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Friday, January 2, 2009 
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At Chez Rouge, replay of flirty Mel telling Phil he drives her to extremes. He says it would be a short trip. They start to get verrry close and then big Steph returns. She puts an arm around Phil and claims her dress is fine but did she miss something between him and Mel? Phil answers in the affirmative. Steph asks if they kissed. Phil says no and gives Steph a new year kiss. Smug Steph mouths happy new year to miffed Mel, who sarcastically says they are cute like Brangelina. She adds the three of them will have fun fun working together. Exit Melanie. Phil and Steph go to the pier and Steph wonders if he only kissed her to prove a point to Melanie. Phil smoothly says it was a new year's kiss, though maybe he did at first kiss her to make a point to Mel. However, once they started to kiss,
he could think only of Steph. She smiles, pleased by his words. She asks him to kiss her again. Playboy Phil obliges.
Meanwhile, Mel goes back to Titan alone and kicks a few party balloons, feeling that her situation is pathetic.
- Still at Chez Rouge, Lucas complains to Kate he cannot reach
Chloe. Kate decides to call Dan. It goes to voice mail. Where are
Dan and Chloe? Nosy hostess Maggie lends a sympathetic ear.
- At the pier, replay of Dr. Dan carrying Chloe beneath the fireworks. Their lips are about to meet until his cell rings. Back to reality. Chloe wants Dan to put her down. He does. They decide to contact Kate
and Lucas, who have been trying to reach them via their cell phones.
- At the witness protection apartment, Sami wants to watch the fireworks and complains when Rafe tells her to move away from the window. She throws her glass in a hissy fit. Then she is sorry. He is understanding. She points out it must also be tough for him to be
there with her. "It is what it is," the Rafe says philosophically. "You must be miserable here stuck with meeee," Sami taunts. Rafe says he always volunteers to work on the holidays anway. Sami asks about his family. Rafe accuses her of pumping him for personal info. He pours himself more cider. Sami gets agitated about him not opening up. He replies he is focused and in that respect, they are alike. They are both goal oriented. However, he sees that with the Sister Theresa scheme, Sami is still trying to find a way to get around him. Sami later returns and huffs that Rafe is always trying to get inside her head. So what does he think is her plan b? What is she thinking now huh? Rafe pauses. He presently does not believe she has a plan b. They say goodnight as it is time for bed. From his sofa, Rafe retorts that to answer her question, she is glad he is there. Sami grins from her bed and remembers the nice Christmas gift Rafe gave her of seeing her kids. Now she groans. She tells Rafe she cannot stop worrying about her kids as well as EJ.
- At DiMera mansion, Brady shows up, surprised as Nicole never told him the party was cancelled. EJ laments he does not know where she is and she evidently did not wish to spend time with him! Brady asks
if there was a reason for her to take off. EJ thinks tis his fault for working but he did have a surprise planned. Dr. Baker now calls EJ, hoping to speak with Nicole. He will try again tomorrow. EJ wants a message. Surely it is important for him to call at so late an hour. The doc states he was returning her call as she called him numerous times. The doc ends the call. Brady wishes EJ luck in locating Nicole and heads out, suspicious of why the doc was calling her ...
- Stuck in her car, mad Nicole cannot reach Dr. Baker with her cell phone. Brady pulls up, to the rescue! She is anxious to hear whether Baker spoke to EJ. Brady assures her it did not sound like the doc spilled the beans on her fake pregnancy but what craziness is she up
to now? Nicole admits Baker is a baby broker and she was en route
to get a baby! Brady is dismayed. When they get to the clinic, Baker has bad news. The young mom did not wait. Nicole whines. Baker repeats the deal is off, the gal will not give the baby to her. He exits. Nicole starts to cry. Enter Brady. She fills him in. It is over. Brady is sorry. What is she gonna do now? She cries she guesses she has to
tell EJ everything.
- At the hospital, Kate and Lucas arrive and hear from Dan that Chloe is having her ankle bandaged. Kate hugs him. What would Chloe have done without him! Lucas goes in to see his beloved. He is glad she is alright. Kate asks Dan for a ride home. But Both Dan and Chloe are preoccupied with thoughts of their almost kiss!
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate has arranged a celebration with Dr. Dan and champagne. Dan the man looks like his thoughts are elsewhere as Kate toasts him. "I owe you everything," the black
widow breathes. Dan reminds her she is tenacious. Kate wishes she could ask him to stay but what is the sense really, given she is not ready so soon after her illness. He promises her she will get those feelings back. They hug. Dan's thoughts are clearly still elsewhere.
- Lucas takes Chloe back to Chez Rouge, which is closed to everyone else now. It is their first new year's eve together, as a couple. He eagerly does another new year countdown and they kiss.
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ unhappily paces. Enter Nicole, who is sorry she took off.  With Stefano's dark portrait looking on in the background, she admits she needs to tell him the truth. EJ replies he already knows the truth. She is flabbergasted. Eerie music is heard as he recounts how she never judged him for being a DiMera, and it was all for their baby. Nicole gets teary-eyed, He did the same for her and it is all she ever wanted. EJ was very worried, terrified, in fact when
he thought he might have lost her tonight. He gets down on a knee
and pops open a box containing a diamond ring. Will she marry him? Yes, she gasps, and they seal the deal with a kiss.

