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Friday, February 20, 2009 
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In the snowy park, replay of Chloe awaiting her sign and getting
an incoming call. But is it from Daniel or Lucas? Both have placed a call! Chloe believes this is her sign. She answers. Tis Daniel. "I need to talk to you now." They arrange to meet at his place right away.
He has big news.
- At the Cheatin Heart, unlucky-in-love  Lucas the drunk apologizes for calling a wrong number. "Stupid phone!" Lucas is mad as heck and plans to tell Chloe what a lying tramp she is! He now decides to tell her to her face. Maggie wants to take him home so he can get some sleep. Lucas gets even madder and blames Maggie. The red head tells him off for his pity party and continual drinking. The bartender pours him yet another drink. Lucas yells at Maggie to get lost. She pretends she will drink too and asks the bartender for a scotch. Lucas stops her and realizes she was just trying to get him to stop. "It's not your problem, Maggiiiiiie." She brings up his kids. She understands the games and lies. Lucas needs to get himself together. He laments the kids would be better off without him. The red head angrily knocks the drink out of his hand and the glass shatters on the floor. Lucas becomes depressed and now blames Dr. Dan. He stands up to go search for him. He says he does not feel well and agrees when Maggie offers to take him home. He puts his head on the table and appears to pass out. Maggie goes out to bring her car around. Lucas grins and sits up. When Maggie returns, she is horrified to discover that he has given her the slip, through the back door.
- At the pub, pal Brady comes across Nicole and baby. She is luminescent in a white top and is looking at a bridal magazine. Brady sits and Nicole cuts to the chase. Baker seems to think Brady is in love with her. He gets sarcastic and says then it must be true, since the dastardly doc says so. Nicole thinks he has been helping her as
he is in love with her and wants him to admit it. He finds it amusing that she thinks every man on the planet is in love with her. But why has he helped her so much, Nicole prods. Brady teases and then admits he does love her. "I love EJ," Nicole patiently explains. She informs Brady he will have to accept that. Brady already knows that. He explains he loves her but is not in love with her. He then teases
her some more. Nicole looks at him kindly. She should not have left him alone with Vic the other day. She knows they do not discuss it much, though she hopes he will stay strong. And she does not want
to come between him and his family. Brady points out his slight confrontation with Vic the other night was a good thing. She hopes
he is ok. He insists he is. Enough of that. She asks Brady if he feels she has seen the last of Baker. Nope, says Brady. Blackmailers do
not simply go away. Nicole jokes they should kill him. Brady suggests she tell EJ the truth instead. She morphs back into schemer mode. "Are you freakin out of your mind!"
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano notes EJ seems satisfied with himself. EJ is looking over the sales contract with Melanie Layton and her fuels project. He marvels Mel is shrewd in biz. "Too bad you aren't," the phoenix declares. He opens the door to smoke a cigar. EJ points out he can take care of little girl Mel. Stefano states she is needy, not greedy, however. He thinks she just wants to make Phil jealous. She wants more than just money. She is trying to make the high school quarterback jealous and is using EJ and their company to do it. EJ does not seem to believe him and is certain Mel will sign the contract. He made it clear to her "if she crosses us, there's no happy ending
for her." For a moment, he appears to regret threatening an orphan. Stefano now tells him his next project. To draw up an airtight prenuptial agreement between himself and Nicole!
- At Horton house, Phil gets into major liplock with Mel, who spies Steph lurking outside the door, watching thru the window. Hurricane Steph barges in and slams the door behind herself. "You bastard!
You complete bastard!" He is sorry. Steph barks she had come to tell Mel she intended to fight for him. Steph thinks Phil has stooped even lower than low and informs Mel that kiss was only about business. Mel wants to know if it is true. Steph gets nasty about servicing the client and rubs it in. Phil quips Steph just wants to hurt her. Steph wants Phil to choose. "Right here right now. Her or me." Phil
chooses Melanie. "You can't choose who you fall in love with," he adds. Teary-eyed Steph says at least now she knows what he is really like and storms out. Mel looks sad. She will not hold him to what he said under duress just now. Perhaps they should call it a day. Phil thinks it is good Steph made him choose. He meant what he said.
