Days of Our Lives Spoilers
September 7-11, 2009

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- Nicole is a step ahead of Rafe and sends Baker's letter to
  Sami right down the toilet - literally! Rafe suspects as much
  but does not tell Sami, as he has no proof.
- Arianna bears witness to Brady's tough, unforgiving streak!
- Brady erases the Mel/Phil sex tape, but it is already too late!
  (Would you air it online? We wouldn't). He also has the cops
  arrest the motel manager for pornography and ruining people's
  lives ...!
- Steph is shown the sex tape of Phil and Mel while she is
  at work, by the catty candy stripers, and everyone seems to
  know about it. Oh, the humiliation! Nath sees it as well.
- Steph cries and is convinced that Mel put it on the internet!
  Mel tells her no and tries to defend Philip's actions. She later
  cries on Brady's shoulder.
- Phil asks Bo to investigate the sex tape case. Bo lets him
  know that Mel's hands are clean.
- Steph returns Phil's ring. No forgiveness! They are through!
- Controlling Victor intimidates Arianna to stay away from Brady.
  He gets the goods on her and threatens to expose her as a drug
  dealer and have her arrested unless she ends things with his
  grandson, so she seems to do just that ....
  The Greek tycoon wants Phil to move back home, too.
- Brady has harsh words for Phil.
- Sami disagrees with Nicole on Rafe.
- Sami sees EJ at the park (and things are not going well in
  SAFE world!)
- Maggie walks in on Chad holding Mia's mail, the tell-all letter
  from Baker's lawyer! She gives him an earful! Mia soon arrives
  and covers for him, then makes him leave.
- Nicole gets Mia to hand over the letter without even opening it,
  by lying that it is just a restraining order she had her lawyer draw
  up against Mia in a moment of anger. She claims she wishes only
  to have her lawyer destroy it now. And Mia believes her! Nicole
  then thinks she is in the clear. Think again! Rafe seeks out Sister
  Theresa, hoping for some unholy dish! He drags Nicole with him
  cos the nun already had something to say! Like the fact that
  Nicole, using another name, dropped by the convent when Grace
  was there ...! Of course, Stefano pulls some strings to thwart it.
- Mia admits to Chad that something resulted from their affair.
- Bo and Justin disagree on the abduction case.
- Melanie wants to know what the heck is eating Arianna!
- Hope makes a potentially deadly error in judgment when
  she invites Dean over. Both she and Ciara end up held hostage!
  First Dean tells Hope he wants to head up the kidnapping case
  but then Ciara implicates him when he flicks his cigarette lighter!
  Hope gets knocked out and Justin then tries to help, only to be
  SHOT! He still manages to send out a distress call to Bo. 
  Commissioner to the rescue! And so Dean's luck finally runs
  out on September 11. But he will have succeeded in breaking
  up Bope.
- Will has a peek at Mia's diary ...
- EJ finds out about Nicole's trouble with Rafe!
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