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Mel warns Steph "Phillip is gonna chew you up and spit you out."
Phil asks Bo if he has a problem with him dating Stephanie. Bo sighs.
"What's going on," EJ asks a nervous Nicole. "Where were you?"
Rafe gasps on the sofa as Sami is at his side, exclaiming "Oh my
God!" wondering what is happening.

Wednesday December 31, 2008


At Kiriakis mansion, Phil's date Steph arrives in a mini-dress, her hair up. She doesn't want champagne. Phil thinks she looks beautiful but Steph is nervous as she thinks she does not fit into his posh world.
He tries to make her feel comfy. She smiles and agrees to go to Chez Rouge. They kiss. Enter Lucas, who makes himself at home. Shallow Steph walks away with her cell to talk shoes with a friend. Phil tells Lucas things are going well between them.
- At the pub, Chelsea barges in and announces she knows guys either talk about sex or football so which should it be? Max says he is giving up sex, that is his New Year's resolution. Chelsea teases that would
be hard and brings up his bad past with Stephanie. She is going to
Chez Rouge to meet grandma Kate and invites him. Max accepts. Chelsea then remembers Steph will be there. Max will still go. Chelsea wants him to wear a suit and an attitude. And resolutions don't kick in just yet!
- At Chez Rouge, dolled up Marlena and Charlotte are greeted by Maggie. Enter John. Is three a crowd, he smiles. He joins the gals at their table. Doc Charlotte does not feel she should socialize with a patient and leaves. Marlena lectures John for walking out on her at Christmas. She is thrilled he is in therapy but has the feeling he is working her. Much to John's chagrin, she exits.
Maggie greets Mel, who has checked out the reservations list and has
a diet soda at the bar. A dork in a suit tries to hit on her. Glam Doug and Julie are at a table and toast each other. Enter Phil, Steph, and Lucas. Lucas' cell rings. Melanie walks up to wishes Phil and Steph a happy new year. Phil is rude, Steph is catty. Julie happens by and warns Mel she is onto her! Lucas sits at a table with Phil and Steph. He doesn't know where Chloe is and keeps trying to reach her.
- At the hospital, Chloe walks out of the exam room and tells Kate
she asked Dan to take himself off her case. Kate pries. Why? Dan points out it is Chloe's decision. Chloe says it would be less personal with another doctor. Kate is worried. Chloe assures her she is fine according to her last check-up. Kate now wants to talk to both of
them about something else. She wants the wedding date to be moved up and she wants Dan to support her, cos if the transplant doesn't work, she doesn't have much time. Chloe agrees to talk to Lucas,
says she will see her later at Chez Rouge, and departs. "What's going on between you two?" Kate then asks Dr. Dan, who looks mighty uncomfortable. There is nothing going on. He just wants Kate to make a complete recovery. However, Kate does not like that someone or something is bothering her son's beloved.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ curses his cell as Tony walks in. What is the matter? "Where the hell is Nicole!" EJ explodes. He is frustrated at his job and circumstances and pours himself a drink. He had planned to ask her to marry him tonight yet now he has to take a conference call at the office. Tony offers to take the conference call. EJ cannot let