And he cannot stop thinking about her. She can't stop thinking about him either. He calls it love. She wonders. They kiss again. He
suggests they go somewhere private. "If only it wasn't all one big fat lie," Mel sighs. "Stephanie's an idiot, but I'm not." Phillip suddenly looks uncomfortable and guilty. She saw he was playing her so he would not lose her biz to EJ, but he already has! He announces he
will not lose to anyone and departs after she orders him out.
- At the park, Steph runs into Chelsea and updates her on Phil and Mel in Maggie's kitchen. She believes Mel has used Nickís project as a weapon and storms off for a showdown again.
- At Dan's place, Chloe walks in. An alarm suddenly goes off. The maintenance man later fixes the broken alarm in the hallway. When
he steps down, however, he accidentally knocks open a gas valve
with his foot. Back in Dan's apartment, the doc tells Chloe the good news. Kate is in remission. Chloe gathers they no longer have a
reason to keep their love a secret. She is worried about facing Lucas. Dan wonders if she is having second thoughts about him. With Lucas, she felt duty bound. He does not want her to ever feel that way only about him. Chloe tells him about her encounter at the park with the priest, how she prayed for a sign, and was then summoned by him. She concludes "I know I'm supposed to be with you." They embrace and kiss. Dan promises this tough time is almost over. He is then unexpectedly called to the hospital. Chloe will wait for him there. They blissfully exchange 'I love you's.
- Back at Horton house, Mel makes fun of Phillip to herself and laments he is sooo hot and rich. Knock knock knock! Phillip? Dare
she hope? Mel now opens the door to classless Steph, who smacks her but hard ...
- At the pub, EJ and Stefano continue to discuss the prenup. Elvis is mad. Stefano warns him to protect his interests and not to let Nicole have the upper hand. EJ thinks he does not need one, for he is marrying Nicole because he loves and trusts her. Stefano tells him to keep convincing himself everything is perfect.
- Outside DiMera mansion, Brady walks Nicole up to the front door. He promises that EJ will not discover the secret they share. Meanwhile, Phil lurks in the bushes and he has overheard!
- At the hospital, Maggie rushes up to Dan. Has he seen Lucas?
- Meanwhile, back at Dan's apartment building, Lucas the drunk arrives. He bangs on the door, demanding Dan open up! He shouts accusations. Sympathetic Chloe approaches the door to open it. All
of a sudden, there is an explosion and she is thrown back by a huge fireball!

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"You don't play games with me, unless you wish to lose, I believe
the expression is big time," EJ informs Mel.

EJ has been a bit of a problem.
Did he outfox you already.
And you, Nicole, are gonna help make it go away!

Dan tells Maggie. "Well, if he's not here, then he ... " Pause.
"Oh my God. Chloe!"

Thursday, February 19, 2009


At DiMera mansion, Phil and EJ argue at the door. "What do you propose we do? Duel?" EJ sarcastically says. Raging Phil enters and laughs he is delusional if he thinks he shall win the project from the fair Melanie. EJ plays it cool. Phil threatens. "Remarkable," says EJ.
"You really do think you can scare me, donít you." Enter Tony, who wonders if they are out of their bloody minds. He accuses them of trying to pit their powerful families against one another. EJ points out Phillip was led by his clouded judgement, and his attraction for Melanie made him lose the project. Phil talks tough and calls him a smug son of a b*tch. EJ smoothly states he is the one who is arrogant for his treatment of Mel. "This isn't over," Phil dangerously warns.
Elvis tells him to leave. He does. "You have a lot to learn, little brother," Tony deduces. EJ points out it is his company, not Tony's. "You insolent little bastard," replies Tony. He has worked tirelessly for this company, while EJ is merely Stefano's latest yes man. Tony warns him the Kiriakis clan will not concede. Voices are raised. EJ
will not give up on the fuels project. He thinks Tony is being petty
and wonders what Stefano would say. Tony retorts that if Stefano knew what EJ was up to, he would surely fire his arrogant ass! EJ insists he is the chosen one. Tony warns him a war with the Kiriakis clan would be laden with consequences. EJ claims he can do no wrong as he is the golden child. Tony considers. "You're a damn
fool, EJ, and you're playing with fire."
- At Brady pub, Lucas drinks his tall bloody Mary and ignores Maggie's incoming call. "Youíre too late." Bottoms up! A boozer is reborn. He slurs a friendly convo with the divorced bartender. Why
is stuff so complicated? "Keep these comin," he adds. He remembers his broken heart. No fairytale ending for him. The bartender now brings a glass of water.
