Days of Our Lives August 23, 2012
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

posted on August 22 early afternoon est


- Replay of EJ walking in on Sami and Rafe’s moment. He would like
one of them to inform him WOT is going on. They both stand up. He perceives she has bruises on her wrist and demands to know what kind
of game Rafe is playing. Sam pauses, then assures him Rafe did not hurt her. He notes she is crying and quips either Rafe got kinky or he is there for an arrest. Rafe steps forward with his handcuffs. EJ drawls he cannot charge him with anything for Stefano is alive! He now wants to take his leave with Sami but Rafe will not allow it.
- Chez Jen, loved ones have gathered. Sympathetic Billie offers to help but Jen gets choked up. Kate will fetch some water and steps away from Jen, Abigail, and her daughter. She bumps into Commisisoner Roman
with a dramatic update. She knows who murdered Stefano and urges him to nail the bastard!
- Dr. Dan is caught off guard at the hospital when Bo and Hope wheel in secret patient Stefano DiMera! No one can know! As they disappear into a nearby room, Cam arrives, having just finished his rounds. He is on his way to Abigail, as there is a gathering at the family's house. Dan hopes he can update him on how Jen is. Cam thinks he should stop by but the doc sighs it would be complicated. He takes out his phone and longs to call
her though he does not. “Real complicated,” he laments.
- Jen is surprised to find Nicole at her door with a beautiful bouquet, a hug, and her condolences. She is sorry about Jack. Jen thanks her and sadly starts to shut the door. Nicole has more to say and explains after the explosion, she feared she would lose her baby. She can imagine how Jen might be feeling right now. Seconds later, Jen receives a text from Daniel that he is so sorry about Jack. Nicole sees she is affected by the text and wonders who sent it. Just an old friend. Nicole notes she is lucky to have so many around her who love her. Jen accepts the flowers and thanks her again. Nicole adds Jack was a great guy and departs. Jen sighs and blinks back the tears.
- Will and Gabi quickly disrobe and passionately roll around on the bed. The aftermath, however, is anything but rosy. They lie still, side by side, and Will stares at the ceiling. She says it was a surprise. Will sits up to
get dressed and casually states he must go. He babbles about having a fight with his dad. When he puts on his pants she informs him that is her belt. He asks if she is okay. She sadly states she is. As he keeps dressing, his back to her, she starts to say something, then advises him to go see Abigail and Jen. He adds he will see her later and hastily exits. Gabi remains in bed alone, no smile on her face.
- At the coffee house, Sonny rolls on his back and twisted T hopes he broke prettyboy’s nose. He leaves with a leer. Beaten Sonny appears to be momentarily unconscious. Justin soon arrives and enters the dark and deserted coffee house. He calls out Sonny’s name, then spies him on the floor and helps him up. Sonny realizes his phone must have pocket dialed him. Justin puts pressure on his bloody lip and assumes it was a robbery. Sonny claims he merely tripped. Justin doubts it, but Sonny stops him from calling the police. He can handle this on his own!
- Brady brings Marlena Sydney’s favorite book, which he found under
the kitchen table. She asks him to stay as they are worried about him. Brady insists he is dealing with the fact that his Madison is dead in his own way. Marlena begs to differ. She pours them coffee and wonders why he asked his father not to include her name on the list of explosion casualties. He doubts anyone in town cared enough and bitterly states
they would all want to see if he was still sober. Marlena realizes he has
not spoken to Maggie and advises him not to keep his pain inside. He, however, wishes to be left alone.
- At the hospital, Bo and Hope emerge from the secret patient’s room and update Dan. The patient’s physician is checking him out. They fill him in on what happened. Dan concludes EJ will soon be back,as he is not really a felon. He leaves an urgent message for Nicole to call him, his eyes filled with worry.
- Nicole sits alone on a park bench, happily talking to her baby. She hears Daniel’s message and smiles that he will take good care of them. She now spies Brady walking by and stops him. He woefully states he is on his
way somewhere. She praises him for heroically rescuing Melanie and teases he must be busy rescheduling his wedding with Madison. Brady solemnly states there is to be no wedding. “She’s dead. She died in the explosion.” He walks off and she follows him with a curse. They end up at the Kiriakis house. Brady does not want the attention. “Pease, just go.” She insists he should not be alone. The woman he loved has died. Has
he spoken to his family about this? He admits Victor does not yet know, nor has he spoken to Maggie. She refuses to leave, as she suspects he is trying to close himself off and wish the world away.
- Rafe doubtfully listens to EJ’s story. EJ elegantly pours himself a drink and shares how Ian masterminded the entire scenario. Rafe still does not believe him. EJ haughtily suggests he call the cops at the station but Rafe quips there is no signal in this place. EJ plops down beside Sami on the sofa and enjoys his drink. Rafe sarcastically grumbles he should believe such an honest guy. Sami defends EJ. Rafe calls her the accomplice.They stand and face Rafe together. He seems hell bent on taking them in. EJ has placed his arm around Sami when two cops enter, guns drawn, and order him to let the lady go! They stare uncertainly.
- Dr. Dan emerges from Stefano’s room and gets a text from the fair Jen, thanking him. Bo and Hope now want an update on the patient. The doc explains he is certainly lucid enough to talk. They thank him and go inside the room. Dan now cannot help but open the file and gasps. "Oh my God!"
- EJ is dismayed to be handcuffed by Rafe even after the cops have confirmed his story. Rafe tells Sami she is next but he will not cuff her provided she does exactly as he says. She quietly thanks him. The two officers bring out Silvio and he profusely apologizes to his boss. EJ
cannot believe Sami actually shot him to protect Rafe!
- Dan later ventures to the house, where he agrees with Nicole that Brady should not be alone, and since he saved Mel, he considers him family now! He too notes there has been no news on Madison’s passing. He can relate to Brady being in denial, as that is how he dealt with his own wife’s death. Nicole remembers how Madison put Brady in his place.He laments who will do that now and she consoles him with a hug.
- Lucas offers the Devereaux girls a ride to the airport but Jen explains they have called a cab. Billie asks her to give JJ their best when they see him. Meanwhile, Roman gets off the phone with Bo and informs Kate he already knew about Ian’s misdeeds. He is presently in custody. Kate sighs and thanks God. Roman now bears huge news. “Stefano is alive.” Kate is stunned. Roman continues. It was not even him in the casket. The real Stefano has been Ian's prisoner all along. Kate looks ready to collapse and emotionally asks to see her husband.
- Gabi is standing alone in red as she takes out a picture of Chad. She cannot believe what she has done!
- At the coffee house, Justin is relieved that Sonny seems alright and hopes he is not going to go vigilante. Sonny assures him that is not his style. Justin wonders whether it was a hate crime. Sonny explains it was more personal. Justin implores him not to go through this alone. He hugs his son, who has been shaken up by the attack.
- Lucas runs into Will at the town square gate and informs him everyone has left Jen’s already. Will bitterly remarks his not being there must have been the latest disappointment. Lucas apologizes for what he said earlier. He said it out of anger and did not mean it ... Will recalls he said he was disappointed he was gay. He had always thought he was the one parent
he could count on! Lucas frowns.
- At the hospital, Bo gives Hope his coffee. She teases it tastes terrible.
As per their discussion, Stefano is apparently barking orders, like usual.
Hope had actually thought they were rid of him this time. Bo was not surprised. Kate rushes in and demands to see her living husband. Bo enlightens her that he made it clear he wanted nothing to do with her
and takes a sip of the bad coffee ...

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