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Friday, March 13, 2009
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Salem's long night continues ...

At Horton cabin, Chloe and Lucas pack for Vegas. Lucas is suddenly gung ho. He explains when you love someone and they have done as much as she has for his family, "It's whatever you want, honey." He also had help - from Daniel. Chloe gets tense and forces a nod. Dan encouraged Lucas as he knows they love each other. Chloe looks surprised, then uncomfortable. Lucas points out Dan thinks ever so highly of her and advised him to do whatever it took to make her happy. However, he did sound like he had regrets about someone. Kate, perhaps? Their conversation returns to packing and future destinations. Unlike Chloe, Lucas has no interest in Europe. They
hug again. Enter Will, who makes a funny face. He is there for his phone. He asks about the suitcases. Vegas? Lucas admits they are going to honeymoon in Vegas. Will is displeased and glares at Chloe. "Guess you got what you wanted." Chloe points out she and Lucas love each other, though she understands that Will had hoped for his parents to reconcile. Lucas invites Will to Vegas to be his best man.
He passes as he really should stay in school. Lucas' cell rings. "You gotta be kidding me!" Bad news. Mechanical difficulties on the plane means their trip has to be postponed until tomorrow.
- At the Cheatin Heart, black widow Kate threatens Dan that if he walks out, she will make a scene. She wants him to sit and pour out his heart about his latest lady love. He sits. He is being unfairly accused. Why did her so-called source not go to Chloe or Lucas?
He also wants a name. Kate says she cannot say. After all, what if  the exchange said person really heard was out of context? Dan plays along. What if it wasn't? Kate asks if he is admitting to an affair with Chloe. Dan takes a drink. "I'm not admitting a damn thing." He
points out he was once Chloe's doctor and someone could have misconstrued a moment they had together. Kate says her source
spied Chloe and him together somewhere else. She recalls seeing
them together and then blinks back to reality. Her son already fell off the wagon and now she fears what he might do if he learned that Chloe had cheated. Dan thinks Lucas and Chloe love each other.
Kate feels Chloe is really just tolerating him. And her earlier break with him did not seem like pre-wedding jitters. Kate now says she cannot picture Dan with a common girl like Chloe. She trashes her mother as well. Dan looks but says nothing. Kate then alludes to something else. Dan is not sure what she means. She announces she wants him in her life again. They were good together. Dan does not believe she has given this much thought. "I think about you night and day. Mostly night," she whispers. Does he fantasize about her, too? Dan has no idea what this is about, "but you and I, it's not gonna happen." He does not believe they are the same people they were back then. She asks him if he believes in true love, like what Lucas and Chloe have. Does he think they have true love? Dan states he wants them to lead an enjoyable life, tells her to take care, and walks out. "Phony creep!" she laments. And if he will not be the one to
stop the wedding, she will do it herself!
- Outside, Chels comes across Max. He has left her many messages and she has not returned his calls. She repeats they are over. He does not understand. She remembers hearing him say he cannot wait to be a father. Chelsea gets weepy. She is not ready to discuss. Max considers. Has he done something to upset her? Chelsea croaks she heard him tell Will that he could not wait to be a dad. She can never give him that. He tells her to listen up. He is fine with adoption,
seeing as he was adopted. Chelsea sniffs she would be fine with that, too. Max does not mean to say they will definitely end up together  - and she agrees it is to soon to tell - but he does not want her to assume to know what he wants. He knows exactly what he wants! They kiss on it.
- At the pub, Mel is dismayed and shuts her computer. Enter Brady. Everything okay? "You tell me! Is my project really DOA?" How is Titan? Are the computers fixed? Does he have her project? No, no, and no. "It's a total disaster," he declares. Brady appears to be suspicious of her and questions her honesty. Mel's face falls.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole has to deal with a threatening call from
seething Phil, who warns her fiance screwed him over big time and there will therefore be hell to pay. Nicole wonders why he thought
EJ had anything to do with his erased files. Phil, however, insists he
is right. And now he will tell him all about her sleazy affair with Brady! After the call, Nicole gets dressed and tries to steal out of the bedroom. EJ stirs. Where is she going? To get Sydney's formula,
says she. EJ reminds her they have Mary for that and takes her in
his arms. She insists she must pick up formula from the store. Syd makes a noise. Nicole again insists she must go and heads out, promising to be quick. Once downstairs, she places a desperate call before heading out the door. "I need to see you now."
