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Tuesday, October 6, 2009
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- At DiMera mansion, Elvis pours himself yet another drink and states his belief that Baker must have been a full service agency!
He loses his cool and shouts of Nicole's deception, his face red. Doc Baker must have sold her the baby and it would not have come cheap! Nicole insists they have a healthy little girl. Elvis
wants to know what she will do when someone comes looking for their daughta back. She believes Sydney is a DiMera and nothing will change that! Baker was her only chance. She sadly says she
did not wish to lose her baby. He sadly wonders why she did not come to him then. She admits she might have if she thought he loved her. "So this is my fault?" he asks. Nicole states it was her fault, as she thought he loved only the baby, not her. But look
how happy they became. He calls it stupid but she expresses her belief that she did the right thing! Elvis quietly listens. None of the lies seem to matter to her. She points out HE put an innocent girl
in a morgue drawer and he calls her a liar? She exclaims yes she lied, but the worst thing that happened was that he became the happiest he has ever been. And all he can see is that Syd is not his biological daughter! He gets sarcastic. She asks him if he is man enough to face the truth. He calls her nervy and slurs he does not have to accept anything! Syd is heard crying. Nicole wants him to accept their little girl. Their love is not a lie and she is theirs. Elvis continues to drink. Nicole fetches Sydney, though EJ does not
wish to hold her. Nicole states the love was all very real. She loves both of them. Syd has been the center of their lives. She is theirs. Elvis shuts his eyes with torment and then slowly opens them. He refuses to even look at the baby, adding "She's not my daughta
and she never will be." Nicole begs him not to punish Syd, for he
is the only daddy she has ever known. He has no answer when Nicole asks him to look right at them and tell them she is not his daughter. Elvis sadly says she is the most perfect little girl in the world but he cannot do this anymore. He gives Syd a kiss and decides it is for the last time.
- At Chez Rouge. Sami runs into Phil, looking for her sunglasses. Phil appreciates that she talked Lucas into getting treatment. He thanks her. Sami points out Lucas has been a good friend. Philip laments he has had a tough couple of months. They glance at Kate and Sami remarks that one never has to suffer consequences. Phil, however, thinks there will be consequences for Kate this time ...
- Kate complains to Stefano that Phil is looking at her the way he looks at Stefano. She points out he suspected he married her for payback, due to Tony's death. Stefano calls the idea vile. He is acting like a spoiled child. Kate wipes a few tears away and says
he is acting like a hurt child. Phil approaches as the phoenix quietly remarks the snake has seen how vulnerable she is. Phil taunts Kate that Stefano has her on public display and accuses him of arranging to go to Chez Rouge as he knew he would be there. And it is only just beginning for Kate! "This is your life," he drawls and walks away. Enter Daniel and Chloe, who sees Kate. They waltz to their table with smiling Maggie. Kate wants to leave though Stefano is against it. Daniel orders a bottle of their best champagne. He whips out a small box and hands it to smiling Chloe. It is her own key to his apartment. "We have spent way way too much time apart,"
says the doc. They kiss. Kate watches and has had quite enough. She stands up. Stefano starts to stand up as well, gags, clutches his chest, and topples over. Dr. Dan rushes over and orders them to call 911. Maggie scurries off to do just that. Kate asks if he will be alright. Dan quips it depends what she did to him! The paramedics arrive. Dan has gotten a heartbeat and warns Kate to stay away! The paramedics wheel off the unconscious phoenix, talking of a suspected heart attack. Maggie accuses Kate of doing damage on purpose. Chloe seconds the motion. Kate tells them to go to hell and storms off in tears.
- Sami visits Grace's grave to tell her Johnny and Aly are coming home soon. She weeps she is trying to be strong, but there is a part of her that is missing and no matter how hard she tries, she fears she will never be whole again. She does not think this hole in her heart will ever be filled. Along comes son Will, bearing flowers.
He comes by about once a week. They both have dreams about her, too. Last night Sami dreamt she was laughing in a swing. Will grins, remembering Grace's laugh. Sami goes on. Then she started crying so Sami held her tight. "It felt so good to hold her again, even if it was just a dream." He understands. They can take turns looking after each other. She acknowledges he has a lot to deal
with - his dad's issues and now Mia. She talks of Mia coming by that morning and suspects she just wanted to see him. Will quickly changes the subject and asks if she has heard from Rafe. Not since the email. Will is baffled. It is not like him not to call. Sami puts
on a brave face and adds he is probably better off without her.
Will disagrees. "You were great together." Sami praises him for his smarts and insight. He perceives she still loves Rafe. Sami replies
he is gone, like Grace, and she must deal with it. Now she must head off to pick up the twins, who will be excited to see Will. He missed them, too. Earth mom Sami smiles she is blessed to have her three kids. She calls Will smart and strong, with a good heart and gets teary-eyed. She glances back at Grace's grave one last
time and wonders how she would have gone on had she been an only child ...
- At the pub, Bo admits to Justin that his relationship with Hope may have been pushed too far after Zack died. He now changes
the subject. When is Justin returning to Dubai? He is not sure he will go back. Truth is, him and wife Adrianne are going through
a rough patch. Bo is sorry. They were good together. He notes
how odd it is that when you love and think you know someone, they can still take you completely by surprise.
- On the plane, Carly dreams of trying to leave Lawrence, who insisted she could never leave him, prior to his fatal stabbing. "Bo can help me," she tells herself. "I know he can. He has to." She drinks and flashes back to earlier, romantic times, then again the fatal stabbing of her abusive husband, when she felt nothing. Another dream follows, of how they flew away together to start their happy life. Then violent images of Lawrence appear, with Bo defending her. There is a bit of turbulence so she wakes up and decides to place a call to Salem. Bo's cell rings. He answers but cannot hear exactly who it is. The turbulence disconnects them. Carly gets nervous as the plane lights flicker.
- Back in Salem, Bo finds out the call was from a plane. He recognized the woman's voice but is not sure ... Justin assumes it was Hope, on her way home.
- On the plane, Carly admits to the flight attendant she is a nervous flier and asks about the turbulence. She will try her call again.
- Faraway, in the East, one of Lawrence's seedy assistants finds him DEAD!
- Back at DiMera mansion, Elvis is still drinking. Nicole sadly tells him Sydney is innocent. He knows and denies he is punishing her. He is just coming to terms with reality. He was told that she was
his flesh and blood daughta. He starts to raise his voice again as he accuses Nicole of compromising Syd's safety while protecting her lie. She replies it is not a lie as she loves them and they are her life. He points out that if the baby ever got sick, his blood would have meant nothing, as he has no connection to that child. Nicole faces EJ and suddenly declares "You are Sydney's father ..."

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