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Friday, January 9, 2009 
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At the witness protection apartment, sleeping Rafe wakes up with Sami hovering over him. He is clutching his cell phone, which she
had tried unsuccessfully to snatch. She thinks he should go back to sleep. He sighs he needs to guard her and returns to a peaceful slumber. Sami feels she needs to get out of there. She makes sure
he is still asleep and reaches for the phone he is holding. Rafe wakes up with a start. "What's going on?!" She pretends she was trying to calm him down as he was thrashing in his sleep. Rafe thinks a few more aspirin and a cold shower will bring down whatever fever still lingers. He would like her to help him get to the shower. She does
just that. He leaves the cell phone behind. Once he is out of the
room, Sami grabs the cell and starts to gasp and dial. Enter Hilda,
the good egg. "Put the phone down now!" She takes the cell away
and warns poodle pants that using the phone could lead the killer to the doorstep. Sami freaks out. Hilda assures her they are getting
closer to the killer so it will be but a wee longer. She and Rafe will
not let anything happen to her. Then it's off, to attend to a case she
is working on. She is also knitting baby booties for Sami's baby!
Hilda gives back the phone after Sami pinky swears she will not use
it. Exit Hilda. Sami locks the door. Shirtless Rafe now staggers out
of the bathroom, about to fall. Sami rushes to his side. After she puts Rafe to bed, the FBI guard falls asleep again.Sami grabs her coat and keys, and departs, though she has not touched the phone cos a
promise is a promise ...
- Meanwhile, the snitch gives the assassin some more expensive information. He hands over a pic of Hilda, who would know where Sami is. "One way or another, she is gonna tell me," the killer drawls. Later on, the assassin catches up with Hilda on the foggy pier. She wants to know who he is and why he is following her, while slowly reaching back for her weapon. He replies he wants Sami Brady!
- At the Kiraikis mansion, Lucas and the very chic Chelsea shoot the breeze. He admires her for coming despite Daniel and Kate. They
are over now anyway. Chelsea is surprised to hear about it and she suspects Daniel has met someone new. She also disapproves of him giving Kate stress. Lucas points out the decision was entirely Kate's
so she could focus on health and family. Enter Kate, who confirms this and adds "If you love someone, set them free." Chelsea asks
why she dropped the doc. Kate thinks it is not her business. Chelsea presses. Did they have a fight? Kate assures her that she is fine and will be more comfortable with Daniel as her doctor, no more. Chels wonders how Dan is taking it. Kate jokes he must be devastated
over losing a woman like her. The very poised Chelsea is sorry and hopes Kate does not feel alone.Lucas returns and the smiles continue. Kate credits Lucas with part of her change in attitude. She wants to have what he and Chloe have together. She praises her some more. Lucas agrees. "And she's mine, all mine!" Kate then departs to ask Henderson for more hors d'oeuvres. Lucas talks Chloe. Their sudden relationship caught him off guard. He loves Chloe so much. Kate returns and wonders where she is. Lucas decides to rush his beautiful bride to be and walks off to do that. Kate wonders where Daniel is.
- Upstairs, Chloe insists Daniel leave as there is nothing to discuss, nothing between them. She dramatically opens the door. He gets
close and breathes he wants her to look him in the eye and say she wants him to go. "I want," Chloe begins and then gasps. "Me too," Dan whispers and grabs her in a passionate kiss, shutting the door. They get hot and heavy until Chloe breaks away and tells him to never do that! He insists he is the one person she can be honest with. She suspects he just wants to have a fling. Dan says that is not what he wants. Chloe does not want to hurt Lucas. Dan asks how she
feels. "You're with Kate and I'm with Lucas, end of story."  Dan, however, feels their story has not even begun! He says he is no
longer with Kate. Chloe pauses. Dan perceives it means something
to her that he is free. Chloe insists she loves Lucas. Dan demands to know if Chloe thinks about Lucas day and night, like Dan does her? "No!" she blurts out, then changing her flustered answer to a yes.
Dan thinks her marriage to Lucas would be a sham. She can hardly hold it together for a little engagement party. Dan is what she needs.
