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At the hospital, Lucas asks Sami where her baby is. But she wants answers first. "How the hell did you get like this!" He updates her
on the gas explosion. He does not remember what he was doing at Daniel's apartment and admits he was drunk. "What could make you start drinking again?" Sami asks. What did that ghoul girl do? Did
she dump him? Lucas has had enough. No trash talk about his beloved. What about Sami and her life? She admits she had a baby girl, then lies that she was stillborn. He is sorry. Daughter Aly is looking forward to seeing her. Plus, if she needs anything, she should let him know. She asks him not to let anyone find out she was pregnant. "Especially not EJ." He agrees but reminds her the truth
has a way of leaking out. Sami starts to yell and get mad, ending
with Chloe, whom she feels he needs to get rid of "before it's too late!" Lucas is quick to point out it was in fact Sami who drove him
to drink in the first place all those years ago!
- In the hall, Kate wants to talk "you and Daniel" with Chloe. Chloe looks mortified. Kate pretends she just wished to thank them for saving her life, flashes back to their passionate kiss, and whispers
"I am never going to forget what you and Daniel did. Seared into my memory." Chloe smiles, not seeing the dig. They now talk Lucas. Chloe says she wants nothing more than to be with Lucas. Kate
forces a smile and wonders why. Chloe claims the accident made her realize how much she loved him. Kate asks what happened before to make her break up with him. Chloe insists any doubts she had are now gone. Kate smiles and goes on. "All I want is to put this whole ugly episode behind us." However, she still wonders about one thing. What was she doing at Daniel's apartment? She only got there after Lucas, Chloe fibs. Kate asks if she knows what Lucas was doing there. Chloe plays innocent. She is ready to see Lucas now. Kate informs her of his earlier episode. He needs his rest. Chloe decides to go pick up Aly and also thanx Kate for putting aside their differences. Kate thanx her for saving her life, though she does not understand what was in it for her. Chloe repeats she would do anything for
Lucas. Kate says she is looking forward to paying her back for everything she has done. They hug. Kate's eyes narrow like those
of a cat that has caught its prey ...
- At Kiriakis mansion, Vic overhears Phil leaving Steph a desperate message. He is not impressed. Phil gets sarcastic. Vic thinks a woman should accept you for who you are or "best to throw her out on her ass!" Phil does not want his advice and knocks Vic for all the times
he was married. Vic warns him if he gives in to Stephanie, he will certainly lose her respect. He now talks Chloe, who led Lucas to
drink again. Phil will not listen. Vic loses his cool. "You go arrogantly stumbling through life ... Be a man!" He advises the prodigal son if
he wants any woman, "make sure you always have the upper hand!" Phil considers.
- At the police station, enter Hope with some paperwork. A report. She gives it to Bo in his office. Bo the straight shooter states "It's a lame excuse," adding "You're here because you miss me!" Hope admits she does miss him, though that is not why she is there. Bo thinks he has made a fool of himself and sits down. "See ya round." Hope fesses up. Okay, she is there cos she misses him and still loves him. Bo laments she has pushed him out of her life and made it clear she does not want him near her. She is sorry, she was just so devastated ... He does not wish to revisit the matter. She asks him to hold her. They embrace. "I want to come home," she whispers. "I'm ready to come home." He asks what has changed. "Sometimes when you least expect it, things suddenly become clear," FancyFace replies. She will work it out with him. They kiss. Hope goes off to pack, then turns around. There is one thing he has to promise her. No more withheld visions. Psychic Bo agrees. Hope flounces off. All of a sudden Bo has a vision of Hope in bed with another man ...!
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole repeats her threat. Junior seethes, explodes, shows her the door, and tells her if she feels so unloved
and unwanted, "Get out!" Nicole laments he does not care about her. He tries to explain. "You keep threatening me." And does she really think just because Samantha comes back to town, he no longer loves her? She complains she is insecure. He does not know what to do. She realizes it is her. "I need to try and believe that I am worthy of you." EJ now wants to know where her belief that Samantha could replace her in his heart came from. She pretends she is insecure as
he only wanted her after she was pregnant. Elvis feels they are meant to be. He has been tolerant. Nicole now states that he is only nice as he really wants her to give him space, "so you can reconnect with Sami!" EJ looks exasperated. He has had enough of her paranoia. Nicole declares her feelings of insecurity are probably resurfacing
cos he is taking on the Kiriakis clan. "I am scared to death!" she
cries, adding "You won't protect us!" She sees no proof he would move heaven and earth for her and Sydney the way he would for Sami and Johnny. She moans she is afraid of Victor's revenge on her and becomes weepy. Elvis sighs. He will prove how much he loves her. He impulsively takes the formula of the fuels project and dramatically tears it up before her. Nicole now retorts she is happy, "more than you will ever know!"
