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November 8, 2009
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So much communication, so little time to write about it all ...

Eric Martsolf, who is generating mucho interest these days, like a
young John Black, told me he feels that while Brady does whatever Nicole says, Arianna is a "breath of fresh air." Eric, like Brady, is an upstanding, up front, all American guy. He has a great sense of
humor, too!
Casey Deidrick shared with me that he considers his character Chad a "forceful and sensitive" young man. He is an intense young man who explains that Chad has had enough! Of special interest is that James Scott was the one who came up with the idea of EJ pulling Chad by
the ear, and let him know before the scene was shot. And when Casey had to do a crying scene, Alison Sweeney told everyone on set to be quiet! Cool that the more experienced cast members look after the young, up and coming talent. Speaking of James  Scott, Louise Sorrel (Vivian) informed me that she thinks he simply MUST be the next James Bond.James, of course, received a huge amout of screams from the fans, even those lining up behind Hard Rock Cafe, peeking thru the windows of the Samba Rest. One gal held up a sheet asking him to call her. He grinned and mouthed to her that he tried to call her, but she wasn't there! It was very funny to see from the inside. To get back to Alison Sweeney, she generated as much excitement from the fans outside as Marilyn Monroe would have when she arrived. She met members of the media with Galen Gering. And we all know Sami and Rafe will soon have tears of joy! I could not help but ask about those recent hot love scenes and Aly was not shy about saying she is not shy about doing those scenes! Galen pointed out it was important to have such powerful love scenes after their long separation. I had to ask what his fav band was (question from a DaysCafe reader) and he considered for a moment. He has many, but one of the bands he has  preferred over the years has been Led Zeppelin. He thought that was a good question.
Taylor Spreitler, a pretty little thing, smiled a cute smile and let me know she is nothing like her character Mia. More sarcastic, not such a shrinking violet and that was evident in her outfit the next day. It was her first Day of Days and she thought it was great, but worried a bit about falling. Too cute! When I asked Dylan Michael Patton if he was as smart as Will, he grinned. "Smarter!"  He pointed out that the main problems for Will have come from his crazy parents.
Molly Burnett is as fun as Melanie, but don't let that southern belle smile fool you! She knows how to work the crowd, liven things up,
and get the media eating out of the palm of her hand!.According to her, Mel seeks "fun amid the tears." Molly gets a lot of fan mail,  and is a popular one with men behind bars! Really! She posed with real-life boyfriend Casey Deidrick and later hammed it up on the pub set, pouting "I miss Max!" Next day, she was all smiles doing interviews with the charming Susanne Rogers (Maggie). They sure wouldn't mind ending up as long lost relatives on Days! I informed Maggie that the way she used to give Dan the evil eye a while back was very effective and she was glad about that. A few have thought her to be a busybody all the time, which she is not. Maggie is one who sees what others don't, and has a genuine interest in helping people. I told her that if I had a problem, I too would like to go to Maggie's kitchen for advice. She laughed that many folks have done just that, even Nicole, of all people, much to her surprise!
When I asked Wally Kurth how he managed to play such a believable international lawyer (Justin Kiriakis), he chuckled "It's in my genes!"  Legal eagles run in the family. I couldn't resist wondering if the criminal Kiriakis gene was also in him and he laughed he certainly hoped so! Coming back to Days for Wally felt natural, as he was once again with John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis) and Peter Reckell (Bo Brady).  He just loves John Aniston's sense of humor. Gee, it would sure be nice to see Justin have some luck in love, too ...
Lindsay Hartley probably has the most beautiful eyes on daytime. She is gracious and professional to a tee. I complimented her on the way
Ari whipped out her gun for the first time, thereby letting the viewers know she was indeed undercover, but she smiled she would have liked to do more with that gun. That's all I'll say for the moment! The next day she sat down at my table again (with Eric Martsolf) and the energy level was high. I had to let her know my opinion that she is even more beautiful in person than on television and she was modest and charming about it. Eric made a wisecrack (witty guy that he is) and I teased he was just jealous cos Brady currently has no life. My bad! But then he agreed that Brady does not seem to have a life of late! It was all in
good fun.
Speaking of hunks, on Day 2, Casey Deidrick was back for a chat, this time with Jay Kenneth Johnson by his side. I asked if they were put together cos they were the "bad boys" so they asked the NBC staff about that and found out they were together cos they are "hottest hunks." A nice category to be in! There were so many girls at the window screaming for Jay that he waved politely. I suggested he blow them a kiss and he did and another and another. They loved it! Louise Sorrel (Vivian) later told me why she thinks Jay is so special. He is not just good looking, "There's something going on there. Sparkles."