Why is he doing this to her, she laments. "I am not trying to hurt you," the doc whispers. He is not trying to wreck her and Lucas but for so long they have been unable to keep their eyes off each other. And the feelings are getting stronger. Chloe is unable to deny it. Operas are written about such situations, though, and they never
end well. Dan retorts this is no opera. This is their life! She feels she
is being unfair to Lucas. She says she can be a faithful wife. Dan explains Lucas wants her to want him. "Like I want you!" Chloe exclaims. "Happy now?!"  She turns away, toward the fireplace.
No, he is not happy now. He knows this is crazy. Tears start to flow
down Chloe's cheeks. Dan says they have a raw connection, they
can see each other's souls. He feels as though he has been waiting
for her his whole life. Chloe speaks of Lucas' love for her .... Dan thinks perhaps he should go. Chloe slaps him and cries "How could you do this to me!" She is torn and now hates herself. Dan is sorry. Chloe grabs him and they continue to kiss passionately, possibly setting millions of television sets on
fire! Clothes are removed and they fall on the bed together. Meanwhile Lucas approaches the shut door, reaching for the doorknob ...
- At the Brady pub, Max is tending bar when spitfire sis Mel walks
in and asks what's up. She sees something is wrong. He complains
he was invited and then uninvited to a party, "all in the span of a minute." He dries glasses and clams up. Mel realizes it must have
been Chelsea. Max fills her in. He thinks Chelsea did not want him at the party ...
At a table in the pub, Salem's redhead Maggie confers with Marlena, who is still pretty in purple. Marlena brings her up to speed on John's progress though she admits she is not sure what to think. Maggie would like to help. Marlena admits she senses the glacier inside John
is starting to show some cracks. She is worried for him, in case things happen fast and what about his anger that might be released? Maggie brings up Dr. Charlotte. Marlena just wishes she knew more about that one. Maggie senses Marlena's distrust of the woman. Blondie says she is not jealous of her personally, but perhaps professionally. Maggie advises her to find out what it is about Charlotte that is bothering her. Marlena hopes that the doc might be able to help John remember when he loved her. Exit friend Maggie. Marlena opens her computer and starts to search Charlotte Taylor.
- John arrives for his hypnosis session with Dr. Charlotte. He is a
little surprised she is setting up to tape the event, but he has news. Seems he has changed his mind! She has seen this kind of reaction before. What they are about to do can be scary. She understands.
But he wants his memory and his life back, she reminds him. The
doc gets thru to the former pawn who is later seated in her office,
his eyes closed, as she starts to slowly count backwards. When she reaches five, she tells him, he will feel very calm, relaxed. "Yes," he murmurs. Seven, six, five ... John is now instructed to visualize
a quiet place that is private. He is alone there. When she counts to one, he should remember one thing that happened yesterday. Three two one. Now go back one more year. He sees nothing but darkness. She tells him to look into the darkness and see a light inside it that shows someone from his past he wants to see. He is now on a misty pier, years ago, looking at Marlena. He smiles as he remembers. "Doc!" Old John from years back embraces Marlena of old on the Salem pier in a replay of a moment that once was. Charlotte asks what he remembers. Smiling John does not hesitate as he announces "Love of my life, it's Marlena!"

Next on Days of Our Lives
Nicole asks Tony why he is telling her this and not EJ. "Cos
EJ's still finding out," Tony replies.
"It is time for you to stop giving orders and start taking them,"
Stefano advises EJ.
Sister Theresa asks if Sami is afraid of him. "I'm terrified,"
Sami admits.
Chelsea tells Max her grandmother and Daniel broke up. He
wonders if she wants Dan back.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


In the alley, replay of Mia asking if Brady is Nicole's fiance."Are you gonna be my babyís father?" she smiles. Brady replies, stony-faced, "No, Iím not." Who is he then? Nicole states he is a trusted friend.
