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Friday, March 6, 2009
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At Titan, slick Phil is seated at his computer. Enter Steph, who has been summoned. She shuts the door. "Is something wrong?" "Not anymore," murmurs Phil the boss, who promptly kisses her. Steph kisses him right back. She then gets sarcastic. He insists they have a connection. She admits he is handsome and all that but there are no more second chances. She doesn't wanna be his fool. "Maybe that's why I can't get you out of my head," he sighs. Will she steer him in the right direction?
- Outside, Brady sees Chloe staring at Daniel. What is wrong? He
does the math and asks if she needs someone to talk to like Dan did earlier! She plays innocent. Dan walks up, tells Brady they have to
do it again sometime, acknowledges Chloe, and leaves. Brady says something is eating at the doc, just like her. He suspects the wedding plans have her crazy. Not sure she picked the right guy? Chloe asks why he is doing this. Because he would like her to be happy. He alludes to the fact that he is a good listener and invites her for lunch
to talk. Chloe, however, must meet Kate, but thanks him anyway.
He tells her it is a standing invitation. Chloe is grateful.
- At DiMera mansion, Mel shows up at EJ's door, wanting money. Elvis refuses to hand her another dime. She points out she has a contract. EJ reminds her that if he does not follow thru with the project, as he has now decided, she is to return the cash to him. Mel retorts it is gone. He warned her she was playing in the big leagues. He also warns her that she dared to stab the likes of Phillip Kiriakis
in the back. And she will learn thru experience when this whole thing blows up in her face, at which time she will realize she is in fact not
as smart as she thought. He arrogantly shuts the door. Mel vows it is not over and storms off.
- At the pub, mad Nicole barges back inside and glares at Sami.
"Give me my baby - now." Sami hands the sleeping baby back and says she is beautiful. Nicole is annoyed. She does not feel Sami is to be trusted and puts Sydney in her carriage. Sami thinks the time has come for them to have a little talk. Nicole disagrees but changes her mind when Sami brings up EJ.
Outside, suited Stefano opens the door to elegant Kate. He would
love to treat her to lunch but she has a lunch date with Chloe. In the meantime, Stefano and Kate sit at a table, and he wonders what on earth is going on at the table where Sami and Nicole have settled. Stefano also senses Kate's reluctance to spend time with her future daughter-in-law. Kate cruelly retorts she is like a bug that needs to be squashed. Stefano chuckles she sounds more like the Kate he used
to know. And what has Chloe done to incur her wrath? Kate will not elaborate, though she does share that she will regret it for the rest of her life! Stefano eventually takes his leave, promising that he will discover what Sami and Nicole are so intently talking about at their table ...
At said table, Sami explains they all need to respect each other's privacy. Nicole is annoyed she held her baby. Sami brushes that
aside and states she has her own problems. She does not want EJ in her life any more than Nicole does, as a matter of fact! He went to
talk to Roman about her ex-bodyguard. Nicole considers. It must
have been out of concern about Johnny. Sami insists it was about
her. She thinks she and Nicole must find a way to get along. EJ is a DiMera and must believe he still owns Sami in a way. Maybe stuff will work out between Nicole and EJ but she would not get close to him ever again. Nicole notes she is scared. Sami wants Nicole to explain to EJ that he has to stop obsessing over her or Johnny or he will lose N. Sami gasps she wants to change his behavior. Nicole claims she does not care. Sami hesitates, then clarifies. EJ saw her
and Rafe kiss and went ballistic. Perhaps he does not want her to
kiss anyone else, as what she and EJ had, on EJ's part at least, is
still there. Nicole gets mad. Sami warns she is a formidable opponent. Vice versa says Nicole and she stands up to leave.
- At Kate's table, Chloe sits down and hopes Kate is not mad at her over Lucas' drinking. Viper Kate says she is pleased Chloe is sooo honest. Chloe whips out her camera and show her a pic of her wedding dress. Kate's face falls. She had thought she would wait before planning the wedding. Chloe explains she was with Nicole
and got carried away. Kate replies she seems to get carried away a great deal. Must be the artist in her. And what a surprise to find a young person so committed to monogamy! Enter Dan. Kate does
not waste a moment and summons him to their table, asking his opinion on Chloe's wedding dress. It looks fine to him. Have they
set a date? Not yet. Dan uncomfortably excuses himself and heads
for the bar. Kate states Dan is hiding his true feelings and she knows what is going on. Chloe cringes. Kate continues. She saw the way Chloe was looking at him! Chloe looks ready to jump out of her skin. Kate laughs and innocently says they both know that Dan did not
like that dress! She thinks Dan and Chloe are alike in the way they cannot hide their honesty. She brings up the difficult period Chloe
had before breaking up with Lucas. Kate smiles she sometimes crosses boundaries, especially for family, hence her interest in discussing Chloe. As for the dress, she thinks they could find a more flattering one. She then suddenly brings up that Daniel is a wild man
in the bedroom. Chloe coughs. Too much information!
