Days of Our Lives January 20, 2011
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Thursday, January 20, 2011
up at 5:15 pm est January 19



- At Dan's apartment, Mel hugs him and she is so sorry. He wants her to stop apologizing. What happened is over. Mel laments that Phillip ruined everything! Papa Dan wisely speaks of the importance of a baby having two parents and advises her to make her peace with Phil. Mel starts to
yell she only wants to scream and throw things at him. Dan informs her she will have to deal with this sooner or later, to find her peace of mind.
It will not be good for her pregnancy to have anger issues every day. Mel decides she is lucky to have papa Dan. He promises that he is not going anywhere and mama Carly will be there for her too. Mel now admits she did not share her pregnancy news with Carly. And she would rather keep her in the dark for a while. Dan offers to tell her himself so she does not have to deal with the fallout. Mel agrees. She is not as good as he is at forgiving people. She leaves to take a walk and wishes him luck. Dan
sighs and whips out his phone ...
- Phil walks outside, leaving another phone message for Mel that they are far from over. Up walks Carly. "You need to have your head examined!" They are standing outside the pub. Carly tells him off for him and Chloe using her to hurt her daughter. He states he was actually drunk when he and Chloe... Carly stops him and warns that Mel will not forgive him.
Phil looks at her and remarks she does not know. She snaps at him to tell her what she does not know. Phil gets evasive and suggests that she yell
at herself for hurting Mel. Carly follows him into the pub, still mad at him for hurting Mel. Phil reminds her she dumped her on a psycho when she was a baby. Carly warns him to stay away from her daughter and departs. Kate has entered and overhears Phil muttering it will be hard to stay away from Mel now that she is having his baby! He nods at Kate. She heard right. Chloe was the one who tipped him off. Kate points out Mel did not
tell him and that speaks volumes but Phil insists this baby will bring them back together. They leave the pub, walk, and end up chatting down at the pier. He insists Mel will see the light and forgive him. Kate is on his side, but warns him not to get his hopes up. Mel will not be able to forget what he did every time she sees Parker. Phil vows he will make her change her mind about him ... He offers to take Kate home, then is dismayed to hear she is back staying at DiMera mansion. She explains that Stefano was not well, but things might work out. Phil accepts her decision, given how she has stood by him, and assures her he is there for her, too. They hug.
- Outside, Carly receives a call from Daniel. He must see her and it is important. She is on her way ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Brady bitterly yells at Nicole he is no longer
her savior so she should get out! She cries she loves him and EJ forced
her to make her choice. She implores him to help her come up with a way to keep Sydney in her life, and flutters her baby blues. He reminds her Sami is that baby's mother, though he understands she feels the motherly pull. He angrily declares they need to move on. She fears he has someone new. He makes a sarcastic reference to her past bed hopping habits and explains not everyone is like that. She weeps at his cruelty as he ushers
her out and slams the door behind her. Vic emerges and applauds Brady, who is clearly upset. Victor wants to toast to Brady, who is now a true Kiriakis, for kicking out Nicole. He calls her a porn, star, jezebel, whore, slut ...Brady is reluctant, then bitterly drinks up and agrees. The Greek tycoon goes on to praise him for what he did to Vivian. Brady appreciates high praise from the master. Next up they take Titan. Vic agrees and adds there is just one small thing. "Bring Vivian back." Brady stares darkly. He must be joking! It is way too soon as they do not have total control of the company yet. Victor can take care of that. Brady loudly protests. Victor barks at him to wrap it up. Brady demands to know why. Cos Maggie found out and got upset. Brady finishes his drink and calls Victor Kiriakis a hypocrite. He refuses to listen to one more damn word he has to say
and storms off into the night ...
- In his hospital room, Johnny is holding Chadís present as Rafe reads
him a bedtime story. Johnny hopes he will be back in the morning. Rafe promises he will, assures him all will be fine, and walks out. At the door, he make a comment to himself about trusting EJ.
Nicole soon arrives to visit little Johnny, who only wants his mommy ...
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano leers Samantha will be sorry she ever let Rafe get near her. "Bye bye, Hernandez!" The particulars are all in place. EJ chuckles, realizing he already has a master plan. The phoenix asks him to trust him but EJ quips he must know what the plan is. Stefano drawls he will show him ...They later continue discussing, though the viewers know not the mysterious details. The phoenix explains he already had this plan in place when Hernandez was looking for Anna, he just did not need to use it. EJ is impressed and extremely amused. Stefano drawls he will make a few phone calls and then "Mr. Hernandez will be changed and life as he knows it will be over soon!" They will also have to make certain Samantha does not know. EJ insists that Samantha and the children be kept out of it. The phoenix suspects his son is still in love with that bitch despite what he says. EJ grins that for the thousandth time ...he will never have feelings for that one again. Stefano now asks what he will do about Nicole. Elvis would rather focus on Rafe and announces he just got a marvelous idea ...