- At the park, the kindly priest tells Chloe she should realize some couples get disillusioned when problems set in. Chloe understands
but thinks she is greedy and selfish. She wanted family and security and got bored. She missed the passion, the excitement. She speaks Daniel's name. "The man I shouldn't love but do." What is wrong
with her, she laments. The priest thinks she should start from the beginning. And so she fills him in on all the details of her soap opera life. He points out she simply fell in love and if all was right with her and the fiance, then she would not have felt so close to another. He talks soul mates. She talks destiny. He feels Daniel sounds like her soul mate and she will not be able to fight it. However, he admits he
is fallible and cannot know for sure what would make her happy.  God would know and he always has time. She wonders if God could answer her prayers. He suggests she put him to the test. Chloe asks the priest to listen. He agrees. She tells God she loves two men.
What should she do? Which man should she be with? Now what?
The father smiles. God will find a way to get back to her.
- At the hospital, Dan interrupts Kate. He did not receive her test results. She wonders what is wrong. Dan sighs uncomfortably. He is interrupted when a nurse hands him an envelope. Kate's test results and she is in remission. Smiles and a hug follow. She realizes there
are no guarantees, though she is full of hope. She will embrace life and cherish those she loves. She starts to kiss him on the lips and  says she is relieved, then alluding to the fact that this is how she feels. The reason she gave him his freedom was to focus on her health yet she was really afraid she might not make it. Dan tries to say his piece. Kate gets teary-eyed. Dan tells her what he wanted to say can wait and suggests she go tell her kids the good news. She departs to do
just that.
- Elsewhere at the hospital, Abe brings Theo to see Dr. mom Lexie. He shows her a picture of a boat and says "boat." Abe must leave for work, Theo implores him to stay. Abe says he can take him to his appointment with Lexie. He is pleased Theo is making progress.
Lexie gets insecure and fears there will be a step backwards, like always. Abe explains their autistic child shows his love differently from others and insists she is a great mom. He praises her dedication.
- At the pier, Chelsea meets best friend Steph and informs her that
she and Max have kissed and this time it did indeed mean something. She wanted Steph to hear it from her first. Steph looks bored. "Max and I are done." In fact, she had forgotten about getting possessive over him a while back and is now happy for them. Chelsea asks
about the status of her and Phil. Steph complains there is no serious commitment and laments he always chases after Melanie. She is thru being the girl in the middle. Chelsea advises her not to give up on him as he really likes her. She thinks it is just biz with Mel. In addition, she should give Phil an ultimatum. Steph agrees, stands up, and departs for a confrontation.
- At Horton house, Maggie puts her coat on. Mel had not realized Lucas was a recovering alcoholic. Maggie gets her keys and starts to walk out. She knows exactly why he fell off the wagon and it is her job as his aunt and sponsor to track him down. Phil later shows up at Mel's door, grabs her, and, much to her surprise, kisses her passionately!
- At the Cheatin Heart, sloshed Lucas saunters in and sits at the bar. He wants a vodka, straight up. Maggie grabs it out of his hand.
"What the hell do you think you're doing!" exclaims the red head.
She tells him off and refers to Chloe being responsible. Lucas laughs. She tells him he is not funny. Lucas demands to know what Chloe did. Maggie tells it to him straight. "Chloe is having an affair." The smile fades fast from Lucas' face.
- At the hospital, Chelsea arrives to see Theo. "Family," he says as
his parents happily watch.
- Back at Horton house, Mel does not understand Phillip's sudden interest. "It's not astrophysics, honey," Phil coos. He claims this is all he wants as he has been consumed by his feelings. Mel still has her doubts. He insists they are alike and keeps kissing her. Mel kisses him right back. He stops and compliments her on her spirited nature. He has had an epiphany and realizes he has always wanted her. She wants to believe him and they continue kissing. Steph arrives at the door and looks thru the window, her eyes filled with shock!
- Back at the hospital, Dan decides to himself it is time for him and Chloe to take the next step, now that Kate is in remission ...
- Meanwhile, at the Cheatin Heart, Lucas wants more answers so Maggie obliges. "Chloe is seeing Daniel behind your back."
"He's a dead man," Lucas slurs, He is gonna kill him! He whips out his cell and proceeds to call Chloe as Daniel does the same. Who will reach her first ...?