- At Titan, Mel storms in and demands Phil talk to her now! Phil and Steph look at her. Phil threatens to call security. Mel quips EJ has dropped the project so they can forge ahead. Phil agrees. HE can forge ahead, not them, as she is officially out of the picture. Mel insists Nick gave the project to her. Phil retorts he has 7 lawyers. Either she can leave or he will have security remove her. She realizes Phil was the one who made EJ back down. Phil repeats it is in her best interest to scram. Mel departs. Steph is not impressed. She
brings up their different fathers. Hers would never kick someone to the curb despite his tough exterior. But Phil has his dad's Kiriakis genes and is too cutthroat. He tries to explain it is just biz but righteous Stephanie thinks she is right and Phil was too mean. She cannot stand to watch the way he lives. Phil changes the subject
and hands her some IT info he needs looked after, as his tech guy is away. And how about dinner tonight? Steph sits down at the computer, becoming serious. "Something is not right."
- Back at DiMera mansion, Stefano approaches just as EJ is on the phone finishing up a deal to acquire cheap shares. He feels they
could have obtained them at a lower price but Stefano does not wish to discuss the market. He just saw Nicole having a cozy luncheon
with Samantha. "What do you think that is all about?" EJ goes back
to his work. The phoenix is dismayed that he is not concerned. EJ thinks maybe they are finding common ground for the sake of the children. Stefano laughs that his son trusts them both and recalls hearing of Nicole's unusual visit to the convent. Elvis asks if he is aware of something he does not know. Stefano changes his train of thought and now wonders if Phil and Vic of Titan know they are about to be blown out of the water. All is proceeding according to plan. Stefano commends Elvis on a job well done and exits. Enter Nicole, who confronts the prodigal son. "What the hell does it matter to you who Sami kisses these days!" The phoenix, who was lurking
in the hall, has overheard, and promptly places a call to his thug. He wants him to find out precisely why Nicole went to that convent!
- At the Cheatin Heart, Mel tells big bro Max her tale of woe. Max reassures her. So she had a bad day. He implies she should not be surprised by what happened. Her problems are self-inflicted. Besides, maybe all that power those two guys were born into is not as great as it seems. Mel feels lousy. Max says he is sorry. Mel opens the door and sees Brady, who pleasantly asks how she is. "Ask Phillip,” she says glumly." Brady appears concerned and follows her out.
- Back at Titan, Stephanie and Phillip watch the computer monitor. Something is terribly wrong!
- Sami is outside the pub now and places a call to Sister Theresa.
The nun promises the others are keeping Grace's identity a secret. Everyone loves sweet little Grace, even this young woman who stopped by the other day. Grace was so calm when she picked her
up ... Sami panics. What woman?! Who was she?!

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Titan's entire database was wiped clean.
How could that happen?
I have a damn good idea.

Mel smiles at Brady. "Can we tie Phillip to those chairs and break those bottles over his head?" "I thought we could do the next best thing," replies Brady.

"Where's my baby? Where's Grace?" Sami nervously asks the nun
at the convent.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


At Brady house, Bo has a nightmare of Hope touching another man
in bed. He wakes up with a start. Hope is concerned and senses what that vision was about. "Me with another man." Bo does not know what to do about it. Hope says it cannot go on. Bo is beside himself. He has no control over the visions. Hope insists his psyche is deceiving him. It must be guilt over what happened to Kayla. She would never be unfaithful to him, though. Bo sighs. He was unable
to protect Theo, then Kay, what if he cannot protect Hope? She is dismayed he believes it will really happen. He points out she used to think he should believe the visions. She feels this time is different.
Her temporary absence must have made him question her loyalty.
She decides these things are only thoughts, not visions. For no one will ever come between them. "That is never going to happen!"
They embrace.
- In Chelsea's room, Chels wakes up with shirtless Max at her side, though nothing happened. She had not been sure but now has
changed her mind. They kiss and make out. Chelsea talks about their relationship (for the millionth time!) and is optimistic things will be different. He thinks so too and teases she used to be a wild thing. Chelsea admits she used to be obsessed with him. He grins. She asks why he chose her back then. He heaps on the compliments and adds she was fun, spontaneous, smart. They continue making out. Max sees the time. It is late so he must leave. But first a kiss goodbye.
