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Friday, October 9, 2009
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- At the hospital, replay of - Elvis suggesting Sami hand Syd to
Nicole, Nicole flashing back to her decision to do right by her little girl, and Sami wondering why she is looking at her like that! Nicole finally takes her and says she needs her daddy. Elvis looks down
and downtrodden. Nicole walks away. Sami asks what is wrong. They head for a private lounge. Sami suggests he go home. He cannot. She concludes it is because of Nicole. He admits he cannot tolerate lies and that was what Nicole did. Now he has lost another daughta. Sami is confused. She defends Nicole as a different person now. EJ declares she is wrong. "She is the same lying little b*tch she always was!" She cannot believe he would speak so ill of the mother of his child. He points out Sydney is actually not his child. Sami sighs. They sit and he tells her the sordid details of the miscarriage, the fake pregnancy, the doc giving her a baby whom she says was adopted. Sami is shocked. "This takes the cake!" Elvis notes it is
not that different than what Sami did to him, as she too did not tell him of his daughta and he lost her, as he lost Nicole's. He becomes irate. Sami explains she only pried as Johnny spends half his time at his home. EJ retorts Nicole is gone. Sami reminds him Johnny loves Sydney as a sister. EJ quips it pained him to let Sydney go. Sami
says he may have lost Grace, but he now has a beautiful little girl who considers him her daddy "if you want her."  EJ is angry. How can they explain this to the children? Sami, however, thinks EJ is only mad as Nicole outsmarted him. He says there was another person involved. Brady and if he finds out ... Sami thinks if that is true, he must have had a good reason. EJ also trashes the doctor
who got Syd for her. Sami now asks who her real parents are. He admits he has no idea and does not even think Nicole knows. He criticizes himself for letting his guard down because he loved her
and wanted her to love him. He assumed he had finally found someone he could truly give his heart to. Sami believes Nicole does love him. He feels he was just blinded by love. It will not happen anymore. He asks where Johnny is. He would like to see him now. He insists despite the late hour. No one is going to keep another one of his children from him!
- At the Cheatin Heart, Phil warns Nath he does not want Mel to get hurt. Nath gives him a piece of his mind and snaps if Steph had not seen the sex tape, the prodigal son would be with her anyway!
- Mel is confused by Brady's behavior. Did EJ find out Brady is in love with his wife? He replies there is much going on, but he does understand Nicole loves EJ, and walks away. Mel returns to the squabbling suitors and smiles were they fighting over her? Nath
gets a call from the hospital and steps outside to take it. Mel teases Phil. "Who won?" He wonders if she is sure about Nathan. He is a lucky guy. Nath walks back. He got someone to cover for him at
the hospital so he is free. Phil leaves them to their date and wistfully walks out, not bothering to tell Mel of the hot air balloon ride he had intended to surprise her with. Nath and Mel chow down, the mood light. She is surprised he does not wonder what she was discussing with Phil. He says he does not need to know, and takes her hand in his, pressing her pressure points. She giggles. He alludes to the fact that he would like to see her again. After their date, they are standing outside, ignore their ringing phones, and kiss.
- Chez Maggie, Steph complains she made a fool of herself asking out Nath as he is busy with Mel. Maggie notes he did not take her advice and asks Steph what she makes of it. Steph does not think
he led her on but if so, who is she to talk, after how she treated Phil. She loves him but it is not enough. Clang! Dishes are dropped in the kitchen so Maggie rushes off to see what the commotion is about. Enter Phil. Steph looks hopeful.  She happily tells Phil about her fundraiser. He, however, is there for a drink. She understands he may be bothered by his mom marrying Stefano, but senses that something more is wrong. She offers to have a drink with him as Maggie is in the kitchen. Phil does not feel it is wise. She hopes they can be friends. He does not think so. Maggie comes back. Phil now confirms he saw Nath and Mel at the Cheatin Heart and the pair seemed happy. Maggie excuses herself. Steph wonders if Phil is having a bad night because Nath and Mel are together. He reminds her she went out with Nathan. Only once, as friends, says she. Maybe they can be friends. Phil explains he is moving on. He will always love her but he finally figured out what she long knew. They are not right for each other and never will be He saunters to the bar, leaving Steph teary-eyed and alone.
- Nicole takes Syd to the pier, lamenting to her that daddy kicked them out. Along comes Brady. He has been looking for her. He perceives she is upset and there is more to it than Stefano's heart attack. He gives her a hug and asks what is wrong. "Everything,"
she whispers. She updates him on her predicament. "He knows ...
all of it." The miscarriage, the bogus pregnancy, the purchase of
Syd from Baker. She had no choice as he had a recording. Brady gets concerned. Did EJ hurt her? No, but he hates her. Brady disagrees. Nicole exclaims he threw them both out. He is sorry and she wonders if he really is. He predicted something like this would happen. She suddenly tells him it is all his fault and wants him to admit he intended this to happen! He reminds her how he helped
her time and time again. Why would he slip up on purpose?
"Because you're in love ..." she starts, then stops. Brady declares
he only screwed up, yet he is still here for her no matter what. He will not let her and Sydney down. She laments she did what she did to give Sydney a blessed life, though now it has been ripped away. Brady is sorry. So is she. He tries to give her money but she turns him down. She has enough to stay at the Salem Inn tonight. She will figure out what to do after that. Brady thinks EJ is a bastard for not feeling as much a parent to Sydney as she does. She lets it slip he doesn't know. Brady asks what he does he not know. Nicole pauses, thinking of what to say next ...
- At the pub, Sami brings EJ sleepy Johnny.He hugs his son tightly.
- At the pier, Nicole pretends to Brady that she just meant EJ does not know how much he really loves Syd and how much he misses her. Brady plays devil's advocate. What if he wants Sydney without her? Nicole refuses to listen. Brady wonders what if Mia wants her back. Nicole does not want to hear that either. Perhaps tomorrow things will be different. EJ will miss them after a bit of time to cool off and then he will want them back. Brady asks her if she honestly believes that is what will happen. She orders him to go. He does,
after repeating he is there to help in case she changes her mind. Nicole sits on a bench. "Oh, Sami, I am so sorry. It didn't start out this way." She just wished to keep EJ and give him the daughter he lost. But it got so much bigger. She concludes Sydney is hers and
she can never let her go now ...!

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"Carly Manning is a name from your distant past. Keep it that way!" Vic tells Bo.
"Do you know who Sydney's real parents are?" Chloe asks Nicole
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