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Wednesday, March 7, 2012
up by 5:09 pm est March 5




- Replay of Kate getting mad that Lucas actually ventured to Salem for Sami. Will he let the "little bitch" get her hooks into him again? Lucas stares. What did she just say? Sami laughs she thought they had buried
the hatchet. Kate regains her composure and insists it was just a reflex from the distant past. Lucas thinks it was déjà vu. Seems like old times. Kate is sorry and claims she loves working with Sami. She will never say such a thing again, she promises! Can Sami forgive her? Sami realizes they do have a history, but she thought they were at a good place ...
Kate argues that her actions speak louder than her words. After all, she did hire her and trusts her with important projects. Lucas makes a snide remark about her having ulterior motives. Kate points out she also knows she can trust Sami with secrets, like the fact that they have a mole at the company. She asked Sami to help find the traitor, which proves she considers her family. Lucas clears his throat. Sami excuses herself to go check up on her emails. Kate praises her and remarks they have both changed, but Lucas quips the more things change, the more they stay
the same! They sit and discuss. Lucas wants her to stop being mean to Sami and treating him like he is 12 years old. She counters by asking
why his fiancée is not here with him. She was busy with work. Kate suspects he wanted to keep her away from her. He makes a comment about her trying to murder the women in his life. She wonders if he
came  to Salem just for Sami. He admits he is also there for Will, who clearly needs him. He intends to find out what happened that led him to work for EJ DiMera. Kate warns not to let Sami and her problems drag him down yet again. Lucas thinks she is being two-faced and he wants
the truth. Is she really happy Sami is working for her or does she have
an agenda? Kate glances at Sami, who is busy with her iphone at the bar, with the demeanor of an innocent schoolgirl.
- Dan is busy at his desk. Jen peers in and flashes back to telling him that she and Jack, as per Jack, were not right for each other, after which Dan excused himself. Back to reality. She asks if it is a bad time.He pleasantly invites her in. She takes a seat. He grins what is up. Jen notes how earlier they felt ... "Awkward," says he. She wants to be certain that things are alright between them. He assures her things are fine, but she has doubts. He points out he did send her that postcard. She longs to know what he did while he was away. He surfed, attended a medical convention, and surfed some more in Hawaii. It was heaven, just him and his surfboard. She thinks he looks great. He is sorry he did not contact her but he was busy thinking of his career, his life. He elusively states he is getting there, and if he seemed standoffish, it is because he thought seeing her again would make all of those feelings start rushing back. His heart could not take being crushed again. She blinks.
- Bo is at the town square, on the phone. He leaves a message for Hope that he misses her terribly. Roman saunters up. He needs to know what Bo wants with the dangerous Maronis. He is not even assigned to that stakeout! He has heard he is planning to search one of their warehouses with no warrant. They are aware of the arrival of a big drug shipment.
Bo does not deny it. Roman warns him against going rogue. Bo teases what makes him think that? Roman chuckles he has done it thousands of times, plus he knows how he feels about the Maroni cartel. Bo calls them arrogant scum. Roman insists they must go by the book and obtain the necessary warrant. Bo argues the Maronis have plants in the department and would be tipped off.  Roman gets mad. Did what happened to Abe not teach him anything!
- In the land of Alamania, John explains to Hope that the ISA is doing tests on the dead body found in their room. He will then be returned to
his family. A flashback of them finding said body is shown. Hope shuts her eyes. What if it had been John in that chair? How would Marlena react? John drawls they have enough to worry about. He feels Stefano took out Walsh all because of him! Hope believes it is not his fault. He grumbles he led the agent into a trap. He is convinced the killer was tied
to Stefano. Hope laments Stefano knows how to push their buttons. "That's a fact!" says he. They have one dead agent on their hands and now Spencer is missing. Hope wants in. John now has a confession to make about the ISA. "I never left!" Hope is shocked she only now is hearing he is an ISA undercover agent. She snaps that she had a right to
know this before. She is stuck here with a spy! And now the bodies are starting to pile up! He drawls he was officially inactive for years, but then they needed him again. First he said no way in hell. Hope suspects there
is more to the story. There is indeed. The ISA explained why they came to him. Something big was going to happen with the DiMeras. On the day Stefano thought his son would become mayor, he left town. And he came here! Hope fears this mysterious big thing involves them. John does not deny it.
- At the pub, Kayla asks Sami what it was like seeing Lucas again. Great, as he accepts her the way she is. She wonders if people can change ... Kayla thinks they can, like her Steve, but it is rather rare ... Meanwhile, Kate claims to Lucas she just overreacts when she sees him with Sami, given their history. Lucas quips Sami was not to blame for all the bad times, and there were good times, too.
- Roman reminds Bo that Abe was impulsive and look where it got him. They must follow the rules. Otherwise, the bad guys will win in the long run. Bo disagrees. Roman now adds he already has the warrant and he will be searching the Maroni warehouse with it, in case he wishes to join him. Bo is miffed that they are already tipped off. Roman insists he took necessary precautions and his men are at the warehouse waiting, as they speak. Bo will go along, but doubts the operation will succeed ...
- Hope demands to be briefed. All John knows is Spencer warned him to watch his back, meet with Walsh, and then up and vanished after Walsh showed up dead.
- Bo and Roman are on their way to the warehouse. The mood is light.
All of a sudden, they are ambushed by thugs ...!

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