Days of Our Lives April 10, 2013
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Episode 12,062

- Daniel has just gotten confirmation from Rafe that Nancy took Parker to Brazil! He is ready to explode. Rafe also has proof - an actual copy of Nancy's stamped visa. Dan the man breathes she lied to him so what the hell is going on! He had no idea of her deception. Rafe is flabbergasted that Chloe let his son be taken out of the country without checking with him. Dan laments there is nothing he can do about it either. Chloe will heap lies upon lies. Rafe is sympathetic. Dan thanks him and vows to find out why Chloe did this. But where to start? He agrees to keep the secret of Rafe helping, as he broke a few rules to do it. Rafe hopes he will hang in there and goes. Dan now rejoins Parker and asks how Rio was. Good? The lad nods slightly.
- Sonny arrives at DiMera mansion and EJ is surprised he is there to see him! Sonny looks intense a la Kiriakis. EJ offers him a drink. Sonny declines and solemnly states he yearns to squash Nick like a bug. EJ grins, his own drink in hand, noting the young man has a moral dilemma. Sonny seems to worry his motivation is to get back at Nick. He is concerned about wanting to hurt someone. EJ gets closer and remarks one is only human. Besides, he gave Nick Fallon fair warning and Sonny clearly only wants to help a loved one. Ominous music is heard. EJ muses it is a good thing. Sonny now offers to get deeply involved. They do not have access to the Kiriakis mansion, where Nick now dwells, but he does! He can check out Nickís room and detstroy him ...
- Meanwhile Sami and Will walk and talk outside. She suspects her son is making progress and will soon be able to get Stefano to pull out his big guns. Nick walks by and Sami stops him. He claims he does not wish to fight. Sami claims she only wants to thank him for him and Gabi agreeing to let Will see his daughter still. Nick will only say he will stand by Gabi's wishes and departs. Sami mutters he is one creepy s.o.b. Will is perplexed. Sami shares she just wanted him to believe he had the upper hand so he would not see what comes next and something is certainly coming ...!
- At the pub, diva Kate pushes pregnant Gabi to sign a document ensuring Will will have ample time with his daughter. Gabi notices it also ensures Will be listed as the father on the birth certificate, plus there is more. Kate wants her to sign. Nick arrives and demands to know what is going on! Gabi explains Kate said the papers are a formality, that is all. Nickís eyes get as dark as his sweater. He disapproves of the document as among other things, it would allow Will to have the baby every other holiday. He suspects Will or Sami put Kate up to this! Kate smiles she is just looking out for the best interest of her grandson. Gabi is miffed she added things and confused her. Kate offers to take some things out, if she wishes. However, she suspects Nick is trying to interfere and she will not allow it! Rafe saunters up and wants to know what is going on. Oh oh!
- Jen has flown in from Salem and is presently at mama Lauraís place. Laura prettily pours her daughter tea. Mother and daughter hug. Laura is so touched she called for her help. Jen admits she needed to get out of Salem as it hurts to be there! Laura wonders whether she fought with her man Dan. Jen laments it was more than a mere fight. Her heart is breaking! Laura learns she ended their relationship. Jen admits she did not want to end the affair, however. Laura asks why she did then. Jen dramatically declares she had no choice!
- Back in Salem, Chloe denies Nicole's accusation. Nicole insists she caused Dan and Jen to break up and calls her a liar! Chloe plays innocent, though she is admittedly pleased by what happened. Nicole demands to know what she did. Chloe blinks her bright blue eyes and hisses she is just jealous! Nicoleís blue eyes flicker. She acts amused. Chloe now rubs it in that Dan chose Jen over her and she is almost in. Nicole will end up in the convent all alone. Nicole gets sarcastic, then berates her for making the good doctor miserable. Chloe leers she will never be able to give him his own family. Nicole sadly states does she not care how cruel she is? Cold Chloe wants her to go. Nicole cries she is exploiting Parker and that is not how a mother should be! Chloe dares her to stay and tell Daniel her theory, yet all he will see is that she is obsessed. Nicole wishes her a nice life and walks away from her former friend. She immediately calls Daniel and urges him to meet her. It cannot wait and it concerns Chloe!
- Sami and Will now sit at a coffee house table together. He remarks she seems different being at the mansion and believes there is something going on with EJ. He must be up to something! Sami primly dismisses the notion. Will reminds her of their illustrious history. Samiís cheeks get almost as red as her crimson sweater. Will has a feeling that EJ has not changed. He perceived a certain look on EJ's face when he saw him with Stefano and there was something about it ...
- Dan meets with Nicole at the rectory and she offers her condolences about his breakup. He asks about Chloe. Nicole pours herself a glass of water and explains she first has something to say about Jennifer. She realizes she makes him happy and they belong together. Dan sighs they are over. Nicole now points out the way Jen ended things was irregular. He urges her to just say what she wanted to about Chloe. Colorfully dressed Nicole proceeds to enlighten him ...

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