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Monday, October 5, 2009
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- Replay of Carly stabbing Lawrence at close range. Lawrence stares in disbelief, then clutches his bloodied stomach, and slowly slumps to the floor. Carly looks at the bloody knife in her hand, wipes it in his jacket and drops it next to him. She hastily unlocks
a drawer, grabs some documents, picks up her suitcase and bag, and departs, leaving Lawrence for dead, it would seem.
- Sami nervously enters Chez Rouge and tells Maggie she needs
a job. Kate waltzes in with Stefano and retorts then she will never eat there again! The redhead sides with Sami. Sami glares at Kate. Maggie starts to trash Kate. Stefano smoothly intervenes and refers to himself as a most influential customer. Maggie grudgingly shows them to a table. As they walk away, Sami reminds Kate she ruined her son's life, but she cares not what Sami thinks! Maggie soon comes back and informs Sami that now is a tough time to be job hunting. Sami agrees, but she had to try. Maggie does not have much available. However, she ought to fill out an application. She will return in a few minutes. The redhead attends to Stefano and Kate. He orders steak and a chocolate dessert. Maggie makes a comment about putting more fat in his diet and walks off. Kate pretends to be concerned about his health. How is his blood sugar? He coos she wants to look after him, but he can look after himself now, especially that he has them to live for, and gleefully drinks.
Maggie reads over Sami's application. Not much experience. She suggests the pub. Sami calls that sympathy. Besides, she would rather work where she does not know anyone. Maggie can start
her in the office, but Sami would rather not accept a made up job, which again is just sympathy. Her kids are coming back and she wants them to see her make it on her own. She hopes they will not perceive how much she misses Grace. Maggie can identify, as she too lost someone who was not a biological daughter. She assures Sami she will be alright. Sami wants to be, for her kids. Maggie calls her one hell of a mother.
- Down at the pier, Mia runs into Brady. Has he spoken with Nicole? He says yes and they have dodged a bullet so far. As long as they keep everything just between the 3 of them, they should
be fine. Mia looks nervous. Brady wonders why. She told Will that
she had a baby. Brady is even more shocked to hear that Will told Sami, and Maggie and Chad know, too, though they do not know she gave the baby to Nicole. She adds she got Chad to back off by getting back together with him. Brady realizes she gave up Will.
He is sorry. She sadly says it is worth it so her baby will have a good life. Brady reminds her he is there if she ever needs to talk. She thanks him and he saunters off. Chad approaches and places his hand on her shoulder. She looks up at him. He has a seat and asks why she is upset. He assumes it is about Will. She says her feelings cannot change fast. He wants her to get over him FAST. Focus on them, what they once had. She needs time and snaps at him to stop pressuring her! He tells her to forget it. She snaps what does he mean! Will he look for their baby now? He does not want her to hate him and laments things got screwed up. Mia cries she
no longer knows how to have fun. Chadman can relate and gives
her a hug. Along comes Will. "So it's true. You guys are  back together." Mia says they are. Will is bitter. Mia asks for a moment alone. Chad gives her a possessive kiss and walks back to school. Will wonders if this is payback. Mia claims she just realized she
had feelings for Chad. She did care about Will, though he betrayed her. Besides, she and Chad need to deal with their baby thing. Will excuses himself. Mia sadly adds she wishes things could have been different. "You'll never know how much."
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole denies again that their baby died. She moans Sydney is their baby. EJ does not believe her and he wants her to say it. "Tell me you lied!" Nicole weeps and finally admits "Yes, I lied." Eerie music is heard. He demands she tell him all. He calls every kiss and gesture of the last few months a lie from her. "No," she whispers, but he does not believe her and now he wants every excruciating detail! She confesses that their child died. "I miscarried." He deduces Sydney is not their daughta. She insists
she is because they love and need her. Elvis barks that SHE needs her so she can keep all the money and power and maybe a divorce settlement! He wants the truth now. Nicole confesses Sydney is
not their biological daughter and continues to sob. He grabs her face. "You take me for a fool!" and then releases her. He rages what an idiot he has been. "You must have been laughing your ass off!" She laments she only wanted to have a family. He accuses
her of using the baby for a meal ticket and doing exactly the same thing as Samantha, except that she failed to tell him her baby died. Nicole moans she loved him and just wanted him to be happy. EJ declares that everyone was right about her and she is a lying, selfish piece of trash. She cries he can call her what he wants, but she is NOT selfish. She did it all for him! He retorts she ought to be ashamed of herself for the biggest lie she has told yet. She moans she did it all for him. He bellows she did it for the money. She insists. What they shared with each other and Sydney was real
love. He tells her to shut up. His child died and she did not waste
a minute afterwards. So much for grief. He pours himself another drink. Nicole states she would have done anything to save her
baby, but was helpless. He criticizes her for confiding in Brady.
