Days of Our Lives Christmas 2009
Days of Our Lives Christmas 2009!
started 12/01

Updated December 21, 2009
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Xmas Spoilers
Salemites shop, the Brady pub is a festive gathering
place, Doug and Julie are home for the holidays, and
Salem hopes for a Christmas miracle! Phil and Melanie
plan to get together for Xmas and he decides to make an
announcement. Traditions continue at the Horton house.
Meanwhile Sami prays ...
Also, Nathan reads the Christmas story to the kids at the
hospital. Among those kids look for Crystal Chappell's 6 year
old son Dylan and 9 year old son Jacob, Eric Martsolf's 3 year
old twins Chase and Mason. and Lindsay Hartley's 5 year old daughter Isabella, who will be pretty in her pink robe with hearts!

DaysCafe proudly presents


T'was the night before Christmas
When on the Days set
Molly B and Casey D were making a bet.
There was a secret that never was said
About Salem, rumored to be in one head
Molly giggled she would find it before her beau
Though, being a soap hunk, of course he bet no
When in the Brady pub was heard such a clatter
They danced to that set to see what was the matter.
At the bar was Johnny having his evening soda.
He ordered them, like a DiMera, to scram, hit the roada!
So they skated across the pub porch on studio snow
To the hospital hall, where Dan spoke of his glow.
Then what to their wondrous eyes did appear
But a boisterous Santa full of Irish beer.
Who led them to the most excellent backstage cast party
Where the wine flowed freely, the chatter was hearty.
"I seek the secret," the fair Molly announced,
As toward the refreshment table she flounced.
And so they approached her to tell what they thought
The secret could be, though not one could be bought.
Jay Johnson said "I know on the show the big buzz
Is Casey D looks like me so he must be my cuz!"
Suzanne Rogers confessed with a Rockette kinda look
That despite Maggie's kitchen, she still couldn't cook.
Aly Sweeney declared that when she was just ten
Nicole switched her Barbie with a cross-dressing Ken!
Hope claimed she knew that Carly had a lie,
While Bo stated he once had killed a lone fly.
Vivian believed the secret was that psychic Celeste
Had morphed into Kate, then became quite obsessed.
Mayor Abe and the Carvers admitted many an hour
They spent in Abe's office, in a mysterious tower.
Then there was the case of the missing script
Which, according to Pookie, was doggie ripped!
Doug and Julie shared that they wrote a song
While EJ and Rafe laughed they do get along.
Lucas drawled he's not related no way no how
To elegant Kate and she is his gal pal!
Wally Kurth grinned an over romantic he not be
And there were epis of GH he never did see!
Brady explained Arianna was the girl for him
Shelley H. said dance class will keep a girl slim.
Caroline fessed up the pub booze was watered down
And Vic offered to buy her the whole freakin town.
Will and Mia smiled soap cuteness lasts forever
As Chloe told Dan she would never say never!
Casey D. pulled his hat down, rapped it was too much
So Molly'd lose the bet and always have to go dutch ...
Molly glided up to the phoenix and asked his advice
He thought for a moment, then he chose to make nice.
He pointed to someone as he slowly turned around
And his eyes shared the message tho he made not a sound.
Molly peered at the Santa Stefano showed her once more,
Who was drinking pub ale by a dressing room door.
She was there in a flash and cried "Santa's a faker!"
As Casey yanked off his white beard, revealing Doc Baker!
All of a sudden, the lights grew strangely dark
And you could hear the telltale sound of 8 reindeer bark
When their sleigh flew inside, well it happened so quick
The cast knew in a flash this was the real Saint Nick!
He laughed very merry and raised his hand,
Transforming the studio into a wintry land.
With Salem scenes that were not sets, but real
And Salemites gathered for a special meal.
"The secret is that all exists if only you believe,"
Laughed the rolly polly visitor, who then turned to leave .
With a wave of his hand, the sky was filled with snow
Whilst he and his pack of reindeer all chimed ho ho ho
And as he drove into the night, Santa was heard to say
"Happy Christmas to all from the DaysCafe!"

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