- At Titan, Phillip impatiently sits at his computer. Snappy Steph brings him coffee. He complains about their predicament. She suggests he enlist Bo's help. Phil disagrees. If Vic got wind of the fiasco, he would surely toss him out. "Sounds like a plan, Steph," he says sarcastically. Steph sits and poses on the desk. Perhaps Vic will understand. Phil stands up and pours himself coffee. Vic would fire him for a crooked tie! Steph walks up beside him. He is vulnerable, not macho. This is the Phil she is comfortable with, she says pleasantly. He notes that, in that case, they have a problem and
ought to end it! Steph laughs. Phil says he does not like the weak side she does. She says there is bravery in admitting to one's mistakes.
Phil sits down and admits he is scared. Steph announces she wants to give them another shot. She wants him to relax, poses on the desk again, and gives him a kiss. They kiss some more and decide to get out of there. They later continue talking on a sofa with drinks. Steph says she was thinking abut the future and alludes to the fact that she can see them together for a long time. Phil thinks about the future sometimes as well, though he always ends up thinking she deserves better. Steph condescendingly says he is a good person and blames Victor for putting pressure on him. She gives him another kiss after deciding he has a good heart ...
- Back at the pub, Brady excuses himself from Mel and runs into Travis from Titan. Mel looks increasingly worried.
- Later at DiMera mansion, Mel storms in and confronts EJ in the grand front hall. She calls him names for not going thru with the venture. She now realizes he did not intend to ever do it. EJ thinks
she is a royal pain. She is mad he played her and screams to wake
the dead. Tony overhears. EJ laughs she does not even have the formula anymore. "This is not over!" she declares. Meanwhile, Tony finishes a brandy and smiles like a Cheshire cat. When EJ tosses her outside, the Count follows. He coos that they could be of some benefit to each other ...
- Down at the pier, Nicole meets Brady and complains about Phil's threat. Brady does not seem worried. Nicole fears she will lose everything. Brady assures her he will not let that happen. He will help her. She should go home to her daughter and leave the rest to him. Nicole gives him a kiss on the cheek. He is the best pal! She leaves.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Max looks at the only remaining plans for
the fuels project, concerned they should be kept secure. Chelsea watches as he returns them to the safe. Turns out a guy gave her his phone number. She laughs when Max appears jealous, then throws away the number and kisses him.
- Meanwhile, Kate sweeps into the Horton cabin and asks Will where Lucas and Chloe are. Likely on a plane, says he. "What plane!" her divaness barks. The plane they took to Vegas to elope. "They're getting married tonight," elaborates Will, surprised no one bothered
to tell her. Kate considers and takes a deep breath

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"Nothing would make me happier than to watch my father and my pompous ass brother eat crow," Tony tells a smiling Mel.
"Lucas, what are we doing?" Chloe wonders on the plane.
"Lucas and Chloe have decide to elope," Kate informs Vic. "And I
am going to stop them."
Rafe asks if everything is okay. "No it's not and I'm really glad
you're here cos I need to ask you a favor," gasps Sami.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


At DiMera mansion, EJ calls out to dahling that he is home. He
finds champagne and a note and heads up to the bedroom with the champagne, where dahling awaits. She says she will make him
happy. They get up close and personal. She says she loves him. He loves her too and thinks they have no need to talk. Afterwards, she repeats she loves him. "The feeling is mutual," says Elvis, who then promises things will only get betta. "I think it's scary to be this happy sometimes," Elvis whispers as they lie together under the sheets. Nicole marvels at how he looks at her. "I never imagined this. The man I love and a baby I love."  What else can there be? A wedding ring, says Elvis. Nicole makes a joke about all the material things
she also wants. Elvis chuckles and tells her never to change. "I have everything I ever wanted," Nicole repeats, giving him another kiss.
- At Titan, Kate dramatically sweeps in and demands an audience
with busy Victor. She wishes to talk Chloe, who had the nerve to show her her wedding dress. Vic wonders what she has done to
incur Kate's wrath. She ruined Lucas' life. But how? He would like answers. "She slept with another man, with my son's ring on her finger!" exclaims Salem's revived villainess. The Greek tycoon remarks Lucas does not know. No. Kate worries about his self-esteem. And it would be impossible to get him to look at another girl. Kate has two goals - stop that wedding and make her suffer. At present, she is convinced Chloe has not yet set a wedding date. Should she tell Lucas the truth? Vic advises her to arrange for him to find it out from another. Kate laments about his string of relationship disasters and resents having to tiptoe around his feelings. Why, it might be less tiring to just shoot her! Vic tells her again to find a way to let him discover the truth. Kate declares she has just had a moment of clarity. Vic cackles in admiration.