But Mia now does not trust Nicole and will never let her have her baby. When she leaves, Nicole screeches at Brady and calls him a selfish sob. "You ruined everything! You ruined my life!" She hits
and shoves him in her rage. Brady stops her and barks at her to calm down. Nicole laments she never should have trusted him. Brady tries to reason with her, to no avail. Nicole insists she wanted to give Mia and her baby a decent life. Brady still does not believe lies are the
way to go. Nicole whines she will now lose everything and continues
to blame Brady. She is devastated. He is sorry for her pain. She yells and accuses some more. He suggests again she tell EJ the truth about wanting to adopt. Selling and buying babies on the black market is a crime. She complains he never comes through for her.He understands she is lashing out but he believes she is really upset with EJ, he is the one she truly wants to lash out at. Brady continues to analyze. She does not think EJ loves her enough. He advises her to tell EJ the truth and take a leap of faith. She retorts she will never end up alone like Brady! He is a downer and she tells him to go depress someone else. Brady is now done with helping her. He tells her not to contact him anymore "Game over," he concludes as he walks away. Mia later comes across crying Nicole asking the heavens if it is so wrong for
her to want to be a mother. She laments about her sweet baby girl in heaven. She wants to put her love somewhere. Mia walks up and
puts an arm around her. What happened? Nicole turns around. Mia sees how much she wants her baby. She thinks they can work things out, though she still needs to meet her fiance. Nicole lies he is on a
biz trip. When he gets back, Mia says. Nicole agrees and asks for her cell number. They plan to talk again soon. After Mia goes home,  Nicole vows she will make it work this time. Whatever it takes.
- At the pub, John bumps into Charlotte, who spills her coffee. He
has decided to go thru with the hypnosis. Enter Marlena,  pretty in purple, and she overhears John's big news. Charlotte is smug she got through to him. Now she sees Marlena at her table and says her convos about his therapy are private. Exit Charlotte. John repeats to beaming blondie that he will indeed proceed with the hypnosis. She is so proud of him! He sits down. He is glad to hear that hypnotherapy worked for them before. He wants to know the truth about his past and he will do whatever it takes. Marlena sips her coffee and offers
up her encouragement. He again apologizes for making New Year's eve uncomfortable. He explains Charlotte says he has developed a mental block to remembering his past. Marlena does not like that Charlotte gave him an ultimatum - either get hypnosis or else their sessions are done. They disagree on that. John wants Marlena to
wish him luck. She does, realizing that is all she can do.John promises to keep her posted and leaves as Brady enters. Brady joins Marlena and she fills him on the hypnosis. Brady is optimistic. She wonders
if she did the right thing by pushing him into seeing Dr. Taylor.
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe is a bundle of nerves as she gets
ready for the engagement party. She pretends to Lucas she is just anxious about the guest list. Lucas thinks that his future bride looks beautiful. Chloe spies a box with a ribbon on the floor but Lucas has no idea what it is. It has a note from Kate, welcoming her to the family. Lucas is pleased mama Kate finally approves of his girl.
Chloe and his kids are the best thing that has ever happened to him. They fall on the bed kissing as Chloe appears to try and convince herself she wants to be with him.
- At the hospital, Kate asks Dan if he can come to the party. He wonders why. She values his friendship. Kate sees his reluctance. Is
it because of Chloe? Dan recalls seeing Chloe in her negligee and fibs she has nothing to do with it. Kate, however, has noticed the tension between them. Dan denies it and adds he should probably stay at the hospital to check on Theo. Kate hopes he will later show up, for her.
- Back at the mansion, Kate interrupts Lucas and Chloe, who thanks her for the gift. She now opens it. Tis a chic green dress. Kate wants her to feel like a princess. Chloe says she feels lucky. Exit Kate.
Lucas repeats Kate is fond of his beloved. Chloe does not think she deserves it and she feels guilty. Lucas wonders what is going on cos she keeps acting guilty, too. Chloe pretends Kate is just giving her too many gifts. Lucas disagrees. She is deserving. He cannot wait to see her in that gorgeous dress. Lucas exits so she can finish getting ready for the party. Chloe remembers Daniel again ...
- At Chez Rouge, Chelsea is picking up the cake for the party. Enter Max, who left his cell phone there New Year's. He gets it and runs
into Chelsea, who has not returned his messages. She points out he
did not have his cell and is never home. He thinks she is avoiding him and didn't they just agree to be friends anyway? Chelsea retorts do friends go around kissing each other? "We kissed, so what," reasons Max. It was New Year's. Chelsea plays it cool. She had thought they had figured out where things stood before then. Max wonders where she thinks things should stand. She asks what he wants. The cake is now given to Chelsea. She tells Max about the engagement party.
She is not that comfortable going solo. Max has an idea. He can accompany her. She appreciates his offer but thinks he just feels
sorry for her. She resolves to go on her own and be independent.