He will call her later, gets dressed, and goes downstairs, only to run into Bo, who gives him the evil eye! Bathrobe clad Chelsea rushes downstairs to hand Max his wallet. Papa Bo watches. Chelsea
realizes he is there and stammers a happy good morning. Bo gets
stern as Hope comes downstairs. Chelsea is happy Bo and Hope
have reconciled. Bo now demands to know what Max was doing
there last night. He is one mad papa and he wants answers. Did he spend the night in his daughter’s bed? Yes, replies Max. Bo tells him "Get out!" Mad Max departs. Chelsea sulks and runs upstairs. "How could you do this to me?" Bo indignantly tells Hope he was right, since their home is not a motel for men to visit. "At least it wasn't some long haired biker," Hope teases, referring to her past with him. Bo now sees he light. Hope heads out to deal with Max. Bo, the former long haired biker, goes upstairs to apologize to daughter Chelsea. He is sorry he overreacted. Chelsea is still miffed.
- Hope has followed Max to the Cheatin Heart and explains Bo is sorry. Can he forgive him? Sure. Hope hopes Chelsea will be as forgiving.
- Back at Brady house, Bo promises Chelsea he will also apologize
to Max. They hug and share a cute father/daughter moment. However, Chelsea has decided to move out in order to spread her wings, make her own mistakes. Bo respects her wish to live her own life. She heads out with her suitcase, to stay with pal Steph for a little while. Alone, Bo sits down, only to have another vision of Hope in bed with the mystery man, her wedding ring on the floor! He
grapples with who the heck the guy might be ...
- At the park, Brady the jogger comes across Dan, who admits he
got drunk last night. With who, Brady wonders. He heard he broke
up with Kate. Dan says there is someone else and thinks of Chloe. "It's not over," he says mysteriously. "It'll never be over." Brady is perplexed. Without saying the name, Dan alludes to the fact that the woman he loves is about to marry a man she does not truly love. Brady can relate. He knows what it is like to love a woman you cannot have!
- At a bridal salon, Chloe and Nicole try on bridal outfits. Nicole
gloats she is beautiful, tall, slim, witty, and charming. Everything that Sami is not! Chloe wonders why she feels so threatened by Sami. Nicole remembers the baby switch and also overhearing Sami talk about her baby. She then comes back to reality and pretends she only cares about the fact that Sami and EJ share a child and she fears she has a crush on him. Chloe later tries on a slinky white dress. Nicole and the sales lady love it, but Chloe does not. She wants everything
to be ever so perfect for Lucas at their wedding. Nicole wonders if
she is trying to convince herself. Chloe states her love for Lucas is
real and true. Nicole quips her guilt for him is real and true! She
brings up Dan. But Chloe insists her marrying Lucas "is the right
thing to do." Nicole looks very doubtful.
- At the police station, hurricane EJ storms in and tells Roman that Sami's protector has crossed the line, professionally and personally. Sami is close behind him. "No, EJ, that would be you." What is his problem anyway? EJ wishes to file a complaint and gets uppity.
Sami still wants to know his problem with Rafe. EJ claims they are having a relationship! Sami defends Rafe for risking his life and
career for her. Roman asks Sami if there is a reason for her visit.
Sami wants Roman to put in a good word for pal Rafe with his superiors. Roman gets a call and must leave the room. They will discuss later. Sami now asks EJ what he has against Rafe. EJ acts righteous about his personal involvement with her. Sami suddenly understands. "You saw us kiss, didn't you?" Sami is exasperated
that he spied on her.  Elvis states he is trying to protect her. "How much do you know about this guy?" Sami wants him to butt out.
EJ bitterly retorts he is sure all that really matters to her is that she is madly in love with the fellow! Sami tells off Elvis and continues to defend Rafe. Elvis claims he only cares who she hooks up with because of Johnny. Sami admits what affects her does affect Johnny and then admits she kissed Rafe as she indeed has feelings for him.
EJ looks unhappy. He calls her taste questionable. Sami disagrees. Voices are raised. Sami refuses to let Elvis belittle her great guy. EJ wants to know if she plans to have a relationship with him. He patronizes her and rudely says if she wants something, she is like a dog with a bone. Elvis then asks her to tell Roman their meeting is no longer urgent, excuses himself, and departs.
- At the pub, Nicole and Chloe get a table. Chloe has coffee as she will later do lunch with Kate. Nicole orders salad and tea. They talk about Kate. Chloe will show her some pics they took of her dress. Nicole wonders if she will be bothered she was not invited to help
pick out the dress. Chloe is optimistic.
- When EJ returns home to the mansion, Roman gives him a call and informs him the topic of Rafe Hernandez is off limits. EJ asks if he is going back to his job in Washington. Roman admits he had planned
to talk to Washington to try and pull some strings for him. EJ appears relieved and ends the call. The jealous DiMera now flashes back to Rafe and Sami kissing. "Of course, the sooner he gets back to Washington, the betta!"