- Back at the park, Chloe is now alone and asks God to please send her a sign. She hears her phone ring and takes it out, assuming that her sign has arrived!

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"That wasn't passion just now, that was just how a Kiriakis does business," Steph tells Mel.
Nicole smiles at Brady. "He seems to think that youíre in love with me."
EJ boasts to Stefano that Melanie will sign the contract. 'How can
you be so surrre?" the phoenix questions. EJ shakes his head. "She crosses us, thereís no happy ending for her."
Lucas rages at Dan's door. "I know what's going on! Come out here and face me, you ..."  The camera cuts to inside Dan's apartment. Chloe approaches the door, only to be thrown back by a huge
fireball and explosion!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


At the pier, Mel arrives for her morning meeting with EJ, who is miffed she is late. He has the papers and berates her for telling Phil she is taking the deal to him. He wants to know exactly how much Phillip knows. She says she handled him like a pro. EJ chuckles she
is a child. Furthermore, his research and development team will be able to finish the formula code shortly so Melanie, as it turns out, is disposable! Melís face falls. Will he bail on her? She points out his team could take months. He talks days. Mel says she would not try
to mess with a DiMera. He accuses her of using the project to win
the affection of Phillip Kiriakis. He starts to leave. Mel stops him.
She will do anything to prove her loyalty. He smiles, dangerously touches her face, and warns that if one wages war, there are always casualties. He departs as she calls after him that he waged the war
and if he wishes, she will sign the papers now. He shall see ...
Mel looks nervous.
- At Kiriakis mansion, Phil is in a hurry to leave. Victor stops him. What is the rush? Doesn't he have the fuels project under control again? Er yes, Phil replies, but he is rather anxious to attend to the Kaiser account. Vic says Brady convinced them to sign already. It
was a slam dunk, he boasts. Phil coldly turns around. That account was his. Brady says he is sorry. Vic told him to talk to Kaiser as he was not at the office. Phil gets testy. Brady and Vic explain that perhaps they needed a new, more European approach. Phil gets
even hotter under the collar when the Greek tycoon brings up the
risks of the fuels project. He wants Brady to do PR with Melanie.
Phil claims no one understands Mel like him. "That's what worries me," quips Vic. And he will not have Phil driving it into the ditch!
He talks about the DiMeras' involvement. Vic also clarifies that Brady at least does not have a desire to sleep with the girl. Phil asks for one more chance to prove himself. Vic agrees. "But consider yourself warned." And if he blows it, Melanie will not be the only one looking for a new job! Brady later tries to put his mind at ease by insisting to Phil that he will not overstep.
- In the park, Chloe answers her phone, Tis Dan at the hospital. He says he awaits Kateís medical update and if she is in remission, they can leave tonight. "I'll see you after work." They each say "I love you." Dan turns around, there stands Kate. Chloe turns around, there stand Aly and Lucas. "How's my favorite girl?" says Chloe. Aly runs to her. Lucas tells his daughter they have to go in a little while and then sends her off to play with a little friend, while watching. He tells Chloe to stay away from Aly. In addition, he wants to know the
truth. What or who made her decide not to marry him? She cries
and blames herself for being a horrible person and would understand
if he hates her. He replies he cannot as he still loves her. "I still love you too," confused Chloe laments. Lucas states she does not know what she wants or what she is saying. She says she would change it
if she could. He has had it with the cliches, tells her to go lie to someone else, and storms off. Chloe sits on a bench and sobs. A kindly priest approaches. "Would you like to talk about it?" She believes she has done a terrible thing. "I need some help." However, she is not Catholic. The priest informs her that makes no difference. Chloe begins. Her life has never been easy, starting out with her adoption, then the cancer, failed marriage. Now she no longer feels strong, just "guilty, weak, embarrassed." She tells him her cheating story and blames herself for everything. The father notes she is conflicted. She asks his advice. He thinks he knows exactly what she needs to do ...
- At the hospital, Kate is there for her blood work and hugs Dan, thanking him for his help as she awaits the results. Maggie stands in the distance and glares. She approaches. How is Lucas doing? Kate says as well as can be expected. Maggie pries and finds out that
Chloe was not specific about why she wanted to end it. Kate is still optimistic there might be a wedding and departs. Dan starts to walk away but the red head intervenes. "Not so fast." What is the plan?