- At the pub, enter glum Phil, who runs into Steph, who is picking up her family's dinner. She got his message. Does he think they still have a chance, and they can overcome their differences? "Actually, no, I don't," says he. He was not really thinking when he left that message. He would have fought for them but she seems to be a quitter. She snaps maybe she thought he had changed. He murmurs maybe she could be the one to reform him. She thinks he is playing her. He thinks the same about her for playing hot and cold. "Or maybe you don't know what you want?" Phil grins. Maybe she would not have him any other way because that would mean ... His voice trails off
as he tells her to figure it out and gives her a kiss. "When you do, call me." Exit Phil. Step just stands there and looks confused.
Later, Vic joins Kate at her table and offers his congrats on her remission. He senses that she is unhappy, though. "Is it Lucas?"
Yes, she admits. He is reconciling with Chloe and she found out she
is not the woman she thought she was. She also promised Lucas she would not interfere but ...  Vic cackles. "How can I help?" Kate will let him know. The trail cannot lead back to her, but she intends to clue Lucas in to the real Chloe. And, of course, the timing of her revenge must be perfect ...
- At the pier, Nicole meets Phil and hands him the torn paper of his precious formula. "Nice work," says he. He agrees not to divulge her Brady secret. Nicole threatens him not to dare double-cross her.
- Back at Lucas' hospital room, Lucas explains to mad, yelling Sami he started drinking cos she kept him from Will so that is not Chloe's fault. Matter of fact, she betrayed Will too and that is likely why he
is halfway around the world! Enter new Will, who looks both baffled and bemused. "Are you two still fighting over me ...?!"

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"You have to keep your distance," Nicole laments to Brady, who replies "Does that mean that you cut me out of your life?" "That's exactly what I have to do," she whimpers.
Phil confronts EJ. "Why would I hurt your damn family. Nicole happens to be a friend of mine." EJ coldly retorts "Not anymore
she's not."
"What was it that mom didn't want me to know so bad? Why are
you really in the hospital?" new Will asks Lucas.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


At the park, Dan the man reminds Chloe what they have is a one
time thing. Chloe thinks they must be over, for Lucas' sake. They
kiss and kiss and kiss some more as bitter Kate watches. Kate storms off. They continue kissing. Chloe pulls away. She must go. First he has something to say ...
- At the hospital, Phil asks Lucas where Chloe is. She will be back soon, says Lucas. He has decided to give her another chance.
- At the park, Dan discusses with Chloe. He will respect her wishes, though he does not believe she must be with Lucas and one day neither will she. He agrees not to fight for her anymore, but when
she realizes she was deluding herself with this miracle business, he
will still be there for her. Phil approaches and wonders if he is interrupting something. Chloe claims they were discussing Lucas'
good condition. Before Dan departs, Phil praises him for Kate's
good condition. Phil then turns to Chloe. He has just seen Lucas,
who had much to say about her. She asks if he has regained his memory. No, says Phil. Chloe is visibly relieved. "What did he say about me?" Phil has it on pretty good authority he is ready to take
her back.
- As he gets off the phone with Aly, Kate enters Lucas' hospital
room. "There is something that I need to tell you," she says quietly. But he first wants to talk Chloe. He has news. "I have made a decision about my future with Chloe." Kate attempts to stop him.
He continues. What he has with Chloe is worth fighting for. He is giving her another chance. "No, absolutely not!" Kate hisses. She warns him it would be a mistake. Lucas is confused. Kate explains.
"I saw her ... I saw Chloe ..." Lucas gets upset over her meddling. They argue. Lucas' machine goes haywire. The nurse comes and
tells Kate to step outside. She does. Later the lady doc explains it
was a spike in his blood pressure. He should not get agitated. Kate promises to stick to safe conversation. She enters and alludes to the fact she just does not want Lucas to get hurt. He demands to know what happened to change her mind about him and Chloe. She covers up and says she has decided to respect his wishes after all. "I want
us to get along. Believe me, I've learned my lesson," she says, tears trickling down her face as she recalls what she saw.