- Outside, Dan and Brady jog together ... Later, Dan is on his own and runs into Hope, who asks if he is okay. He says he is. Hope smiles. He is a terrific doctor but a really bad liar. He does not wish
to discuss much, however. Hope teases that Salem Style magazine
has listed him as one of Salem's most eligible bachelors. He replies
he is not eligible. She says she cares about his well being as he took such good care of Bo and flounces off .. .
- Still at the pub, Chloe gets a call from the bridal salon. She left her credit card there and must now rush off to get it. She leaves Nicole and Sydney and heads outside. Walking along, Chloe spies Dan alone and starts to approach, but Brady appears and asks where she is going. Chloe stares at Dan, whose back is turned. Brady glances at where Chloe's wide eyes have come to rest and realizes who her attention is focused on ...
- Still at the pub are Nicole and baby.  Michelle the waitress wants to hold baby Syd. Nicole obliges, then goes outside to make a cell call where there is better reception. Enter Sami, who now observes the waitress with the baby. Sami approaches and tenderly takes the baby in her arms. "Hi princess." Nicole looks through the window and her face falls!

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1."Yes, you're handsome, yes you're a great kisser, but I would be
a total idiot to ever trust you again," Steph announces to Phil.
2. Mel tells EJ. "Give me my money and I'll be out of your hair."  "Melanie," says he, "you're not getting another dime out of me!"
3. “None of us may want to admit it but what EJ and I had, it's still there," Sami taunts her nemesis Nicole.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


At the Cheatin Heart, Max and Chelsea are all alone and marvel
that is a good thing. They kiss again. He must presently step to the back for a sec. Would she like a drink? Chelsea says champagne, to celebrate Kate's good health, then changes her mind to ginger ale. They soon toast and talk. Max brings up the brightness of Chelsea's eyes ...
- At Bo and Hope's place, Bo is walking and drinking his coffee
when he has that vision of Hope smiling in bed with another dude! Hope asks what he was thinking. Bo blinks and drinks his coffee. They discuss how their recent separation hurt. "Like we never grew up," says Bo. Hope believes they should stay young and in love forever. Bo hopes she will never leave him like that again. She now senses something. "What is wrong?" Bo tells it like it is. "I had
another vision." He gets tense. And she was in bed making love to another man! Hope now looks tense, too! She becomes agitated
about these abnormal visions Bo is having. This latest one was disgusting. He feels he had to tell her so it would not come to pass! Hope gives him a confused look. This stuff makes no sense. She teases she will not invite strange men to the bedroom. "Thanks for
the tip." She then sees Bo is stressed about this. He asks her if she came home because she really wanted to or was it just for Ciara. Hope says he is the only man she loves or wants. They get romantic.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole talks to Sydney about her perfect life and the nasty woman who gave birth to her. Enter Stefano. "What
did you just say!" And he wants an answer. Nicole makes a snide remark about the lack of privacy. Stefano waits. Nicole snaps EJ
went to see Sami, the baby cried and she got angry. She slammed
the door, it startled the baby, and she feels awful about it. Stefano wonders if he can help. He explains Samantha and Elvis share a
child and Nicole should not become a shrieking, nagging shrew about it. Nicole plays the maybe I should move out card. Stefano patiently goes on. Nicole trashes Sami. The phoenix becomes suspicious about why Nicole is so afraid of losing Elvis to her. Nicole covers up. Stefano tells her to calm down and walks out to have Mary prepare her a soothing cup of tea. Alone, Nicole decides she is going to get
the goods on Sami and find out why she pretended to Lucas her
baby was dead! She later puts her coat on. Stefano returns, and he
is suspicious. Where is she going? Nicole states she simply needs to get out for a while.
- At Sami's place, cool Rafe and Sami smile and reconnect. EJ stares in irritation. Sami is so glad he is well. She mentions Hilda. EJ steps forward and introduces himself. Rafe grins back. Sami tells him Rafe is the FBI agent who was assigned to her. "So your Johnny's dad, right," Rafe chuckles, adding that Sami really does a perfect imitation of him. He also heard about the family, how he operates. Sami gets uncomfortable and clears her throat as a cue for Rafe to stop. EJ straightens himself and forces a slight smile. Rafe and Sami tease
each other. EJ appears to feel like a fifth wheel. Sami points out
Rafe was the one who got the laughing penguins for her. She goes to fetch the twins. While she is out of the room, Rafe says it was tough for her to be away from the kids. He alludes to custody battles, as he has heard much from the woman he used to protect. "But you have moved on," Rafe finishes. EJ reminds him he is no longer on the job. Rafe gets sarcastic about the fact that EJ is not with his new lady
and baby at present. Where are they? "None of your damn business," retorts EJ. Sami later brings the twins out and Rafe enjoys their company. EJ takes them off to bed after she tells him they will also
be seeing big bro Will tomorow. Rafe perceives EJ is a good father. Sami refers to Stefano as the problem. Rafe hands her a picture of Grace. Sami is delighted to have the pic and to hear he spent time
with her. However, Rafe feels it is not right that she is not with her. Sami nervously points out she can ever let Stefano find out she had
a baby. She gets a bit weepy and gasps that all her kids need her.