She certainly hopes he does not assume he has a future with Chloe. Maggie feels Chloe is only in love with the short-lived excitement of the forbidden. "She barely knows you, Daniel." Dan asks her to understand they never meant to hurt anybody. She refuses. He tells her to leave him alone. Maggie reminds him Lucas is her family and he is hurting. Now what? He says she cannot make him feel guilty. She points out he will have to come clean to many people, Kate among them, and "Hell hath no fury like Kate Roberts scorned."
- At Kiriakis mansion, Kate arrives as Brady leaves. Phil is hopeful about her results but she does not have them yet. He prays she will
be able to start a new life again. So does she. "I am finally ready to
be back."  She invites Phil on an eventual trip with her and Lucas.
Vic enters so Phil abruptly takes his leave. Kate notes something is going on. Vic explains the prodigal son screwed up. Kate believes family and health are more important than anything and wishes
Victor were not so hard on their boy. She adds that when she gets a clean bill of health, she will become an involved mother again and make things right for her sons. Vic thinks she should let up. Kate wishes she could figure out what happened to Chloe and Lucas. Vic snaps she is a tramp who goes thru men like a tornado! But Kate thinks she can make things right between the two. Victor sighs. Kate reminds him Chloe risked her life for her. Vic is less forgiving. Kate teases Vic. He wonders if Daniel is the reason for her good mood.
She admits she still cares for him. Vic thinks she should tell him, in that case. Kate considers. "I should. I will."
- As EJ exits the pub, he runs into Brady. He has seen the wedding announcement in the paper. EJ sarcastically says he is not on the
guest list. Brady retorts Nicole is making a mistake by marrying into his sick, twisted family. EJ points out he is a DiMera too. He warns that Stefano does not like disloyalty or traitors. EJ tells him to think about what he said and walks away. Phil now approaches Brady, having overheard and apparently misunderstood the tail end of their discussion. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he growls.
- Inside the pub, Lucas takes a seat at the bar and stares at the bottles of booze. He orders a bloody Mary. Mel walks up. "Aren't you Philip Kiriakis' brother?" She joins him and asks for some advice. Lucas makes a joke and curtly says he would like to be left alone. Mel calls him a jerk and then spies Phil and Brady thru the window. Once alone, Lucas contemplates his drink. He does not need it, he tells himself. He will call his AA sponsor Maggie. He then stops and looks at the engagement ring Chloe gave back to him. He remembers his pain and takes a very long drink ...
- Outside. Phil accuses Brady of trying to muscle in on the fuels project. They butt heads. Raging Phil advises him to back off or lose his job! He then storms off.
- Maggie is in her kitchen, taking a pill for her headache when Mel returns. She met the infamous Lucas at the pub. Maggie asks if he seemed ok. No, says Mel. He was rude and shooed her off, not to mention that he ordered a bloody Mary so early in the morning. Maggie grabs her cell phone and frantically tries to make a call.
- At the hospital, Kate approaches Dan and asks if she can later join him at his place. She has something to tell him. He uncomfortably says he has something to tell her. She assumes it is the test results
and fears it is bad news.
- Raging Phil now bangs on the DiMera front door. "Answer the
door, damn it! EJ! Answer the door!" Master Elvis opens it. "You
son of a b"tch!" the Kiriakis explodes. He knows he is using Melanie to steal the fuels project from Titan and they will settle things right here right now ...!

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Chelsea tells Steph "I just don't want you to give up on him yet cos I know that he really really likes you." Steph later looks thru a window, stunned to see Phillip kissing Melanie.
Tony raises his voice to EJ. "You're about to set up war with the Kiriakis family. You regard that as nothing."
"Tell me, I can handle it!" Lucas insists to Maggie, who does just
that. "Chloe is having an affair."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Still at the pier, Melanie repeats her offer to suspicious Phil. If he
gets rid of a certain someone ... "That's not gonna happen," says
Phil. He will not give up Steph. "Then your loss will be EJ DiMera's gain," spitfire Mel warns. "You're playing a dangerous game," he warns right back. And all she does is make trouble. Mel explains at least she is non-judgmental and likes all his sides, unlike Steph. In fact, her fav side of him is ruthless Phillip. He calls her out of her
mind when she says they would be a good fit. Mel reminds him he would get not only her but also the fuel project. Phil becomes sarcastic. Mel states he must be rather bored of Steph. He shakes his head. She is a lying b*tch and he and Steph are closer than ever. Mel thinks that is just in his dreams. Phil points out Titan owns the rights to the project regardless of what she is up to. Furthermore, if she
tries to screw Titan over, "I will do everything in my power to
destroy you." He walks off. Mel giggles she hopes so!