Max looks disappointed. They both force a smile and she departs.
- Dr. Dan has arrived at Kiriakis mansion. Kate is glad he decided to come though they are no longer seeing each other. Assuming the doc dumped his mom, Lucas loses his cool and punches him in the face! Stunned Dan gets up with a red mark on his cheek. Kate and Dan explain they came to an understanding that they would stop seeing
each other as Kate wants to focus on her family and health. Kate
states they decided to remain friends. Lucas apologizes. Dan goes to the bathroom down the hall to get the first aid kit. Chelsea shows up with the big cake. She asks Lucas if everything is ok. Lucas says not
to inquire what happened to Dr. Dan's face. Kate serves food. Lucas wants to check on Chloe, but Chelsea tells him to be patient.
- Dan finds Chloe in her room, trying to zip up her glamorous dress. He announces he has come to see her. She gently touches his face. What happened? Lucas, but it had nothing to do with them. Chloe is tense yet needs help with her dress. Dan stands behind her and slowly zips it up. He is there to talk about the fact that they are running scared, lying to themselves. It is not too late, he breathes. She does
not have to marry a man she does not love with her whole heart. He gets closer. She turns away, tormented. "I can't do this." She does
not wish to break Lucas' heart. Dan asks if she feels nothing for
him and he wants an answer! They do not have to continue this charade. Dan and Chloe now stare intensely into each other's eyes ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
Sami tells Rafe  "If you canít even stand up ..." "That's where you come in,"  he replies.
Chelsea tells Lucas "Daniel has probably met somebody else."
Chloe insists she loves Lucas. "Do you think about him day and
night, like I do you!" Dan explodes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Outside the pub, Master EJ is trying to give one of Stefano's thugs orders about getting the remaining money wired before the foreign markets close, but the thug says he only takes orders from his father. EJ gets tense. "You are going to do precisely what I tell you ... Now go!" he ushers the thug off. The thug says yes sir and departs. Brady walks up and wonders what that was about. EJ retorts it is none of
his business. Brady, however, will not back off. Is it business as
usual at DiMera enterprises these days? Anything that might
negatively affect his friend Nicole is his concern. EJ reminds him that he is her fiance, while Brady and his enormous ego play a minor role in her life. Brady commends him on his PR, which has falsely persuaded the town he is nothing like his father. EJ brings up his drug addict past and John's problems. Brady coolly points out that this has nothing to do with his family, but he thinks Nicole does not see what kind of guy he really is.
- In the alley, replay of Mia stating her last condition to Nicole - she needs to meet her fiance. No way says Nicole! Mia is taken aback. Nicole pretends he is presently out of town. Mia thinks something is off, way too creepy. Nicole stops her from leaving. What about their connection? Mia senses she is lying. Nicole denies it. Of course she
has a fiance, and he will be returning from his trip today. She will talk to him and arrange a meeting. Mia gives her an hour to bring the guy
to her place and exits.Nicole opens her bag and takes out her cell.
- Outside the pub, EJ gets sarcastic with Brady and says Nicole
knows exactly who he is. He is also mad about Brady's over-friendly concern for her well being ... Brady's cell rings so he pulls it out of
his jacket pocket to answer it. Why, tis Nicole, who wants to see
him now! Brady gives EJ the brush off and walks away without mentioning Nicole as his caller.
- Inside the pub, Lucas and reluctant Chloe are finishing coffee and about to head to Kiriakis mansion to see Kate. EJ waltzes in with
well wishes for the happy couple. Chloe shows her ring. EJ smoothly says Lucas also has excellent taste in women. Lucas becomes petulant. EJ announces he and Nicole are engaged. Chloe is thrilled and steps away to call her friend. Much to Lucas' irritation, EJ sits down. Roman put him in touch with Samantha and he told her he
was moving on with Nicole so Samantha would know she is now
free. "Why the hell would I wanna know that!" Lucas replies. He
does not want EJ's sloppy seconds and is that why he told him anyway? EJ felt he had a right to know as he is the father of two of her children. Lucas stands up. He is not interested in Sami's life anymore, for he too has moved on. He glances at Chloe. He cannot wait 'till they are married. He tells EJ to get away from him. Junior gets the message and moves over to the bar, where he is soon on a business call. It gets interrupted by another call. Tis fatha, who summons him to the hospital.
