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October 15, 2009
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Timing anyone?
The day that Victor declares he will watch Chloe
self-destruct and make sure she stays away from Daniel,
a spoiler gets released that Chloe finds out she might
not be able to bear children. Keep in mind that Victor
sits on the hospital board (with access to records, lab
results, etc) and he has history of setting up his enemies
to fall ...!

October 8, 2009
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Interesting that Phil wants to take Mel on a hot air
balloon ride, while Steph wants to take Nath on a
hot air balloon ride. Over 20 years ago, supercouple
Bo and Hope enjoyed a hot air balloon ride after they
were married and the rest, as they say, is soap history.
Which new couple will actually go on a balloon ride?
The next supercouple?

September 25, 2009
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Daniel mentions his deceased wife Rebecca. In the famous mystery REBECCA (1938), the hero's deceased wife is also called Rebecca. The young heroine marries the hero but cannot seem to get out of Rebecca's shadow. The story
from the past starts to unravel. It turns out that Rebecca cheated on the hero, so he shot and killed her. And it gets wilder. Prior to her death, Rebecca had an appointment
with a Dr. Baker, who later revealed that she was pregnant, but had cancer and would have died within months. How tangled! Even more tangled is that the book REBECCA was written by Daphne Du Maurier - and Stefano's common-law wife and Tony's mother was Daphne DiMera ...!

July 16, 2009
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Mel admits she could get used to the trappings of
the Kiriakis lifestyle ...

Lexie reiterates how brilliant Daniel is. Once he finds
out Kate has harmed his beloved, he will be out for vengeance and therein lies the problem for Kate, as
Daniel is smarter than her ...

July 15, 2009
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Rafe's souvenir is from Mishawaka, Indiana
What's in a name? Sometimes a Hidden Clue ...

Mishawaka was named after the 19th century legend of
Princess Mishawaka, daughter of a chief. She was said
to have fallen in love with a trapper called Deadshot. This angered Grey Wolf, an obsessed powerful suitor whom
she had rejected. A war followed. Grey Wolf abducted the princess and demanded she marry him or face death. Deadshot raced to the rescue and killed Grey Wolf in a
battle. During the fight, Princess Mishawaka was stabbed
in the breast by Grey Wolf. She survived that injury, but
later died at a young age ...

June 19, 2009
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Now that EJ has involved the courts, Sami is about to ask Stephanie to implicate Elvis in her abduction, to prove his criminality and thus justify her not telling him about their baby. But Steph might not be much of a credible witness once her drug problem goes on record. That leaves just the
nuns, who could at least attest to the fact that Sami is a caring mother. Matter of fact, Sister Theresa can attest to much more, as Nicole's flashback reminds us that the nun is the one CLUE that could lead to the truth of her deception, and the only clue over which she has no control. Stefano, however, is not without clerical connections ...

June 10, 2009
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Nicole is now at the mercy of the phoenix, who will eventually flex his muscle the way he always does, even
with family ...
EJ calls his children the most important thing in his life ...
Dan is suspicious of Kate and knows she loathes him ...
Nicole sincerely believes Rafe is a decent man ...

June 2, 2009
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Stephanie has a strange reaction to Philip mentioning
their future family together ...

Melanie is moved by Brady's devotion to his deceased mother and clearly has much on her own mind ...

Sami and Rafe spend all their time being romantic and talking about their relationship. Why so shallow?
Because the romance and pillow talk will likely serve as wistful flashbacks ...

May 27, 2009
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Will declares he is good at heredity, such as deducing what eye color the possible child of two parents could have ...

Rafe is a logical fellow yet despite his undercover police background, he has applied for a job in construction. Something is very fishy here and it ain't the clam chowder
at the pub ...!

Caroline might be mad at Vic, but she sure talks like him these days. Two peas in a pod, both driven by family ties ...

May 13, 2009
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Stefano earlier spoke while in his weakened state,
eyes closed. He may also be able to hear, in which case
he is aware of Philip's visit. This is not something he will forget. And once the mob style war ends, the conflict will continue in matters of business ...

There was more than one name on Stefano's list ...

Nicole assumes she is home free as Baker is leaving town.
On the same day, however, she has noticed that Arianna resembles Rafe. Moments later, Arianna, who evidently has Rafe's investigative mind, asks when Syd and Grace were both born ...

April 16, 2009
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EJ orders assassin Masi to toss the cell phone he gave
him in the river, after the job has been done ...
Mel notes that EJ is the kind of man who could make someone vanish without giving it a second thought ...

April 10, 2009

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Brady lights a candle and asks deceased mother
Isabella for her guidance with his love life. The fair
Isabella did indeed return as a ghost for a few days back
at the beginning of Brady and Chloe, to watch over Brady and assure him that all would be well. Back then, he first
felt her presence as a breeze ...

April 1, 2009
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EJ suspected Tony's big reveal would be about
Nicole. Now the only clue Tony has left behind is
the letter B. EJ has vowed to crack the code. It
will have to enter his mind that Nicole's doctor
used to be Baker (B!) so that will seem as good
a place to start as any  ...