- In EJ's bedroom, replay of Nicole's passionate plea. But he knows
it is too soon for them to be together as she just gave birth. Nicole catches herself and agrees. She meant they did not have to be close
in the traditional sense. They fall on the bed and start to kiss and laugh. They later lie together. Sydney makes a bit of noise. Nicole
gets up to fetch her bottle. EJ's phone rings. Tis Roman Brady, returning his call. EJ would like an update on when Samantha is coming home, for Johnnyís sake. "He misses her terribly." There is
a delay, Roman replies. Nicole returns. Who was that? Roman. EJ wants to know when Samantha will come home as the killer was caught a few days ago. Nicole wonders why this is the first time he
is telling her. She is annoyed that Sami will likely take up all his time and ruin her life and sarcastically adds "Hey, I'll throw her a freaking party!" EJ looks uncomfortable. Sami's return will change nothing,
for she has no influence on their lives. Nicole remembers stealing Sami's newborn at the clinic and then pretends she was agitated as
she does not wish to share EJ. She claims Sami hates her and loves
to stir up trouble. EJ assures her he will not allow Samantha to come between them. He loves Nicole and nothing will change that. Besides, Samantha is still in the witness protection program for now. Nicole sneakily asks what is new with her. EJ does not know of anything. Nicole picks up Sydney and hands her to EJ, who feeds her the
bottle. His phone rings again. Nicole notes it is Stefano so he should take it. She will finish feeding Sydney. EJ walks out to take the call. "Fatha .." Meanwhile, Nicole laments that she will have to keep
Sami from ruining everything after she comes home.
- At the courthouse, Bo is sorry that Fancyface had to give him her badge. "So am I," whispers Hope, her eyes wide and wounded. She accusingly talks visions. Bo sighs again. Hope claims she will never forgive herself. "Or me," Bo concludes. Hope states they have made their decision and she must follow protocol. What about their protocol, Bo wonders. Hope cannot see a solution for them. "Not
right now." She puts on her coat. Hope simply cannot forget the
image of Kayla lying there. Bo wants her to come home. She is not ready and does not know when she will be. Exit Hope.
- At the pub, Max and Chelsea talk. She admits she has feelings for him and wants more than friendship. She then gets embarrassed and covers up. Max, however, notes it "slipped out." They sit down and she brings up dessert. She says she was just blabbing, venting, How about chocolate cake? "Not for me," says Max. She mentions Steph. Max smiles. He is not into Steph that way anymore. Chelsea looks at the menu. Max agrees about the feelings and wants her to listen. She shuts the menu. "What kind of feelings are you feeling?" "The outta control kind," admits Max and he likes that. "These feelings that you have ..."  "For you," Max murmurs. Chelsea is worried about her
best friend Steph, who admitted she would have a problem with
them being together. Max says she will have to get over it. This is between just the two of them. "True," she agrees. Max has found
her beautifully amazing since she saw her on the pier with Theo. He had thought "If I ever got you back, I'd never let you go again."
They kiss and kiss and kiss. Enter Mel, who smiles she is happy for them. Exit Chelsea. Max promises he will call. Mel giggles. "So you and Chelsea, like I didn't call that one!" She laughs that princess
Steph will be upset not all the boys in Salem want her now, and then brings up playing the DiMeras against the Kiriakis clan. Max is exasperated but Mel looooves the adrenalin rush.
- At the hospital, Steph visits Patch and Kayla. They discuss Hope. Kayla worries that losing her cop badge might be the least of Hope's problems. Steph is confused. Why is everything so hard? She admits to Kay she did not break up with Phil. Patchman wants to know
what is going on. Steph says he does have a ruthless side in biz and perhaps it is not meant to be. Patch wants her to dump the guy for good. Steph says he has not done anything to hurt her personally and pouts he should not treat her like a little kid. She gets teary-eyed. Patch agrees to back off. Steph has already made a decision. She
and Phil are over. Boohoohoo. Exit Steph. Patch soon remarks Roman has not called. Kay is ready to call him when he walks on in. He has news of Hope, though it might not be what they want to hear. She has been suspended pending a full investigation Roman's cell rings. He exits to take the call. Kayla is upset and intends to start making calls. She will call Abe and the governor if she has to! Patch takes the phone. "No. baby. What you've got to do is let this go.