She points out he was in Europe at the time. She recalls how he looked at the sonogram like he wanted to love their baby and she wanted nothing more than to give him a child. Elvis unhappily remarks he had two daughters. "They both died." He continues to drink heavily, certain her motivation was the money. He asks the identity of Sydney's real parents.
- At the pub, suited Justin meets with suited Bo and joins him. Bo knows Justin tried to talk Hope into staying and he appreciates the effort. Justin says hopefully they will be home soon. Bo now gets intense. He needs advice and possibly a lawyer, concerning a domestic case. He does not even know where Ciara is, as Hope
has not contacted him at all! This is a separation! Justin wonders
if his wanting a lawyer means he plans to make it legal. Bo decides he does not wish to have a legal separation. Justin approves. He would rather not side with one or the other. He asks him why he wants a lawyer if he is not seeking a legal separation. Bo has had enough of Hope's unilateral decision making concerning their daughter. Justin has her ear, so he assumed he could help. Justin thinks ultimatums are a bad idea. Bo is mad that he must wait for Hope to decide when she can see his own child. Justin suggests a cooling off period. Bo has had it. When someone takes his baby
from him, he does not cool off. "I have never been this angry in
my life," says he.
- At the hospital, Chloe happily tells Dan she was given a clean bill of health. She will let him get back to work but they are still on for lunch later. She gives him a kiss and takes a few steps, only to run into Philip. He admits it is an awkward moment and he is sorry his mom tried to kill her. She is sorry about things too. Has he talked
to Lucas? Not yet, as the program does not allow contact with family members, though he thinks his brother will come out alright. Sultry Chloe hopes so. Phil hands her an envelope Lucas wanted her to have before he left - to make things easier for her. Annulment papers. Chloe points out she tried. Phil knows, but Lucas was in bad shape.He stops himself and admits he is taking out his mood on her. He is in no position to judge. Maybe this will be the wakeup call Lucas needs. Phil now spies Chloe's sparkling new engagement ring. Things move fast! He updates her on his mother's new title - Mrs. Stefano DiMera. But she is no longer
part of his life.
Chloe later sits alone. Dan approaches, surprised she is still there. She shows him her paperwork. Dan is impressed Lucas has agreed to an annulment. He notes she looks like she lost her best friend, instead of being happy she is finally free. She feels guilty. Dan suggests she accept it. For once Lucas has done the right thing. "This is what a man would do." She should not feel guilty because Lucas did the right thing. He reminds her that she herself said the marriage was a mistake. Time for her to move on and let Lucas move on. He puts a reassuring hand on her back. Chloe notes they are free now and smiles. He gives her a kiss.
- Back at Chez Rouge, Stefano and Kate dine. He complains his steak is tough so she gives him tenderizer. Enter Philip with an associate. Mama Kate looks wistful. The associate decides to approach them, but Phil stays behind.
- Carly is on a plane, wearing sunglasses and a scarf. She takes a drink and the man seated next to her asks what brings her to the Midwest. She smiles. "I'm going home, to Salem ..."
- Back at the tension filled DiMera mansion, Elvis grabs his wife
by the neck and warns her against lying to him again. "Where did you get Sydney?" he demands. Nicole flashes back to the baby switch. Elvis wants an answer now and releases her, waiting ...

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"You go to hell, both of you!" Kate tells Chloe and Maggie.
Across the miles, Carly asks Bo "Are you there?" as he holds his cell in stunned silence at the pub, and Justin asks "Who was it?"
Nicole faces EJ. "You are Sydney's real father."