She laments EJ does not see Nicole for who she is and it could be
bad for Johnny. Rafe is displeased he cannot help. Sami says his assignment is now finished anyway, she is sorry to burden him with her problems. They remember how it was when they were first together. EJ now lurks and listens. Rafe says he wants to continue protecting her. They hug. Rafe informs her he must depart for D.C. EJ breaks up the moment by telling Samantha that the twins have requested a good night kiss and glass of water from their mother. Earth mother Sami heads off to oblige the cute tots. EJ now wants Rafe to leave. Rafe, however, wants EJ to leave and makes a snide remark about his fiancee being home alone!
- At the park, Max and Chelsea settle on a bench, surrounded by the signs of spring. Chelsea points at a crocus peeping through the snow. Max thinks she is like the crocus - tough and pretty. Chelsea says sometimes spring comes after all. Max talks baseball and spring training. They giggle and kiss and kiss. Chelsea suddenly admits she fears they might be a mistake. Max clarifies. This is a date. Chelsea calls dates arbitrary. What if things do not work out? She could not stand to lose him as a friend. He means much to her. Max insists
they will work out. She realizes he wants her to trust in him. She does, but is not sure she trusts herself. Max suggests they grab a bite to eat. Chelsea assumes he thinks they are making a mistake. He just does not want to push. They decide to talk as friends. He would do anything to make her happy. They now talk as daters. She loves his eyes, too! They long kiss.
- At the convent, Nicole shows up at Sister Theresa's office, pretending to be Mary again. She states she gave her baby up and continues to dupe the nun. She hears a noise. Tis a baby sleeping in the office! Nicole picks Grace up when the sis leaves to fetch her bottle. She wonders why Sami pretended she died. Nicole is pleased Grace is well and laments that she had to give her to Sami. "Wait a minute," she says suddenly. "Maybe it doesn’t have t be this way."
- Back at Sami's place, EJ and Rafe continue to disagree. Rafe recounts the night EJ called to tell her he had a new romance. Junior replies as they share a son, he will always be somewhat protective of her. "Protective or possessive?" asks Rafe. His phone rings so he steps aside to take the call. Sami berates EJ for giving her guest a
hard time. Rafe steps back with news. He must leave tonight. Sami complains she will miss him and walks out with him. She would like Rafe to come back to her as soon as he can.
- At Brady house, Bo and Hope head upstairs. Moments later, Chelsea walks in with Max. "That was a great date." He agrees.
They should do it again soon. They say goodnight with a kiss.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano's henchman - who evidently tailed Nicole - has news. "The blonde, she went to a convent on the south side. The convent of the Holy Cross." The phoenix strokes his beard and considers.
- Back at Sami's place, Rafe promises Sami he will be careful and gives her a romantic kiss in the hallway as EJ angrily spies on them from the doorway ...

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Chelsea is in bed with Max. "Last night I was unsure," she smiles
and gives him a kiss.
"No one is ever going to get between us," Hope tells Bo. "That is never going to happen."
"I'm everything Sami Brady is not," says Nicole, wearing a white dress, Chloe at her side.
"You crossed the line," Elvis says at the police station as Sami approaches. "No, actually, EJ, that would be you!"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Dan saunters thru the park, sadly remembering his beloved Chloe. Their kiss goodbye. "To hell with it," he sighs, walking to a lesser destination. He heads for the bar to drown his sorrows.
- At the hospital, Lucas thinks Will is out of line. Will apologizes. Chloe says in a way Will was right and she hopes Lucas can forgive her. Will exits to grab something to eat. Alone with Lucas, Chloe wants to talk. Lucas declares he has something to say. He and he alone is to blame for his drinking. He thinks she wanted to back out
of the wedding cos he took her for granted. She says he did nothing wrong. "I want another chance," finishes Lucas. She wants another chance, too. They officially get back together. Chloe swears they
will be happy. They kiss on it. She wishes they could just pretend
the last month never happened. Lucas, however, believes they need better communication in the future. She must tell him what she feels in the future, even if it might hurt him. "You can tell me anything,"
he says earnestly.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Dan orders a double scotch. Max is out back doing inventory. Enter Chelsea, who notes Dan is drinking alone.
