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Monday, October 12, 2009
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- At the pub, Nicole dines with baby Syd and promises they will be with daddy soon. Glamour girl Chloe joins them and admires Syd. She asks Nicole how her talk with EJ went. Nicole insists he will not turn his back on his child. Chloe thinks it sounds like he did. Nicole explains he is just worried about the adoption not being legal and someone coming to claim Syd. Chloe now asks if she knows who
the baby's real parents are. Nicole pretends it was a closed adoption and she does not care, as she and EJ are the only parents she has ever known. Chloe believes it might be wise for her to walk away from EJ, given some of the things he has been involved in. Nicole disagrees. And she will not let him blame Sydney for what she has done. Chloe wonders what she will do if he only wants Syd back. Nicole says no way, they are a package deal. Chloe asks if they
need a place to stay. She is certain Daniel would not mind. Nicole thinks he would. Besides, she is going home. Chloe later sits alone and receives an unexpected call from Lucas, who is looking well.
He is checking she received the annulment papers. She thanks him. He bitterly says it would be tacky of him to congratulate her on her engagement, so he won't! She asks if there is something she can do for him. He replies actually there is.
- At DiMera mansion, Elvis glumly looks at a storybook and reads
his inscription to his daughter. Kate quietly enters. He looks at the newspaper. She points out the big empty house is not what his
father had in mind when he gave that lovely party. What happened was because of Nicole. And she assures him that he will be much better off not having that lying b*tch in his life. Kate is about to give him the juicy deets, until he cuts her off. He has heard enough. Nicole loves Sydney very much so Kate must not speak of her that way in his presence! Out in the hall, he now comes across maid
Mary hauling suitcases. Turns out Kate asked her to pack Nicole's belongings! Elvis dismisses Mary, aware that Kate wants to be the only Mrs. DiMera of the mansion. He will take care of this. He
spies Syd's pink bear on the nearby table and sadly picks it up. 
- At the house of Kiriakis, Vic has summoned Bo. Why is Kate the felonista walking the streets? Bo asks if he has evidence. The Greek tycoon refers to the fact that Stefano is at death's door, just after marrying black widow Kate. Tis a pattern! Bo points out that the phoenix was not a picture of health and the toxin screens were negative. Vic quips he is diabetic, adding "You've heard of the Von Bulows!" Bo muses that Vic wants him to find evidence to put his son's mother in prison. Vic states he wants justice. Bo suddenly
grins. "You're jealous!" Of the new hubby! Vic denies it, then adds "Speaking of wayward EXes .." He now shows Bo the day's paper, with headlines screaming STATESMAN LAWRENCE ALAMAIN DEAD. Further down is a smaller piece on a plane's emergency landing. Bo stares at the newspaper, a frown creasing his brow. He calls Lawrence a vampire and wonders what happened. He hopes Carly is alright. Victor retorts she left Bo for Alamain and he tried to kill Bo, so "good riddance to both of them!" Bo reminds Vic he was once married to Carly. Vic snaps look where it got both of them! Bo thinks he should not blame her for everything. Vic is of the opinion that Bo is vulnerable right now. Carly is a distant memory and he should keep it that way! Given his marital problems, the last name Hope needs to hear is Carly Manning, woman from the past. Bo points out she may read about it and then they will discuss it. Vic questions Bo on whether he is trying to deliberately push Hope
away to hurt her back. Bo denies it. Besides, he has not spoken to Carly in years and doubts he ever will. Vic announces that Bo is his only male heir who has gotten it right with affairs of the heart. He calls Hope a remarkable woman and tells him not to lose the love of his life. "Don't make the same mistakes I've made ..." Bo reminds him he is not a quitter. He is just giving Hope time and space. Vic tells him not to be a fool and offers to bring his wife and child home for him. Bo would rather not force Hope to do anything.Vic suspects she might want him to show her how much he wants her back. Bo thinks if she does not know that by now, their marriage is in worse shape than he thought. Vic casts him a sympathetic glance.