- At the convent, Rafe sits holding baby Grace, telling stories about mama Sami. She drives him crazy, but "she has a heart of gold." He coos and plays peekaboo. Enter Sister Theresa, who compliments
him on his ability with Grace. It was sweet of him to come see her. Sami will be happy he was there. He asks Sister not to tell Sami of
his visit. The sis wonders why. Rafe is evasive. He thinks it would
be better for both of them.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ pays no attention to Nicole and hands Sydney to Sami. Sami holds the baby. "Hi," she coos as Nicole nervously watches. Nicole suddenly wants her back, to put her to
bed, and heads upstairs with Sydney. Sami turns away, in tears. EJ places a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "I guess I should go," she sniffles, but he wishes to know why she is crying. Upstairs, Nicole hopes that Sami does not know the truth. Downstairs, EJ presses. Why did she get so emotional over Sydney? Sami anwers she remembered how much she had missed Johnny and Aly. And she
was worried Nicole would try to take her place with them. EJ thinks that is paranoid. Sami calls Nicole a gold digger and a complete fraud. "You know it and I know it."  EJ does not wish her to talk about his fiancee that way. Sami understands, yet cannot stop herself. She calls Nicole names and she certainly has concerns about her being around Johnny! Enter toddler Johnny, who rushes up to hug her. Sami smiles as they are reunited. He excitedly shows her his penguin Nigel. Sami wistfully remembers Rafe bringing that laughing penguin to her. "That's Johnny's favorite," says EJ. Sami is elated. Johnny giggles
and plays with her. He soon goes off with maid Mary to pack his bags. Sami admits she was worried they would forget about her. EJ informs her that every night, J said goodbye to her picture. He loves her with all his heart. Enter Nicole, who observes the pair happily sitting together and takes a deep breath. Sami thanks EJ for showing Johnny her picture every night. Johnny adores her, says he. Nicole clears her throat. Sydney is asleep. EJ's cell rings so he walks off to take the call. Nicole pours herself a drink. When the baby starts to cry, Sami offers to help. Nicole snaps that if she goes near her baby, she will scratch her eyes out. She accuses Sami of insinuating she cannot take care of her child and starts to yell. EJ returns. He has
tried but could not stop the baby from crying. Nicole goes upstairs after Sami agrees she should do that instead of making a fool of herself. EJ now criticizes Sami for her hatred of Nicole. Sami's attention is diverted when Johnny comes back. She will be staying with him in Marlena's townhouse. EJ helps Johnny pull his little suitcase to the door. Once alone in the living room for a moment, Sami calls the convent on her cell. How is Grace, she asks Sister Theresa as Nicole stands in the doorway, listening! Sami is happy to hear Grace is fine and says "Thank you so much for taking care of
my daughter." She quietly adds she will come by soon. Nicole darts out of the room when Sami ends the call. Enter EJ, who explains Aly is with Maggie, since Lucas is in hospital. Sami is worried. She had better go see him and walks out. Nicole comes back downstairs and confronts EJ. He sounded like he was still in love with Sami, she accuses. Why else would he have told her how he showed Johnny
her pic every night? EJ says he was simply cordial. Nicole refuses to listen. He becomes exasperated. Paranoid Nicole warns that if she leaves, she is taking Sydney with her!
- At Kiriakis mansion, Victor gruffly lectures Phil for not telling him where he was. What about the fuels project! He knows Lucas is out of danger but what happened with Melanie Layton? And why was
she meeting with EJ DiMera earlier? "Is this another mess that Brady’s going to have to clean up?" he barks. Phil states he has it taken care of. Vic gets hotter under the collar and he wants answers! Phil has a drink and complains this deal has cost him the woman he loves. Who is that, asks Vic? Stephanie, says Phil. The Greek tycoon barks he does not want to see the prodigal son unhappy. Phil laments he sold his soul, though he is okay with it. Vic retorts then he is in considerably worse shape than he thought! "I am in tiptop shape,"
Phil drawls and gets himself another drink. Vic assures him he is
there for him, though Phil is down on himself. He leaves a groveling message for Stephanie to call him so they can talk.
- Back at the convent, the sis gushes that Rafe and Sami have a lot
in common and she suspects they care more about each other than they can admit. She thinks they would make an excellent match and gives the Rafester a photo of Sami. Exit the nun. Rafe holds the pic, considers her words, and smiles.
- Back at General Hospital, Chloe emerges from the elevator, now approached by Dan. He says he loves her and that will never change, then walks off. Chloe sighs. Dan heads for the hospital chapel and
sits in a pew, staring at the cross and lit candles. "You win."