- At the loft, Ally catches Will and Gabi making out on the sofa. "I'm gonna tell!" They are not supposed to be kissing! Will warns he will tell their mom that she was not in bed. Ally scurries back to her room. Will kisses Gabi again. The door opens and they jump away from each other. Rafe gives them a look. Ally calls out "They were kissing!" Busted! Gabi departs after Rafe tells her they will discuss this later. He now has a talk with Will. Rafe does not think it was cool for Will to get his sister down there just to make out with her. He adds it would not be cool for them to be making out when Johnny and Sydney come home. Will is surprised to hear that EJ will allow any visitation to happen. Rafe later continues and warns him to treat his sister right. Will gets it. He now wonders if EJ will really follow through on his promise. Rafe drinks his beer and admits the source is not exactly reliable. All of a sudden, knock knock! EJ calling!
He charmingly asks if anyone is home. Stunned Rafe opens the door. EJ
is holding Sydney and pleasantly lets Will take her. Rafe drawls this is unexpected. EJ realizes it is a tad late, though he wanted to demonstrate
he meant his word. Rafe points out Sami is with her grandma, then will be staying the night with Johnny. EJ pretends it slipped his mind. He offers
to leave Sydney for the night so Samantha can have breakfast with both  her girls. Rafe is surprised. EJ explains he is keeping his word to God and wants Samantha to be a part of the children's lives. He apologizes "for being me" and all that the family has been through. He kisses Sydney goodnight and is on his way. Rafe closes the door after him, raises his eyebrows,  and gives flabbergasted Will a doubtful look. Meanwhile EJ pauses in the hall. "Like a train he never heard coming," he murmurs and walks off.
- At the apartment, Carly is shocked by the news that Melanie is pregnant with Phillip's baby. She is unhappy about the timing. Daniel is unhappy about the father. Carly thanks Dan for including her. He drawls he would never lock her out of their daughter's life. She is impressed, after all the pain she put him through. Their eyes lock.
- Brady and Mel run into each other at the pub. He is drinking and glum. She wonders why. He complains his grandfather told him to do something he does not want to do. Mel feels the same way about people telling her what to do regarding her pregnancy. Brady thinks it is best to do what is right for yourself and take charge, or else get run over. Mel thinks that is good advice. He tells her to take it and saunters off.
- Back at the loft, Sydney is not tired. Rafe and Will discuss the latest. Will hopes EJ will not change his mind and the kids will be able to come over. Rafe quietly and cautiously smiles they will see ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Stefano instructs his man to put things in motion as soon as he gets off the phone. His son has already started the ball rolling ...
- In Johnny's hospital room, Nicole woefully finishes reading sleeping Johnny a bedtime story and tenderly states she would have been the best step mommy. EJ stands in the doorway and watches, his eyes softening.
- Brady comes back to the mansion and promises Victor he will bring the old bat back as ordered. Victor thanks him, is glad he came around to his way of thinking, and climbs the stairs to go to bed. Once alone, Brady drawls he is bringing back Vivian his way and for his reasons only ...!
- At the apartment, Carly understands if Dan cannot forgive her. Dan explains he is doing everything for Melanie. Carly dramatically thanks him for everything regardless ...
- Phil gets a call from Mel. She summons him to a meeting at her dad's place right away. "It's about the baby ..."
- In Johnny's room, Nicole tells the sleeping tyke she does not want to leave him and she did everything his daddy asked. But if he decides that his mommy is perfect and special again ... EJ clears his throat. Nicole turns around and walks out into the hall with him. "We need to talk,"
says he. "Everything has changed!"
- Back at the loft, Will plays with Sydney. Rafe reminds him to study for his history test so Will grudgingly goes to his room to hit the books. Rafe holds Sydney and cannot wait for Sami to get home and see her. Perhaps he was wrong about EJ and things will work out after all ...
- Back at the mansion, Master Stefano orders his man on the phone to act quickly and strike as soon as he gives the word! He approaches photos of the bambini and states he is doing this all for them. Kate enters. Stefano does not see her. "Samantha and Rafael, their days are numbered!" he triumphantly declares. Kate gingerly approaches, a look of consternation on her face. "What are you saying, Stefano ...?"

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