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WEEK OF APRIL 19, 2010


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- Stefano is concerned about Elvis' feelings for
  Sami. Now what?! He decides to be nice to her,
  with a peace offering ...
  She gives him the brush off. Stefano complains
  to Kate that Elvis wants him to make nice with her.
- Brady continues to give Ari and Nicole mixed
  signals. They must deal with each other at work now,
  as Nicole is Titan's newest rising star reporter, with
  Ari a production assistant! Nicole wants Arianna out!
- Rafe is on the hunt for Anna. Sami wonders why.
  She thinks it proves he still cares about her! Rafe is
  mad when the Anna lead turns out to be false (Stefano
  arranged it, so as to give the real Anna more time to
  go underground. EJ is most grateful)
- Rafe is suspicious of the latest lovefest between EJ and
  Stefano and tells EJ he knows Stefano has something on him!
  He also implies he will prove that EJ was involved in the
  kidnapping ....
- Nathan's patient dies and he admits he was thinking of Mel,
  who was with him, when he entered the room. There will
  be an inquiry ...
- Lexie finds Abe unconscious at the pier ...!
- Roving reporter Nicole gets an interesting lead - that the
  mayor was attacked - and heads to the station, where she
  demands Abe give her an interview just after he is
  released from hospital. She finds working with Ari a pain!
- Both Adrienne and Justin notice how strangely stressed
  Hope is ...
- EJ asks Sami to come live with him! He also
  mulls over declaring his love for her, but then
  something happens.
  (psst! EJ is about to be attacked!)
- Kate warns Melanie that she had better honor
  her wedding vows to her son or else!
- Daniel finds out what Chloe really thinks of Carly! Chloe
  calls her a HO! Dan and Chloe have a major blow up.
  Meanwhile, Vivian is gung ho (no pun intended) on trying to
  get Chloe to KILL Carly. Madame Vivian confides in flunky
  Gus that it would be soooo easy to drive the insecure opera
  diva over the edge! And so it begins. A plan is hatched to
  make Chloe believe her man is a cheater ...
- Chloe is misled into believing Dan is having a fling at a
   motel with Carly, but he is not!
- Rafe finds out that EJ has a plan.
- Dan agrees to have outpatient laser surgery but chooses
  not to tell Chloe. The surgery was Carly's idea.
- Victor tells Dan he is a fool to trust Carly!
- Hope appears to shift her interest toward Justin. She goes
  out alone at night, wearing lots of makeup, and is acting more
  and more like Gina! She tells Ciara maybe Justin will be her
  new daddy! However, Hope then forgets what she did or said!
- Ciara is caught stealing. She also finds Hope's box under
  her bed and realizes mommy has a secret!
- Get ready for the return of that dastardly doc
  everyone loves to hate, Dr. Baker, and he is back
  to his gambling ways, as wacky Hope soon finds out!
  (she is already taking too many pills for those headaches)
- Justin stands up to Victor.
- Nath kisses Mel. Phillip sees the whole thing. Oh oh!
- Phil and Chloe join forces but soon one drink leads
  to another and they give into their passion!
- Rafe is irate to find EJ at Sami's home - again!
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