Chloe approaches Lucas's door but is stopped by Kate. "First you
and I are going to have a little chat." Meanwhile, Sami has already slipped inside Lucas' room. She is back for good and glad he is okay. Lucas looks her in the eye. "Where's your baby?"

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Steph asks Phil "Do you still think that we can overcome our differences?" Phil pauses. "Actually, no."
Kate stares at Chloe. "Why were you at Daniel's apartment?"
"Please make sure than that no one ever finds out that I was
pregnant, especially EJ," Sami begs Lucas.
Bo gets curt with Hope. "You don't want me near you so why
don't you get outta my sight!"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


At the hospital, Kate visits Lucas in his private room. Is he feeling alright? "Terrible." And he thinks he deserves it! He should not have taken that first drink. "Damn booze." He is sorry for putting unwell Kate thru this. She informs him that her full remission has just been confirmed. He is elated. Kate says the first thing she will do is help him get his life back in order. And if he would like Chloe back, she will make that happen, too. But what were she and Lucas doing at Dan's apartment? He does not remember. She knows he must have been upset to start drinking. He recalls Chloe breaking up, though
that is all. He wanted the booze to numb him. Chloe is his whole world. Kate understands, yet she does point out there are other
women out there. She now learns Chloe wants the engagement on again. Lucas would like her opinion. She agrees Chloe is special, as she risked her life to save Kate. It proves she is ever so caring and compassionate. Kate thinks one should think twice before walking away from love. They now talk Daniel.
- In the hall, Chloe repeats to Dan they are over. The lovestruck doc refuses to accept it. He wants an explanation. They can talk at the park. Now. And he will never let her go!
- At Kiriakis mansion, Brady asks Phil why he seems to think he is having an affair with Nicole and implies it s wrong information.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ admits to Nicole he does not like Brady but his main reason for wanting her to avoid him is due to business. He
is an executive at Titan industries and he made her paranoid. Nicole reluctantly agrees. "Alright, I won't see him anymore." EJ fully understands if she thinks he is a tyrant right now, but he loves her
and will cherish her, protect her for the rest of her life. Sealed with
a kiss. Sydney makes noise. Time for a feeding. He picks up his daughta. Nicole looks worried. "Oh God," she whispers to heself. "What am I gonna do?" She later calls Phil with news. She was
unable to get her mafia prince to change his mind. He threatens to tell EJ that she and Brady "have some kind of secret." Nicole does not think she can do more to help. Phil explains "I don't make threats
that I don't follow through on." And she will now pay the price! Nicole panics and takes off to see Phillip in person. Opening the
DiMera front door, she is stunned to find none other than Sami!
- Meanwhile, EJ walks on the pier. His cell rings. Tis Phillip. "I think you'll be very interested in what I have to say!" EJ retorts he has no interest in anything he has to say unless he wishes to concede the project. Phil leers it is personal but he will only say it once, "so pay attention." It has to do with Brady ... All of a sudden Henderson walks up to Phil and interrupts with news of Lucas' terrible accident. Phil hangs up and rushes off.
- At the hospital to see Lucas, Phil runs into Steph, who was visiting her mother. He is so sorry for everything. Steph gets bitter about him breaking her heart. He regrets how he acted and now realizes she was worth everything. He wants another chance. Steph quips what she
had with him died so an apology is not enough. She walks away. Phil  joins Lucas and Kate in his bro's room. Kate exits to run some errands. Maybe she will go find Daniel! Suited Phil settles on his
bro's bed and they talk. Lucas is not sure what he will say to Chloe. He loves her but the whole thing scares him somewhat. Still, he is committed to her. Steph happens by and eavesdrops as Phil tells Lucas it is all about love, man. If you cannot spend your life with the one you love, then what is the point of the power and the money?
- Still at DiMera mansion, Sami walks inside, much to Nicole's dismay. "Sami's back. She's here to stay," she smiles. Nicole snaps and asks what the hell she is doing there. "What do you think,"
replies chipper Sami. "I am here to take my baby." Nervous Nicole demands to know what she means by her baby. Sami refers to Johnny. Nicole explains Caroline has him at the petting zoo. They
will return in an hour. Nicole asks if anything changed in her life
while she was in witness protection. Nope. Sami asks about her miracle baby. Nicole says her miracle baby is perfect. Sami notes she does not look like she was pregnant. Nicole criticizes Sami for putting on a few pounds. And she wants her to leave. Plus, they will bring Johnny to her when he gets back. Nicole says he is cute but a child should be with its mother. Sami agrees and her eyes flicker. Nicole wonders if she said something to upset her. Sami covers. Nicole rubs in that Sami has no man in her life and a lousy future, while she has EJ and their baby. Sami quips she would never want to live in the DiMera dungeon and she doubts EJ will marry her. Nicole boasts a date has been set. A British male voice is now heard. "Samantha?"