You need to recover." He reminds her Bo and Hope have been through worse and predicts they will come out stronger from this.
- At Titan, Phil storms in and decides to call Seph as he was
supposed to spend time with her. He leaves her a voice mail and curses Mel. Steph soon arrives. He tries to explain why he ran after Melanie. He knew she and EJ were trying to pull a fast one. She remarks he obsesses over Mel as she has something he wants. He agrees and makes it clear he will not let her or EJ take what is his. Steph does not understand why he cares so much about the project. Why is he not satisfied already? Phil quips she must want him to
give up biz or become a bartender. Steph sniffs. "Why are you being so mean to me?" Phil says she should know how he feels about her. Steph admits she does not want him to be tough. She wants him to
be kind and gentle. He kisses her. "I want to be with you, only you." Steph cannot forget Mel's hold over him, however, and departs. Phil sighs.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole has a night terror She dreams she wakes up to find EJ and Sydney gone. Enter stony-faced EJ, carrying the baby. Is something wrong? Yes, he seethes. "A nightmare of monumental proportions." He smiles dangerously. She dared cross
the DiMeras. He gets solemn. She crossed his family and will pay. Revenge is a specialty of the DiMeras! He coldly advises her to get out and leaves with baby Sydney, to take her to her real mother. Noooo, she cries! Nicole now wakes up and sees EJ peacefully sleeping next to her. T'was just a bad dream, She vows that as long
as she has breath in her body, Sami will not break up her new family!

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Victor informs Phil "I asked Brady to step in and see if he could do some PR with Melanie Layton."
"Are you kidding me!" Phil retorts
Mel tells EJ "I have to prove my loyalty to you. So I'll do anything, really anything."
"Just tell me how much you hate me," Chloe laments to Lucas, who replies he can't as he still loves her. "I still love you too," Chloe cries.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Replay of Mia wanting to talk to Nicole about her baby. Nicole is none too pleased.
- At the court, Hope, wearing a cross around her neck, alludes to the fact that what went down is the fault of Bo. Bo, however, thinks they need to talk and her not returning his calls has not been helpful. Hope is not sure she will ever be ready to talk to him. She is still devastated he did not share his important vision with her. Bo tries to make amends. Hope is tired. Enter Roman and Abe, who see the intense communication and wonder if they are interrupting. Hope answers in the negative and walks off. Later, the hearing gets underway behind closed doors. First up is Roman, who gives his account of the hospital incident.  Next up is Bo. One of the examiners gets Bo to admit that Hope fired her weapon without a direct command from the ranking officer in the situation. Bo appears tense. He attempts to defend his wifeís actions yet is cut off.
- At the hospital, feeble Kayla wishes to get out of bed to make it to the hearing so she can testify on Hope's behalf. Patch arrives. "No
no baby, you can't do that." He is concerned about her well being,
but Kayla insists she must testify to help bring Bo and Hope back together.
- At the court, Kayla is now on scene to testify on Hope's behalf, although the court record will show that she is the defendant's
sister-in-law. Once she is done, Patch wheels her back to the hospital. Abe and Roman remain on scene, waiting for the outcome. Hope
soon emerges, glares at Bo, and hands him her badge.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ is upstairs on a business call. Turns out
the formula Mel wrote down actually works! Enter maid Mary.
She says the staff is buzzing with the news of his upcoming wedding.
Master DiMera asks her to move his stuff into the master bedroom, cos he is ready to be a real family with Nicole and baby Sydney. Meanwhile, downstairs, Nicole uncomfortably remembers switching Mia's baby for Sami's and curtly informs the little dancer she cannot talk. In fact, she does not want her to call there ever again! Enter EJ, who asks to whom she is speaking. Nicole ends the call and lies it
was only a telemarketer. Elvis buys it, gives dahling a kiss, and walks out. Persistent Mia calls back and gives Nicole an earful. Perhaps she should return to Salem and reclaim her baby! She admits her dancing career has turned out to be a bust. Nicole encourages her to keep trying, asks her to let her baby go and stop calling, and hangs up.