- At the same time, Carly is reading the newspaper headline and flashes back to stabbing Lawrence. Exotic music is heard.  She is on old friend Omar's yacht and remembers being on a boat with Bo years ago, gazing at the north star. She thanks Omar for picking her up from the airport. He saved her life. She once saved his, so he is happy to oblige. Carly brings up Lawrence. He assumes that she is running from those who killed him. "No," says she. "I did it." It was no accident and she does not regret her actions! Omar blinks. She is sorry, she should have told him. She was just desperate and shell shocked. Now, however, she understands if he does not wish to
help her. Omar sits down beside her, deducing that her husband
must have done something horrible to drive her to... Carly agrees he did, her eyes filled with torment. Omar looks concerned. He will not abandon her now. She points out she is a wanted woman on the run. He is gracious and wants to help. Sensing she would rather not talk, he gives her some privacy. Carly thanks him and once more looks at the newspaper article about Lawrence's death, which has an old photo of him as well. She flashes back to their argument when she decided to leave. Apparently Lawrence had believed she needed to
be punished, hence her isolation on the estate. The argument continues. Carly says after what she just found out, she cannot bear to even look at Lawrence. And their son is old enough to know what kind of a man he is! He grabs her and throws her on the bed. "You know very well why you will never leave this house again!" Carly flashes forward to reality, crumples the newspaper, and tosses it aside. Omar later returns with a sandwich for his guest. She says he does not have to wait on her or sail her around North America. He notes she must have a plan. She did, before the plane had to make
an unexpected landing. She was to hide in Salem. Omar reminds her Lawrence's men are on her trail, but he is sure she will think of something. "I always do," replies the soap heroine. She would like to use his ship to shore phone. Who is she planning to call? The only person other than him who can come to her aid! Carly soon sees a
bit of blood on her finger. She again flashes back to arguing with Lawrence about how she tried to do as he wanted, but it was not enough. And she did not realize he was a monster. He calls her a b*tch and smacks her, reminding her of her wedding vows to love, honor, and obey. She reminds him of another vow - the Hippocratic oath she took as a doctor, to protect life. She cannot let him do what he is planning. He taunts how does she  intend to stop him! Carly flashes forward to reality as a knock is heard at her cabin door. Tis Omar, who hands her the phone, but explains she should not thank him just yet. He was unable to secure a private channel, which
means any outgoing call could be monitored. He suggests they wait until landfall before making contact. "Full speed ahead!" she agrees.
- Elegant Hope has summoned Justin to the faraway hotel for help (the lodge was being renovated). He declares he would do anything for her! They talk Ciara and she states being away has been healing for them. She informs Justin she needs a lawyer, to argue her case
to Bo. Justin is against it. She insists. It is the only way Bo will listen to her - and she wants Ciara to attend a private school, which has
the resources to help their fragile child. Justin wonders how he will react upon hearing all this from him. Bo has not heard from Hope in a while and has been going crazy.He would do anything to save their marriage, but does she feel the same way? She states he is Ciara's father and the only man she has ever loved. She does not want to end their marriage. Justin thinks she should tell him. Hope feels that is not necessary as he already knows. Justin explains that people sometimes get each other wrong when they spend time apart, like him and Adrianne. Hope is sorry. Justin asks her to call her husband. Not right now. She asks Justin to tell him she will call soon. Justin hopes the papers will not push him away. Hope believes he will understand. She shows Justin where she would like Bo to sign for
the private school. She has already done the rest. She is counting on him to convince Bo. All she wants is for Ciara to be able to get thru this difficult time so they can be a family again. Hope later sits with Ciara on the bed, happily chatting. Ciara was happy to see a daddy deer but she misses daddy and wants to know when they can go home. "Soon," promises Hope, giving her a hug.
- Back at the pub, Chloe and Lucas continue their phone call. Kate enters and watches Chloe. Lucas is working on step 9 of his 12 step program. Making amends. She would not expect him to forgive her, though he explains he expected it of himself. Lucas now brings up
her plan to have lunch with Aly soon. He does not want her seeing her again. He might forgive her for what she did to him, though he will never forgive her for what she did to his daughter! The call is now over. Kate approaches Chloe and angrily asks why she cannot leave her son alone! She sits down and wishes Chloe would fall back into her coma and die. She taunts even Daniel would not miss her once he found out more about her other than the fact that she is willing to have sex 24/7. Raging Kate cannot believe she has the gall to continue to force herself into Lucas' life! How can she do that to him? Chloe looks bored and asks if she is done yet. Kate assumes she was trying to speed up the annulment. Chloe enlightens her. He actually was the one who pushed thru said annulment! She adds he
is not talking to mommy dearest . And how does her revenge feel now that she has pimped herself out to the likes of Stefano DiMera, while Dan and Chloe will soon have their happy ending! "Payback's
a bitch, isn't it!" Exit triumphant Chloe. Kate, however, does not think there will be a happy ending if Vic has anything to do with it.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole enters with Sydney and announces
they are home to stay, much to EJ's irritation. He made it abundantly clear she was no longer welcome at the house. She thinks he must have changed his mind as he missed Sydney, who would not even take her morning bottle with her. Elvis quietly admits he feels badly. Nicole talks of the past, how he always gave her her morning bottle. Daddy and daughter bonding time. He admits he did love it. Nicole wants him to hold her and begs him not to punish himself or his little girl, who needs him. Elvis pats the baby's head, kisses her, and tells Sydney he loves and misses her. His face then becomes serious and he pulls away. He has only memories now. "I'm not going to be a party to your lie anymore. Get out!" He advises her not to grovel
and opens the door. "Out." Nicole woefully leaves with Syd, EJ
shuts the door behind them. Nicole cries and walks away. Master DiMera stands all alone inside ...

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Sami tells Roman "The more time that goes by, the more I think something has really happened to Rafe."

"Can you hear me?" Carly asks unconscious Rafe, and then administers mouth-to-mouth!
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