Tis EJ at the door, wearing the happiest little smile. Nicole complains she just showed up and sternly adds "No more surprise visits." Sami cannot contain herself. She looks at EJ. "Wow. You are really gonna marry the bitch, huh!" Voices are raised. EJ intervenes. He would
like Samantha's coming home to mark a new beginning. Tranquility and getting along for his sake and Johnny's sake. Sydney starts to
cry. Sami glances over. "Your baby?" Nicole appears mortified!
- At the park, Chloe tells Dan the explosion has changed everything. Lucas' recovery is why she can no longer be with Dan. She made
God a promise that if Lucas was ok, she would give Dan up. "That's insane," says he, but she insists she must keep her promise. Dan explains Lucas was unconscious but never dead. Chloe will not listen. She believes this was a real miracle. "I made a promise to God that if Lucas could live, I would give up the one thing I wanted more than anything - you." Dan gets exasperated as Chloe goes on to blame herself for what happened to Lucas. She loves Dan, however. He feels there is a way out. He will tell Lucas all! She begs him not to.
It will destroy Lucas and she would not return to Dan if he did that. She is clearly in torment about leaving the doc behind but believes it has to happen. He insists what they have is real. Chloe is still guilt-ridden. Dan implores her. He will not let this end. "It already has,"
she says sadly. They share a long, passionate kiss goodbye. Meanwhile, man-eater Kate angrily spies them from a distance!
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ goes to get Sydney a bottle. Sami criticizes the choice of name for the baby. Nicole boasts she will raise her child. Sami warns her she is living with the DiMeras, who will control her completely. Nicole brags she is looking forward to becoming a DiMera. Sami starts to say something but stops. EJ
enters. With Sydney in his arms, he smiles at Sami. "Would you like to hold her?" Sami smiles warmly and reaches out her arms to take the baby that is really hers - a fact only Nicole knows. Nicole cannot contain herself and cries "No!" EJ casts her a perplexed look as ominous music is heard ...

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"There's something that I need to tell you," Kate whispers to Lucas, who answers "There's something I have to tell you, about Chloe."
"Lucas had a lot to say, specifically about you," Phil tells Chloe.
"I guess I should go,” Sami says uncomfortably. Elvis takes a step forward. “Not until you tell me what's wrong."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


At DiMera mansion, EJ again asks dahling what happened to make her so afraid. She knows the Kiriakis family and ..."You're lying to me!" says he and he wants to know what happened. He bellows he wants the hard truth and senses when she is hiding something from him. She replies she ran into Brady at the Cheatin Heart. It was he who informed her their families were about to go to war, yet Melanie has been playing games with both sides. Enough. "The deal has been done," Elvis points out. He also thinks she should not concern herself with his business affairs. But Brady said the Kiriakis side would do anything to win, she laments. "Son of a bitch!" EJ throws his glass to the ground, causing it to shatter loudly. He is livid that Brady has the gall to talk about his business affairs and threaten Nicole. She insists Brady was just warning her and begs him to let the project go. "No," says he. Nicole criticizes him for not agreeing to protect her child. He does not wish to further discuss business with her and has some calls to make. Nicole yells. He stops in his tracks. EJ is of the opinion Brady has gotten her all worked up. Nicole shouts the threat is real. What if Victor kidnaps or kills their baby! He states that Brady was manipulating her. "No, it's Phillip!" she cries. He is the Victor clone who will do his dirty work. She now plays the "I thought you love me," card. He does not fall for it and tells her to stay out of it. Nicole becomes desperate. If he does no stop the fight with the Kiriakis clan to protect their child, "there won't be any wedding!" EJ warns she
will never take his child away and they will raise her together. "Do you understand me!" he explodes. The baby cries. Nicole quietly answers yes. He now wants to know what Brady really said to upset her. What is she not telling him? Nicole says nothing and is saved by his cell phone, which Junior impatiently answers. T'was the FBI. They caught the leak and he was acting alone, so Samantha will be coming home. He stands at the fireplace, deep in thought. He then turns around and dangerously advises Nicole that her removing their child from their home can never happen. He will always put their safety first. However, she is to have no involvement in his business affairs. In addition, "You are to stay away from Brady Black ... For all intensive purposes, he is out of your life," the mafia prince orders.