- At the cabin, replay of Chloe thinking there is something Will can
do. He interrupts he does not want to do anything. She asks him to
tell his dad she wants to elope to avoid all the Hortons and Bradys watching. Will turns her down. He is only 16 years old, after all. She is sorry she was out of line. He wonders if Chloe and Lucas ever
"just chill." They seem intense. Is there a big problem they are not talking about, hence the tension in their relationship? Chloe pauses. Will considers. Perhaps it has something to do with his mom. Will now complains his parents are supposed to be together. Chloe quickly reminds him that will not happen. Will relents and grins. Perhaps she should call his stupid dad again. Exit the confused teen.
- At the Cheatin Heart bar, Lucas asks if Chloe is keeping something from him. No, says Dan. Lucas now turns his attention on the doc.
Is he keeping something from him? He accuses Daniel of talking in circles so "Just say it, man!" Dan reminds him Chloe is a private person and might not be able to explain everything to him. The how and why of her wanting to marry Lucas so fast is not important. He would never pressure her if he had her in his life. "I would never risk losing her," the passionate doc finishes. "Never." Lucas questions
him on that. Dan explodes. If he does not marry this beautiful
woman, he is an idiot!
- Outside, Sami gasps to Rafe she is upset cos of EJ and Nicole and she cannot go near Rafe anymore and then there is her daughter and she cannot take it anymore! He asks her to calm down and explain. She was happy when she thought Rafe would come work for her
dad, but then Nicole said EJ does not like him. The only way to
avoid EJ nosing around is to steer clear of Rafe. However, she does not wish to lose him. She decides to go get Grace. Rafe stops her.  Sami snaps it is not his decision. Rafe feels they need to discuss a secret he learned. Roman believes the DiMera were responsible for hiring the assassin. Sami chews him out for not believing her in the first place. Rafe sees the DiMera danger and that is why it is not the time to bring Grace home just yet. He is on her side. Rafe criticizes Elvis for being part of his father's empire. It is as though she is being held captive by those dastardly DiMeras. Sami does not know what she can do. Rafe clarifies. They can take the DiMeras down by proving what they did to the mayor! Then Sami will be able to get
her life back. Sami gives him a kiss on the cheek. She believes in him but what if it takes forever? She now gets an idea. What if she adopts Grace and pretends she just found her at the convent? Rafe wonders if EJ would be suspicious. Sami gasps he will be busy and they can
do it together. Being away from her kids in witness protection was horrible "but now Im back." And the best part is ... They get close. Rafe steps back. There are some things he has to work out today.
Will slowly approaches. Rafe is introduced and is glad to meet him. Will makes a few comments. He wants to leave as three is a crowd. Rafe says he was just leaving and gently tells Sami not to worry.
Exit Rafe. Will does not buy it when Sami explains they are just friends. Sami nervously laughs Will is only 16. He sees she is attempting to change the subject. Sami insists they are friends.
"Co-conspirators," remarks Will. That intense goodbye said it all. Chloe told him Lucas had moved on. He now sees Sami has done
the same. Nevertheless, he is worried about Sami. He knows she is
up to something and it will probably go wrong. "Just like it always does!"
- Meanwhile, Rafe thinks of his convo with Sami and how she said "we" could do it together. He calls and passes on the New York job offer. He is gonna stay put in Salem.
- Back at the cabin, Chloe is leaving Lucas a voice mail to ask him
for another chance when he enters. That is just what he was thinking
- that she should give him another chance. They embrace and make up. Lucas agrees to marry her however and whenever and wherever she wishes. Chloe ends up smiling. Does he wish to talk about her desire to elope? Lucas thinks they have no need to talk. They kiss on it. He makes light of the situation. She says she loves him and will try
to be the best wife he deserves. Lucas is certain he made the right choice by reserving the jet for a trip to Vegas!
- Meanwhile, back at the Cheatin Heart, Kate finds Dan and announces she has heard from a reliable source that Chloe is having an affair with another man. "Tell me its not true," she whispers.
Dan suddenly looks uncomfortable and states it must be someone trying to make trouble. Kate insists her privileged source says she
saw Chloe and the man discussing their affair. That explains Chloe's reluctance which led to Lucas' drinking. She does not think Lucas knows the truth. Dan feels Kate should give Chloe her good will, given how she saved her life. Kate goes on. Her source did not say
the man's identity but the first name that popped into her mind was actually Dan's! He wonders why. Because she had noticed he was tense and irritable around Chloe, though no longer. The doc claims that was only cos they got used to each other. He asks Kate why she is acting like she wants it to be true. And what if Lucas heard her saying these things? He will not hear it from her, says she. Dan
thinks they should let Chloe and Lucas be. Kate, however, would have thought that a man like him would fight for her.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole watches EJ sleeping and thanks God for what she has. Her phone suddenly rings. She anxiously takes the call. "Yes? What do you want? Why are you calling me here?!"