March 26, 2009
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Tony DiMera seems very Andre of late and even tells
EJ that he has ALWAYS been blind, but it is Andre who knew EJ a long time, not Tony. Tony only recently became acquainted with his brother, as he had been languishing
on an island for 20 years, so he would not have said EJ
has ALWAYS been blind ...

March 24, 2009
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Phil may be out of favor with boss Victor, but new
favorite Brady will not be a fav for long if Vic learns
that Brady shares a dark secret with Nicole, not to
mention those secret feelings he has ...

When Kate set the Kiriakis mansion on fire some years
back in her attempt to kill Victor, drunk Lucas was badly injured in the fire. So her murderous plot hurt only Lucas, not the intended victim ...

March 18, 2009

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You saw it here first! Years ago, when Vic wed Nicole, DaysCafe immediately reported the marriage was
not legal. Nicole turned out to be still married, so
her marriage to Vic was null and void.
Now Lucas and Chloe have just wed and, like her best
friend Nicole, Chloe was previously married, too - to
Brady, Vic's grandson. In addition, Vic calls Chloe the
same names he used to call Nicole. Will a twisted version
of history repeat itself again in Salem, with yet another
invalid marriage ...?

February 24, 2009

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Nicole bears witness to EJ's DiMera-esque temper as he informs her that she will never take their child out of his family home. Neva! He also curses Brady, symbolically breaking his glass, and orders Nicole to stay away from
him from this moment on. EJ has clearly defined Brady
as his adversary, thereby setting the stage for the next generation of Stefano vs. John. It's official ...

February 18, 2009

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* Phil boasts that no one understands Mel like he does ...
* EJ warns Brady that he is a DiMera too and Stefano does
   not take kindly to traitors  ...
* Chloe was first driven by passion, now it's guilt ...

February 13, 2009
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* Melanie’s photographic memory ...
* Phillip’s manipulation of Stephanie ...
* Brady’s disapproval of Phil’s ruthlessness ...

February 11, 2009
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* Nicole's slip about Sami indicates that she feels she is
  competing with Sami as a mother ...
* Baker warns Nicole that if the DiMeras find out she
  crossed them, there will be hell for her to pay ...
* Stephanie wants an honest, righteous man who does not
  play by the harsh rules of the corporate world ...
* Both Stefano and Victor refuse to back down from the
  lucrative fuel project and Stefano could not care less about
  having to break the law. Vic's reaction? He smirks ...
* Victor reminds Brady that Nicole tried to kill him ...

January 28, 2009

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Mia decides she does not wish to see her baby before
Nicole leaves with her. Guess what this means. Mia will
not be able to recognize her baby now, so she will not see that Nicole has ended up with another one, not hers, once
Nicole gets her hands on Sami's newborn. And if Mia ever tells her story, Nicole can dispute it with DNA test results,
to prove the baby she brought home is a DiMera. There is still one potential glitch for Nicole, however. Tony met pregnant Mia at the mansion and he is no fool ...

January 21, 2009
* Sami still wants to speak to Lucas when the chips
   are down ...
* EJ is acting unusually naive as he is played for a fool,
   which means that when he eventually learns the truth,
   no more Mr. Nice Guy in the relationships dept ...
* Brady is a great deal like John, so who is destined to be
  his damsel in distress?

January 16, 2009
* Melanie is only still with Titan cos of Phil!
* Dr. Baker reminds Nicole that it is Mia's God given right
  to decide to keep her baby ...
* Sleuthing seems to come naturally to Brady ...
* EJ is of the opinion that when it comes to matters of
  business, one does what one must ...
* Maggie warns Mel that EJ is very DiMera ...

January 14, 2009
Warning! Spoiler ahead!
As previously stated in DayCafe weekly spoilers, John
will be temporarily paralyzed from the injection Charlotte gives him so Marlena takes him overseas (Europe) for treatment. The major clue here is that the last character to
be taken to Europe for medical treatment was Stefano,
when he was said to have been written off the show. But Stefano got better and returned to Salem! Characters who leave Salem in good physical shape for world trips, exciting new jobs, etc. are oft doomed to not return for years, if
ever. Case in point: Jack, Billie, where are Shelle?, Austin & Carrie, and the list goes on. The fact that John leaves for treatment in Europe, like Stefano did, is in fact a good sign, as the story of John and Marlena will not have ended ...

January 7, 2009
Slick EJ is in black clothes, unshaven, gives orders to Stefano's thugs, says ciao like Stefano, while Brady insinuates he is the replica of his notorious papa. EJ
informs Lucas that Samantha is now a free agent. Lucas
gets bothered by the very mention of Sami's name and retorts he does not want Elvis' sloppy seconds cos he has Chloe, who, unbeknownst to him, dreams of Dr. Dan and vice versa! Meanwhile, Sami and Lucas' son Will is about
to return to Salem, as we reported in 2008. T'would seem
the math for 2009 is starting to add up and boy does it
promise sizzle ...!