- At Kiriakis mansion, Phil drinks up in the dark. Enter Brady, who turns on the lights and barks "You just cost our company billions of dollars!" Phil tells him to stay out of his business. However, Brady
has seen Melanie, and EJ DiMera, looking mighty cocky, was just leaving. He feels EJ flipped her from Titan to the DiMeras. Brady adds Mel did not think Phil acted right with her. So how deep is this hole they are now in? Brady warns him to keep his personal life and biz separate or he will see to it that he is history. Phil claims he has it under control. He sneers and alludes to the secret Brady has going on with Nicole. Brady's eyes flicker with worry as he appears to wonder just how much the prodigal son already knows ...
- At the park, Bo meets Ciara and Hope. Diva Hope has lovely makeup on today. Ciara and Bo are delighted to see each other. "When can I come home?" his little princess innocently asks. She
can visit daddy anytime, Hope explains. She is about to head to the pub, after leaving Ciara with Bo, but he would like a word with her. Ciara goes nearby to see the animals. Once they are alone, Bo would like to know when they will get past this. Hope is unsure. They discuss. Bo points out they have always made it thru in the past.
Hope brings up the fact that once again, he has withheld information from her. Bo will not give up. For them to get through this, Hope needs to know there is going to be change. He will do whatever he
has to. She wants some space. Bo refuses. Ciara approaches. "Stop fighting, please." They reassure her all is well. She wants to go now. Bo gives her a kiss and watches as she departs with unhappy Hope, his face filled with determination.
- At the convent, Rafe gets a call from his supervisor. They have arrested the informant so they are in the clear They can go home
now. Sami and Rafe pause and look at each other. Sami is looking forward to seeing her kids, but reluctant to leave Grace. And she is not the only one who does not appear thrilled to leave. What exactly
is Rafe's problem, she wonders. "You," he admits. He then says he might get transferred and will miss her and her feisty ways. Sami smiles. Their eyes lock. Sami teases she will not miss all the sports he watches. When does he have to go? Now, says he. He starts to leave. She stops him. He has not said goodbye to Grace. Rafe, however, does not like goodbyes. "Tears, it's not my thing.” He saunters over
to Grace. "So long, kido." "Am I ever gonna see you again?" says Sami. Rafe puts a Cubs cap on her. Now it is time for him to go.
She give shim a hug. "See ya," he says sadly and exits, leaving behind a most unhappy Sami.
- At the hospital, Chloe watches Lucas thru the window. Dan gets called away to check on another patient. Beautiful Chloe believes she must live up to her promise to God, as Lucas is going to live. Maggie walks up, delighted that he will be okay. She now realizes she did not help matters by telling drunk Lucas about that affair. She says the time has come to forget about pointing fingers. "We all get another chance to make things right," the red head says sagely That is what Chloe intends to do. She will talk to Lucas, be honest, and let him decide about everything.
Elsewhere, Kate rushes up to Dr. Dan, who fills her in on the gas explosion, and he is quick to point out Lucas is fine. "What the hell was he doing at your apartment?" Kate wonders. Kate then joins Maggie, who brings her up to date on Lucas falling off the wagon.
She inquires if Maggie knows what caused it? Maggie suggests she
ask Daniel, who lurks nearby.
Soon inside Lucas' room, Chloe asks Dan to give them a moment alone. "Sure," he whispers and does just that. Chloe sits at her ex's bedside. She is sorry. "I hurt you so badly and all you did was love me but I am going to make it right, I am going to live up to my promise." She gives him a kiss. He stirs. "Chloe? What's happening?" Why is he in the hospital? He remembers being at the pub and taking a drink. He now cannot believe he did that. From that point on, he recalls nothing. Chloe tells him there was a gas explosion. At the pub, Lucas asks. No, at Daniel's apartment. Why was he there, Lucas wonders. Chloe is about to answer when a nurse enters. She must leave so the nurse can do some tests. Chloe stands at the door, wondering what God is trying to tell her now. Maggie spies Chloe looking upset and approaches her. Meanwhile, Dan plays innocent with Kate and excuses himself. Chloe quietly tells Maggie about Lucas' amnesia. Maggie concludes it is a concussion but feels he still should be told what happened. Chloe states she will do the right thing and slips back inside Lucas' room. She has to tell him something.