- Back at the Cheatin Heart, Dan has had quite enough of Kate's cat and mouse game. "What the hell did you say to me?" Kate replies it was an interrogation technique, to see if it was true. Dan indignantly stands up. Kate will not back down. Is he or has he ever been involved with Chloe ...? Dan stares her down.

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Caller Phil sneers to Nicole "Say tata to your Eurotrash loverboy
cos I'm gonna tell him everything I know about your sleazy affair
with Brady!"
Kate continues to prod Daniel and wonders if he is actually admitting he had an affair with Chloe.
Lucas smiles and assures Chloe it will just be the two of them for
the rest of their lives!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


At the pub, Lucas is caught off guard by Chloe's request to elope.
How about Vegas, says she - tonight. He wonders what has gotten into her. They cannot elope. They told his mom ... Chloe does not care. They are what really matters. They can have a party with
family later. She adds she wishes to get the marriage part done now. Lucas is suspicious. Why, out of the blue, does she wish to elope?
- Also at the pub, Hope has a salad. Kate was paged so their lunch date is off. Dan spies Chloe and Lucas and asks to join Hope at her table. She agrees. They chat. She talks about being a cop and cannot see herself doing anything else. Dan thinks she should find a way to forgive herself. Hope perceives Dan is upset with himself about something.
Lucas now notices Chloe looking at Dan. She denies it and they
agree to head somewhere else, to continue their discussion in private.
Hope tells Dan she is thinking of doing some work for the Horton Foundation so she might see him around the hospital. Unfortunately, she feels there is no chance of her getting back on the force.
- As Sami walks by the pier, she talks on her cell phone to Sister Theresa. She missed Grace sitting up for the first time by herself and laments she will bring by a camcorder so she does not miss any more such precious moments. "Tell Grace I'll be there. I'll be there as soon as I can." Up walks Will, who asks who Grace is. Sami covers. She was talking about Rafe, who was her guard in witness protection.
Will makes a comment that Sami is hardly ever around. They sit. Sami explains she is sorry she has been preoccupied. Will, however, senses she feels something bad might happen. He would like to know if anything is going on. Sami says it is nothing. Will starts to walk off when Sami's cell rings.
- At DiMera mansion, Doc Baker drops by with news for Nicole,
who was just on her way out with Sydney. He announces the truth will set you free and that is what he intends to do for her. Nicole is doubtful. The doc insists on being heard. He is leaving town as he
had to shut down the clinic. He has an offer in Detroit and he has other offers a well. He just needs to figure out where exactly he
wants to be. Nicole wonders if he is trying to hit her up for money. Nope, but he wants something much more important. "An invitation
to your wedding," he teases. They exchange a few barbs. He grins
and tells her not to be a sore winner. After wishing little Sydney 
a great life, Doc Baker exits.
- At the police station, Bo has a vision of Hope and the mystery man again. Enter Roman, who wonders what is wrong. The damn budget, fibs Bo. Roman then heads back to meet with Rafe. He commends the former FBI agent on what he did for Sami. Rafe points out he is applying for this job on his own merits and it was not his idea to call the mayor, as Sami did. "What the hell did Sami do?" Roman quips. Rafe gets uneasy as he had assumed he already knew. Commander Roman informs him that there is a hiring freeze but the department has funds for long range criminal investigations. He suspects the DiMeras - specifically Stefano - is to blame for  the old mayor's assassination. Rafe says he would be highly motivated to partake in such an investigation!
Elsewhere at the station, Mayor Abe enters Commissioner Bo's
office and hands stressed out Bo a file. He opens it ...
- Later on at the pub, Abe approaches Hope and Dan. The mayor has news. He appealed to the review board and got her re-instated. Hope jumps up and thanks him with a hug. He smiles and says it was in the best interest of all, to have her back. Dan gives his hearty congrats and departs as Bo appears, smiling too. Abe gives Bo and Hope their privacy to celebrate. "Things are looking up," says Bo and kisses
Fancyface. Dan watches and wistfully remembers Chloe ...
Outside, Lucas states he feels Chloe is playing him.  She retorts maybe he does not want to get married at all and storms off. She
goes back to the cabin and remembers Dan. There is a noise at the door. "Daniel?" Enter Will, who wonders "What's up with you?"
He thinks she does not want him around. Chloe clarifies her upset demeanor. She had a fight with Lucas earlier. She hands Will his
cell. Chloe would like to tell him something about her spat with
Lucas, too. She blames herself for acting "like a jerk" and does not want Lucas to blame himself like he always does. How to avoid it? Will admits he does what she just did when that happens - he takes off. They both agree Lucas is too nice. Chloe says they had fought about eloping. Will suggests she call him. She tries and it goes to
voice mail. She does not think he is drinking, he is just mad. Will wishes there were something he could do to help. Chloe considers. There is!