him do that. He promised fatha. Tony suspects fatha stirred things up to distract him in his relationship with Nicole. EJ considers. Fatha will not succeed in taking control of his life. "Don't say I didn't warn you," Tony smoothly states as he walks away in his elegant leather coat.
- Still in Dr. Baker's office, Nicole says she needs a mother that is white and as far along as she would have been. The doc reminds her such a woman would have had many parents lined up already. She is not a DiMera yet and she will need to pay the lucky mom more than just a vase! Nicole claims she will take care of that stuff, no need to worry.
- Nicole then returns to DiMera mansion. EJ complains he has to go
to the office for a video conference call with Hong Kong. Nicole is not fussed. They kiss. He promises to be quick and run right back home. Nicole pretends she is tired and will nap while he is gone. She happily promises him a happy new year. They kiss again. Later, Chloe shows up on Nicole's doorstep, desperate to talk to a friend.
- As they walk along the waterfront with coffee, wide-eyed Chloe fills Nicole in on her attraction for a man other than her fiancee, "That old black magic," Nicole teases. Chloe admits she does not want to leave Lucas but she wonders if she should tell him of her other attraction. Nicole talks her out of it.  Meanwhile, tormented Dr. Dan is at the hospital, distracted by thoughts of how it felt when they touched! Nicole gets a call on her cell. Doc Baker might have found a baby.
She happily rushes off, leaving Chloe alone on the pier.
- Back at the mansion, EJ has returned from his work duty. Tony embraces his brother and wishes him a Happy New Year before exiting. "Nicole dahling," EJ calls out, ready to pop the question, but dahling is nowhere to be found! EJ's face falls. Meanwhile, Nicole speeds through the snow to get to Dr. Baker before she misses her chance.
- Kate arrives at Chez Rouge as do Max and Chelsea. Kate toasts her sons. Mel spies Phil and Steph dancing up close and personal, so she gets the dork from the bar to spill his drink on Steph's mini-dress.Phil is suspicious. Mel says he should be flattered that he drives her to extremes. Everyone who should be at Chez Rouge is now present but Chloe, who runs into Dr. Dan at the pier. They stare deeply into each other's eyes. He wants to talk. She thinks it is a bad idea and walks away. A scream is heard as Chloe takes a tumble. The doc checks it out. She has sprained her foot so he lifts her up in his arms.
- John follows Marlena outside and tells her he is sorry, She kisses his cheek, wishes him a happy new year and walks off. The pawn is
clearly moved ...
- As the New Year rings in throughout Salem, Sir Galahad Dan carries Chloe beneath the fireworks, their faces close, Chelsea kisses Max
and then runs away, and Nicole's car breaks down, while EJ broods alone in the DiMera living room, his only company a very silent chess set ...


Next on Days of Our Lives

Rafe drinks up for the New Year and accuses Sami of trying to
find a way to get around him.
EJ laments to Brady, "I'm the reason she left."
Smug Steph glances at mad Mel as Phil gives her a New Year embrace.