- At the pub, Mel tells Phil she has been drinking as she lost her job. He reminds her she stole the patents. Phil also gets suspicious that
she must have done something. Mel plays innocent. Stephanie intervenes before things get ugly. Mel's cell rings. Tis EJ, pleased
that her formula checked out. Mel pretends she is speaking with Max. They set up a meeting at the pier. When the call is over, suspicious Phil senses something and wants to know what that was all about
and where she is going. Mel quips she no longer works for him and flounces off. Moments later, enter Max and Chelsea. Phil asks Max
if he was just talking to Mel on the phone. Max is perplexed. No. A light bulb goes off in Phil's head and he races after Melanie! Inside,
as Max gets drinks, Steph complains to Chelsea about Phil's ruthless attitude toward Mel and how it is slowly destroying the fabric of their relationship. Once Steph leaves, Max laments to Chelsea that the Phillip Kiriakis is to blame for Stephanie's problems and no one else! Steph returns and defends her boyfriend. Max calls him scum! Exit petulant Steph. Max insists to Chelsea that he is not jealous of Steph and Phil. Chelsea seems to have her doubts. Furthermore, she has
had quite enough of Max talking about Phil and Steph! He claims his only interest is in the well being of his sister. Chelsea has another angle on her mind. Are they only friends? "I dunno," says he. "Why are you asking me this?" Does she want to be more? She snaps at Max that he should just know what she needs right now and yes she wants something more!
- At the pier, tough guy Brady intimidates Dr. Baker until the doc promises to lay off Nicole. "No more money." And no more threats. He swears. Before departing, the doc states he is surprised that someone else knows the truth. He, unfortunately, had no choice, Nicole made him do it. Brady talks tough. Baker wonders why he cares so much. Cos he is a friend, says macho Brady. The doc warns him she is bad news. "You are not only blind, you're a fool!"
Elsewhere at the Salem pier, Mel meets with smiling EJ. He shows
her the money! Mel is pleased as punch and accepts the envelope full of cash, but she will be needing a written contract before the DiMeras get the rest of the formula. He will have the lawyers draw one up in the morning. EJ talks loyalty and asks why she really decided to leave Titan behind. Was it because of Phillip Kiriakis? The little Titan injunction, he adds, will not pose a problem. Any leaks on her end with the one who assisted her in viewing the formula again? He is not aware of it, Mel says rather cryptically. She is smart. "That you are, Miss Layton." EJ will be in touch. Phil now steps out of the shadows, leering he is not surprised to find them together. The accusations fly. Phil smells a crime. EJ dismisses him. Besides, why not call the cops if he can prove this little meeting constitutes industrial espionage?
Phil has no answer to that comment. EJ offers Miss Layton a lift.
She says she will be fine. Exit Master Elvis. Alone with Mel, Phil snatches her purse and fishes out the cash. Why was she given this?! He accuses her of talking about the fuel project. She points out he has no proof. Melanie nervously giggles and picks up the money when Phil throws it to the ground. She alludes to the fact that things still could be different. He wants to know how. Mel says Titan could be king of the hill again, but she wants him to make a gesture of good faith and she is certain he knows what she is talking about.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Brady storms in, demanding answers
from Nicole. What exactly have she and that Dr. Baker been up to? Nicole advises him to stay out of it. Brady, however, persists. He senses something bigger went on than just her bringing home Mia's baby. Nicole wants him to drop it. He raises his voice and refuses. Matter of fact, he wants answers now! She implores him to trust
her, back off, and just be her friend. He eventually agrees. She suggests he take his leave before Master EJ comes home. Exit Brady. Nicole now calls Doc Baker and reads him the riot act. Baker
assumes she is involved with Brady and when he hears she is not,
tells her that Brady must be crazy in love with her to have become
so involved in her dilemma. After her latest maddening phone call, Nicole awaits EJ in the bedroom. When he waltzes in, she welcomes him home with a big kiss and wants them to get close again - now. Elvis is caught off guard. "Sweetheart, what are you talking about. You know you can't do that. You just had a baby!" He looks at her inquisitively. Nicole blinks ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
"As if I'd give up Stephanie for you!" Phil tells Mel, who replies with "Then your loss is EJ DiMera's gain!"
Chelsea admits to Max she has feelings for him and adds, why wouldn't she?
Nicole sarcastically tells EJ "I can't wait for Samantha to come back
to Salem and ruin my life. Hey hey! I'll throw her a freaking party!"
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