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WEEK OF AUGUST 16 , 2010


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- Nicole starts to make out with Brady, but he stops and pushes
  her away, informing her he did not buy her story about how she
  got the money! He continues to drink heavily and claims his only
  problem is Nicole, not the booze. She is devastated. Brady later  
  laments, at his mother's crypt, that things would have been
  different if only he had known the sweet Isabella.
- Sneaky Steph is determined to gain access to the hospital
  records at St. Mary's despite a minor interruption by Mel,
  who is there for a job interview. But access is denied!
  Steph enlists the help of lovestruck IT pal Ian to hack into
  the St. Mary's system and get her the paternity test results.
  He succeeds, but the results are not yet in.
- Mel gets attacked at the clinic by a drug addict looking for
  some stuff. Nath to the rescue! He gets a little injury. He
  then goes home and is none too pleased to find Steph with
  Ian, whom she explains is an old friend from college. Once
  Ian is gone, Nath gets bothered about a comment Steph
  makes - that the attacker who tried to strangle Mel must
  have been someone who knew her well. Ouch!
  Meanwhile, Mel's parents are upset to see the bruises
  on her neck. She blushes that Nath saved her.
Steph has a nightmare that Phillip is the father of
  Chloe's baby.  Steph finally does see the results of Chloe's
  paternity test, thanks to her computer pal, who comes
  over again. She is HORRIFIED!

- Hope insists on pleading guilty, much to the chagrin of her
  loved ones. Doug and Julie try to talk some sense into her.
  No luck, cos Hope thinks Ciara will be better off without her.
  Doug reminds her she can trust Bo, he is on her side. In fact,
  Bo has an idea ... Justin, Bo, and Abe try to defend Hope's
  character on the witness stand. Arianna, however, testifies
  against her. The judge sentences Hope to 2 years ...
- Bo and Hope say their sad goodbyes. Maggie helps look
  for a good therapist to help her. Victor offers to pay the costs.
- Vivian realizes how she can win favor with Victor. Through
  family. And her new scheme will get Maggie the redhead out
  of the picture, too! Viv starts off by offering to get a sarcophagus
  for Vic's precious Isabella ...
- Justin and Adrienne wonder how things went from so
  good to bad for them.
- Phil complains to Chloe that he can't stand Nathan.
- Dan gives Chloe a gift for her birthday - and an even
  bigger surprise awaits. He just has to get the morning of
  her birthday off from work to make it happen.
- Carly ushers Chloe out of the Cheatin Heart when Sister Anne
  shows up and joins Dan. Another close call! Carly tells Chloe
  she will pick her up in the morning so they can drive to St. Mary's
  together for the results. When Dan overhears, the gals cover by
  pretending that Carly's gift to Chloe is girl time stuff. Daniel
  believes them and is moved that the baby has changed things.
- EJ has a bad feeling about Nicole - and so he should! Rafe
  gets the damning cd he needs after he outfoxes her with foxiness!
  Victor has advised Rafe that the best way to get anything from
  Nicole is to act heroic. He does just that when he makes a guy
  apologize to her for taunting her about her porno past! Nicole
  thanks him and Rafe orders them lots of drinks. He brings up
  EJ and she wonders if  he is wired. He dares her to frisk him
  and she does, only to fall into his lap! Along comes Ari, who
  flies off the handle upon seeing them together. She storms
  off and tells Sami what she saw! Determined Rafe, who has
  already spied the cd he needs in Nicole's purse, takes her back
  to her place. Sami comes by in time to see them kissing, and
  leaves in a huff. Nicole, who has been drinking, falls asleep
  shortly thereafter. Now Rafe looks for the cd - the golden prize -
  and gets it from her purse!
In the morning, he advises Nicole
  to tell him everything, or else she might risk going back to
  prison! She admits she is afraid of the DiMeras. She wants
  to make a deal with FBI Rafe. She gives him a taped account
  of how she broke into the mansion, fearing the DiMeras
  wished to frame her for the muggings, and that was when
  she recorded the conversation between EJ and Stefano.
  Rafe now listens to it and, of course, this is what he hears -

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  Nicole realizes he duped her in order to win Sami back.
- Kate and Stefano make nice with Sami, though Kate is
  repulsed at the thought of Sami as her daughter-in-law.
  Lexie suspects there is more to the situation than meets the eye.
  Stefano brushes her off and advises her to forget about the past.
- Sami tells EJ she would like to wait until their wedding
  night before sleeping together!
Chad complains to Kate that he wishes the D.A. was not his
  father. Chad's father comes out in concerned  Kate's flashback.
  And the daddy is ... STEFANO! In the flashback, Kate remembers
  asking Maddie what would happen if Chad discovered he was the
  son of Stefano DiMera! Kate is just sorry she cannot tell Stefano
  or Chad the truth now. Maddie was certain the secret would
  destroy her son! Meanwhile, Will discusses Chad with the phoenix
  and says he knows he doesn't like him. Will is worried about
  Chad's depressed state, but the phoenix claims the young man
  is not his problem!

More family and friends learn of Sami and EJ's  upcoming
  nuptials. Roman thinks Sami has lost her mind! He wants
  her to give Rafe another chance.
- Brady tries to talk Sami out of a life with the likes of EJ
  DiMera and slurs he is her addiction!
- Ari warns EJ that Sami will only hurt him.
- After seeing Rafe and Nicole together, Sami decides she
  wants to marry EJ the next day, at the mansion! The ceremony
  gets underway.
Will gives away the bride. The judge starts to
  speak. Rafe knows he has all he needs to bring down EJ
  and get Sami back, but he has to get to the mansion first  ...
  Tick tock!
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