Tuesday December 30, 2008


At Horton cabin, Chloe is dreaming of Dr. Dan while in bed with Lucas! "Sooo amazing," she breathes. Lucas calls her a tiger when it's over. Chloe remembers Dan and becomes elusive. Lucas wants to know what made her that passionate. Lucas, she claims, makes her feel safe and secure. Lucas thinks she is wonderful with him and wonderful with Aly. He loves her. Chloe appears distracted as he kisses her. She is later dressed and Lucas asks if he should go to the hospital with her. Chloe says no. Lucas continues to heap on the compliments. Chloe uncomfortably departs.
- At Kiriakis mansion, Dan the man brings Kate flowers. He is seeking comfort from a friend. He suggests for New Year's eve they watch tv and order dim sum. They starts to kiss. Kate pulls back, saying she is not in the mood. Dan is sorry. He had really intended to come over and spend platonic time together only.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano is pleased about the engagement diamond from Argentina that EJ will give Nicole. He then brings up
the next step before getting married. The savvy phoenix presents his heir with a prenuptial agreement he had drawn up. EJ is not amused. "How dare you?" As Stefano patiently puts it. his son is a brilliant lawyer but too trusting. It is a form of protection. "Nicole is a lovely young thing, but she is human ..."  Nicole has a bad reputation as a fortune hunter. EJ refuses to listen. She was abused by men, hence
his not ever wanting her to sign a prenup. Stefano elaborates. If he ever married again, he would insist on a prenup. He is interrupted by
a call from Hong Kong and leaves the room. "Think about what I said." EJ pensively looks at the ring and then calls Nicole's cell ....
- At Dr. Baker's clinic, Nicole continues her confrontation in the baby market doc's office. How dare he! She knows he is a big time baby broker! Unless he can find her a baby like now, he is going down, she rages! He denies her accusation until he finds out she has his cell phone. She wants a baby now! The doc stares back at her.  He continues to deny, she continues to rage. The doc starts to leave. Nicole warns if he walks out on her now, he is making the worst mistake of his life. He pauses. She is livid and distraught he has not offered to help her. Why not?! The doc says he nearly did, but she stopped him by throwing around the DiMera name. He knows what they can do.Deceiving the DiMera family could make his future bleak. She threatens to get him jailed unless he helps her! Nicole's cell rings. It is EJ, who loves her and cannot wait to see her. She hangs up and repeats what he said to Baker, who asks why she doesn't tell him the truth. She laments she would lose everything, which is not an option. "You find me a baby - now!"
- At the pub, Marlena joins a reading Tony. He is having wine and is sorry about the house at Christmas. She had seemed uncomfortable. She says it was John's fault as it was his idea to visit the DiMera side of the family. In addition, he left her at the Horton Christmas. Smart Tony points out he must have been overwhelmed by all the past items surrounding him. Marlena hopes Dr. Taylor will get thru to him. What if that doctor cannot help him, Tony asks. Marlena still has hope.
Tony understands. She cannot stop herself, she loves him. Yes, she agrees. He warns her John may never change.
- At the hospital, John tells Charlotte he cannot wait. The useless sessions are now over. He wonders if Stefano succeeded in destroying all his memories for good. Charlotte explains his brain is like a maze and the memories are hidden deep in there. How about hypnosis? No way, snaps John. Charlotte suggests she videotape the sessions. He
will get back to her. Exit John.
- Now standing outside the pub, Marlena tells Tony she is spending a nice quiet New Year's evening alone at home. John saunters up. He thinks that sounds like a great idea! Their eyes lock. He will chill out by the fire at the Salem Inn. Marlena wishes him a happy new year. He slowly enters the pub. Tony is surprised he did not ask to spend
the new year with her. The friends hug and Tony departs. Charlotte approaches Marlena. Neither has any plans for the evening. Charlotte thinks she can fix that. John opens the door of the pub and eavesdrops as they decide to go to Chez Rouge for a few drinks. He smiles ...
- At Kiriakis mansion, Lucas drops by to see Kate, who is eagerly researching reception halls for his and Chloe's wedding. She would
like to see it happen sooner rather than later. She is a tad superstitious about things not going the way they are supposed to in her life and
wants to ensure Lucas and Chloe have the wedding of the century - soon. He agrees. She will make her case to Chloe.
- Meanwhile, Chloe has arrived at the hospital for a check-up. She
tells the nurse Dr. Jonas hurt his hand so she will see someone else. Enter Dr. Dan, who breathes his hand is fine. Once they are alone,
he tells her she looks well and checks her lymph nodes, Chloe flashes back to the negligee scene and stops him. Now more than ever she feels strongly about having a different doctor and tells him just that. She pretends it is cos he is with Kate and she is engaged to her son. Dan goes along. He will get her Dr. Johnson. He exits and then sighs
in the hall. Kate overhears him telling the nurse Dr. Johnson will be Chloe's new doc. She walks up and asks why is he taking himself off Chloe's case. In the exam room, tormented Chloe reassures herself
she has done the right thing ....
- Back at DiMera mansion, Stefano wants Elvis to make a few business calls. But first he says he is happy to have his loyal son involved in the family business. EJ points out it was Nicole who allowed him to accept the offer, Perhaps she is hotheaded, but she
is loyal, she is with the DiMeras. "She is my anchor."
- Back at the clinic, Nicole reminds the doc he has already lied to EJ DiMera so he has in fact deceived the Dimeras!  Besides, wiith their arrangement, he will be jail free and debt free. He warns her of the consequences if she gets caught. She insists she will win. The doc
says he does not have a baby for her and none of the current mothers resemble either her or EJ. Nicole persists. She wants her happy ending or he gets jail time. "We have a deal," the dubious doc eventually agrees and they shake on it ...!