- Back at the police station, Roman and Rafe talk about the assassin investigation as Rafe fills out his application. Rafe never heard any communication between the hitman and the one from whom he took his orders. Enter Sami, elated to see Rafe is there for a job. Roman goes off to get some coffee. Rafe notices something is wrong. She is sad that she missed seeing Grace sit up. Rafe gives her a brief hug. Roman returns with the coffee and witnesses their poignant moment. Bo and Hope now arrive and are all smiles. Roman informs them
Rafe is filling out an application. Hope will soon show him around the station. Meanwhile, Roman shows Bo Rafe's report. Roman states he is good but does not always play by the rules so they would have to keep an eye on him. "He is the kind of guy that can go too far." Bo nervously recalls his vision of Hope with the mystery man. Roman praises Rafe's work while Bo stares at him with Hope through the window. He does not want Rafe to work there! He exits his office. Rafe hands him the application. Bo shakes his hand and says it was nice meeting him. Exit Rafe. Hope likes him. Bo, however, is not
sure it will work out. Hope asks Bo how on earth he can be jealous
of someone he doesn't even know! He admits he had another vision. Hope is just relieved to be back on the force and she thinks Rafe is
as committed to law enforcement as her. Roman pops in for a moment, to let Bo know he put in a good word for Rafe with New York ...
- At the park, Nicole and baby carriage run into Lucas. He complains Chloe now wants to elope and then stormed off when he did not agree. Nicole is baffled but points out she is emotional. Lucas asks if she knows why. Nicole nervously excuses herself. Lucas takes a
peek at sleeping Syd and remarks she looks just like Aly. Nicole becomes annoyed. Lucas boasts Aly was a beautiful baby! Sami now approaches. Nicole is further annoyed and berates Sami for worrying her when all EJ was trying to do earlier was protect his son. Lucas calls Nicole on her bitchy attitude and walks off. Sami wonders if Nicole's talk with EJ succeeded and he will be leaving her alone anytime soon!
- Lucas later is at the bar and his cell starts to ring. He stares at the bottles of booze, tempted. Enter Dan, who reminds him of his previous alcohol poisoning. Lucas states he is there to think about Chloe. He opts for a coffee and tells Dan his troubles about Chloe wanting to elope. He needs to know why she wants to do it, that's
all. She is a great girl, however. Dan agrees. Lucas believes one thing is for certain. A relationship should not start without secrets. "Maybe
I can help you," states Dan. He came to know Chloe quite well when she was his patient. Lucas remembers. What did she say about him? "Mostly how much she loves you," replies Dan.  And he thinks Lucas is wrong to assume they should not have any secrets between them.
- Walking along, Rafe gets a call and an offer to join the prestigious anti-terrorist task force. Roman Brady vouched for him. He agrees
he can move to New York. "There is nothing keeping me here."
- Not too far away, Sami and Nicole continue their disagreement. Nicole insists EJ has no interest in her, he just does not want loose cannon Rafe around his son. So the ball is in her court. What is Sami supposed to do? She ought to live like a nun. Sami retorts that is not fair. Nicole gloats that life has its ups and downs and right now she is up, while Sami is down. Nicole waltzes off with Syd. Sami sighs.
Nicole returns to the mansion, happily telling Syd her wedding is
going to be perfect.
- Meanwhile, Rafe meets upset Sami, who gives him a hug. "I need you, I really really need you!" she cries.

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"My parents, they're supposed to be together," says Will to Chloe, who replies "They both moved on, it's not gonna happen."
Kate declares "I just want to tell him shes a conniving little slut
and mommy will not let you marry her!"
Sami informs Rafe "I can't calm down and I can't keep doing this."
Nicole answers her phone in bed. "What do you want? Why are you calling me here?"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


At the cabin, Chloe looks at her reflection in her white dress and imagines Dan the man! Enter Lucas. Chloe raises her voice for him
to get out as he is ruining everything! She covers herself with a blanket and exclaims he has seen her wedding dress. He notes she is not in the best mood. Chloe insists she is not usually superstitious. However, it is important to her that the wedding be perfect. Lucas is happy they have reconciled. She and the wedding mean a great deal
to him. They kiss. He gets his credit card and says he must go see Sami. Chloe frets. He points out that Will is in town as well. Chloe complains Sami will tell him not to marry her. Lucas retorts Sami no longer influences him at all. "I can't wait to call you my wife." They embrace. Chloe says no one will stop them from getting married.
- Along the pier, Kate approaches pensive Daniel. What a surprise!
