,
  vowing he will never see them again. Even Stefano can't stop her!
- Rafe wants to get EJ locked up, but will the cd be admissible as
  evidence? Lawyer EJ claims NO, but Rafe gives it over to
  Commander Roman of the Salem P.D. anyway, and he wants
  him to pay for what he did, one way or another!
- Rafe shows up to help Sami take the kids out of the mansion.
  Johnny doesn't want to leave! Sami, Rafe, and the kids head
  for Caroline's. Sami's family rally around her. She thanks Rafe
  and credits him with saving her. They embrace.
- Dan and Chloe visit Victor to inform him they are having a
  baby. Victor still thinks Chloe is nothing but trouble!
- Stefano lectures EJ for being done in by Nicole.
- EJ is a wreck. Arianna drops by to see him.
- Kate is worried about what the fallout will mean to
  her relationship with Will.
- Stefano is none too pleased to find Kate and Chad talking.
- Three's company? Dan and Chloe get a roommate -
  needy Nicole, who is convinced the DiMeras want her dead!
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