The disheveled, downtrodden doc warns he is bad company tonight. Chelsea has a seat and she is not leaving until he tells her what is wrong. Max happens by and watches them sitting together, clearly
not pleased. Max shows Chelsea a text message. "Dump him!" Chelsea says that is juvenile. The doc walks off to make a phone
call. Max suggests Chels stay away from Dan. He is a ticking time bomb! Meanwhile, Dan tries unsuccessfully to reach Chloe - again.  Dan returns. Chelsea approaches. Max is behind the bar. Chelsea presses. What is bothering him? Nothing. Then who did he just
call? She wonders if he is upset cos of Kate. Dan tells her the good news about Kate's remission. Chelsea is overjoyed and gives him a hug. Max looks jealous and saunters over. Chelsea tells him the great news and adds they owe Chloe so much. Max is glad. He returns to the bar. Chelsea sits back down but  perceives that Dan still looks
like he has lost his best friend. He admits he is wondering what kind of man he is. He knows he hurt her in the past and asks her a favor. She should go celebrate Kate's good news with Max, whom she obviously cares about. Chelsea agrees, if that is his last drink. Dan then assures her he will not drive, he is walking. Exit the drunk doc. Chelsea joins Max. She promised Dan she would have fun with Max tonight. Maxman will soon be off duty. They kiss. She has something in mind. Dan glances back thru the window and imagines Chloe and Lucas kissing. He tells himself that Chloe did the right thing.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole asks maid Mary where on earth EJ is.
At Marlena's house. Nicole complains to Syd that he has gone to see that Sami!
- Chez Sami, Elvis repeats his comment about marrying her instead. Sami gets a tad sarcastic. EJ calls her jealous, "because Nicole has
me and you don't." She thinks he is arrogant. He thinks his personal matters are not her business. Sami then talks about his children with her. He wonders about that plural. Sami covers that she thinks of him and Lucas as sorta co-fathers of the twins. He thinks Sami should not start any kind of conflict ... Ring ring. Elvis takes the call. Tis dahling Nicole. Sami looks annoyed. Nicole sounds annoyed. So, he left to talk to Sami? Meanwhile Sami makes a joke about him breaking curfew. EJ tells her to stuff it. Nicole wishes he had told her he was leaving the house, gets curt, and hangs up. Sami makes another comment. EJ thinks she should treat someone who has just had a baby with more patience and sympathy. Sami starts to tear up. Elvis senses something happened while she was away. And why does she fall apart every time he mentions Nicole and the baby? Sami would like to change the subject and claims she is worried about his daughta being raised at DiMera mansion by the likes of Nicole. He advises
her not to pass judgement.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole passes the baby to maid Mary for her bath. Alone in the grand living room, she vows she will not let Sami take EJ away from her. "No matter what."
- Back at the hospital, Chloe continues to blame herself. Lucas wants her to stop the guilt thing. He now wonders why he went to Dan's apartment. Was he so drunk he thought he still lived there? Enter the nurse. Chloe walks out to give them a moment and takes a call from Nicole, who is desperate for a meeting, as EJ is with Sami! Chloe agrees to meet her as soon as she can and returns to Lucas' room. Lucas now learns Nicole is freaking out about Sami. Chloe asks
Lucas about the baby. Lucas tells her Sami lost the baby but she should not say anything to anyone, because "“if anyone found out about Sami and EJ ..." Enter Will who would like to know what they are talking about. "What's going on between mom and EJ?" Chloe announces she had told Nicole she would drop by, suggests they
talk, kisses Lucas goodnight, tells Will it is good to have him back,
and leaves. Will wants to know if something is going on between
Sami and EJ at present. Lucas covers. They just have to spend time together due to Johnny. Lucas thinks EJ might have issues with Will, who quips Lucas must be worried he might shoot EJ in the back. Lucas does not want him to make light of things and admits he did
not want Will to return to such a mess Will is supportive of his
parents and their dramas. Lucas asks how long he will be sticking around Salem. He was planning on finishing the semester at Salem High. Lucas asks him to be his best man at his wedding. Will hesitates, glumly agrees, and leaves. Lucas sighs.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole is surprised to hear Chloe dumped Daniel and asks why. Her feelings for Daniel must still be there.
Chloe tells her of her deal with God. Nicole does not recognize Chloe being so Godly all of a sudden. Chloe wants to change the subject. Nicole complains EJ went running to Sami yet again. Chloe informs her she does not think she will have to worry about Sami or the baby anymore. Chloe tells her not to repeat it but Sami lost her baby. Nicole takes it all in, remembering the phone call she heard Sami make about soon visiting her baby! She blinks and wonders what Sami and EJ are talking about. Chloe stops her from calling him
again and recommends she not let Sami bother her. Nicole agrees. Besides, EJ is just being nice to her because of Johnny. Chloe puts
on her coat and suggests Nicole calm down and do nothing. Exit pal Chloe. Nicole considers. "Just do nothing. That's so not my style!"
- Chez Sami, EJ says he does not want to fight. Sami retorts he is marrying evil incarnate, who will be spending time with her son.