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Kate faces Dan and Chloe and announces there is something she
would like to talk about. "It involves the two of you."
Chelsea asks Max if it's gonna be sex or football. He laughs nervously.
Smiling Melanie approaches Phil and Steph at Chez Rouge, pretending she didn't know they would be there, too. "How convenient ..."

Monday December 29, 2008


At the pier, replay of Nicole meeting Jill, the preggers teen. She thinks that pig Dr. Baker did that to her! Jill says no he did not and she sees Nicole knows nothing. What does she really want? Nicole now tries to make nice but Jill is not pleased she threatened her. Nicole admits she got her deets from Baker's cell phone. Jill decides to leave. Nicole
begs her not to go. Jill notices Nicole's stomach. She thinks Nicole is pregnant and assumes she is doing the same thing she is doing - giving up her baby. Nicole sees that Jill is a nice girl who wants the best for her baby. Her little girl will go to a wonderful home, as Doc Baker promised. Nicole is dismayed as she realizes there are probably more such unwed mothers. He is paying Jill $10,000 but he is getting more money from the wealthy couple who want the baby. Nicole says there might be another way. Jill has already signed papers. Nicole says she can help. Jill has accepted the inevitable. She confides in Nicole that the closer it gets to labor and losing her precious little girl, the harder
it gets. They are both teary-eyed. Now very touched, Nicole says Jill might be the reason she keeps her baby. She hands Jill money and praises her for her courage. Exit Jill. Nicole takes out her cell phone...
- At Titan, smiley Mel flirts with Brady. How about they have lunch? Phil walks up and tells her to forget it. Brady's plans do not include her! Brady tries to be nice, though Phil steps in and tells him he has work to do. Phil suggests Mel take the rest of he day of. She leaves
but not before informing Phil she needs a secretary. Phil is rude.
Brady intervenes. They will come up with something. She announces she will prove she is an asset to the company and leaves. Phil gets annoyed and claims Brady is in over his head. Brady is amused. No, but Phil sure is! Phil complains she is never happy. Brady perceives she just wants a little respect. He says Phil acts like a jerk when a beautiful woman is in the room. Phil gets arrogant and brings up Vic favoring Brady. Brady reminds him he is not the heir apparent. Vic is tough on him as he feels he needs to be. Exit Brady. Meanwhile, Mel waits for the elevator and mutters she will teach Phil a lesson!
- At the pub, Steph congratulates Chloe on her engagement. Chloe sits at her table and Steph also praises what she did for Kate. Phil has told her all about about Kate. Glamour girl Chloe realizes Phil and Steph are seeing each other. She looks intense. They should talk. Phil was her first love. Steph gets b*tchy. Chloe calls Phil her rebound and vice versa. Steph accuses her of being jealous. Chloe patiently says she is trying to be helpful. Steph calls her a phony. Chloe stands up to leave. Stephanie wants to hear more and gets her to sit back down. Chloe elaborates. Phil is no longer the guy she fell in love with. She dumped and destroyed him and since then he has been weary of getting close
to anyone. Plus, Steph is also on the rebound. Steph sarcastically says it seems like she thinks her and Phil will be a train wreck! She asks if Chloe still cares for Phil, since she did not sound very excited about her engagement to Lucas. Chloe denies her lack of enthusiasm and walks off. Enter Mel, who wants go over a project. Steph refuses.