- Bo and Hope are also later at the pub, discussing his visions. Hope thinks he should talk to a psychiatrist. Bo tells her to leave it alone
and walks away. Hope insists. Bo seems to be going out of his mind. How about Kayla? Maybe she could give him a medical explanation. Bo, however, refuses to let anyone else know about his premonition.
- At the alley, baffled Brady meets Nicole. She mentions her friend Mia, who lives nearby. Brady perceives she is no longer wearing her padding and assumes she has told EJ, which accounts for his foul mood. No, she did not tell him anything. "The fraud continues,"
Brady criticizes. Why did she ask him to come? She needs his help
and tells him all about Mia. She is perfect, she coos. Brady wants
her to cut to the chase. She does. Will he pretend to be her fiance?
Brady's answer is "No!" She begs. He cuts her short. He is sick of
the lying. Nicole begs. She cannot take no for an answer. He does
not feel good about lying. She goes on and on about needing to be with EJ, who loves her for real. She cries and laments she feels unlovable. To feel whole, she needs Mia's baby. Pulease! All of a sudden Mia approaches the pair. "Is this your fiance?"
- At Kiriakis mansion, stylish Kate welcomes Chloe and Lucas. She
is hosting their engagement party tonight! They are surprised. Lucas
says it is fine but Chloe says it's not. Lucas asks why not. Chloe remembers being in Dan's arms and makes the excuse that Kate
could be taxing herself. Kate states she feels terrific. Chloe now agrees.The party tonight it is. Kate just has one more guest to invite - Daniel. She goes to the hospital to invite him in person. Lucas thanks Chloe for sparing him mom's feelings but wants to know why she
did not want the party. Is she having second thoughts about them?
- At the hospital surrounded by anxious DiMeras, Dan insists they
need to perform the procedure to prevent Theo from dying. Lexie agrees. Enter Abe. She fills him in. He does not want her to blame herself. Lexie laments she is being punished. Abe says this is out of their hands now, and Lexie is precious to him. He would like her to
be kind to herself. An hour passes and then some. They continue to wait. Abe and Lexie tell each other "I love you." Abe walks off to get them coffee. Stefano tells Lexie he has called one of the greatest neurosurgeons in the country, who will shortly be in Salem. He feels
he must do something for his grandson. Lexie wants Stefano to leave. She is annoyed. It is not about what he wants. "Please, leave!" The phoenix sighs. She goes on. She does not wish to see him at all, as it reminds her of what happened. She was so focused on him, she did not watch Theo. Stefano advises her to be strong. Theo needs them all! Enter Dr. Dan, who as just gotten out of surgery. Theo seems
just fine. The next 24 hours will be critical, but it looks good. Theo
is a fighter. Lexie is grateful. There are smiles all around. She asks Abe to forgive her. Abe says she has to forgive herself and stop blaming herself. They look forward to seeing Theo again. Enter EJ. He is glad to hear the good news. Lexie asks Abe to call Bo and
Hope. He leaves to make the call. Lexie advises EJ to go home and appreciate his little boy. Once he is gone, Dan approaches Lexie.
How is she holding up? Good and she is reminded that we must tell the people we love how we feel now! Dan considers.Kate later finds him alone and invites him to Chloe and Lucas' engagement party.
- Meanwhile, at Kiriaks mansion, Lucas accuses Chloe of not being ready to get married. She thinks of her incredible chemistry with
Dan but denies she is having second thoughts!
- Back at the pub, Bo and Hope are joined by Ciara. Bo is sorry he snapped at Hope, but he needs her to support his decision. She
agrees for now. Hope then gets the call from Abe about Theo's successful surgery. "Best news ever!" exclaims Bo.
- At the hospital Stefano is yelling on the phone to get it done. Elvis waltzes up and informs him he took care of their overseas situation. Stefano now complains of a new problem with an associate in
Central America. EJ agrees to handle it.
- Abe and Lexie visit sleeping Theo in his hospital room. Stefano
looks in the door, raises his eyes to the heavens in thanks, and
departs ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
Chelsea asks Max is friends go around kissing each other.
Chloe spies a present. Lucas says he didn't do that and he doesn't know what it is.
Mia eagerly asks Brady "Are you gonna be my baby's father?"