They now talk Stefano and his grand home. EJ is wiser about him. However, Sydney and Johnny are loved there. EJ says Nicole too
has concerns but Sami does not buy it. She knows Nicole wants to
be a DiMera wife. EJ is of he opinion that Samantha is hiding something from him. Sami rehashes almost getting killed and says it made her think about the big picture. Elvis frowns. He is sorry she had to go thru it. He remarks she is not the same person. Sami
admits she is not. She points out EJ is vulnerable as Nicole has his heart and she does not want to see him hurt. "A part of me will
always love you," says she. She cares about him and thinks he
should not let his guard down around those evil DiMeras. She asks him to protect Johnny so he does not become one of them. EJ answers Johnny is on his own. If they try to mould Johnny and tell him to not be like grandpa Stefano, that will be a problem. And the same goes for his daughta. It is up to them what they wish to do with their lives. It is this small part of Elvis that is cautious with the DiMeras that Sami likes. He assures her she does not need to worry about Johnny. Sami thanks him and goes to check on the twins. Knock knock knock! EJ opens the door. Why, tis none other than Rafe! Sami walks out, sees him and throws her arms around Salem's newest citizen. Elvis is visibly peeved ...

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"You were in bed making love to another man," Bo tells Hope.
"Your're asking me to trust you," Chlesea says to Max, who
murmurs "Yeah."
Nicole gets a strange look in her eye. "Wait a minute. Maybe it
doesn't have to be this way."
"Just be careful, ok,"” Sami whispers to Rafe as EJ watches him kiss her forehead.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Outside in snowy Salem, Nicole bumps into Brady. "EJ said that I can't see you again," she whispers. Curious Brady pries. Why is she cowering? What has EJ done to her? Nicole states there is much he does not know. Phil is aware that they are keeping a secret from EJ. He seems to think they are having an affair and blackmailed her to
get EJ away from the fuels project. Brady snickers. "Did it work?
Did you persuade EJ?"  Yup. "The project is yours," Nicole finishes. Brady says wow. Good news for Titan. Nicole reminds him he must now keep his distance and sniffles. It is not just for her sake, but also his. Brady wants answers. Why did she let Phil blackmail her like
that? Nicole moans that if EJ started poking around, he might then discover the real secret, the real truth. Brady interrupts. "Nicole, you can't keep this up!"  However, she feels invincible right about now. Brady wonders if she is truly happy. He adds she must also think of her daughter. She claims what she does is for her daughter, too. He points out Doc Baker or others who find out will blackmail her as well. Nicole moans she is finally part of a perfect family Brady points out she is living with fear. She denies it. He believes she should end it with EJ if she has doubts. She is strong enough to do so. Nicole sighs. EJ is all she needs. Brady criticizes him for making all her decisions. He warns that when Elvis and Stefano find out the truth, her perfect little life will go up in smoke. "You depress me," Nicole retorts.
Besides, EJ just wants to protect her. Brady says she is acting weird and submissive with him and that is not even who she is. She is
worth being loved for who she is. Nicole makes a remark about Brady's pep talks. Brady insists she is a good person. She thanks him and moans she does feel she deserves some happiness, and complains there are people around like Sami who want her to fail. She again complains about Sami. Brady wonders why. Nicole states she thinks she is unworthy of EJ or anyone else. Brady compliments her as a beautiful person and loyal friend. She has just been unlucky. Nicole gets teary-eyed, moved that pal Brady wants her to feel better. She touches his face, gives him a kiss, thanks him for being the best
friend she does not deserve, and departs.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ openss the door to Phil. "Why was I summoned?" Phil asks. EJ declares he is no longer interested in the fuels project. Phil wants to know what the catch is. Elvis hitches up his pants. There is no catch, he is doing this for his new family, to avoid a blood feud between the DiMera and Kiriakis clans. Phil gets mad at the insinuation that he would hurt his family. Matter of fact, Nicole is a friend of his. Not anymore, quips EJ. He has advised her to stay away from certain people. "You stay away from her," he warns. "I am not going to tell you again." Phil refuses to obey. He is not afraid of any DiMera! "Then you're a bigger fool than I thought," Elvis concludes and closes the door. Ominous music is heard.
- At the hospital, Will hugs his folks. Sami is overwhelmed. Will admits he missed his mom, too. All seems well. He had heard about Sami getting out of witness protection. He would also like to know about this gas explosion. Sami tries to change the subject. Will presses. What happened? Sami brings up John and Marlena, whom she heard Will was visiting. And where will he be staying now?
Lucas invites him to the cabin or he can stay with his mother. Sami says he can stay with his dad. She is now at Marlena’s townhouse. Will sounds interested when he hears she has wifi. Sami gasps that having him back is making her emotional. Lucas reminds her she needs to fetch Johnny from daycare. He also wonders where Chloe
is. Sami departs. Lucas asks his son about all the girls in Switzerland. Will grins and throws out a few names. Now he wants to know why Lucas is in the hospital. Lucas comes clean. After he had hit a rough patch with Chloe, he fell off the wagon. Will is dismayed. Lucas is sorry and hopes he does not regret coming home.
