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WEEK OF APRIL 12, 2010

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- Hope refuses to accept Carly as Bo's future and
  lets her know! Meow! She also accuses Carly of
  having a restless look in her eye, which leads her
  to assume she is ready for the next man!
- Adrienne is about to sell the bar ...
- Brady does not understand why Ari wants to
  put off their wedding.
- Roman lets Rafe go home.
- Rafe heads straight for the Cheatin Heart!
- Justin collapses in the alley after some trouble and
  Adrienne is there for him. Hope visits him in the hospital.
- Chloe is increasingly bothered by her situation.
  Nicole has some advice for the passionate opera
  diva - fight for Dan!
- Carly comes home and finds new roommate Carly there.
- Phil discovers Mel and Steph have a secret when he
  hears his wife and ex-fiancee arguing about the letter!
  How much does he overhear? Enough to make him
  have doubts about his new bride, so he complains
  to Chloe. Will Mel be faithful to him? She claims she
  is over Nath, but is she really? Chloe advises Phil to
  observe the pair the next time they are together.
- Meanwhile, Mel confides in papa Dan that she remains
  torn between both guys.
- Stefano tells EJ his terms - he wants to be in
  the lives of Johnny and Sydney. Now all EJ has to
  do is convince Sami to let them come to the
  mansion. He has an hour to get them or else Stefano
  will expose his crimes and deception to FBI Rafe
  as well as Sami! EJ panics.
He goes back to
  Sami with a new big lie - Stefano is dying!

  Sami agrees to let the kids go to the mansion
  to see their grandfather. When Rafe finds out, he
  is not impressed!
- Dan wants to spend time alone with Chloe and
  assures her she is the love of his life.
- Brady helps Nicole line up a job interview.
- Stefano is delighted to see the grandkids again.
- Kate has an old contact on her mind - Chad's mom!
- Nathan continues to romance the Steph.
- Mel tells Nath she loves Phillip. Phil overhears.
- Arianna and Nicole have another run-in.
- Brady is suspicous of EJ. He also advises Nicole
  to leave town!
- Stefano finds out that Elvis wants to reconcile
  with Sami and is deeply in love with her.
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