Louise too has sparkles, in my opinion. We remembered the good old days with Ivan. I complimented her on her recent grand entrance back to the show and also complimented the hat she was wearing. Uniquely Vivian. She became misty eyed and told me the hat was one of her old ones, which had been left behind by the show's old costume designer. He left behind all of Vivian's original hats, which will be great fun to
see in the future. Viv has Gus now as her sidekick and Carly recently had Omar. Crystal Chappell (Carly) smiled and agreed when I said everyone should have a friend like Omar who has a yacht and will pick you up and take you anywhere in the world! She thought Erik Avari, who played Omar, was just as wonderful as his character.
When Shelley Hennig sat down beside me with a plate of pickles, I couldn't help myself from exclaiming "It's Miss U.S.A.!" She is a very sweet girl who has a background in dance (which  explains the ease
with which she struck a pose at the Daytime Emmy Awards fashion show). She practices cardiobar with Molly Burnett, to stay in shape. The next day, she was in a stunning red dress and all smiles, meeting the press with Mark Hapka (Nathan).Mark Hapka is as focused as Dr. Nathan Horton, whom he regards as a sort of Doogie Howser. A very young man who went to medical school early and missed out on having a social life. Now there are two girls after him. And nice is nice, but "opposites attracting are good," says he.
I just had to talk to both Renee Jones (Lexie) and Lauren Koslow (Kate) about any beauty tips they could pass on to women. What was their secret? Lauren's advice was to avoid the sun, while Renee was adamant that it begins from within and what you put in your body.
She has plenty of water and takes a spoonful of flax seed oil daily. 
I let James Reynolds know that Mayor Abe deserves an office (as I have said repeatedly on DaysCafe) and he thought it sounded good. Lots of fans would love to see more of Abe and Lexie! When I asked Renee Jones (Lexie) if she thought Lexie would remain a good wife in the future, given her tendency to cheat, she teased she had done that enough, so perhaps it was Abe's turn to have an affair ...
The ultimate vet couple were in attendance - Doug and Julie (Bill and Susan Hayes). And guess what. They have just finished writing their second book! It is a historical novel about actors set in England, with plenty of action. They are in the process of getting a publisher.
Another vet in attendance was Caroline (Peggy McCay), who has lots of energy and the most marvelous rapport with Louise Sorrel (Viv).
Oh, the stories they told about the old days!
As for Danloe fans, the stunning Nadia Bjorlin admitted that when she gets to work and sees she will be doing a scene with Dan, she thinks
she might as well forget about the hair and makeup teehee! Wally K. (Justin) chuckled that Dan's physique has muscles even he never knew existed! The love scenes, other actors also agreed, seem to be pushing the envelope on daytime dramas nowadays.
Unlucky in love, Bryan Dattilo (as Lucas, that is) was witty and fun,
but pouted about not having a storyline, I asked if he was sober. He joked that Lucas was, but Bryan wasn't. I asked if that was because Lucas drove him to drink. He jokingly admitted he had! Gee, we sure would like to see him have his own hot storyline again. He would be open to the idea of Lucas being a DiMera, too. Hmmm. Maybe if we
all wish hard enough ...
My final meeting after two days was with the great Joseph Mascolo. "It's the king!" I exclaimed. He placed his hand over mine and told me, in his Stefano voice, that it was a good thing to say! He then waved back at some fans taking pics from outside the window. The King of Days is never at a loss for words and was amused that I interrupted
him a few times. I then caught myself the third time and raised my
hand to ask him a question, which he found even funnier, as he had assumed I was waving to someone across the room! When I asked Joe what is most important to Stefano at present, he didn't miss a beat. "Family." And the phoenix has only one son left ... He agreed with me that Stefano and Kate are at present engaged in a game of cat and mouse, for now. Others had suggested that Kate did not love Stefano, but I disagreed on that point and brought up the fact that when Kate first visited Stefano in his hospital room after he woke up, Kate's eyes did for a moment look like she was in love with him. Joe looked at me in approval. "Good for you!" and went on to explain that was EXACTLY what they had been trying to convey, in a subtle way ...
As for subtle, well, let's just say that if I did learn a few big spoilers from both days I spent at Days (Friday at the studio and Saturday at the event, mainly in the media room), I would not be able to repeat those big spoilers, due to an agreement with the folks at NBC, who
put together the super Day of Days event. Just keep watching cos this show rocks and there will be twists and turns in the months to come!
Well, that's it for now. There were more interviews, chats, and such, but those will have to be revealed at another time, Hot pics coming
soon ...

The Editor

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