"Lay it on me, I can handle it," he insists. She is sorry she broke off their engagement and it was a mistake. Can he forgive her and take her back? Lucas takes her hand. Does she only want to reconcile out of guilt over his drinking? She insists she wants to do what is right. Lucas becomes tired. She says she loves him and always will, as he falls asleep. Chloe opens the door to Kate. "What are you doing in
my son’s room?" Dan is at the door in an instant and ushers Chloe out. Kate casts them a strange glance, then looks back at Lucas. Out in the hall, Dan warns Chloe that mama Kate will figure it out soon
so it is time for them to go public with their relationship. Chloe then drops a bomb. They no longer have a relationship. "It's over ..."

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"I just wanna do right by you, Stephanie, you gotta know that," Phil murmurs. "So you're asking me for another chance, get it," Steph retorts.
"Chloe, I'm not gonna let you out of my sight," Dan smiles. "Not
until you understand that I will never let you go."
"What the hell are you doing here!" Nicole snaps at Sami, who cuts
to the chase. "I came here to take my baby."

Monday, February 23, 2009


Replay of Phil overhearing Nicole and Brady refer to their secret outside DiMera mansion . Brady reminds her she has gotten away with everything so far, before he heads off. "This is gonna be a great day," whispers Phil the lurker, behind a tree.
- At Horton house, replay of big Steph smacking little Mel. Mel laughs. She thinks she could tear her limb from limb. Steph enters
and sees she was making a single sandwich. She proceeds to say
Phil treated her like a common tramp. Mel twists her arm behind her back, now having the upper hand. Enter EJ, who tells her to stop.
He asks Steph to leave once Miss Layton releases her. Steph gets nasty and goes. EJ holds Mel back. He informs her she is about to
sign a deal that will make her a very wealthy young lady. This is no time to open herself up to lawsuits. He has the contract and instructs her to sign. She replies she needs to think about it. "The time for thinking is over," says EJ, who warns she cannot play games with
him or she will lose big time. He holds up his pen. She says he is freaking her out. He reminds her the stakes are high so he is glad she is scared as he does not wish her to do anything stupid. She is doing business with Stefano DiMera now and needs to sign. He reminds
her of the big money. She recalls Titan is big, too. EJ does not
budge. Mel reluctantly signs and admits she is still a tad worried
about Phillip Kiriakis. EJ assures her they will watch over her and gives her a copy of the contract. He warns her that if she fails to cooperate, however, the DiMeras will forcefully remind her of their agreement. She hands over the other half of the formula. And her money, she asks? EJ grins. Before he departs, he repeats she is in
the big leagues now and they will make sure Phil does not pose a problem. Mel gets cynical about it being a man's world. She wonders if safe deposit boxes come in pink and flounces upstairs to put away her big cash.
- At the hospital, worried Maggie informs Dr. Daniel that Lucas is drunk as a skunk and wonders if he has seen him. He knows, cos
she told him all. Dan is exasperated. Red says he tricked her and got away. It dawns on Dan he must be at ... "Chloe!" he exclaims. He tries to call her at his apartment. No answer. Maggie blames him and Chloe when Dan says she cannot go to his place with him to look. Dan complains they had intended to come clean and now he does
not know what he will find when he gets home, all because of
Maggie interfering!
- At Dan's apartment, Chloe gets thrown back by a fireball when the explosion hits, then stands up, coughing, and races out the doorway. Lucas is unconscious, surrounded by debris. He is lying still and bloody. The phones are dead. Chloe gives him cpr. "Don't die!
Don't die!" she gasps. She finally gets a working phone and calls for an ambulance. Lucas is not breathing. Chloe begs God to bring him back. She promises she will be the wife he needs, the mother Aly needs, she will give up Daniel, if only He brings him back. Lucas
now stands in the doorway. “Chloe,” he whispers. She sits him
down. He is sorry, he was drunk. Enter Dr. Dan, who tends to
Lucas. The paramedics arrive and wheel him off to the hospital.
Dan says Lucas knows. Chloe knows already. Dan thinks he should go to the hospital without her, to deal with the fallout. Chloe blames herself for Lucas' return to drinking. Dan disagrees, adding "I love you." And he cannot wait for their life together. He gives her a kiss and departs. Chloe sighs. She will not hide anymore and follows him.
- Now inside DiMera mansion, Nicole answers the door to Phillip.