Kate questions Dan on his reluctance. "Is it because of Chloe?"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

At Kiriakis mansion, Phil and Steph get hot and heavy in his room.
Big Steph is all over him as the pantfest continues. Phil pulls away. They have to stop! They then get dressed. Steph feels humiliated.
Phil explains he cares about her way too much. She gets sarcastic.
She doesn't care about all those other women, how about living in the moment. Phil thinks that sounds like a good idea. They kiss. But then they stop again. Steph now thinks they have made the right decision
in deciding to wait. It is different for both of them. Phil suggests they go on a date for dinner where Mel is not likely to turn up.
- Downstairs, Dr. Dan drops by to see Kate, who is in good spirits
and stylishly dressed. He has brought her a chick flick - Sleepless in Seattle - so they can hang out together. Kate tells him he is a unique and kind man. However, she has decided to take her life in a new direction, without him! Dr. Love looks shocked. "So, it's over?" He hopes he has not upset her. She says it is not him, it's her. She feels she is living on borrowed time and would rather be on her own, with no romantic attachments. She wishes to focus on her children, her family, and herself. He understands, yet wonders if  he has somehow disappointed her? Kate insists no no no! He was her savior and she is starting a new chapter. Hr cares what she thinks. She brought out the best in him. Dan is paged so he must head to the hospital. He pauses
in the doorway before sauntering off. "Bye, Kate." She watches wistfully. Later, Phil and Steph walk in. Kate wants a word with Phil so Steph goes in the kitchen to get a drink. Phil is apprehensive. Diva Kate, however, approves of Stephanie for her son and suggests he invite her to the surprise engagement party she is giving tonight for Chloe and Lucas. They toast to happiness. Steph returns and is very pleased when Kate says she hopes to see her around more often.
- At the clinic, Dr. Baby Broker Baker angrily advises Nicole to face the fact she is not a mother and never will be. Nicole yells. The doc says she lives in a crazy world and needs to face the fact that she had
a miscarriage. The exchange gets more heated. "You are a psycho!" the doc says in exasperation, reminding her how she has been faking her pregnancy. "You are a sleazy baby broker!" the she-devil retorts. He states he calls the shots. Nicole grabs the patient's pink file and storms off ...
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano and Lexie find unconscious Theo at
the foot of the grand staircase. Meanwhile, psychic Bo has seen the whole thing from his office and calls 911. Enter Hope. Bo says they must go. Hope realizes he has had a premonition. They depart together. Back at the mansion, Stefano calls 911. He needs an ambulance for a little boy ... "What?" the phoenix says in surprise. It turns out the paramedics are already on their way. He assures upset Lexie the lad will be fine. Theo is taken away by the ambulance as
Bo and Hope arrive on scene, much to the DiMeras' surprise.
Stefano says they should never have let Theo out of their sight. "It was an accident," Hope sadly points out.
- At the hospital, the gang follow Theo as he is wheeled off to ER. Seems he is not breathing, just as Bo saw in his original vision. Lexie screams and wails and wails and screams. Bo remembers Zack. Now enter suave Tony, elegant in red tie, white shirt, and black coat. He comforts sister Lexie. Abe is at a retreat with his staff. Stefano offers to help find him. Lexie says no. Tony promises to contact Abe. Lexie wants him to stay. An injury like this could affect Theo for life ... "You're a wonderful mother," Tony interrupts, though Lexie blames herself for not watching him (again!) They embrace. Tony tries to make her feel better. Lexie thinks he wandered off due to the tension at the mansion. Tony disagrees. Children like to explore. Lexie goes
on as she glares at Stefano. Either she can be a good mother or a
good daughter. If Theo pulls though, she knows what she must do. One of the paramedics and also Stefano ask Bo how he knew to call 911 before the family. Bo looks uncomfortable. Hope steps in. Why
is Stefano questioning him like this? Stefano strokes his beard and states he was not questioning, he is just verrry grateful. Hope asks
the phoenix to excuse them. He complies. Bo thanks her for intervening. "I knew you couldn't explain why." she replies. Bo
cannot even explain it to himself!  Dr. Dan rushes in as Theo is wheeled out by a doctor in a white coast, bearing a grim expression. How is he? Still unconscious. Time for a CT scan. Dan heads off
with the other doc to help. He will be back when they get the results. Lexie laments this is worse than learning Theo had autism. At least she was able back then to read his eyes and see his lovely soul. They wait and wait for the results. Bo is tormented that he could not prevent the accident. Enter Dr. Dan with the results. Theo might
have swelling in the brain. They can relieve the pressure with surgery - brain surgery. Stefano would like to fly in his own specialist. No time. Little Theo is  lucky they got him here as fast as they did.