- At the pub, Vic smugly points out that he and Kate "now see eye to eye about Chloe." And what kind of revenge does she plan? Deep psychological pain, with impact. Chloe shall suffer like never before! What exactly is her plan, Vic wonders. First to divert Lucas with a new woman. Vic suggests an inflatable one! Kate is not impressed.
Enter Stefano. "Good evening. My lucky day, running into the lovely Kate." Might he join them? "Get out of my sight!" Vic snaps."You're not welcome here!" The phoenix grins. Kate apologizes for Vic. Stefano calls him an ill mannered lout and takes a seat after Kate insists she wants him to join them. Stefano cheerfully explains he
does not hold petty grudges. Victor accuses him of recent corporate espionage. Stefano, however, feels they should focus on what they have in common. "Our devotion to family." Vic gets more annoyed. Stefano charmingly asks Kate how she is. In remission. Wonderful! Vic stares. Stefano announces this calls for a celebration. "The next round is on me." "I'd rather put a nail in my eye," Vic grumbles and walks off. The phoenix stares. Once alone with Kate, he makes his move, praising her beauty. And what about Dan and Vic? She and Dan are through, she and Vic are just friends. He asks her on a
dinner date. "How about tonight?"  Kate will think about it. He is
most optimistic.
- Chez Maggie, Chloe arrives to pick up Aly. The red head is curt but Chloe wants them to get along. She begs Maggie not to tell Lucas her Dan secret. "Don't break his heart again." Maggie thinks Lucas deserves better than her. Chloe tells the tale of her sign from God, who showed her that Lucas is indeed her destiny. She implores red
to keep her silence. Maggie eventually agrees, to prevent Lucas from falling off the wagon again.
- At Kiriakis mansion, Phil is working at his computer when Vic comes home. The Greek tycoon picks up the mail. Phil shows him
an envelope. The alternative fuels plan. All ripped up and there are
no copies. "EJ relinquished it to me." Good work, says Vic, but the question remains, how did EJ get it in the first place? Melanie, says Phil. Victor is still mad and he wants to know exactly how she managed to obtain the formula. If not, Phil can find a new job! Phil gets upset. Vic tells him to can the self-pity. He senses things did not go well with Stephanie. Phil exclaims its is over between them, all
cos of the sacrifices he has already had to make. The prodigal son pours himself a drink.
- At Sami's home (formerly Marlena's place) Chloe brings Aly to an elated Sami and hands her her bag. Chloe glances at Sami. "You had your baby!" she lets slip. Sami puts Aly in her room and returns. "What the hell is the matter with you!" She tells her to leave. Chloe does and heads off to see Lucas ...
- Back at the hospital, Will tells Lucas he is glad to be home. Enter Chloe, who wants a hug. Will backs away. What is wrong? "My dad almost died and you're the reason!" Will accuses.
- Meanwhile, at her new home, Sami now remembers Rafe and
Grace and the convent. Knock knock knock! Tis EJ, returning Johnny's laughing penguin. Sami invites him inside. They chat and smile. She offers him tea. He is fine with it if she wishes to keep Johnny for a few days. She mentions his new daughter. He says his kids will always be equal to him. Sami alludes to her concerns about Nicole, but praises EJ as a good father. She touches his arm and tells him how grateful she is for him letting Johnny know how much he is loved. EJ, clearly affected, gets misty-eyed. She has unpacking to do. EJ wonders why she appears sad. A twin is heard crying so Sami
goes off. Alone, Elvis places a call to Stefano and informs him that "Phillip Kiriakis took the bait." Stefano is pleased. Elvis adds he also thinks the fight is over, though it evidently is not! He ends the call when Sami comes back with Aly and Johnny. They spend time together. EJ takes the twins to brush their teeth while Sami looks for their bedtime storybook. Alone, she calls Sister Theresa. Can she
give Grace a kiss for her? She adds she is indeed starting to figure
out a plan. Eventually the twins have been put to bed. Sami would
like to know the real reason EJ is there. And if he were happy at home, would he not be there, with Nicole? Is he reconsidering marrying her? Maybe he should not marry Nicole. "What if I made a worse nightmare come true and married you!" Elvis says suddenly.

Next on Days of Our Lives
"I don't think that you have to worry about Sami or that baby ever again," Chloe says to Nicole.
Will to Lucas. "So let's talk about what you don't wanna talk about. Mom and EJ. Is something going on between mom and that jerk?"
"Why would I possibly be jealous?" Sami snaps. "Because Nicole
has me and you don't," EJ replies.

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