Phil is there to see EJ, who is not home. He gets cryptic, then adds "Like the song says, you're still the same. Secrets and lies." Nicole wants him to leave but he smoothly says he has not even gotten to
the good part and waltzes in. Nicole is dismayed. Phil asks what she and Brady are hiding. Friends with benefits? No. His baby? No. Did she help him in rehab? No. Phil still knows they have a secret. He wonders what Brady promised her EJ would not find out. Nicole wants him to leave. He wants to make a deal. If he goes to EJ and says what he overheard about her and Brady ... Nicole dismisses
him. Phil spies the wedding magazine and points out she has much
to lose. Nicole denies there is any affair going on between her and Brady. Phil demands to know the nature of Brady's promise to her. She looked so scared. It must be big, he concludes. Nicole informs him he has no idea what they were really talking about, but Phil
states if he tells EJ she has a secret, he will surely find out what it is. He picks up her cell, ready to call Elvis. "No!" Nicole nervously
grabs the phone away. What is he after? Phil admits Elvis has been
a problem for Titan. Nicole will have to help make a certain situation go away. He pours himself a drink. Nicole does not wish to betray
EJ in any way. "It already seems you have," Phil points out. Nicole asks what he wants her to do. Phil talks Mel and the fuels project. Either she gets EJ to back off or he will tell him all he heard. She
had better succeed or all she has will be gone! Exit Phil.
- At the park, Steph cries on a bench. Brady sits down and asks what is wrong. Is it Phillip? Nope. He doubts she is being up front. He explains Phil has been under pressure so if they had a fight ... Steph says the fight was with Mel, whom Phil claimed he wanted. "He's a jerk," Brady sighs. Steph thinks she is an idiot. She knew all about
his reputation, she just thought she knew the real Phil. Exit Steph. Brady mutters Phil "screwed up big time."
- At Horton house, EJ opens the door to leave and comes face to
face with Brady. What is he doing there? Brady calls him pompous. EJ repeats he should stay away from Nicole, informs him his reason for being there is none of his business, and leaves. Brady enters to discuss the fuels project with Mel, who is back downstairs. He wonders what went on with Phil. She explains Phil screwed up and will now pay the price.
- At the pub, Steph later sits glumly at a table and leaves Chelsea a voice mail. Enter Mel, who informs her that in reality, nothing happened between her and Phil. She saw how sad she looked and
did not want her to think she had lost Phil to her. Steph claims she does not care and storms off (without even saying she is sorry for hitting her!)
- At the hospital, Maggie is frantic as Lucas is wheeled in. Chloe
does not listen when Dan suggests she leave. He must go check on Lucas. Maggie asks what happened. Chloe fills her in. She prayed
and prayed and she made a promise but surely He cannot hold her
to it. She looks at the heavens. Maggie is baffled ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole explains to Sydney she must do what she has to do. Enter Elvis, all smiles. After seeing Mel, he is terrified of their little girl growing up! He has seen a lass who is in
way over her head. Nicole senses he was referring to Mel. She notes he seems happy about something. He boasts that he has bested the Kiriakis family. Nicole wonders if they will be angry. EJ laughs they will be more than angry. Nicole suddenly begs him to take it back
and not cross them! He asks why she is interfering in his business. She pretends she is worried about retaliation from the Kiriakis clan. "They can destroy us and they will!" He asks why dahling is so scared. What is going on?
- At Kiriakis mansion, Steph awaits Phillip, who soon arrives, having just tried to call her. Steph bears news. She has heard from Mel that his earlier scene was all a big show for biz on his part. He does not deny it as he cares only for Stephanie. She, however, is not one bit impressed. "I am here ... to tell you bye," she announces and accuses him of selling his soul. She simply cannot be with such a man. "I love you," he murmurs. "I know," says she before walking away. That is what makes it so sad.
- At the busy hospital, Maggie does not understand what Chloe means. She thinks she should see a doctor and then walks off to visit Lucas. Chloe sits down. Dan walks up. It is incredible. Lucas has
only alcohol poisoning with a few cuts and bruises. It is close to a miracle, as if the explosion never happened! Dan is momentarily
called away. Chloe considers, a strange look in her eyes. "Well, there’s my answer." Now she knows what she is meant to do ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
Sami asks Rafe "You don't seem too thrilled about gettin outta here either. What’s your problem?" "You," Rafe replies.
"Well, there was a gas explosion outside of my apartment," Dan explains to Kate. "What the h*ll was he doing at your apartment?" Kate exclaims.
"If you do not stop this fight with the Kiriakis family, there won't be any wedding!" Nicole hisses at EJ.
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