They will operate immediately.
- In an alley, Lexie waits for baby mama Mia to come home to her dump. She introduces herself when the young girl arrives outside.
She was going to adopt her baby. Mia points out she changed her mind.  Nicole makes nice and tries to convince her. Mia gets teary-eyed as she listens. Nicole could give the child not only advantages,
but also love. Nicole gets teary-eyed tool. She wants this baby more than anything, more than her life. Mia admits her life is a mess, there are cockroaches where she lives, little water. She is a ballet and jazz dancer. She had scholarships before. In fact, she had just been accepted to a dance school in Japan, where her aunt lives, but then
she got pregnant. She feels bad about leaving her baby, it would be mean. Nicole retorts it is not mean if someone else loves and wants that baby. Mia smiles that Nicole really wants her baby. She then
spies Nicole's engagement ring. She cannot let her have her baby if
she is not married yet! She will be like her mom was, with boyfriends who beat up on them. Forget it! Nicole insists she will be married
soon. She laments she was told she could not have children and is desperate to have one. Mia is still perplexed. Nicole says there was another baby and that loss was very painful. Then she saw Mia's pic, how she resembled her, and knew it would be perfect. She will love the baby no matter what if Mia decides to give him or her up. Mia agrees. Nicole is elated. But there is one more thing. Mia wants to
meet the guy Nicole is going to marry first ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Lexie snaps at Stefano that it is not about what he wants and tells
him to leave!
Hope suggests Bo talk to someone, like a psychiatrist ...
"Is it about us? Are you having second thoughts?" Lucas asks Chloe.
Suspicious Brady wants to know what Nicole needs him for and he wants to know now!

Monday, January 5, 2009


At the pub, Phil runs into cool Bo and they catch up. Bo has heard
Phil rang in the New Year with Stephanie. Phil admits they had a
good time. Bo looks disapproving. Phil asks if he has a problem with him dating Steph. "You tell me," says Bo. He cares about Phil, cos
he is his bro, and he also cares about Steph. He wants him to be
good to her and not break her heart. He hurts women. Exit Bo, after reiterating that Stephanie is special. Phil gets annoyed and whips out his cell.
- At swanky Titan, Steph is desperately seeking Phil and runs into
Mel instead. Mel smiles and says it seems their happily ever after
ain't gonna happen, since she can't even find him after that kiss!
Steph then pretends Phil dropped her. Mel buys it. Smug Steph laughs. Mel thinks Steph is living in an alternate universe. Smug
Steph says all is crystal clear now. Mel wants Phil, but she will never be able to get past her to make it happen. Mel, however, believes Phil's soul has been damaged and he is on fire, sucking in anything that gets close. He is not sweet like her brother Max. In fact, he will chew Steph up and spit her out! Just then Steph's cell rings. It is Phil. He summons her to his place in 10 minutes. "I'll be there," she quips and smugly departs.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ is at Nicole's bedroom door. He wants to know why she never told him about her car breaking down. The garage just called. Master DiMera would like answers. Nicole takes him by the hand. His proposal made her forget. He senses she is leaving something out. He wants her to be honest with him. She agrees. He suggests they take a walk to talk without Fatha listening. They head for Pier 5, where EJ places his briefcase on a bench. He wishes to know why she concealed her car breaking down from him. Nicole feigns irritation that he thought she could not handle her car breaking down. He admires her independence and hopes one day she will understand there is no need to tough it out without him. They embrace. Nicole sadly remembers Brady telling her the baby didn't make it. "I wish you could make it right," she laments. Elvis does
not understand. What does she wish he could make right? Nicole covers. Just stuff in general. Life is hard. Not if they face things together, says he. Will she forgive him for being so controlling?