December 4, 2008
* Melanie still has lapses into bratdom, but she is down on
  herself, too. That was how the redemption of Chelsea's
  character started way back when. Like Mel, Chelsea also
  had to deal with family she had never known about and
  considered herself a party girl, not to mention that Max
  used to bail her out as well ...

December 1, 2008
* Dr. Baker now knows that Nicole is keeping EJ in
  the dark ...
* EJ arrogantly flaunts to the doctor that he is a DiMera
  (i.e. wealthy!)

November 19, 2008
It is certainly worthy of mention that when Lucas claims
to want Chloe, he brings up how close she is with his daughter, whose mother is MIA.
It is also worthy of mention that when Chloe claims to
want Lucas, she brings up how having him has spared
her from pining after Brady ...

November 18, 2008
* Having met and spoken with EJ, Brady now concludes
that he is a typical DiMera, which means that family is
important to him, but he still could be capable of just
about anything ...
* Nick is clearly not lucid. Could a slick attorney not cut
him a deal, claiming temporary insanity for holding Mel
hostage, and some sort of defense with regards to killing
Trent, who appeared to be harming Mel that fateful night
at the cemetery...?
* Nowadays when John says he does not think he will ever
get his old memory back, his eyes are filled with remorse. The emotions are returning. Meanwhile, Blondie is his
motivating factor for just about everything ...

October 8, 2008
* Melanie is erratic and has memory lapses about the
   night of the murder, so she is not sure what happened
   after she dropped the knife ...
* The mayor believes the Brady clan's misfortune will be
   to his advantage. Think again!

October 1, 2008
* Nicole reminds herself that miracles don't usually
   happen to her ...
* Lucas implies it was EJ who came between him and
   Sami ...
* New Sami wants a career and her independence ...

August 7, 2008
Viewers are reminded of Bo and Hope's romantic time
in New Orleans, but it was also in New Orleans that
Stefano and his cohort Celeste kept the then presumed
dead Hope hidden in Maison Blanche, another DiMera mansion! When she was finally discovered, Salemites were further duped when it was made to look like Hope, whose memories had been erased, was Princess Gina. Only Alice could prove that Gina was really Hope,  Interestingly, the mysterious Maison Blanche scenario also kicked off a
John-Finally-Gets-His-Memory-Back-Which-Stefano-Stole storyline. Hope's re-appearance was part of the package ...

July 16, 2008
* Max is still a celebrity in Europe.
* Marseilles has a history of Sicilian and other mafia.

July 11, 2008
* Chloe continues to call mom Nancy for advice.
  Nancy, of Craig and Nancy fame, was played by
  the very popular Patrika Darbo.
  In real life, her hubby's name is Rolf.
  Many fans would like to see Patrika return to Days ...

July 9, 2008
* Patch still has contacts who can obtain info whenever and 
  wherever needed ...
* Philip Kiriakis seems to want something only when it is
  not easily within his reach ...

July 1, 2008
* Chelsea-Dan are suddenly happening fast, which means
  that something won't be right cos it's too good to be
  true ...
* Morgan is a step closer to reading Paul's letter, as Phil
  continues to insist he is on her side ...
* Only Bo and Hope's house is blackout-proof ...
* Caroline is lonely ...

June 24, 2008
* Stefano's mind control interests are brought up ...
* Sami's sincere feelings for both Lucas and EJ are 
   questioned ...

May 9, 2008
* Nicole is becoming emotionally dependent on EJ ...
* Victor is worried that Chelsea will get hurt due to
   her Danfatuation ...
* John has a not so subtle warning for Rolf ...

April 16, 2008
* EJ compares New John to a crime family boss ...
* Ava always gets wacko after a headache ...

February 1, 2008
Just one year ago, EJ offered Lucas a job and Lucas set
him up for investigation. Now Lucas officially agrees
to take the rap for shooting EJ. What will come next
in this story of what goes around comes around ...?

January 22, 2008
Dr. Carrington is John's doctor. Carrington was
the main character on Dynasty. Also on Dynasty
was Kale Browne who played a doctor. Kale Browne,
the doctor on Dynasty, later tested for the role of
John Black and lost it to Drake, but he did recently
play John's doctor on Days when John died. Now
that John is alive,  Kale Browne is not the doctor
anymore. John's doctor is called Carrington, the
name of the main and most powerful character on
Dynasty. So what is the message here? Dynasty.
The dynasty of John Black continues ...

January 15, 2008
* Viewers are reminded that there are both tunnels
   and caves beneath the DiMera mansion, thus making
   it an ideal place from which to escape, whether one  
   happens to be a good guy - or a bad guy fleeing ...
*  According to the Phoenix, things are just beginning ...

December 31, 2007
* Stefano considers EJ his soldier. John was
   his soldier, too ...

November 7, 2007
* Lucas has run-ins with both Kate and Stefano on
   the same day ...

November 6, 2007
* EJ chooses the Amalfi coast as a possible honeymoon 
   destination. The Amalfi coast of Italy has beaches,
   villages, cliffs high above sea level, and a Castle called 
   Villa Rufolo, which was built in the 13th century by one
   of the richest families in the area ...
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