Mel sits down and is soon joined by the stunning Julie. She has seen Nick in the slammer, who still feels bad. She congratulates her on her meteoric rise. "There you are away at Titan, wow!" And she is working with Phil and Brady! Mel says she is a pro. Julie wishes her luck. She is gonna need it! Enter Phil, who gives Steph a kiss and
joins her. He invites her out for New Year's as miffed Mel looks on. They kiss. Mel overhears them make plans for Chez Rouge New Year's eve and walks outside. She then calls Maggie on her cell and says she will be attending her New Year's eve party after all!
- At the witness protection apartment, Sami repeats she wants to talk
to Sister Theresa. Rafe thinks it is a crazy idea to give the nun her baby. She yells that he said it was a good place for kids. Sami states the fact that she is Catholic means something to her (since when!) She laments about the situation not getting easier. Rafe agrees and brings
up how cell phones can be traced. Sighing Sami recalls he got rid of
his old cell phone and suggests they play cards. Rafe now feels he is protecting a child as well as someone he has grown to care about.
Sami smiles, says thanks, gives him a hug, and cries again. The pair then eat and play poker for treats. Sami shuffles and deals like a pro! Rafe will not let go of criticizing her idea of giving away her baby. At an orphanage, there are no real parents. Sami replies it would just be temporary. Who would she say the father is, Rafe wonders - him? Sami considers. That's not a bad idea! Rafe says no way will he pretend to be the deadbeat dad of a mobster's baby. He warns her if the DiMeras found out what she is up to, she could lose her baby forever. Sami is certain she will be able to figure something out. She will have a baby, then what? What does Rafe have planned? A 24 hr guard. However, Rafe believes they will catch the killer long before
she delivers the baby. After he wins the round of poker, he gets some more cookies and hopes she has given up on her crazy plan.
- Meanwhile, the assassin is in an alley, where he holds his gun on a homeless man who has Rafe's cell phone! The killer calls his pal.Well, at least he knows Rafe is in the area. He will show his face eventually
and then it's bye bye to both of them!
- At DiMera mansion, Chloe is coming out after dropping off Aly
when she runs into Brady. She assumes he is there to see Nicole and says that is a bad idea. Brady denies he is very close to Nicole. They are just friends and he is worried about her. Chloe is worried, too. Nicole is not herself lately. Brady's cell rings. It is Nicole. He decides not to answer (as he is with curious Chloe). Brady wishes Chloe a Happy New Year and kisses her cheek. She hopes she didn't upset him, she just wouldn't want him to get on the bad side of Nicole or
the DiMeras. Brady had thought she and Nicole were friends these days. They are. Nevertheless, Nicole is capable of anything when scorned. Chloe does remember the flesh eating bacteria incident and reminds Brady ...
- Now in Dr. Baker's office at the clinic, an angry Nicole awaits.Enter the doc, who assumed they were through. Not so, says she! She calls him a bastar*, announces they are just getting started, and dangles his cell phone, her eyes flashing with rage ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
Kate wants Lucas' wedding to happen sooner and he wonders if
there is something she's not telling him.
Angry Nicole warns Dr. Baker that unless he can get her a baby,
he is going down!
Chloe is at the hospital for her check-up. She says Dr. Dan hurt
his hand and is no longer her doctor. "Actually, that's not true,"
Dan states as he arrives.

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