Nicole laughs and coyly agrees. They kiss and stumble over to the bench, where his briefcase is knocked open. The contents spill onto the ground. Nicole helps him pick the papers up and sees the prenuptial agreement. He explains. Fatha arranged it but he said absolutely not and was merely taking it to the office to be shredded. He tears it up. Nicole smiles. He could have asked her to sign cos
she loves him. He loves her, too. They sit down together. Nicole
coos she does not want his money, just him and their family. Elvis announces their little child will have the best mother in the world.
She decisively agrees. Later on, whe she is alone, Nicole calls Dr. Baker at the clinic. She needs to see him. He reminds her she had
her chance. She tells him to shut up. She wants results and will be there soon. Once she gets to his office, Nicole rages at the doctor about what will happen if he does not get her a baby. He says the
gal she was supposed to meet is in a fragile state. And they could all be killed if the DiMeras knew what they were up to! Nicole wants
the pregnant girl's pic. The dubious doc obliges. Nicole is now
pleased and wants to know her address.
- At the witness protection apartment, Sami tosses and turns. Everywhere she close her eyes, she sees EJ. All of a sudden Rafe gasps. Sami is at his side in an instant. He has a temperature so she thinks she should call an ambulance. Rafe stops her by grabbing his phone back. "I'm stronger than you think," he croaks. Sami begs him to let her call a doc. No luck. Sami gives him water and gasps they must get his body temperature down - with a sponge bath. She does just that but swipes his cell the minute he falls asleep.
- At the hospital, Lexie receives a call from Stefano, who would like
to give Theo another Christmas prezzie. "I am still grandpapa, no?" Can she bring him over? Lexie has just dropped off Theo for his session and refuses to bring him over. Stefano shakes his head.
Lexie is crabby and impatient and ends the call. Theo is then brought to her. He seems agitated and could use a special reward. Lexie considers.
- Mel drops by to see Maggie at closed Chez Rouge. Maggie is happy she came and informs her that Nick's sentencing hearing is coming up. He would like her to be there so he can make a public apology to her. Mel agrees to attend. She is grateful for Maggie's help. Maggie also wants her to be good to herself. She saw the game she was playing with Phil and Steph at the party. She warns her she will never be able to wrap Philip Kiriakis around her little finger. Mel appreciates the advice. She complains sometimes she acts the way her dad taught her to be. Maggie thinks it sounds terribly sad. Teary-eyed Mel promises she will stay away from troublemaker Phil. Maggie must leave to take a call and tells Mel she is there for her if she ever needs to talk. Exit Maggie. Mel suddenly appears to get an idea about Nick's sentencing hearing ...!
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Steph enters. Phil stands up. She is glad
he called as New Year's eve was amazing. They kiss and fall on the sofa. Phil pulls away. Persistent Steph follows him and insists she knows what she wants. Phil does not want to hurt her. He needs space. She smiles angrily and calls him a bastard, thinking he has
been leading her on. Phil repeats he does not want to hurt her, she is important to him. He admits he has a lousy track record with
women. She wants them to be about happiness and kisses him. Phil warns her anyone could walk in on them. Steph wants to go to his bedroom. They do. Is she sure? She says yes. They fall on the bed.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Stefano dotes on his grandson and shows him some treats the cook made just for him. Lexie intervenes with cookies she has made for him. She snaps she knows what is best for everyone. Stefano chuckles. He loves when she is feisty and promises from now on, he will check with her about the rules but can he then have more visits with Theodore? Unbeknownst to them, Theo has silently wandered out to the majestic staircase ...
- At the police station, Bo is super busy. Hope wants him to take a breather. Bo drinks coffee. They discuss his visions, which have disappeared. They then kiss. Hope shuts the blinds, much to Bo's embarrassment cos the fellas at the station have been making fun of how every time Hope enters his office, she shuts the blinds! She
soon opens the blinds. He needs a break. She will make reservations for them at Mountainview Lodge so they can leave this afternoon.
They kiss. Bo is then alone, working at his computer when he has a vision of Theo walking up the DiMera staircase. Lexie goes to get
him but the lad is at the top of the staircase, trying to touch a
painting. Eerie music is heard. Bo clutches his head, a look of horror on his face as he sees Theo start to fall ...

Next on Days of Our Lives

Lexie bends over unconscious Theo and begs him to answer her.
Nicole meets the mother in the photo and tells her "I'm the woman who was gonna adopt your baby."
Steph and Phil get half-nekid in his bedroom ...
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