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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
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- Replay of Bo tackling Carly the intruder. He wants to know what the hell she is doing there. She tells him to get off her! She would
like to talk. Bo thinks she hasn't changed a bit! What is she doing there, looking like agent 99? Her life is in danger! They have a beer and discuss Lawrence. Bo probes. Was it political? Nope. Personal? Yup. Who might have been responsible? She now drops a bomb. "I'm the one who stabbed him." Bo is totally taken aback. He wants answers but she would rather he answer her questions. She now
spies Ciara's pic and wonders why Hope was leaving with Justin.
And where is his daughter? Bo says they are at Victor's. She would like to understand his situation. He admits Hope and his daughter
will be away for a while. Carly is relieved, and with good reason. "Lawrence's men, they're after me!" No surprise there. Bo points
out she killed a man, and he is the police commissioner, who should not harbor a fugitive. He asks her reason for killing Lawrence. She replies it was self-defense. He became sick and it changed him. He did evil things ...
- At the pub, Ciara, Hope, and Justin dine. Ciara is unhappy there is no chocolate chip ice cream. Hope sends her to the back, to ask Caroline for chocolate chip cookies. Hope now wonders if her move was a mistake. Justin notes she looks unhappy. He thinks Hope is trying to do what is best. She proceeds to doubt herself. He wonders if she came to the pub as she wished to bump into Caroline so she could feel even worse.He suggests they return home to the mansion, where she can clear her head with a good night's sleep. She ponders if she should call Bo. He does not recommend it, as Bo needs time alone. They are soon back at the mansion, talking. Hope laments she is still scared, as Dean, like all evil villains, will eventually get out of prison. Justin reassures her. Vic stands in the doorway and watches. Hope and Victor later chat in his study. She tries to make light of things, sadly bids him goodnight, and walks out of the study. The Greek tycoon growls Bo is an idiot.
- Back at Bo's, he receives a call from Vic, who gruffly orders him
to get over there and beg for his wife to come back. Bo explains he already tried to talk her out of leaving. Besides, something has come up. Vic gets miffed, growls what is more important than his wife and child, and hangs up. Back to the Lawrence investigation. Bo would like Carly to tell all. She admits Lawrence's abuse became worse
and worse, so she is only sorry she did not kill him sooner! Bo now agrees to help her, but only if she is willing to provide him with FULL DISCLOSURE. Carly accepts the terms!
- Lucas is on the phone with Nath. He is doing well and will come home eventually. Nath will be moving into his place. Mel walks up
to Nath and asks when he was going to tell her about that! Nath gets off the phone and explains to Mel that he could not keep away from her, the way he promised grandma Maggie. Mel thinks perhaps she should be the one to move out. He talks her out of it. And he does not mind, as it is not exactly cool for a doctor to live with his granny. He now tries to find his grandfather's old fountain pen, which he seems to have misplaced. Mel finds it and he shakes her hand. He laments he does not wanna say goodbye. Mel giggles.
- Meanwhile, Lucas has a phone convo with Maggie (she is at the pub) about Nathan wanting to move into his house, due to the situation at her house. He has some friendly advice for the redhead - butt out!
- At the hospital, EJ enters Stefano's room and wants to know what Nicole is doing there. Stefano drawls he invited her, for it is time to discuss the truth! Nicole cringes, then suggests she and EJ go outside to talk, as Stefano has stress. Stefano disagrees. That is not why he ordered her back. EJ states he had thought her leaving was a good idea. Stefano disagrees. He talks Sydney. EJ reminds him she is not
a DiMera, not his daughta. The phoenix sighs he has made a rash decision and looks at Nicole, asking will she tell him or should he! Elvis frowns and looks at Nicole. He asks WOT. Enter diva Kate, who quips seeing Nicole is a "horrible surprise," and smiles at her beloved. The phoenix gushes as she orders the pair out, assuring
him all will be fine. She is not too pleased Nicole returned. Stefano states Sydney is his grandchild and kisses her hand for the perfect entrance. He needs to have a talk with Elvis and Nicole, though not quite yet. Kate purrs she will stay at his side and keep them at bay. He teases that the nurses and the insurance company might suspect her of attempting to do him in."If I tried to kill you, you’d be dead," says she. Stefano laughs. Pouty Kate wonders what he is up to, however. He will not divulge the deets yet. She warns him Nicole is tricky. He is delighted to have an ally. Kate admits that the DiMera mansion is no fun without him there. Stefano is happy, but stifles a yawn. He now asks Kate to send in Nicole. He will go for broke
"and let the chips fall where they may."
In the hospital hall, EJ is not pleased that Nicole stayed in town. She is surprised he heard of her trip. He informs her that Sami updated him. And now he would like her to tell him what fatha was about to tell him, to prevent him from having any stress. Nicole changes the subject and pretends she is very concerned. EJ was sure he heard
her threaten him. She insists she is concerned and wonders about having a psych evaluation done, as his father might not be the same anymore. Ominous music is heard. Elvis calmly brings up the fact that Stefano had implied he knew what she was up to before she got sick. She calls it ludicrous. "Of course," sarcastically says the son of the phoenix, "because he'd tell me, wouldn't he ...?" Nicole plays innocent about not knowing what Stefano was thinking. Kate soon waltzes out and announces Stefano would like to speak with Nicole - alone - after which time he intends to discuss something important with EJ. Nicole's face falls.
In the room of the phoenix, he chides Nicole for threatening him. He will decide what to do in the morning, but she may not leave town. He adds he does not want to go to her funeral. She understands the not-so-veiled threat and glumly leaves when he orders her out. Nurse Maxine gives the patient a sedative and Elvis enters. Will he tell him what is going on? Stefano now yawns. "Tomorrow," he promises.
- Back at the house of Kiriakis, Hope comes across Justin after Adrianne has hung up on him. He is relieved they no longer have young children, then apologizes to Hope for being insensitive. He tries to make her feel better about her own situation.
- At the pub, Nath and Mel enjoy chocolate sundaes, giggle, and
start to kiss. Maggie approaches and hopes she is not interrupting. She is sorry and thinks she may have been wrong.Nath insists things are fine and she was right. They arrange to all to have roast together at Maggie's soon.
- Chez Bo, Carly places a brief call to Omar, informing him she is well and will be back after a while. Bo now wants them to get down to the deets. What were the mysterious circumstances which led to her killing her husband?
- Outside, Mel laments to Nath she will not get to see him as much anymore. He gives her a kiss.
- Back at the hospital, Elvis walks out of Stefano's room and runs into Nicole holding Sydney. She asks if he would like to hold her.
He glances at the baby, but then coldly walks away. Nicole assures Sydney he does love her, but her grandpa is going to ruin everything. She now places a call and leaves a message for Sami. "“Something's gonna happen tomorrow and I need to tell you something before
you hear it from someone else ..."

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"Are you gonna fight me on this or are you gonna back off and let
me have what's rightfully mine!" Chad asks EJ.
Nicole cries "Oh my God, she's gone. Stefano ...!"
Sami faces the phoenix, her mouth curved in anger. "I have something I wanna say to you."
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