He is taking a walk. She remarks walking on the pier clears the mind. She claims she had a horrible premonition - that someone had reason to stop Chloe and Lucas' wedding. Dan's interpretation? Mother of the groom jitters. Kate will not let go. "What if there is a reason to stop the wedding?" And why did Chloe already break things off with
Lucas once? Perhaps she got back with him out of guilt, but guilt about what? Dan suggests she let it go and focus on the positive.
Kate says if anyone knows something more, they should at least
have the guts to come forward and tell! Dan becomes uneasy and excuses himself. Kate now looks like the cat that just swallowed the canary ...
- Chez Bo and Hope, Chelsea and Steph walk in and they are alone. Steph wonders why Chels decided to move out. Chelsea fills her in
on Bo's Max reaction. They then talk Phillip Kiriakis. Steph has intense feelings over Phil and yet so many doubts. "I can really see myself with him for the rest of my life," she sighs. Chelsea notes she is in love. Steph talks about how she feels, ranging from disliking to wanting him etcetera etcetera etcetera ....
- At the Cheatin Heart, Maxman remembers kissing Chelsea, then leaves a message on her cell. Would she like to meet him at the now closed Cheatin Heart? He wants to see her. Knock knock knock.
Loverboy Max opens the door to "Beautiful," but it is Will, there to see him. They catch up. Will laments his mom is always zoned out. Max thinks it must have been the effect of being in the witness protection program. He brings up Will's little siblings. Will thinks they are great. So does Max, who cannot wait to be a father some day. Enter Chelsea, who overhears, frowns, and stalks off. Will hangs around to shoot some pool and then departs. Max wonders where Chelsea is. He admires a necklace he intends to give his beloved
when they meet again.
- At the pub, Sami is surprised to find Rafe. She is pleased he is back but appears a tad disappointed he did not call her. He pauses. She asks don't friends check in with each other? He replies that it is complicated. He should leave. They can talk later. Sami wants to
talk now. She does the math. The FBI has fired him. "Your career's over because of me!" He insists he made his own decisions. Sami starts to talk in a raspy voice. If they found out about Grace, could they file charges against him? Rafe gets close and whispers if he had to do it all over again, he would - in a heartbeat. How about food? Coffee? He goes to get them coffee. Sami quickly places a frantic, gasping call to Abe. He is her last hope. She gasps her wish for Abe
to get Rafe a job. Rafe takes the phone from her. "What the hell do you think youre doin?" He thinks she was nuts for calling the mayor and proceeds to talk to Abe. He thinks they should just forget Sami called, thanks Abe, and ends the call. Sami wants to fix things. Rafe would rather do things his own way. He will figure it out. How? By osmosis, she quips? He wonders why she is concerned. Sami stammers he is her friend and she does not want him to walk out of her life again. He promises that will not happen but he does need to
go somewhere now. "I'll call you soon." Exit Rafe as Lucas enters. Sami is sad. Lucas asks if she is okay and who was that? A friend. Lucas wonders if that was the famous FBI guy. He must have been there for her pregnancy too and must know how she lost the baby. Sami looks at Lucas in dismay. How does he always manage to get her more upset! He is sorry he was insensitive. Sami does not wish to discuss her baby. He understands. Rafe is a great guy, she says, but how is it that Lucas will still marry that lying ghoul girl. It is not good for him or their kids. She is speaking the truth, says she. He says he
is done and does not want to hear anymore. Sami is done too and storms out.
- At the hospital chapel, Dan slowly saunters in to talk to the big guy upstairs. He loves Chloe, who has decided to wed another. He has forced himself to respect her wishes. However, he has just been reminded that Chloe's love for Lucas is a lie, for it is no more than guilt. He had scoffed at her sign from God and yet here he is. "A wreck." Perhaps he is looking for a sign himself. Enter Chloe, who stares at his back. She flashes back to the deal she made with God and departs. Dan senses something and turns around. No one there.
Chloe walks thru the hospital hall, telling herself that she cannot do this anymore. Cue Kate, who slithers up and asks if anything is the matter. Chloe says she just had her check up and is well. Kate brings up her own check up and praises nervous Chloe for giving her life. When will they pick out her wedding dress? Chloe says she decided
to keep the one she bought. Kate pretends to be disappointed and adds they will soon have much quality time together. Chloe smiles
and excuses herself. Kate wickedly considers. They certainly will be spending much time together. "I've just gotten started with you and Daniel ..." she leers.
- Back at the chapel, Chelsea runs into Dan. She is there to collect
her thoughts. She admits she was hit with something she thought was over. Maybe he can help her fix it? He is a brilliant doctor and she would like him to listen. The damage she suffered post-surgery which prevents her from being able to have children - she was hoping there was something he could do to help her change that. Dan sadly shakes his head. He would do anything for her but there is no one, nothing that can be done. Chelsea understands. "I just need to accept reality." He is sorry. She cries she does not want to accept reality and rushes off. Dan later prays that he cannot help Chelsea, but perhaps he can help Chloe. He lights a candle and decides he must let her keep the promise she made to God.
- Down at the pier, Chloe walks and thinks about the wedding as waves calmly lap up against the dock. All of a sudden she gets an
idea and takes off ...
- Back at the Cheatin Heart, Chelsea approaches a worried Max. She is sorry she did not call. He perceives she is upset and hands her the necklace box. "I can't," she sniffs. "We have to end this before it
goes too far." He is stunned. He had thought they were happy. Chelsea laments there is more to a relationship than the physical. He points out they have friendship. Chelsea sniffs she does not wish to deprive him of something he wants. He is a great person and she
loves him, which is precisely why she must do this. Exit Chels.
- At the park, Sami laments she might have screwed things up again. She does not realize that at that very moment, Rafe has just entered the police station. He is there to see Roman Brady, in hopes of
landing a job with the Salem P.D.
- At the hospital, Dan runs into Kate, who hopes she did not sound too crazy with worry this morning. No prob, says he, though she has no reason to worry. He now firmly believes that Chloe and Lucas
will have a good life together.
- Meanwhile, Chloe enters the pub and gives Lucas a big kiss. "I have an amazing idea. Let's elope. Tonight. Right now!"

Next on Days of Our Lives

"You just seem that way," Will tells Sami, who asks "What way?" "Like you think something bad is gonna happen."
"I just want to be married to you as soon as possible," Chloe informs Lucas, who informs her that he is not buying it!
Nicole snaps at Doc Baker "What the hell are you doing here?" The doc grins. "Well, you know what they say. The truth will set you free." Pause. "That's what I'm gonna do for you."

Monday, March 9, 2009


Outside, Mel laments by a bench. Brady appears and asks what
Phil has done now. Mel gets weepy, then starts to leave and drops
her purse. Brady tries to help and gives her her phone. She cries no one would call her anyway! Brady gives her a reassuring hug as she cries some more, then thanx him. Brady suggests they talk. Melanie wonders who he is so nice to her. Brady points out she brought them the fuels project. Mel complains Phil thinks differently and she pretty much has nothing now! Brady stops her from driving in her upset state. He knows a place where she can work off all that crazy anger.
- At Titan, Steph thinks she lost everything. Phil looks intense. Odd. The file opened, loaded, and vanished. Ring ring. Phil answers the office phone. "How is that possible?" Bad news. The problem is on
all servers. Titan's database has been wiped clean! Steph snaps how could that happen? Phil remembers his convo with EJ. "I have a
damn good idea!" IT guy soon puts back the internet and start up
page but a worm has entered the system and wiped out all the data.
It will take time to recover all files. Phil now angrily departs, "to deal with a worm!"
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole repeats what the hell does it matter to
EJ who Sami kisses. He heard they met, says he with disinterest. Nicole goes on. She has heard of his Rafe jealousy. Perhaps she should keep him on a leash? Elvis stands up and grabs her in a passionate kiss. "My only interest is in you!" He adds they need to
get past this jealousy thing. She has his heart. Nicole admits Sami pushed her buttons. EJ states he only cares about Sami's bodyguard being a pro. He points out the guy who hired the assassin has not
been found, so Sami's safety and therefore Johnny's could still be
at risk. They sit down and talk honeymoon. And does she have a wedding dress? Yes and she asks for a down payment. Elvis wonders what she did with the down payment he already gave her.
Meanwhile, Stefano orders his thug to get answers from the convent about the reason for Nicole's visit -  by tonight! Moments later, Roman calls Stefano and demands he come down to the station to answer some new questions about the mayor's murder. They are looking for the man who hired the assassin. Stefano ends the call by bellowing he will only come in once they have a subpoena! He then quickly places a call to someone, with instructions. He wants their man in St. Louis to remove all traces of him being linked to the assassin and threatens the man at the other end that if he has not
done so within a week, then he too will be added to the list!
- At the convent, Sami rushes in, gasping, and yelling at Sister
Theresa to update her on that woman. "Tell me, what the hell was
she doing holding my daughter!" The nun first corrects her on her language. The sis explains the woman came to see her, not the baby. Sami walks to the crib, still a bundle of nerves. Where is Grace now? Sister Gabrielle has taken her for a little ride around the convent grounds. Sami does not like her being passed around and gasps who was that woman with her earlier, though. The nun says she stated
her name was Mary, if indeed it was. The nun tries to calm Sami.
She gasps the DiMeras could find out anything and gasps some more about what they could do if they found out what she was hiding from them. Also, poor Rafe might get in trouble if the FBI finds out how
he helped her hide Grace, not to mention once again what the DiMeras would do. Eventually Grace is brought back and Sami
fawns over her as the nun watches. Sami mentions she also held another beautiful baby and admits when she was holding her, she became emotional. She calls the girl's mother a witch. She later informs the nun that nothing has been worked out yet. Sis Theresa alludes to the fact that coming to the convent was a risk. Sami understands.
- At DiMera mansion, Phil arrives. He is there to see EJ, who is busy handing Nicole yet another fat check. Stefano lets him enter. Phil approaches EJ and Nicole, toys with a figure on the chess board, and complains about the worm. EJ calls it a baseless accusation and now wants him to apologize or face the consequences. Stefano smokes a cigar and listens. Phil warns he does not play word games, he is all about actions! EJ orders him to leave. Sydney cries so Nicole heads upstairs to check on her. EJ tells Phil he is a DiMera and Phil is out
of his league. He then orders him to leave. Phil stand firm and tells him to go to hell.
Upstairs, Nicole holds Sydney and hopes Phil does not tell EJ that he thinks she is having a fling with Brady. She then talks to Sydney
about her deception and how lucky S is not to live with Sami.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Brady and slurring Mel walk in. She is underage and cannot drink. Brady has a better idea. They play darts. Mel is cheered up. Brady's cell rings. Tis Nicole, urgently stating she needs his immediate help in a life or death matter! What now? She fills him in on Phil's visit and how he came storming in. What if he tells EJ their secret? She needs Brady to find out what is up at Titan so she will know if she has something to worry about. Brady calls Titan to check in as Mel imagines Phil and EJ are her targets on the dart board. Brady now bears bad news for Miss Mel. According to
IT, a virus has gotten in and destroyed all their data. The specs on
the project are also gone. EJ does not want it and now they no longer have it. "Your project is gone," he finishes. Brady gets Mel a diet soda. Mel unhappily says this was all she had left of her dad and also Nick. Brady realizes she cares regardless of the paycheck. He is of
the opinion that she does not get enough credit for who she really is. Brady must now head for Titan ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Phil warns EJ that this time, the DiMeras have crossed the line. Industrial espionage and corporate crime will land pretty boy in prison. Exit Phil. Stefano puts out his cigar and starts to applaud. "Bravo Elvis! Very well done!"
- At the pub, Sami meets Roman. He goes first. He is concerned she is living alone with the babies. The man who hired the hitman is not dead and he believes the culprit is one Stefano DiMera. Sami acts surprised. Roman advises her not to trust Stefano or EJ. Sami adds Will is home and he will be there with her and the twins. Roman points out Will is only 16. Sami now talks Rafe. "I need a really big favor." She boasts of all Rafe's accomplishments. Roman says he would get a medal in his book. Sami asks him to put in a word for
him at the ISA. Roman explains the ISA has restructured since homeland security came into existence. He remarks Rafe is up for review with the FBI and could in fact be cut. Sami asks if he could
get him a job with the Salem P.D., if that should happen. Roman
does not think there is much he could do but he tells Sami that if things go well for him, Rafe will likely move on with a new FBI case, just as she should move on. Sami agrees. Roman asks what her plan is. Sami remembers Rafe and admits her plan is still up in the air at present ...
- Back at Titan. Phil discusses the worm with Steph and the IT department. Things do not look promising. Phil says he will fix this. Steph wonders how. Phil explodes. He is going to kill EJ DiMera,
says he!
- Still at DiMera mansion, Nicole walks in to hear Stefano and Elvis laughing about Phil"s threats. Why was he so upset? What was it? "Nothing important," says EJ. Stefano now alludes to the fact that maid Mary is doing an excellent job with baby Syd so Nicole can come and go as she wishes. Stefano notes again that Sydney looks amazingly like Giovanni! Later, Stefano and Elvis are alone and
share a toast. The phoenix brings up Nicole's stress and her little meeting with Samantha. What might Samantha have said to upset
her? Elvis says the witness protection fiasco turned her life upside down. Ominous music is heard. Elvis speaks of his own happiness, which he will not allow Sami to ruin. The phoenix considers.
Upstairs, Nicole attends to Sydney. She misses Grace, too, and
cannot believe that Sami would tell people she was dead and leave
her at a convent, of all places. Nicole suddenly decides to find out what Sami that b*tch is up to so she can find a way to take care of both her girls!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Sami whispers to Rafe "You could be in more trouble, couldn't you."
Rafe replies "If I had to do it all over again, I would."
Kate turns to face Dan. "Someone had reason to stop Chloe and Lucas' wedding."
"No one is going to stop me from marrying you," Chloe assures Lucas. "No one."
"We have to end this," Chelsea tells a stunned Max.
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